Volume 4: Chapter 26 - Avoiding The Sharp Edge

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 26 - Avoiding The Sharp Edge

Teacher Zhen was not as fortunate. He also felt something was wrong when his barrier came in contact with the light stars, but since he was actively controlling the Chaotic Space spell, his reaction speed was a bit delayed. He had to first withdraw his offensive spell on me before he could cast a large dimensional slash. It was obvious that the light stars were difficult for him to bear, he paled from the exertion even though he blocked the attack.

My entire body lightened as the surrounding pressure disappeared. Even though it had been only a few minutes since the training began, my magic power was already mostly used. I hastily gathered light elements while I regained my breath to recover the strength of the magic spell as soon as possible.

Teacher Zhen bitterly smiled, “That was great! Brat, your control on that magic spell was terrific! It actually made us suffer a little.” As he spoke, he didn’t cease casting his spells, but he didn’t use any strong magic spells. He just continuously cast small Dimensional Slash. Teacher Di cooperated and cast continuous amount of light blades at me. The magic spells formed a large net that came toward me.

Ah! I did my best to resist the spells. This kind of attack continued until I was drained of power. As I lay on the ground, I saw that Ma Ke was in the same situation. ‘These four old mages are ruthless.’ As I thought that, I fainted.

When I woke up, my whole body was in pain, but my magic power had mostly recovered. It had already recovered about eighty percent.

When I sat up, I found that Ma Ke was lying beside me, but he showed no signs of awakening. The teachers were chatting in a corner of the room.

Teacher Di saw that I had woken up and said, “Zhang Gong, you’re awake, Come and have some food.” I got up from the bed and stretched to loosen up my muscles. When I felt much better, I ran to the table and silently began to gobble up the food. I patted my stomach in satisfaction and sighed contentedly.

Teacher Zhen laughed. “You really can eat! How are you feeling after today’s training?”

I bitterly chuckled. “I’m tired to the bone. What other feelings would I feel?”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Actually, you should have been able to hold out a little longer with your current power. However, you’re not good at controlling the usage of your magic power. You’re wasting too much magic power every time you counter our attacks. Since you know we aren’t your opponent, you should avoid our attacks and only attack when you see an opportunity. You’ll be able to save lots of magic power that way. Your control in the star magic spell you used in the morning was not bad as it made Lao Lun and I suffer to counter it. However, the magic power required for the spell is too much. It’s the reason you had difficulty countering spells at the end.”

Avoid their attacks and attack only when opportunity strikes?’ I thought about that statement and analysed it.  My eyes brightened before I said, “In other words, do you mean to move as I fight and so avoid your attacks rather than fight head on with your spells?”

Teacher Zhen nodded. “There is hope in teaching him!”

I felt something different in me, but couldn’t tell how. I said, “Teachers, can we battle again?” They had aroused my interest in fighting them. They won’t really hurt me and this is a really rare chance to increase my experience in using magic power in this manner.

Teacher Zhen was startled. “Your magic power has fully recovered?”

I replied, “It’s not fully recovered yet, but it shouldn’t take long. I probably just need an hour.” As I said that, I went to a corner of the room and sat down. I relaxed my body before greedily absorbing the light elements from my surroundings. I realised that every time I had a tough battle, my magic power recovery speed increased slightly. I wasn’t sure how much time passed, but my entire body felt soothed. I already felt as though I could freely employ my magic power. The Gold Dan in my upper dantian was more stable than before.

I opened my eyes and stretched. The teachers weren’t in the room. The sounds of magic colliding came from outside the room. I walked out to investigate and found Ma Ke and the other two Fire Magisters fighting.

When Teacher Di saw me, he said, “What was that about an hour? It is already night! Quickly go to the battle ground!”

Alright! Let’s just fight! I obediently stood in front of them. The two teachers started to cast their offensive spells. ‘It is just intermediate magic spells like yesterday, but their magic control and power is really strong which gave me a hard time countering their spells.’

Teacher Di cast a Light Severing Sword at me. I quickly avoided the spell, but the small Dimensional Slash from Teacher Zhen was anticipating my dodge. I thought about the statement ‘Avoid fighting head on and strike when there is opportunity’ and didn’t use a magic spell to counter. I just used a protection spell on myself before using Dou Qi to push back toward the ground. My body started to levitate, which allowed me to avoid the attack.

‘That’s right! I still have Dou Qi! How can I forget about that?’ I fused the Dou Qi and light elements on my arm. Even though this fused magic spell is really strong, the gathering speed is a little slow.

I used Dou Qi and short distance teleport consecutively. I seemed like a fish that avoided the two teachers’ attacks by shifting here and there into the gaps between their spells. As Teacher Zhen cast his spell, he said, “Your usage of the short distance teleport is good. Be careful, we’ll be using advanced magic next!”

Teacher Zhen and Teacher Di looked at each other before they started to chant an advanced magic spell. I chuckled, ‘Do you think I’ll wait for you to cast the spell?’

I waved my arm and a golden white light ray shot toward Teacher Zhen. Hehe! ‘Teacher Di is my teacher so I’ll  be a little more polite against him.’

Teacher Zhen thought that I was unable to cast magic spells at that moment. When he saw the light ray, he didn’t look at it carefully and just cast a small Dimensional Slash at it. I was elated! Haha! ‘You’ll be in deep trouble this time.

As expected, the fusion of magic spell and Dou Qi increased the original magic power several times. It couldn’t be countered with just a small Dimensional Slash. When the small Dimensional Slash was almost in contact with my fusion spell, Teacher Zhen felt something was wrong. He is the world’s number one Magister after all.He immediately cast three layers of barriers in front of him and used short distance teleport to move away from the spell.

Hong!” Teacher Zhen appeared a hundred meters away. He was covered in dirt and a faint stream of blood flowed from the corner of his lip.

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