Volume 4: Chapter 41 - Embracing Mu Zi

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 41 - Embracing Mu Zi

Hai Ri shook his head. “I won’t be able to interfere in this kind of matter so just do as you like, but my sister is just so pitiful.” After saying that, he intentionally glanced at Mu Zi, who was not far away from them.

I asked Hai Ri, “Brother Hai Ri, has Mu Zi made you suffer before? It looked as though you’re fearful of her?”

Hai Ri puffed out his chest and said, “Who’s scared of her?” Suddenly, he deflated like a balloon that was losing air. “However, I did suffer at her hands before. We fought in one of the academy’s competitions. Even though I was able to win against her, she beat me to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed for a couple of days. Mu Zi is really powerful, especially when she fights as if her life depends on it. I’m currently having trouble settling the matter about Hai Shui. I also can’t force you to like her. First it was Hai Yue and now it’s Hai Shui. My two sisters... Just what do you want me to do as your brother?” Mu Zi could actually make Hai Ri unable to stand her. I had never thought about this point before.

I asked in surprise, “Hai Yue? What about her?”

Hai Ri lethargically replied, “It’s the wretched Ri family. It is unknown why they suddenly disappeared. Feng Liang also disappeared. Hai Yue was terribly worried and kept on looking for him, but to no avail. Even if he wanted to go, he should’ve told us first.”

So it was like that. I replied, “You should go back and tell Hai Yue to stop looking for him. I’ll tell you a secret, the Ri family has betrayed the Kingdom and the entire family is on the run now. Feng Liang isn’t any good either. They’re worshipers of sinister forces. You should make Hai Yue forget about him as soon as possible.” Ma Ke finally had a chance! I’ll make him go and console Hai Yue tomorrow.

Hai Ri astonishingly asked, “There was such a matter? Why didn’t I know about it?”

I replied, “You mustn’t tell anyone else about this. If you still don’t believe in what I have said, you can go home and ask your grandfather about it. He knows the truth about this. Actually, Ma Ke is not bad, you should help him out.”

Hai Ri frowned and said, “Why are so many things happening? My head feels compacted. Alright, I’m leaving. I don’t want to think about anything anymore.” After he said that, he turned and walked away.”

I hastily told him, “Brother Hai Ri, when you get home, you should tell Hai Shue that it’s impossible to force feelings. I hope that time will be able to heal her heart’s pain.”

Hai Ri replied, “That’s enough! You should stop saying such cynical remarks. How would I be able to repair her broken heart? Isn’t her pain caused by you?” As he complained, he walked out of the training ground.

I could only smile bitterly as I saw him walking away.

Mu Zi walked over and clung onto my arm. “It’s been hard on you.”

I turned around and gently embraced her. I buried my head in her long hair and deeply inhaled, bewitched by her sweet-smelling scent.. I didn’t want to think of anything and just wanted to quietly hold her.  

Mu Zi returned my embrace and rested her head on my chest.

After a long time, I raised my head and gently said, “I wish that time would stop at this moment. The feeling of hugging you is just so amazing. It’s really enriching.”

Mu Zi pushed me away and angrily said, “You’re horrible! All you know is to say such frivolous words.”

It was my greatest enjoyment to see her protest coquettishly. My previous troubles seemed to have disappeared. I opened my arms widely to throw myself at her.

Mu Zi cried out in shock and dodged away. Her movement using wind magic made her really nimble. It was hard for me to catch her easily, even when I used short distance teleports.

I finally found an opportunity to block her path and embraced her while giving her layer upon layers of kisses upon her seemingly fragile, delicate face.

Mu Zi hit me using her hand and said, “You’re hateful and a pervert!” She struggled to get out of my hold.

I tightly embraced her so she couldn’t break out of my hold. “Is my embrace not warm enough? Can you stop running away from me?” After saying that, I gazed lovingly at Mu Zi with all of my attention.

Mu Zi stopped struggling and remained in my embrace. I gently caressed her silky hair. I whispered into her ear, “Mu Zi, I love you.”

Mu Zi replied by saying, “Mmhmm!” Even though she didn’t respond to what I had said, I was already really satisfied with just this. I lowered my head to kiss her lips. Mu Zi jumped in fright. What I kissed in the end was only her delicate hand.

Mu Zi complained, “You were so well behaved previously, but now you’re being naughty again. Are you unsatisfied with hugging me? If you continue to be like this, I’ll ignore you.”

I was afraid she really got mad at me, so I didn’t dare to be imprudent. I only stood there, embracing her in the dim light of the night. We just quietly felt the beat of each other’s pounding heart.

After going back to the dormitory, I was still bewildered as I had ended up in a relationship with Mu Zi, but had hurt another girl’s heart in the process. I realized then that feelings could be so sweet, and yet so very bitter in the next moment. Hai Shui, I’m really sorry, but just forget about me.

I thought through many things that night. I thought about the competition, about Mu Zi, the Monster King, Hai Shui, and the Ri family’s matters all of which continuously appeared in my mind, making it hard for me to sleep. I dozed off that night, but with great difficulty.

Who is pushing me? I gradually woke up. I heard Ma Ke saying, “Boss! Boss! Quickly get up! You’re late already, so quickly wake up!”

I hazily opened my eyes as Ma Ke kept on shaking me.

I pushed his hands away and said, “Stop being so noisy. I’m getting really annoyed. Just let me sleep! I’m late, so what? It’s not like this is the first time.”

Ma Ke replied, “This is what you said. I’ll tell this to Teacher Di tonight. After you left yesterday, that old man kept on telling me to watch you attentively so that your magic won’t deteriorate, and especially for you to study seriously in class.”

After hearing about Teacher Di, I awoke and helplessly climbed out of bed. “Really! Just what’s the problem of skipping a few classes? It isn’t like the lessons had any meaning to us.”

Ma Ke chuckled and said. “Enough, Boss! Stop complaining and let’s go! Teacher Di said that even though your magic power is strong, your basics haven’t been solidified so learning more theories won’t be bad.”

When Ma Ke and I were on the way to the academy, he told me, “I heard you fought with Brother Hai Ri about Hai Shui’s matter yesterday.”

I replied, “You got the news so quickly.”

Ma Ke replied in astonishment, “So you mean it really happened? I thought they were just rumours. How did this happen? It can’t be that you’ve fallen for Mu Zi?”

I bitterly smiled and said, “I’m a hundred and ten percent sure that I have fallen for Mu Zi and can’t stop myself from loving her already.”

Ma Ke’s mouth gaped open for a long time before saying, “I didn’t know you had reached such an extent. You’re amazing, boss! But is Mu Zi really better than Hai Shui? Did she accept you?”

I nodded. “Who is good or bad? I don’t know. But all I know is that I seriously love Mu Zi, and she has also accepted me. I explained everything to Hai Shui yesterday night. She was really upset. At that moment, Hai Ri came and saw that she was upset. With his bad temper, how could he forgive me? So we ended up fighting against each other.”

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