Volume 4: Chapter 42 - A Compassionate Breakfast

Child of Light

Volume 4: Chapter 42 - A Compassionate Breakfast

Ma Ke chuckled and said, “Now, you’ve also experienced Brother Hai Ri’s magic baptism. You don’t know how much I suffered back then. Haha!”

I punched him once before saying, “You brat! You dare to make fun of me? If you still have the energy to tease me, why don’t you go and chase after Hai Yue before you lose the opportunity to do so?”

Ma Ke was stunned for a moment before he foolishly asked, “Hai Yue? Why should I chase her?”

When I saw that Ma Ke was speaking foolishly, I said smilingly, “Aren’t you usually intelligent? Why is it that whenever it involves Hai Yue, you become so dumb? You need to carefully think it through.”

Ma Ke frowned as he looked at me. After thinking for a while, his eyes gradually brightened up. He exclaimed, “Boss, are you saying….”

I nodded. “That’s right! What you thought is correct. Feng Liang has already run away with his grandfather. This is a great opportunity. You must seize this opportunity. Don’t let it slip away.”

Ma Ke cheered a little before he turned and ran.

I hastily yelled at him, “Ma Ke, where are you going? You should attend your classes first.”

Ma Ke shouted as he ran, “I’m not going to class. I’ll be going to Hai Yue’s classroom to wait for her class to end.”

He really prioritized love over friends. I hope he will succeed. When I reached the entrance of the classroom, it was a lesson on magic tactics. The teacher was one of the academy’s famous instructors.

I shouted from outside, “Permission to enter!”

“Come in!”

“I’m sorry that I’m late, teacher.”

“Quickly take your seat and remember to be on time next time.”

I let out a long breath before I quickly took my seat. Mu Zi smiled at me and whispered, “Why are you late again?”

I replied, “I spent all night thinking about about you last night and overslept this morning.”

Mu Zi’s face flushed and she replied, “You’re too talkative. I knew you would be late today. Just take this!” After she said that, she passed me a lunch box.

“What is this?” I curiously asked.

Mu Zi replied, “See it for yourself.”

I opened the container and saw it was filled with delicious food. That’s great! Mu Zi took a mug of fruit juice from under her table before saying, “Eat carefully! Don’t let the teacher catch you eating. Ever since I met you, I’ve become such a delinquent.”

I grabbed her hand and kissed it. “The feeling of having a wife is so great. Thank you so much, my wife.”

Mu Zi hit me before withdrawing her hand. “Who’s your wife? You’re hateful. Just quickly eat your food!”

As I ate, I said, “This love filled breakfast that my wife made me is so delicious. It’s too delicious. Hmm, why are you staring at me? Are you hungry? Here, have some!” I grabbed a piece of chicken and gave it to her.

Mu Zi angrily said, “You just have to eat! Why do you have so much to say? I won’t make it for you anymore.” Even though she said that, she took the chicken from my hand and secretly ate it.

I suppressed my laughter and said, “Little piggy!”

Mu Zi snorted. “You’re the piggy, not me, you monkey!” After she said that, she giggled uncontrollably.

I felt wronged and said, “Am I that ugly?”

The teacher on the lecture platform said, “Zhang Gong and Mu Zi! Stand up!” Wah! This was bad. We were noticed by the teacher.

I quickly placed the breakfast on my seat, before standing up. Mu Zi stood up as well.

The forty year old teacher glared at us. “What’s going on with the two of you? You’re not listening in class and keep on whispering in class.”

Mu Zi and I looked at each other but didn’t reply to the teacher. The teacher continued saying, “That’s enough! Take your seat. Please pay more attention in class, especially you, Zhang Gong! Don’t think you can just slack off with only a little accomplishment in your magic. There are already a few teachers who have commented on your behaviour in class. If you carry on being like this, you might face expulsion from the academy.”

Ah! It couldn’t be that bad. Hehe! It shouldn’t matter as I have a good relationship with Teacher Zhen. He wouldn’t expel me.

“The Principal said that if you continue to break the class rules, we should instantly write up a note for disciplinary action. You were late today and now you aren’t paying attention in class.”

How could Teacher Zhen do this to me? It hurt my heart badly.

“There’s also Mu Zi. You’re an exceptional student. Why have you not been studying properly after Zhang Gong transferred to the academy? I’ll be going to discuss this with the teacher in charge of this class to make you two sit separately.”

Ah! He was going to separate Mu Zi from me. It mustn’t happen! I straightened my body and glared at the teacher. “Teacher, it was my fault for talking in class, but Mu Zi doesn’t have anything to do with this. She keeps on ignoring me. I’ll take notice of this in the future. It shouldn’t be serious enough to change our seats over, right?”

This teacher probably hadn’t seen such a bold student. He was stunned for a while before saying, “Zhang Gong, is this the tone you should be using while addressing a teacher? Get out of the class and stand in the corridor as your punishment!”  

He wanted me to stand outside as punishment? How could I? I still hadn’t eaten my breakfast! I coldly replied, “I don’t want to!” I just sat in my seat and ate my breakfast.

Mu Zi, who was beside me, kept pulling on me, gesturing me to stop quarreling with the teacher.

The teacher’s expression on the lecture platform ashened. “Zhang Gong, this is your last chance. Are you going to get out or not?”

My stubborness rose, and I angrily rebuked, “I’m not going to. As a teacher, why aren’t you teaching the class properly instead of letting such a small matter affect your teaching process?”

The teacher said ‘good’ thrice before walking out of the class. ‘It couldn’t be that he was indicating I was such a good student to praise me thrice?’

The class was in an uproar instantly, but no one dared to question me.

Mu Zi sat down and said, “Zhang Gong, why did you quarrel with the teacher? This is going to be bad for you.”

I felt I was wronged and looked at her. “I wanted to eat the breakfast you had given me. How could I eat it in the corridor?”

Mu Zi helplessly said, “You! You’re in deep trouble. That teacher must have gone to find the Principal. He might even expel you.”

I smiled and said, “That wouldn’t happen as I have a good relationship with Teacher Zhen. How could he expel me?”

After a short while, the teacher returned with signs of ridicule in his expression as he entered the classroom with Teacher Zhen. Teacher Zhen frowned and said, “Zhang Gong, get out of the class!”

After hearing Teacher Zhen’s words, I obediently went out of class. He turned to the teacher to tell him to carry on teaching the class. After that, he took me to the corridor.

Teacher Zhen said, “Why is this happening? Are you purposely making trouble for me? You’re not listening in class and even made the teacher of the class complain to me about you. After all that is said and done, what’s going on with you? Do you really want me to go and complain to Teacher Di?”  

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