Volume 5: Chapter 13 - Effortless Victory

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 13 - Effortless Victory

After a long while, the Vice Principal reentered the arena. “Alright! For the first battle in the competition, it will be Zhang Gong Wei from the Royal Advanced Academy against Lu Si Nan. The two competitors are requested to enter the arena.”

I walked leisurely into the arena with both my hands at my back. My opponent seemed to have a medium build and looked a little younger than me. Judging by his magician robe, he looked like a wind element magician. He was obviously nervous  that his opponent was me.

The Vice Principal said, “Alright! The competition begins!” After saying that, he dashed out of the arena to join the rest of the teachers from the Forest Dragon Magic Academy in strengthening the protective barrier.

My opponent bowed to me and said, “Please give me some pointers.”

I smiled and said, “You don’t need to be polite. Let’s battle.”

Lu Si Nan silently chanted and waved both his hands and numerous wind blades flew towards me. He actually used such a weak attack against me. I didn’t bother increasing my defense spell and casually waved my left hand, sending forth a small dimensional slash. It instantly attracted all of his spells toward it; and even his body was being attracted into it.

I smiled at him, but didn’t attack him. “It’s best that you retreat, as I don’t want to hurt you.”

Lu Si didn’t respond. It was obvious that he was clenching his teeth before he started to chant his greatest spell. “Free Wind! Use your….”

Hehe! I had achieved my goal, as I wanted him to do that. If not, with his wind like agility, he would still be able to fight me for quite some time. However, he had already chanted his spell and could no longer be stopped. I gathered my fusion spell of battle spirit and elements in my right hand and waited for him to cast his spell.

“Cloud Oppressing Tornado!” It seemed that he had used an advanced wind spell. It looked like that was his limit though. He was as strong as Hua De and was at most a Great Mage. The difference was that I had good feelings about Lu Si as at least he was a polite student.

I waved my right hand and shot out a white fusion spell, and the audience gasped in surprise. The chaotic wind element was cut in half and the white ray shot directly towards Lu Si.

I was able to freely control the fusion spell due to my large amount of practice. Just as the light blade was going to reach him, I made the fusion spell move to strike at the air and lightly swiped the spell at him, which sent him out of the arena.

It had only been a few minutes since the start of the competition. The Vice Principal frowned as he announced, “Zhang Gong from the Royal Advanced Magic Academy wins the first match.” I knew that in his heart he was wondering, ‘Why was Zhang Gong so powerful? Just what did he use to defeat Lu Si?’

I walked down from the battle stage and told Mu Zi, “It’s up to you now. You have to end the match as soon as possible.” Mu Zi nodded and lightly floated to the center of the battle stage. Her opponent was a fire element magician. It seemed that he was slightly stronger than Lu Si.

After the match began, I was flabbergasted as this was the first time I’ve seen her fight. ‘Is Mu Zi fighting in a competition? She looks as though her life depends on it. It didn’t matter what her opponent was doing. She just continuously shot out advanced multi-directional offensive spells. She is wasting too much magic power this way. Wind element magicians will use their agility and techniques to win the match? I thought she would be able to conserve her magic power better than me. I would never have imagined that she would cast multi-directional offensive spells. I’m impressed.’

I turned to ask Ma Ke, “Does she always fight like this?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Mu Zi’s attacks are always very violent. I don’t know how she can cast  her spells quicker than most of us. Though she didn’t cast her spells so casually during the time she was not a true magic scholar, it was still very incredible when I was defeated by her endless offensive attacks previously.”

As expected, Mu Zi’s multi-directional spell made it difficult for her opponent to withstand her spells. He could no longer withstand her attacks. Mu Zi wasn’t as polite as me. She cast a Wind Tornado to send her opponent off the battle stage. He would be unable to get out of bed for two days after this and that would only be under a magician’s treatment.

Mu Zi’s face was crimson red when she left the battle stage. Zhang Gong said, “Little missy, didn’t I tell you to conserve your magic power? Why did you use a multi-directional spell?”

Mu Zi pouted her lips and replied, “You’re annoying. I am just too lazy to move. Isn’t it better to just stand there and cast continuous attacks? The opponent will just move off the stage by himself after a while.” ‘What else can I say? Isn’t she really lazy?’ I just shook my head and didn’t dare to continue reprimanding this terrifying woman. I held her hand and continued to watch the third match.

Si Wa leisurely walked onto the battle stage. His opponent was a fire element magician. I believed in Si Wa as his magic could counter some fire magic and the difference between his abilities and his opponent’s was large.

Once Si Wa reached the battle stage, he said to his opponent, “You should prepare a few defensive spells as my attacks are very strong. I may accidentally cripple you in the process.” His opponent had already been frightened by the first two matches. After he listened to what Si Wa said, he blankly cast some defensive spells.

I laughed as I watched the battle stage. “Si Wa is so capable. The moment he came onto the stage, he has already diminished the fighting spirit of his opponent.”

Si Wa used a strengthened Earth Spear to sweep at his opponent’s legs. The opponent’s defensive spell wasn’t bad as the earth spear didn’t pierce his defense. It should have been Si Wa’s intention. We didn’t want to hurt others unnecessarily, after all. Although it didn’t pierce through his defense, his opponent was tossed up high in the sky like a cannon ball. When he landed, he was naturally off the battle stage. I hadn’t thought that the one who would win in the easiest way was Si Wa. It looked like he had a lot of experience.

Ma Ke whispered to me, “Si Wa had always used this move to defeat a lot of his opponents in the academy. His earth magic’s main special points is its unpredictableness and its strong defense. You won’t know where he is going to pierce you from.”

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon announced, “The Royal Advanced Academy has won by the overall score of three to zero. The second match will be held tomorrow.”

We didn’t think that we could win so easily. We couldn’t help but relax a little.

Si Wa said, “Since I didn’t use up much energy today, let me compete again tomorrow. . We will let Mu Zi rest, so Zhang Gong, Ma Ke, and I will make up tomorrow’s team.”

The second day’s match was the same as the previous day as we won the first three battles. But Ma Ke and Si Wa faced some opponents who were quite strong, so they had to put in some effort to win their battles.

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