Volume 5: Chapter 12 - The Tournament Begins

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 12 - The Tournament Begins

I nodded with sparkles in my eyes. Mu Zi said vigilantly, “What are you doing? Since you have packed up already, you should go back and rest up. I know that you’re tired.” After she said that, she got out of her bed and pushed me out of the room. I instantly felt a sense of loss. I worked so hard for nothing today. I looked at the closed door and shook my head as I sighed. I just swayed back and forth as I headed back to my room.

Mu Zi’s door suddenly opened. She ran out of the room in a bouncing and vivacious way. She placed her arm around my neck and kissed my face. I was stunned beyond belief. Mu Zi, taking advantage of this, dashed to her room while I stood there in a daze, unable to react.

I touched the spot her moist lips had pressed on just a moment before. I felt a sweet feeling filling my heart. Even though I was unsatisfied, it was still better than nothing.

It seemed that the strength I showed had frightened the Vice Principal and Principal of Forest Dragon. They didn’t invite us to join them anymore. The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon came to our rooms this morning.

When I opened the door, I saw him. I politely said, “You’re here. Please come in.”

The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon sat on the couch. “Tomorrow is the competition. How are your preparations?”

I chuckled and said, “We didn’t know how to prepare. We left it as it is and planned to just compete. So how are we going to compete?”

The Vice Principal smiled. “With your capabilities, this competition will be a breeze for you. You will fight with all of the competitors that the other academies choose. Everyday, you will fight two matches. If you win against the last competitor, the championship will be yours. If any of the other academies win against you, that academy will become the champion.”

I was startled and frowned. “In other words, it will be a tag battle.”

The Vice Principal awkwardly smiled. “It wasn’t arranged like this at first, but the strength that you had shown us was too powerful. Thus, after discussions between the academies, we decided to use this way to compete.”  

Ma Ke walked out at that moment. “This method of competition is too unfair. You said you had discussed this with a few of the other academies? Did you discuss this with us? If you want to compete in such a manner, we won’t participate.”

‘That's true. If we compete in that manner, even if we are strong, we will definitely pay a price for the last victory.’ I thought for a while. “How about this? We will follow your arrangement, but only if we are allowed to compete once a day. You need to at least give us some time to rest.”

The Vice Principal thought for a moment and replied, “Alright. We will go according to what you have requested. I will head back first to change the arrangement.”

After we bid this devious old man away, we had a group meeting to decide how to deal with the situation.

Si Wa said, “I knew the incident from that day would influence the competition. It has actually become a tag battle.”

Ma Ke replied, “That’s right! It was unreasonable for them to make the decision to compete in this manner.”

I replied, “Stop arguing already! It is already finalized. It’s more important to think of a way to deal with the situation. I believe the reason they arranged this tag battle is to decrease our strength before defeating us with a strong opponent at the end. Thus, they will arrange for the competitors to be from their weakest to their strongest. In every match of the competition, it will be a best of five battles. In other words, if the starting competitors are weak, we will be able to win this competition easily. In order to have resting time, I suggest that we fight in two groups. This way, we can rest a day.”

Mu Zi replied, “How can our team of five separate into two groups?”

I chuckled, “Isn’t that easy? Si Wa, Mu Zi and me will be a group and Ma Ke, Hai Yue and me will be the other group.”

Hai Yue replied, “Won’t you be competing every day that way?”

I shrugged my shoulder and said, “It shouldn’t matter. I doubt that they could withstand more than a few of my attacks, so it shouldn’t be too tiring.”

Ma Ke replied, “The suggestion that Boss came up is the best solution right now. Since it is like this, Boss, Mu Zi, and Si Wa will compete first. You must win all of the matches.”

I smiled. “Relax! Don’t you believe in me? It won’t be a problem. If we meet with an extremely strong person during the second part of the competition, I have a secret weapon.”

Ma Ke was startled but made a realization. “Xiao Jin?”

I nodded. “That’s right! It’s him. When Xiao Jin and I combine our might, it would even cause some trouble for Teacher Zhen. Hehe.”

Mu Zi pulled me and asked, “Who is Xiao Jin?”

I replied, “If you give me a kiss, I will tell you.”

Mu Zi hit my head and said, “Don’t even think about that! If you don’t want to say so, then forget it! Who would really want to know about that?”

I rubbed on the spot she had hit. “If you don’t want to kiss, then forget it. Why do you need to be so fierce?” This made everyone break into laughter.

We wore our magic robes the next day. I wore the light magic robe that Teacher Di had given to me, which is white with golden edges. Mu Zi wore a green magic robe to represent that she uses wind element magic. Hai Yue wore a blue magic robe to represent that she uses water element magic. Ma Ke wore a red magic robe to represent that he uses fire element magic. And lastly, Si Wa wore a yellow magic robe to represent that he uses earth element magic.

After putting on their magic robes, everyone looked unusually energetic. When the five colours merged together, it attracted a lot of attention. When we reached the battle arena of the Forest Dragon Magic Academy, there was a vast crowd in front of us. The interiors filled with teachers and students from the academies while commoners crowded the outer area, full of excitement in lieu of the coming matches.

Our arrival stirred up a commotion within the arena after we entered.. The Vice Principal came over and said, “You have arrived. The other competitors of the five academies have already arrived.” After he said that, he led us to where the competitors are.

There were a lot of people sitting at a side. They must be the competitors from the five advanced academies.

The Vice Principal said, “Since all of the competitors are here, let’s start the competition.”

After we all nodded in agreement, we walked to the center of the 3000 square meter competition ground. He announced, “Everyone please keep quiet as the competition is starting. In this round of the competition, the Royal Advanced Magic Academy will be facing the Bi Si Pu Advanced Magic Academy in a tag battle. Can both the teams please decide quickly on their arrangement of competitors and give them to me.”

The arrangement in the competition was chosen by both teams. It was impossible to know who the opposing team would send out, so it was definitely still stochastic.

I walked over and gave him the match line-up\. The first battle will be me; the second battle will be Mu Zi’s turn; the third battle will be Si Wa’s turn; the fourth battle will be  Ma Ke’s turn; and lastly, it will be Hai Yue. We would definitely not allow our opponents to persevere to the end.

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