Volume 5: Chapter 11 - A Man's Sorrows

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 11 - A Man's Sorrows

The atmosphere of the team was so comfortable. I felt a warmth deep in my heart as I saw everyone getting along with each other. “Big Brother Si Wa, stop teasing me! You’re so powerful. How can I be your opponent?”

Si Wa was stunned. “Zhang Gong, this is the first time you call me big brother.”

I sighed. “Big brother Si Wa, to be honest, when I first saw you, I’ve had my guard up. This is because of the relationship after the battle between your teacher, Teacher Du Yu Xi, and us. However, after interacting with you these last few days, I’ve realized that you aren’t an evil person. Moreover, we are similar in many areas. We should definitely become friends. You’re also older than me, so naturally I will call you big brother. Hehe.”

Si Wa nodded and his eyes were filled with strong emotions. “Alright! I’ll recognize you as my brother. Actually, Teacher Xi has had his difficulties while supporting Duke Te Yi. I can’t tell you what they are, but you will find out in the future. However, I can assure you that Teacher Xi is a morally upright magician.”

I laughed. “I believe what you say. We will be real brothers from now on.” I walked over and tightly held onto Si Wa’s hand.

When everyone discussed the child of light in later generations, most of them would think that the child of light was successful as he had many powerful and inseparable friends and brothers.

It wasn’t until night before they woke up from their dreamland. Mu Zi suggested, “Let’s go for a stroll. It wasn’t easy to get here. We can’t go back empty handed.”

I immediately expressed my agreement as it’s most important to support my wife. After everyone agreed, we got changed, had dinner, and walked out of the hotel together.

The Martial Return City wasn’t very prosperous, but it was still a middle sized city. The various big and small shops were a feast to the eyes. Mu Zi and Hai Yue were girls after all. They became partners and picked and bought whatever they liked. The three of us men had become their goods storage rack as we walked behind them. In a short while, my body had numerous bags that were hung on me, including some bags from Hai Yue. I could have just tossed them into my spatial space, but Mu Zi was afraid that she might have bought a double of something, so I had to carry them.

I looked at Ma Ke and Si Wa who were sniggering. I had a sudden thought and gave  Ma Ke everything that Hai Yue had bought. Hehe. He would definitely not reject me. Even if he did, it wouldn’t work. The other thing that made me feel relieved was that even after Hai Yue found out her bags were on Ma Ke, she didn’t comment on it. She continued handing me the things she had bought, and I would pass it to Ma Ke.

But I noticed that Ma Ke never expressed any joy.. When the girls were busy choosing a shop, I asked Ma Ke, “Hai Yue allowed you to carry her things. Why aren’t you happy?”

Ma Ke bitterly smiled. “Boss, I am not unhappy but just don’t dare to be happy. Becoming depressed after so many years of happiness… All I can feel is the larger my hope, the more upset I become. I cannot afford to be depressed again already.” ‘What he said is true. It isn’t easy for him to let go of Hai Yue in his mind and let go of his feelings. If he tries to start that relationship again, I doubt that he would ever be able to move on.’ I patted his shoulders. “Brother, the same phrase again. You’ll just have to wait for your fate to play out.”

The three of us men were extremely exhausted, but Mu Zi and Hai Yue were still full of energy. It must be in a girl’s nature. I really couldn’t stand it any longer. I shouted at Mu Zi, “Mu Zi, can we have a break? Just look at me, there aren’t any more places to put any more things.”

Mu Zi turned her head back and saw a pitiful storage rack that hung numerous shopping bags, which was me. I was covered by the numerous items she had bought. Mu Zi said in astonishment, “I have bought so much? I’m nearly done anyway. Let’s head back!”

Yay! We were finally released. Ma Ke and I both heaved a sigh of relief. Si Wa laughed at our misfortune on the side. “It is so relaxing not being in a relationship. Haha.” We didn’t have any energy to rebuke him and just wanted to quickly head back to the hotel.

After the long and arduous journey, we finally reached the hotel. I placed Mu Zi’s things in her room. After that, I sat on the couch and no longer had the will to get up. Ma Ke similarly placed Hai Yue’s things at the front of her door and quietly sat on the couch.

Mu Zi leaned towards me. “Zhang Gong, you must be tired.”

I took a breather and said, “That’s right! I can’t even move anymore. Don’t ever ask me to go shopping with you anymore. I really can’t stand it.”

After hearing what I said, Mu Z raised her eyebrows and protested coquettishly, “What did you say? Do you find me annoying?”

When I saw that her getting angry, I hastily held her hand and smiled. “What I said previously is wrong. I am a little tired so my thoughts are now jumbled. What I actually meant was I will definitely go shopping with you often. I can also increase my knowledge that way. Hehe.”

Mu Zi changed from anger to joy and said, “That’s more like it! I’ll help you massage your arms.”

I didn’t work for nothing today. Mu Zi’s tender and delicate hands massaged my arms back and forth. It made me so comfortable that I sighed in satisfaction. ‘This is awesome. I really want to take her out for more shopping.’

Ma Ke looked at our intimate pair and shook his head. He just went back to his room. When Hai Yue saw Ma Ke’s dejected look, her body unexpectedly shuddered.

I pulled Mu Zi and whispered to her, “Can we go to your room? I really want to see what you bought.”

Mu Zi looked at me and said, “You can come to my room, but you mustn’t have any bad intentions.”

‘Damn! I have been seen through by her again.’ I dejectedly replied, “Alright.”

I helped her tidy up everything she had bought while sitting on her floor, and Mu Zi was constantly telling me where to put each item.

I moved my hands in a daze. I didn’t know how long it had been, but I stretched out my hand and didn’t feel any more items. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I had finally finished tidying up her things. Mu Zi was lying on her bed and reading a magic spell book. I sat on her bed and gestured to hug her.

Mu Zi was startled and blocked my extended hands. “What are you doing? Are you done packing up already?”

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