Volume 5: Chapter 10 - Dual Academy Withdrawal

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 10 - Dual Academy Withdrawal

After some time, the vice Principal of the Si Long Advanced Magic Academy snapped back from his shock, running over to embrace Hua De while glaring at me with rage. Hua De was his beloved pupil, and thus, Hua De’s arrogant and domineering persona grew as a result of his constant pampering. But this time, he was unlucky to have met and angered me.

I coldly smiled. “You should really educate your student when you head back. You should have known that words are able to cause a great deal of trouble. I held back this time, but if he were to anger me again... I won’t be as polite as I was this time.”

The face of Contemplation’s vice Principal glowed crimson red, and he raised his hand, shooting a fireball at me. “I will stake everything and fight you!” Just when I wanted to counter his attack, Si Wa had already moved in front of me to cast an earth shield, blocking it. “Vice Principal, please conduct yourself with dignity. Zhang Gong won the fight against your student fair and square.” he said, as his lips curled into a cold smile.

The vice Principal of Contemplation knew he couldn’t fight against us. He carried the severely injured Hua De withanger still painted on his face, and walked to the front of Forest Dragon’s Principal. “Our Contemplation Academy no longer has the face to stay. Principal Long Yu, we forfeit this competition.”

Principal Long Yu knew he wouldn’t be able to make him stay. He could only turn to his vice Principal while his own heart filled with dread... “I will remember all of you. The humiliation and the hatred from injuring my disciple; I won’t ever let this go that easily. Let’s go!” said the vice Principal of Contemplation, while glowering intensely. And with that being said, he exited with his other disciples to pack up their belongings.

Si Wa walked in front of Principal Long Yu and said, “Principal, we are sorry about creating trouble for you.”

What could Principal Long Yu even say? He was too frightened by my strength. He smiled. “You’re not to be blamed. It was they who were too domineering, not you. We should, however, return and continue our meal..” I thought, ‘This old fox, he didn’t stop our match. It is likely he wanted to gain even a small insight into what amount of power we hold. I will just act dumb this time... I also have no regrets in beating away the Contemplation Advanced Academy so quickly, as we can frighten Forest Dragon, and I also gave Mu Zi her revenge.’ Instead, I am elated! What I didn’t thought about is how the Contemplation Magic Academy had actually gone back in anger. This was great, one less enemy!

Mu Zi pulled me, who was still furious, back to the diner. The Principal and vice Principal of Forest Dragon Academy were definitely more courteous than before. He kept on adding more dishes for us. I had listened to Si Wa prior to the fight, and I was still hungry… But I didn’t care anymore. I pulled Mu Zi along, and beneath the shocked eyes of the surrounding people, I ate my meal like a savage.

The end of this ‘sumptuous’ lunch finally came about, and so, we bid the Principal of Forest Dragon farewell and prepared to head to our rooms for some rest. However, the head instructor of the Shell Order Advanced Magic Academy spoke at that moment. “Can you please wait for a moment before leaving? I wish to announce something with all of us here.”

We stopped and waited to hear what he had to say.

Principal Long Yu of Forest Dragon Academy could already feel like it was going to be bad news. “We have just seen the strength of student Zhang Gong and feel that our Shell Order Academy is unable to compete against him. Therefore, I have decided, in order not to disgrace myself, to forfeit from this competition as well,” said the head instructor of Shell Order.

Principal Long Yu hastily replied, “How can you say that? Don’t we have an agreement?”

“Even if there is an agreement, I won’t allow my students to risk their lives,” replied the head instructor without hesitation. “You also witnessed the fight. Can you guarantee that even you yourself would have been able to block that strike? My academy’s power is weak, and Hua De fought today! My team doesn’t even have a single magic scholar, how could we possibly compete? I’m sorry, but we’re leaving…” After he said that, he took away his students and even walked right past us.

Although we also bid our farewells, the difference was that we headed to our hotel, which was arranged by Forest Dragon. It actually wasn’t that bad since they gave us a large suite. A huge lounge welcomed us, while two bathrooms and five bedrooms were spread along the sides. The decorations weren’t very magnificent, but all of the necessities were there. The main satisfaction, however, was in its cleanliness.

Ma Ke lay comfortably on the couch in the lounge. “Wah! Our results today weren’t too bad. We just got here, and we already beat one academy and managed to scare away another. Our opponent only has five academies left.”

“Even though the situation seems advantageous to us, don’t you think we have exposed some of our capabilities a little too much? This will only increase their jealousy toward us.” Si Wa said with a deep frown.

“That’s right! What Si Wa said makes sense.” Mu Zi nodded in agreement.

I muttered, “I’ve already contributed my portion to that. . I had said that I would defeat him with one strike, so…..”

Si Wa smiled. “We can’t blame this on you, Zhang Gong. If it was me, I also wouldn’t have been able to hold back if my beloved has been insulted. We are lucky, though, that you held back at the last moment and didn't kill Hua De. If not, our grudge with Contemplation would have been even worse.”

“Kill?” I replied with eyes wide open. “I didn’t even think of that before... It is illegal.”

The other four started staring at me with my own expression. It made me feel uneasy. “Why are all of you looking at me like this? Is there something on my face?”

Ma Ke replied, “Boss, are you alright? You’re a Magister! Even if you were to kill someone, it won’t matter as Magisters have a count’s privilege. Say, if you were to kill Hua De, or even that vice Principal, the Kingdom won’t punish you at all.”

I stared at Ma Ke for what seemed to be ages. “This must be why ordinary magicians hate us so much! Nobles! Is being a noble really that good...?”

Mu Zi smacked me. “Stop being so melancholic and moody! We are all exhausted. Let’s have an afternoon nap. I am going to sleep already.” Saying that, she gave her body a lazy stretch, then turned around and heading to her room.

I started following her with a smug grin all over my face. “I’ll help you fix your bed. Hehe.”

Mu Zi walked inside her room but stopped me outside her room. “Don’t look so smug! You think I don’t know about your perverted mind? You want to take advantage of me? No way!” After shouting at me, she pushed me farther away from the room and prevented me from entering.

I helplessly walked back to the lounge. When they saw my discomposure, they laughed, and even the usually quiet Hai Yue grinned.

Si Wa said, “Zhang Gong, you were met with a closed door, right? Where is the light blade that you cast before? Just destroy that door! Haha!”

I glared at him. “I don’t dare. If you dare to, then you can go try. I’m scared of her... I’m doomed for the rest of my life!”

Si Wa said, “I dare even less than you do, and I’m not taking that chance either. If I really entered her room after breaking down the door, I would definitely be hacked to death by you.”

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