Volume 5: Chapter 9 - Provoking a Defeated Opponent

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 9 - Provoking a Defeated Opponent

Si Wa said, “You’re too humble. We aren’t as powerful as the Vice Principal describes us to be. We will still need your care and guidance.”

One of the students from Contemplation Magic Academy said, “Stop pretending to be gracious! During this competition...” The Vice Principal from the Contemplation Magic Academy glared at him. “What right have you got interrupting him? Are you as strong as him? If you were a magic scholar like him, I would have made way for you.” That student looked away but still retained an unsatisfied appearance. With that, the atmosphere of the banquet became a little awkward.

Right at that moment, the dishes were served. Forest Dragon’s Vice Principal said, “Alright! Let’s dig in. There will still be opportunities for us to interact after the meal.”

The food was pretty decent. It seemed like the Forest Dragon’s hotel had put some effort into providing a full spread of dishes for us. ‘I looked at Mu Zi’s large sparkling eyes and her nose that was sniffing continuously - she was just too adorable!’ I leaned into her and whispered, “You can’t hold back any longer, right? Hehe.”

She eyed me silently.

Forest Dragon’s Vice Principal said, “I have not treated my guests well enough. Everyone, please dig in!”

We had been waiting for those words to leave his mouth. Mu Zi and I started to wipe out the dishes without a trace of decorum. Si Wa whispered to me, “Zhang Gong, eat slower. Don’t let others think we are uncivilised.” I slowed my pace after hearing his words. Although he told me to tell Mu Zi the same thing, I couldn’t bear to do that as I loved how Mu Zi’s gusto in eating her food. It was extremely moving to me.

Mu Zi’s eating prowess was gradually exposed she would gobble up at least half of every new dish that was placed in front of her. She didn’t even bother to look at her surroundings, concerned only with eating seafood.

Everyone was stupefied. The Vice Principal ordered two more rounds of 10 extra dishes and barely managed to keep the situation under control.

A mocking voice entered my ear at that moment. “Wah! Look at that! The Royal Magic Academy female student eats like a pig, as if her life depended on it. It looks hilarious.”

If he had directed that at me, I would definitely have merely returned his words with only a smile, but he was insulting my beloved Mu Zi, making me instantly rise in rage. I slammed my hand down on the table and shouted at the direction of the voice. “Who are you calling a pig?!” It startled Mu Zi, who was still chowing down on her food. She raised her head, but had no inkling of what was going on.

A skinny fire magician stood up, pointed at Mu Zi and said, “I am referring to her. Why? Are you going to bite me?” His speech made the students in his entourage break into loud laughter.

It is that same brat from the Contemplation Magic Academy. I rapidly started gathering light elements as my entire body simultaneously released an icy realm and emitted a strong killing intent.

After hearing the student’s words, Forest Dragon’s Principal frowned and looked meaningfully at the Contemplation Academy’s vice Principal. The Contemplation Academy’s vice Principal barked, “Hua De, what are you saying? Sit down at once!”

After hearing Hua De insult Mu Zi, even Si Wa could no longer hold back. “Could it be that the students of the Contemplation Magic Academy are lacking in education?” His words made the opposing student glare angrily at him.

I raised my left hand and pointed it to Hua De. “You, get out here and face me!”

The Forest Dragon’s Vice Principal saw that the situation was deteriorating and quickly tried to salvage the situation. “Hua De, quickly apologize to Zhang Gong.”

Hua De ignored Forest Dragon’s Vice Principal and instead muttered, “She really does look like a pig when she eats, but you don’t allow me to comment on that.”

I could no longer hold restrain myself and raised my hand to attack him, but Si Wa held me back. “Don’t fight here! It wouldn’t be good for us if we destroyed anything here.”

I coldly said, “Alright. Do you dare to face me outside? If you can withstand a single attack from me, I will let you go.”

Except for my team members, who all knew that I was a Magister, the rest of the magicians believed that I was bluffing. Hua De was a Great Mage. To be able to defeat him in a single strike; it would be a little ridiculous.

The Vice Principal of Contemplation was angered by what I said as he thought that I had humiliated his academy. “Alright. Hua De, go spar with that student. I really would like to see how he is going to defeat you with a single strike. Remember, it’s just a single strike.” His last statement was to remind Hua De that he just needed to defend against a solitary strike.

Hua De looked at me viciously and turned to walk out of the hotel. Just as I wanted to follow him out, Mu Zi tugged at my hands that were shaking in anger. “Zhang Gong, let’s just let it go. I admittedly did eat a little too much earlier and can’t really blame anyone for commenting negatively on that.” After she said that, she lowered her head and assumed a pitiable appearance.

On seeing this, my heart broke and stubbornly replied, “If he had insulted me, I wouldn’t have minded. However, he insulted you, who is the person I love the most. I want him to know that he will not be able to bully our Royal Advanced Magic Academy easily!”  After saying that, I broke free from Mu Zi’s hold and walked out.

Si Wa followed me and said, “Zhang Gong, don’t expose too much of your strength as we will still need to compete later on.” I understood the meaning behind his words and nodded.

The plaza in front of the hotel was sufficient for our fight. Hua De and I stood 20 metres apart and stared at each other. I already comprehended the reason behind him rushing out hastily earlier. It was so he would have ample time to cast a few wind defense spells.

I chuckled and said, “Get ready to receive my attack! Light elements! Please form a blade that can conquer every obstacles and eliminate the enemy standing in front of me.” My chant was actually only for show, but in reality, my spell utilised the fusion of battle spirit and elements that I had already prepared.

Hua De was smart enough to know that by solely defending, he wouldn’t be able to block that attack. He immediately shot a large Wind Tornado at me.

I wore a cold smile and completely dominated him with my tyrannic power. Then, I waved my right hand and a golden white large blade struck at him.

The other people had walked out of the restaurant just in time to see my light blade.

Previously, when Teacher Zhen had carelessly received my fusion spell, he had suffered despite his abilities. Needless to say, Hua De, who was only a Great Magician, had no chance at all The light blade smoothly cut the large Wind Tornado in half and collided head-on with his defence magic. Even though he had insulted Mu Zi, it wasn’t bad enough to warrant in his death.Thus, when the light blade was about to slice his body, I altered the strike to a blade slap that made the blade hit him with its broadside. Just like that, all of his defensive spells completely shattered. He cried out and violently coughed out blood as he was sent flying.

I put my hands down and the corner of my lips curved up as I let out a thin, cold smile. Ma Ke ran over and shrieked, “Wah! Boss, you’re so cool!” All of the people from Contemplation Advanced Magic Academy and Shell Order Advanced Academy were stunned. The Vice Principal of Forest Dragon was so startled by the outcome that his jaw dropped and was at a loss for words.

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