Volume 5: Chapter 8 - Arriving in Forest Dragon

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 8 - Arriving in Forest Dragon

After the Vice Principal read through the letter, he sighed. “There are really so many talents in the Royal Magic Academy... All the students are magic scholars, even three years later.. You’re all truly incredible, but can you introduce yourselves? All your names are in this letter; I just don’t know who they refer to.”

“That’s fine. I’m an earth element magic scholar, Si Wa Ming,” he said with a smile.

I said, “Light element magic scholar, Zhang Gong Wei, a Royal Advanced Academy year 3 student.”

Mu Zi said, “Wind element magic scholar, Mu Zi Mo, a Royal Advanced Academy year 3 student.”

Ma Ke said, “Fire element magic scholar, Ma Ke Sai De, a Royal Advanced Academy year 3 student….”

Lastly, Hai Yue said, “Water element magic scholar, Hai Yue Xin, a Royal Advanced Academy year 4 student.”

The vice Principal looked startled as he moved his gaze to me. “I had read the introduction letter and thought that it had been written wrongly. You truly are a light element magic scholar! There aren’t many magicians who are willing to try and learn light magic. It must have been quite difficult for you to train to such a high level.”

I smiled. “You’re far too humble. When we first arrived here, we realized that the entire Martial Return City is the outer perimeter of the Forest Dragon Advanced Magic Academy. You should also have a large number of talented students here.”

The vice Principal replied, “It’s a pity that most of those talented students have gone to the Royal Magic Academy. If you could transfer to this academy, that would be great!”

Mu Zi replied, “I’m afraid that, currently, it would be impossible as we are already rooted in the Royal Magic Academy.”

The vice Principal sighed. “I know it is… It’s just that I desperately pray for exceptional talents. Even if our academy is ranked second in the Kingdom, we are still far from reaching the level of the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.”

Ma Ke spoke up just then. “May I ask if any of the other six academies’ competitors have arrived yet?”

The Vice Principal replied, “Currently, the competitors from the Shell Order Advanced Academy and Contemplation Advanced Magic Academy have arrived, so you’re the third academy to arrive. We also have finished preparations for the arena since the competition will begin in ten days.”

Si Wa replied, “We’ll leave it at that for now. Where will we be staying? After traveling for so many days, we are a little exhausted. Can you please help arrange a place for us to stay?”

The vice Principal chuckled. “Of course! We have already arranged for you to stay at the Forest Dragon hotel. The quality of that place is fairly decent. Since you have traveled from such a distant place, the Principal and I are holding a welcoming reception for you before sending you to the hotel.”

“You’re too courteous. It’s really unnecessary to hold a welcoming reception only for us,” I replied respectfully.

The vice Principal responded, “The five of you are the Kingdom’s jewels. You are able to reach such a high level in magic while being so young. It makes everyone envious. So the welcoming reception... Please don’t refuse us. You will also have the opportunity to taste our delicacies. For now, you can wait here, while I go and get the Principal.” After he said that, he left the office.

“They’re quite polite, and it seems that they don’t have much animosity against us,” I said.

“Right now they are polite. Just wait until the competition starts. It definitely won’t be like now, as everyone will fight with all their might. You should know that this will be noble magicians fighting against ordinary magicians. It’ll be like fighting in a war, so you mustn’t be careless,” said Si Wa as he bitterly smiled.

“A battle of noble magicians against ordinary magicians? It can’t be?  We aren’t nobles,” I said, surprise filling my voice.

Ma Ke smiled as he replied, “Boss, you have to think it through. Hai Yue, Si Wa, and I are all nobles, and you’re the successor of Teacher Di. Teacher Di currently holds the Duke position so it makes you half a noble. Mu Zi got into the academy through her skills so she is an exceptional talent. She will then be designated as a noble when she graduates. So to say we are mage nobles isn’t really wrong.”

What Ma Ke said had made sense. Mu Zi said, “It’s no wonder why they fight with all their might. They already think the competition will only be nobles against ordinary magicians.”

The opening of a door sounded. The vice Principal and a very old magician (who looks similar to Teacher Di) came in. “Let me introduce him to you. This is our academy’s Principal, Cha De, wind element magic scholar.”

We hastily bowed and said, “Our greetings to the Principal.”

The old Principal smiled. “You don’t have to be so courteous at my place. You can treat it as though it is your own home. There’s no need for etiquette as we don’t have too many formalities here. Let’s go! Since you have come from afar, you must be hungry. Let’s go and have a meal.”

I like eating. I also saw Mu Zi’s eyes light up. These few days were harsh on her as we didn’t eat any proper meals.

After the vice Principal’s introduction, we understood that the Forest Dragon hotel had a diner, entertainment areas, and living areas. The high class hotel was for relaxation and it was where all of the competitors would be residing.

When we arrived at the banquet hall, it looked like the vice Principal had already set up everything. The large table, which held many cold dishes, was able to seat 20 people with ease.

The vice Principal said, “You may take your seats first. I will go and invite the other two academies to our meal. It will be much more lively if everyone comes to eat .”

In just a short moment, the vice Principal returned with ten other people and sat opposite of us, while introducing us. “These few students are the competitors from the Royal Advanced Academy.”

We hurriedly stood up, and Si Wa represented our team and said, “Our greetings to all of you.”

The old magician opposite of us said, “I’m the Contemplation Advanced Academy’s vice Principal. I have brought five of my students to participate in this competition. Please give us some pointers.”

Another middle aged magician said, “I’m Shell Order Advanced Academy’s head instructor and have brought my team here.”

The opposing competitors were mostly fire and wind element magicians. It was obvious that their goal was to be on the offensive. The competitors from the two academies looked calm and collected, as though they didn’t care about us.

When the Forest Dragon’s vice Principal told the waiter to serve the dishes, the 10 of us sat down.

The head instructor from the Shell Order Advanced Academy said, “I heard from the vice Principal that the five competitors are all magic scholars. That’s incredible! I hope that you’ll be merciful during the competition.” Lun Ke Advanced Academy was ranked eighth among the advanced academies. They were the weakest and their capabilities weren’t even comparable to the Royal Intermediate Academy. Their competitors definitely wouldn’t be able to fight against us. He was saying that so as to prevent unnecessary injuries.

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