Volume 5: Chapter 7 - Hai Yue's Apology

Child of Light

Volume 5: Chapter 7 - Hai Yue's Apology

Hai Yue wanted to speak privately with me? What is she going to say to me? I looked curiously at Mu Zi. She nodded. Hai Yue and I slowed down until we were behind the rest. After Hai Yue saw that there was some distance between us and them, she said, “Zhang Gong, I want to apologize to you. Previously, I have wronged you.”

I felt flattered. Hai Yue had just apologized to me, I didn’t hear it wrongly, right? I said awkwardly, “You don’t have to be so courteous. Actually, there were also many areas where I was in the wrong.”

Hai Yue turned around and had her back facing me. “After traveling with all of you these past few days, I already feel much better. I know now, that you’ve always been a good person. I had been blinded by anxiousness and hatred previously.”

I asked, “Did you call me out just to apologize to me?”

Hai Yue nodded. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I thought that she was going to ask about Ma Ke. Could it be that it really was impossible for them to be together?

I asked her, “Is there really no chance of you and Ma Ke being together? Ma Ke is really not bad. Why won’t you give him a chance?”

Hai Yue turned her head back and smiled at me. “Mu Zi has also asked me that question. Let’s just leave it up to fate. Let’s go! What I said to you just now definitely cannot be told to him.” I was elated. ‘It seems that Ma Ke had finally moved Hai Yue, the towering iceberg. I am really happy for that brat.’

I purposely asked, “Who is he?”

Hai Yue’s face reddened. “You’re hateful! Stop acting dumb!”

I smiled and said, “It has been such a long time since I have seen you smile truthfully.”

Hai Yue replied, “You’re always smiling so mischievously. I really don’t know what my sister and Mu Zi like about you.”

I smiled, “You won’t know about this, but I have a lot of good points. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Mu Zi.”

Hai Yue changed back her expression. “Staying on this topic, let me ask you. What are your plans in settling your relationships with Mu Zi and my sister?”

I sighed. “Hai Shui is a good girl, but I can’t be with her as I had already given my heart to Mu Zi. I had also clarified this with Hai Shui already.”

Hai Yue replied, “Matters concerning emotions truly are unclear. Hai Shui is stronger than Mu Zi in all aspects, but you still stubbornly choose her.”

“Can we not talk about this? All I can tell you is that my feelings for Mu Zi won’t change in my lifetime.” After saying that, I used short distance teleportation to chase up to the group. Hai Yue shook her head and ran to catch up.

I abided to the promise with Hai Yue and didn’t say a word of what we spoke about to Ma Ke. Mu Zi looked as though nothing happened. I pulled her aside and asked her, “Why aren’t you asking me about what Hai Yue and I had talked about?”

Mu Zi held my hand and whispered, “I believe in you!” Her words made me feel a warm current in my heart. I held her hand up to my lips and kissed it deeply. “You’re so awesome, my wife!”

Mu Zi pushed my hand away and said, “You’re annoying. Let’s go! We are reaching the Martial Return City!”

The Martial Return City wasn’t big and was smaller than expected. Once I entered the city, I stopped a passerby. “Can you please tell me where the Forest Dragon Magic Academy?”

The random person showed a stupefied expression. “You must be an outsider. Don’t you know that this entire city is the surrounding perimeter of the Forest Dragon Magic Academy?”

‘Ah! This entire city is the academy’s outerior? It can see how high the prestige of the academy is.’

I smiled in return. “Can you please tell me where the center of the Forest Dragon Magic Academy is?”

The passerby pointed in a direction. “You must be here for the examination. There is still quite a way before you reach the enrollment area. You just have to walk straight down this path. You will be able to find the center of the city.”

I told everyone after the passerby left, “It seems that the power that the Forest Dragon Magic Academy holds is not small.”

Ma Ke replied, “Of course! The Forest Dragon Magic Academy is an Advanced Magic Academy that is only second to our Royal Advanced Magic Academy. They are also our strongest opponent.”

We reached the entrance of the Forest Dragon Magic Academy, and although the building wasn’t as luxurious as the Royal Advanced Magic Academy, it still gave off a heavy atmosphere.

I walked up to the guard at the entrance. “Hello, we are from the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. Can I ask……”

I hadn’t finished what I wanted to say as I was interrupted by the guard. He shouted, “Ah! You are from the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. Please come with me.”

The guard brought us into the Forest Dragon Magic Academy. The academy’s verdant and lush trees and numerous flowers all around us was really pleasing.

He brought us to a big building and said, “Please wait a moment. I will go and announce your arrival.” After he said that, he ran into the building.

After a while, a few people walked out with the guard. I stared at the three other people who walked out. They were all around fifty years old. They showed what kind of magic they used by wearing the fire, water and wind magic robes respectively.

The one wearing the fire magic robe walked up to us. “Welcome to our Forest Dragon Magic Academy. I am the vice Principal. Please come inside.”

They were so polite, we definitely couldn’t forget our manners. We bowed simultaneously. “Our greetings to the teachers.”

The vice Principal nodded before bringing us into the academy. As we walked, he said, “This is our academy’s main school building. You must be ridiculing us.”

Si Wa Ming said, “This place is very good and isn’t any worse than our academy’s. Vice Principal, do you recognize me?”

The vice Principal looked at him and his expression suddenly changed. He was startled and replied, “Ah! Aren’t you the one that represented the Royal Advanced Magic Academy at the previous competition, Si Wa?”

Si Wa smiled. “That’s me!”

The vice Principal muttered, “Why have you not graduated yet?”

“I was a year two student when I came here previously. I am now in year 5 and will be graduating soon.”

We had reached the vice Principal’s office at that moment. He led us to sit at the sofa. “I represent the Forest Dragon Academy to welcome you all.”

I smiled and said, “You’re too courteous. I hope that your team will have mercy against us.”

The vice Principal looked at me and said, “It should be you who should be merciful. That’s right! According to the procedure, can you let me have a look at the introduction letter?”

I gave the vice Principal the introduction letter that Teacher Zhen had passed to me.

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