Volume 6: Chapter 3 - Returning to Xiao Jin's Home

Child of Light

Volume 6: Chapter 3 - Returning to Xiao Jin's Home

I thought, ‘I really don’t want to bring Xiao Jin back. After returning Xiao Jin, will he still want to leave with me? My feelings for Xiao Jin are extremely deep. Without him at my side, I will feel even more empty.’

I helplessly said, “Must I really send him back?”

Teacher Di nodded. “That’s right! You must send him home. Actually, it may not be a bad thing. The Dragon King might appreciate your effort in bringing his son back and help you fight with the Monster King in the future.”

A trace of reluctance appeared in my heart. I pitifully replied, “But I really don’t want to be separated from Xiao Jin!”

Teacher Di said very sternly, “Zhang Gong, how can you be like this? Don’t you think that you are being too selfish? Moreover, if you are overly dependant on Xiao Jin’s power, it will greatly hamper your future path in improvement. No matter what, you must bring him home.”

I lowered my head and the thoughts in my heart surged out like waves. ‘Xiao Jin the only partner who has always been by my side is leaving me? I am really reluctant to lose you. Xiao Jin! Even though Xiao Jin really is a powerful partner, my feelings for him isn’t because of his massive strength. Thinking of that year when Xiao Jin hatched, he had never left me since so to send him back like this, I...I…’  

Teacher Di softly said, “I know this matter is really hard on you, but think about it. If Xiao Jin continues to follow you, he can only live to be around 60 years, whereas, the Dragon Clan can live up to a few thousands of years. It can’t be that your reluctance to lose him outweighed his right to live, right?”

I was moved and replied, “Teacher Di, you’re saying….”

Teacher Di nodded. “If I haven’t guess incorrectly, Xiao Jin’s father should have the ability to regain his initial life expectancy.”

I clenched my teeth and replied, “Alright! For Xiao Jin’s future, I am willing to bring him back.”

Teacher Di smiled in relief. “That’s my good student. It was worth it for Xiao Jin to follow you for this period. Initially, I thought that it would be best to wait for you to graduate from the Advanced Magic Academy before going. However, your current ability has already exceeded my expectations. Moreover, there is still the threat of the Monster King in a couple of years so I have decided to have you look for the Dragon Valley earlier. You should still have the book I gave to you about dragons. The method to reach it is on the last page. Once holidays begin, you should head out. After sending Xiao Jin back, you should visit your home. There should be enough time for you to do accomplish all of those things.”

I replied, “It should be the book 'The True King of the World - Dragons’. I have read through it. The Dragon Valley should be in the Aixia’s territory approximately in one of the Sky Province’s mountain valleys.”

Teacher Di nodded. “You will have to search for the actual position yourself. You must remember to stay safe. Don’t forget about the teleportation scroll I gave you the last time you went out to gain experience. You must use it if you encounter an emergency.”

I replied, “Alright! Relax! I’ve already weathered so many storms and the purpose of this trip is to do something good, it should not be too dangerous.”

Teacher Di replied, “No matter what, it’s always best to be careful. Have some dinner before you head back.”

After accompanying Teacher Di in having dinner, I returned to the Royal Advanced Magic Academy.

As I laid down on my bed in the dormitory, I silently thought, ‘I’ll soon be separated from Xiao Jin. I also don’t know what will happen during the journey to Dragon Valley. I’m really reluctant to be separated from Xiao Jin who has been with me for so many years.’

I went to the classroom the next day. I wrote on a strip of paper, “It’ll be vacation really soon. What’s your plans?”, before giving it to Mu Zi.

Mu Zi quickly replied. She wrote a line of words below mine, “I’m going home. How about you?”

I tested her as I wrote, “Can we go back together?”

Mu Zi replied, “That’s not good. My home is rather reclusive. It is better that I head back by myself.” After seeing her reply, my mood had sunk even more.

I wrote back, “I’ll forget about it then. Since you’re not willing for me to accompany you, I also have to go to a place to settle a matter.

Mu Zi replied back, “Where to? What are you going to do?”

I wrote back, “I am returning Xiao Jin back to Dragon Valley to let him reunite with his family.”

Mu Zi wrote back, “The Dragon Valley is too dangerous. It is better that you ask Ma Ke to accompany you. If you return Xiao Jin, you probably won’t have any magical beast.”

I wrote, “It doesn’t matter. It’s very important that Xiao Jin can reunite with his family. Ma Ke is currently busy, so I don’t want to disturb him. The journey this time shouldn’t be dangerous so I should be able to head there myself.”

Mu Zi replied back, “Are you unhappy about me?”

I wrote back, “No, why should I be?”

Mu Zi wrote back, “Then, why were you ignoring me this few days?”

I wrote, “You should know why. Can you please just tell me why even when I conveyed my true feelings for you, I still can’t make you open up to me?”

Mu Zi remained quiet for a while before writing back, “Zhang Gong, I’m in a really, really tough situation. Can you please stop asking me, alright? If the heavens has planned for us to be together, you will find that out in the future. Do you still remember that story you wrote for the hundredth letter you gave me? I will eventually be like the main female lead in the story and love you wholeheartedly. Will you wait for me?”

This was the first time that I felt such closeness between Mu Zi and I. Elated, I wrote my reply, “Of course, I am willing. I’ll definitely unwaveringly wait for you. I’ll stop pressing you. I just hope that you won’t let me wait too long to the point where I won’t have the strength to hug you.”

After reading my reply, Mu Zi’s face reddened and looked at me before laughing. She wrote back, “You’re so irritating. Let’s go out for lunch together.”

I nodded, but didn’t write anything. My heart felt much better as I felt that Mu Zi and I had become closer.

It was Mu Zi who wrote another note instead. “Actually, Hai Shui is very compatible with you. You shouldn’t continue hurting her.”

After reading what she said, I bafflingly whispered to her, “If I don’t hurt her, then I will be hurting you.”

Mu Zi smiled and shook her head. “Why would I be? It is completely normal for a capable guy to have a few wives in my homeland.”

I astonishingly replied, “Can a person’s feelings truly be distributed? It can’t be that you’re willing to share the feelings I have for you alone with others? ? I had placed all of my affections on you. Is that bad?” ‘I really don’t understand how she thinks. Even having the idea of sharing her sweetheart.’

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