Volume 6: Chapter 4 - Mu Zi Leaves

Child of Light

Volume 6: Chapter 4 - Mu Zi Leaves

Mu Zi smilingly said, “From the first time I met you, I had the feeling that you will definitely be an extraordinary person. Every successful man will definitely not have only one woman behind them. Rather than allowing your heart to be stolen by another, why not find sisters whom I can trust? With the assistance of everyone, even if you think about going astray in the future, hehe….”

I bitterly smiled, “Am I really the type of person that you’re describing?” Mu Zi was actually truly willing to accept Hai Shui. Her way of thinking really makes me embarrassed to the point of cold sweat.

Mu Zi glanced at me and said, “Now, you are saying nice things, but I don’t know what it will be like in the future. All you men are not good things. Aren’t you all always becoming enamored with the new and bored with the old? I can’t defeat you so what can I do if you bully me in the future. If Hai Shui and I teamed up, hehe… You will know.”

Looking at Mu Zi’s lovable yet hateful face that was just like a red apple, I really wanted to strongly give her a bite. I grabbed and pulled her small hand towards me, lowered my head and gently bit on her hand under my desk.

Mu Zi let out a low cry and said, “What are you doing? Class is still ongoing.”

I replied, “Since you don’t object to the relationship between Hai Shui and I, I’ll go and tell her later.”

Mu Zi’s face showed traces of unhappiness. She dejectedly replied, “Looks like you have exposed your fox tail. I knew that you were bad.”

I rocked back and forth as I laughed. “I was only teasing you. Haha.”

Mu Zi pinched me really hard, even using her hand to cover my mouth so that I wouldn’t be able to release any sound. She hatefully said, “Fine then! You dare to play around with me.”

After a long time, I recovered from my pain. “I’m fearful of you, little jar of vinegar. I actually believed that you were really that magnanimous. After one test it turned out to be not at all.”

Mu Zi replied, “What I said was the truth, but I am a woman after all so I will always…”

I hastily expressed an understanding and charming, yet vile expression. “Regarding Hai Shui, we will discuss further in the future. If she and I are really fated to be together, I will do as you said, but you can’t force me to.”

Mu Zi scoffed and said, “How virtuous you are! You’re blessed with so many girls that others could only dream about, yet you actually want to hide from it instead.”

I bitterly smiled. “I can’t betray my heart. You can’t possibly want me to marry someone that I dislike, right?”

Mu Zi nodded. “Fine.”

Mu Zi’s broadmindedness deeply touched me. Her words also untied the knot in my heart. I wouldn’t need to work hard at restricting myself from now on. I swore to myself silently, ‘I won’t easily express favourable impressions of other girls anymore and invite trouble.


The holidays had finally arrived. Mu Zi was the first one to leave the academy. Ma Ke, Hai Yue, Si Wa and I sent her off at the entrance of the academy. I initially wanted to accompany her for a while, but she said it was unnecessary as her family members would meet up with her not far from the academy.

I said with my eyes that was reddened, “Mu Zi, you must take care of yourself and remember to miss me.”

Mu Zi nodded and threw herself into my arms and tightly embraced me before standing on her toes and gently kissed on my face. “Zhang Gong, you must also take care. When you’re heading to Dragon Valley, you must be careful. I’m heading out now, so I’ll pass this to you.” As she said that, she took a small jade pendent from her neck. It was carved out using an unknown black gemstone. It had a pheonix shape to it. It gave off a refreshing feeling in my hand. It’s texture was extremely smooth. From the looks of it, you would know that it was priceless.

Mu Zi continued to say, “This is my Ink Phoenix pendant that my mother had given me when I was young. I will give it to you. Whenever you miss me, you can look at it.”

I hung the Ink Phoenix pendant around my neck before I lifted her face and kissed heavily on her lips until there was an annoying cough sound from our side and I reluctantly let her go.

Mu Zi’s delicate face was completely red, but she didn’t reprimand me for that. As I embraced her, I showed furious expression to the few people behind me, making them laugh.

Mu Zi gently pushed me away and whispered to me, “I really have to go now.”

I nodded and took out the magic robe that Teacher Zhen had given me from my spatial space and placed it into Mu Zi’s hands. “This is something that Teacher Zhen gave me previously. You just have to insert your magic power into the amethyst gemstone at the chest area to set up a good defensive array. It’s defensive power is very strong. I don’t need it so I will give it to you for protection.” As I said that, I placed the magic robe on Mu Zi.

Under the radiance from the sun, Mu Zi’s entire body glittered and brightened up; Accompanied with her flushed delicate face, she looked exceptionally adorable.

Mu Zi replied, “This is too precious. You might face danger during your trip to the Dragon Valley. You should keep it.”

I shook my head. “What danger will I be in? I’m not going there to pick a fight, I’m just bringing back their child. Even though this magic robe is good, it is too dazzling. You just have to place it in your spatial bag.”

Ma Ke shouted from behind, “Boss, when did you have such a good item? I also want one!”

I smiled, “If you were to turn into a girl, I will consider. Haha.”

Ma Ke instantly choked from hearing my words.

The time to be separated had finally arrived. I forced myself not to chase after her as I looked at Mu Zi’s figure gradually disappearing from the horizon as she turned her head back thrice at every step.

Ma Ke patted my shoulder. “Boss, stop being so reluctant. It is not as if you won’t be seeing her again. Let’s go! We should head back.”

I sighed and replied, “I really hope that the holidays end quickly.”

Si Wa chuckled and said, “When there isn’t any holiday, you wanted one. When it is a holiday, you want to attend classes.”

Hai Yue replied, “What about wanting to attend classes? He just misses Mu Zi. You had seen how hard he kissed her previously.”

I feigned anger and said, “Hai Yue, you still talk about me. I don’t know who was it with Ma Ke that day…”

Ma Ke’s and Hai Yue’s faces reddened. Actually, I didn’t see anything and was just purposely teasing them. I didn’t expect to see that it actually worked.

Hai Yue pinched Ma Ke before she shyly said, “It is all your fault.” After she said that, she turned and ran towards the academy.

I looked at Ma Ke who was clenching his teeth in pain and said, “Who told you to tease me? Haha, you reap what you sow!” After this commotion, the pain from being separated from Mu Zi had decreased drastically.

Ma Ke, Si Wa and I slowly headed towards the academy.

Ma Ke said, “Boss, are you sure that the trip to the Dragon Valley won’t be dangerous?”

I shook my head. “I have never been there. How will I know what will happen?”

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