Volume 7: Chapter 12 - Escaping from the Abyss

Child of Light

Volume 7: Chapter 12 - Escaping from the Abyss

Three days and 9 times of drinking the soup had quickly passed by, as I anticipated for Hai Shui to come release me.

Finally, the waiting was over. A light shone and Hai Shui’s familiar figure appeared before me once again with a long bag in her hand. When she saw that I was still locked on the stone bed, she was astonished and whispered, “Zhang Gong, you still haven’t recovered?”

I replied, “I already have, but I was afraid that they would figure it out, so I didn’t break free from the shackles.”

Hai Shui sighed in relief. “Hurry, we’ve got to go! We’ll need to make use of the time we have.”

After I silently circulated my battle spirit, my entire body emitted bright white light. After using strength on my limbs, ‘Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!’ sounded as I easily freed myself from my shackles. I leapt to Hai Shui’s side. I also found that being able to stand was so awesome.

Hai Shui passed me the long bag and took out an escape scroll. “Let’s be on our way!”

I took the long bag and opened it. It was my Sukrad's staff. When I tightly held onto it,  I felt the ties that were linked by flesh and blood.

I took the escape scroll from Hai Shui. “I think it is better that I do it. You just have to hold onto my arm.”

Hai Shui asked, “Are you sure you can do it with the current state of your body?”

I nodded. “No problem. I’ve already recovered half of my magic powers. As long as I don’t face the powers of the few old teachers, I should be able to deal with them.”

Hai Shui expressed a happy look and replied, “This escape scroll is Teacher Zhen’s most recent research, It has the ability to determine the spot of the teleportation. It can send to an exact spot with a limit of 10 kilometers. In other words, it can send us to any position we want within a 10 kilometers range. I’ve already set the location so you can just activate the scroll.” After I said that, she clung onto my arm and also stuck her body to mine.

I looked at her embarrassedly but seeing that she didn’t have any intention to move back a little, I just let her be. I deeply inhaled before using the Sukrad's staff to cast a protective barrier around us before activating the escape scroll. The stone prison had lost our presence after a golden light flashed.

The feeling of using magic again was so moving. It felt as though I had gained a new life. I was extremely interested in everything and magics phenomenons. I was filled with love towards life.

After the light shone, I found that we had unexpectedly teleported into a room. The room was all pale pink in colour. It felt very comforting. The entire room was filled with sunlight. I asked Hai Shui in surprise, “Where is this? Did you set the location wrongly?”

Hai Shui reluctantly pulled away from my arm and pouted. “It is only you that set the location wrongly. This is my room.”

I immediately was greatly alarmed. “What? This is your room? Why did you set this place as the location for the escape scroll?” It was unexpectedly Hai Shui’s room.

Hai Shui replied, “What’s wrong with my room? This place is safe and is also in my family’s place. Who will come here to search, especially if it is my room?”

I blushed and replied abashedly, “I am a guy. If I stay in your room, it will damage your reputation and integrity.”

Hai Shui’s expression darkened. “I’m not scared. Why are you? Your heart only holds Sister Mu Zi. If this is her room, you won’t be so conservative.”

Seeing that she got a little angry, I didn’t dare to rebuke her. I changed the conversation topic by asking, “How are the few teachers? Is Teacher Di feeling better? How is the situation at the frontlines?”

Hai Shui said with her eye brows frowned, “You ask so many questions at one go. How do you expect me to answer your questions!”

I surrendered and said, “Alright...Alright! You can answer them one at the time. You can start by telling me about Teacher Di’s situation.”

Hai Shui giggled and replied, “Teacher Di doesn’t have any problems. The main reason was that he was extremely worried about you to the point that he fell ill. You are Teacher Di’s heart problem.”

My eyes reddened as I thought about the many years that Teacher Di had guided me. I lamented, “I really let Teacher Di down this time. Hai!

Hai Shui replied, “You don’t have to be this upset. If you can make accomplishments in the world in the future, he will be pleased. He also wishes you the best. That old man said you don’t have to look for him and wants you to hurry, and get away from here. After everything has settled, we’ll discuss further and to also not forget your tasks.”

I shook my head. “I’m afraid that I’ll have to let him down again. After I get out of here, the first thing I’ll do is to save Mu Zi. One out of ten demon race will survive. If I don’t die in the process, I’ll accomplish the tasks.”

Hai Shui asked in surprise, “What? You’re going to the demon race?”

I resolutely nodded my head. “I must go and find Mu Zi. I really can’t lose her.”

Hai Shui lowered her head and muttered, “If you can treat me like this, and even if I die, I’m willing.” She said that as she cried. Looking at her appearance, it was so moving. I couldn’t control myself and gently embraced her and patted her back. “Be good. Don’t cry. How can I not understand your feelings to me? You have risked your life to save mine this time. I am really grateful for that. If you don’t mind, I am willing…….” I really didn’t want to hurt this adorable girl anymore. Even though it might be out of sympathy, I was prepared to accept her.

Hai Shui widened her eyes and asked. “Really? Is this for real?” She rejoiced for only a short while before she quietened and said, “It is impossible. You already have Sister Mu Zi. She won’t accept me.”

I patted her head, “Silly girl, Mu Zi isn’t that stingy. She has already brought this up many times to accept you.”

Hai Shui raised her head and asked, “Really?”

I sincerely nodded my head and held Hai Shui’s hand. “Are you willing to accept me? Even though I can’t say that I love you, I’m willing to slowly cultivate my feelings towards you. You helped me too many times. I also don’t want to continue hurting you any further.”

Hai Shui’s face expressed a sign of happiness before her happiness surged out. She tightly hugged my waist and place her face on my chest and said elatedly, “This is too awesome! It’s just so great! My dream finally came true. Zhang Gong, do you know that I’ve waited for this day to come after suffering from so much pain?”

I said in astonishment. “It can’t be that you’re as open minded as Mu Zi, right? You don’t mind being with her as well?”

Hai Shui shook her head smilingly, “I definitely don't mind. Your magic is so strong so there’ll be a lot of girls that will fall for you. I’m already extremely ecstatic that Sister Mu Zi doesn’t mind me being with you. As long as I can be with you, I don’t care about anything.”

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