Volume 7: Chapter 13 - Finale - Sorrowful Parting

Child of Light

Volume 7: Chapter 13 - Finale - Sorrowful Parting

Hai Shui’s love for me was unexpectedly deep, I found myself moved. I gently kissed her forehead. Hai Shui’s entire body shivered before she raised her head and looked at me, her eyes filled with deep feelings for me. She slowly closed her eyes and I leaned forward. I, at first, gently kissed her lips. After that, it became out of hand. Hai Shui reacted frantically as she wrapped her arms around my neck. It was as though she wanted to release all of her love for me.

I seemed to be open with Hai Shui, compared to being conservative with Mu Zi. I didn’t know when I actually embraced her as we laid on the bed before extending my hand into her clothes. My thigh unintentionally touched the icy pillar of the bed. My mind became slightly more clear. I gently pushed Hai Shui away. Her delicate face was completely red and her eyes were filled with lust. She said seductively, “Zhang Gong! Zhang Gong!”

The clearness of my mind had awoken my rationality. Therefore, I supressed my arousement. I said, “Behave yourself. We shouldn’t be doing this. Wake up.” As I said that, I gathered a small ice cone and placed it on Hai Shui’s forehead.

Hai Shui’s body shuddered and the lust in her eyes decreased. She saw what was in front of her before she shyly buried her head in my embrace. “You’re so bad. I won’t come again.”

I hadn’t experienced such a situation before. I felt that it was not bad that, I could control myself. I said embarrassed, “Sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose. Just now……..”

Hai Shui chuckled and replied, “You’re still talking about that? You’re annoying. That’s right, now isn’t the time to talk about this. You should set a teleportation array to be able to leave the place anytime. It’ll be safer that way.”

I nodded. “What you say is right. Please help me, keep a lookout outside. I’ll start drawing it now.”

Hai Shui agreed before she fixed her clothings. She covered her red hot face and ran to the entrance to cool down.

Seeing her fading back, there was an indescribable feeling in my heart. I shook my head before I started to draw the escape magic array on the ground.

Since my condition wasn’t perfect, I couldn’t teleport too far away. So, I had decided to design the teleport to move me 500 kilometres away, just as I did for Mu Zi to allow her a path of escape. I felt I would have a better chance of escaping that way.

The drawing of the teleportation array was really tiring, especially when I was not in a perfect condition. Hai Shui came to look in a couple of times. I had used an entire day to complete the magic array.

I stretched my waist before laying on Hai Shui’s bed. Hai Shui asked, “Have you finished drawing?”

I replied, “Yes, I have. How is the condition outside?”

Hai Shui said smilingly, “What else can happen? They are searching to capture you. You’re wanted throughout the Kingdom already. As long as you’re within the Aixia Kingdom, you must be careful.”

I replied, “Is there really such a need to be so exaggerated? Am I that important?”

Hai Shui sniggered before replying, “Of course you are. You are one of eleven Magisters in the entire human race and you can also use forbidden spells.”

I sighed, “Maybe it was because I showed too much of my talents that had resulted  in such an outcome. After I leave, you must keep a low profile so that you won’t suffer what I did. Please convey my words to Ma Ke and the rest.”

Hai Shui looked at me with her eyes widened.

I asked astonishingly, “What is the matter? Why do you look as though you want to eat me?”

Hai Shui said grievanced, “You are not bringing me along?”

I immediately was startled. “What? You want to go with me? It’s impossible.”

Hai Shui momentarily cried and said as she sobbed, “You lied to me. You lied. You just said that you accepted me and now, you suddenly change your mind.”

I said, while at a loss, “How can I do that? What I said previously was true. I’m going to an extremely dangerous place. It will be too dangerous if you’re to go there as well. You should stay here to increase your magic power. If I succeed in saving Mu Zi, I’ll definitely come back for you.”

After she heard what I said, she cried more vigorously. As she cried, she said, “You’re so bad. You lied to me to get my body before tossing me aside. Wu….Wu….Wu!”

What? When did I lie to get her body? I hastily went over to cover her mouth and said, “Little missy, can you lower your voice? If someone else was to listen to what you said, I’ll no longer be human.”

Hai Shui ignored me and continued crying.

I suddenly said sternly, “Stop crying and listen to me!”

Hai Shui was shock from my sudden rage and stopped crying.

I gently said, “Be good. You must listen to me. It’ll be very inconvenient if I bring you along. I don’t know what is the situation like at the demon race. Furthermore, I need to to take care of the aftermath. Do you know why I was caught previously? It was because I left traces of the magic array. After I leave, I want you to help me erase the traces. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely try my best to stay alive. I also can’t bear to part with you. You must be good and obediently await for my return. I’ll definitely come back for you, alright?”

Hai Shui’s eyes flashed with complicated expressions. It was obvious that she was having an inner battle.

I continued saying, “I’ll first find some of my friends in Xiuda. With their help, I’m sure that I won’t be in any danger.”

Hai Shui tilted her head and asked, “Will you really be out of danger?”

I nodded. “I promise.” ‘Only the Gods will know what I just promised. Can I predict whether it will be dangerous? The answer is most definitely, no.’

Hai Shui replied sulkily, “You were so fierce previously.” She was really an adorably petite little thing.

I embraced her and replied, “I won’t do that ever again. How can I bear to be fierce towards you?”

Hai Shui replied, “You must come back safely. I’ll wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you.”

I nodded. “Alright. I’ll definitely be back. There’s my teachers, friends and you, who is the most important to me, waiting for me here.”

Hai Shui said with her face reddened, “Can I give you my first time? I’ll feel more secure that way.”

I jumped in fright from her words. I never thought that such an innocent little girl would say such words. “No, I’ll wait for the time when I formally marry you then……”

Hai Shui revealed an adorable expression. “You really don’t want?”

I seriously nodded my head. If I really took Hai Shui now, wouldn’t it be bad for her if I were to die in some foreign land?

Hai Shui replied, “Alright! However, you must give something to me as a  pledge of your love for me to keep and remember.”

I was stunned. “What shall I give you?”

Hai Shui thought for a while and replied, “Anything.”

I thought for a while before taking out a relatively big blue crystal from my spatial space. “This shall be it.” After saying that, I took out the dagger that Ma Ke had given to me previously and used my battle spirit to carve the crystal. My hands were counted to be stable,  and a sparkling and translucent blue heart shaped crystal very quickly appeared in my hand. I also craved ‘Zhang Gong’ on top of it before giving it to Hai Shui. “Do you like it?”

Hai Shui carefully took it in her hand and answered with a joyful face. “I really like it. Whenever I see this heart, it’ll be as though I’m looking at you in the future.” After she said that, she grabbed onto my left hand and unknowingly took out a dark green ring and put it onto my middle finger. She smiled and said, “This is what I’ll give you. There is my name on the inner side of the ring. You mustn’t lose it. I’ll leave the ring finger for Sister Mu Zi.”

I gently kissed her cheek. “Silly girl, you just have to wait for me to come back. Do you know what is the situation like of the demon race?”

Hai Shui replied, “I heard that they weren’t fighting ferociously. Both sides had gathered their army forces and just stood opposite of each other. There were only some small confrontations. From the looks of it, the demon race and the beast clans still can’t easily make their moves. Relax! The security of the Ström Fortress shouldn’t be a problem.”

I had let down a stone in my heart. “That’s great. If they were really to fight, both sides will definitely suffer. War is too terrifying and the ones that suffers the most are the commoners.”

I caressed Hai Shui’s long hair and continued to say, “You should stay at the academy to train. After everything is settled, I’ll definitely come to find you. The current atmosphere is extremely nerve wrecking. I have to go as soon as possible.”

Hai Shui eye immediately reddened. She tightly hugged me and replied, “I don’t want you to go. I really don’t.”

I consoled her by saying, “Be good and stop throwing childish tempers. It isn’t that I won’t be coming back. Please help me look after those few old teachers. They aren’t young so it’ll be great if nothing happens to them. Even though Emperor Ke Zha has great skills and strategy, he isn’t as magnanimous. After you graduate, it’ll be best that you don’t join the military. Don’t tell this to Ma Ke either as it may influence his mood. Ma Ke has a magnanimous personality. If he inherits the throne in the future, I’ll be able to relax.”

Hai Shui nodded. “Do you really have to go?”

I nodded. “I also don’t know how my friends in Xiuda are doing. I’ll first go and meet up with them, before going towards the demon races stronghold. I hope that she’s willing to come back with me though.”

Hai Shui said, “Sister Mu Zi will definitely come back with you. I’ll wait for you two.”

I replied, “After I leave, you must immediately erase the magic array and never let anyone discover it. If not, it’ll not only bring you trouble, it’ll also implicate your family. The three main families had allied with Duke Te Yi initially to rebel against Ke Zha. Ke Zha’s heart must be filled with hatred. If he gets the chance, he’ll definitely treat you badly.”

I embraced Hai Shui and stepped into the magic array. I deeply kissed her lips before pushing her out of the array. A golden light enclosed her body.

I shouted, “Hai Shui! You must take care of yourself. I’m leaving.” After saying that, I activated the array. If I don’t head off now, Hai Shui would definitely badger me. It was better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolonging the agony.

Hai Shui cried out in fear, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you must come back safely.”

I smiled and waved my hands at her. “I will.” I instantly vanished from Hai Shui’s room after a golden light flashed.

Hai Shui teared as she cleared the magic array that I had drawn but her heart had come with me.

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