Volume 8: Chapter 1 - The Village in the Mountains

Child of Light

Volume 8: Chapter 1 - The Village in the Mountains

Name: Qi Meng Satan

Sex: Male

The Emperor of the Demon race, top expert of the Demon race and Mu Zi’s father.

Name: Dark Demon Dragon

Sex: Male

The Demon Emperor’s mount and a loyal protector.

Name: Su He

Sex: Male

The Demon Emperor’s second son, his status?

Name: Fifth Elder

Sex: Male

The ancestor of the Holy Sword that accepted the task from the God to set up the God Village. He is the current God Village’s top expert.

Name: Jian Shan

Sex: Male

Radiant knight of the God Village’s young generation, he’s a well-known figure.

Name: Wallace

Sex: Male

The leader of the beast clans that had a outspoken and straightforward personality, holds the ‘Earth Bear’ title and is good in Earth elemental magic.

After a golden light flashed, a slender body appeared on a hill. It was surrounded by a verdant and lush forest that had frequent calls from birds and insects.

A body figure that was about 1.9 meters tall slowly appeared. He was doing a handstand on the hill with his eyes staring at the horizon with his eyebrows expressing sorrow. That man was me. The widely known light magician in the Kingdom of Aixia, Zhang Gong Wei, who is also the main character of this book.

I had finally succeeded in escaping. After thinking back to the deep feelings Hai Shui had for me, my heart involuntarily throbs. Furthermore, I still also have Mu Zi that should already be deep inside the demon race territory, who is the woman I love the most. I would really never have thought that she would unexpectedly be the princess of the  Demon race. Even if that was the case, I had saved her when she was captured by Aixia’s Royal Magic corps, which had also ruined my future in Aixia.

‘I must go to the  Demon race to find Mu Zi because I love her. It’s impossible for me to forget her.’

I wondered how Big brother Zhan Hu and the rest were. If I could get their assistance, the journey to the  Demon race territory would be much smoother so I had decided to head to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find them. After that, I would head for the Demon race. I was not worried about going to the Demon magic races lands as I had complete confidence in my powers. What I was most afraid was that Mu Zi would abandon me or wasn’t willing to come back with me.

After determining the destination to head towards, my heart felt much better. I raised my head and gave out a long roar. I kicked off from the ground and circulated my battle spirit as I flew down the hill.

I currently had already lost my sense of position as when I escaped, the magic array was designated to head towards the west. This was to say that this place should be 500 kilometers west from Aixia.

I shall forget about it and just head in this direction. I should be able to reach a city. When I find one, I’ll just determine the correct direction I should move in.’

I hadn’t thought such an error in my decision making had forced me to spend three days in the forest. If I knew Advanced wind magic, I perhaps wouldn’t need to spend so much time in here. However, my major was light magic and minor was spatial magic, that weren’t capable in allowing me to fly. Even though I could fly with my battle spirit, my current body condition wasn’t good. My body strength was half of the power from my strength at peak condition. It shouldn’t be able to fly for long but I could use short teleportation. This was bad after rapidly teleporting for a day. I discovered that I was completely lost. Damn it! I didn’t dare to continue using the short teleportation anymore so I could only conscientiously depend on my both legs to proceed. After I finally walked out of the forest, I already looked like a beggar. My clothing had already be shredded by the shrubbery.

After the torture from the stone prison that made me exhausted and that I didn’t rest up properly after Hai Shui had rescued me, with the fact that I currently was out of food, the condition of my magic power and battle spirit were all not good, especially my battle spirit. The reason for that was I had previously used it to support my body so the consumption of it was large.

My pitiful Sukrad’s staff was currently being used as my walking stick. I previously had always had a smooth sailing life and never suffered this much. I sighed as I couldn’t help but to think back to my past.

I hobbled as I moved forward. There was suddenly a spiral of smoke in front of me. I instantly felt a little energetic as if there was smoke, it was a sign of presence of humans there. This was too awesome! I used my entire body’s power to charge forward. When I stepped on a small hill,  I finally saw a large village.

When a light shone through my hopelessness, I was exceptionally excited. My body seemed to have lightened a lot. I cheered before heading to the village.

As I neared it, I heard the sounds of water. There was a river flowing at the side of the village. There was a 30 to 40 meter high waterfall upstream. It looked like this water supplies this village. The scale of the area was counted to be big as it catered about six to seven hundred houses. The houses were all built with wood and bamboo. The place was surrounded by mountains, making it seemed extremely tranquil. I had unexpectedly found such a large village in such a remote area.

At the moment that I could see the village entrance, under the irradiation of the intense sunlight, I couldn’t refrain myself from getting light headed.

A clear voice voiced out, “Who are you? Why have you come to our village?”

I stared at the direction of the voice. He seemed to be a 18 to 19 years old young fellow. He looked tall and stalwart with his entire body reeking with explosive power. There was an unknown beast in his hand. From the looks of it, he should be a hunter. However, from the bearing of his body and explosive power, he seemed to an expert in martial skills. There was unexpectedly someone that practiced martial skills in Aixia. This was really strange.

I replied politely, “Brother, I’m just a passerby that is overly exhausted. I’m thinking of purchasing some food and water from the village to rest up.”

The young man frowned as he sized me up. “Alright, follow me.” After he said that, he lead in front of me.

“Sorry for the trouble.” I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my body as I forcefully followed him.

After entering the village, there was a couple of young men, whose ages were still very young.

“Big Brother Jian Shan, you’re back. Wah! You caught another Purple Fox! You’re really great!”

“That is our Big brother Jian Shan, the number one expert among the younger generation.”

The young man who brought me in smiled and said, “That’s enough! You all stop flattering me. If the elders heard that, they will remark that you all are not being discreet again.”

The few youngsters stuck their tongue out at him but didn’t dare to say anything. One of them that had a good eye and asked, “Big brother Jian Shan, who is he? Where did you get this beggar from?”

Jian Shan rebuked, “Shan Dou, stop talking nonsense. He should just be lost. You go and report to the Great Elder to let him decide whether to keep this outsider or not.”

The person that was known as Shan Dou gave out a peculiar sound before turning and running away.

Jian San told me, “ Big brother, come with me.” After he said that, he brought me to a bamboo house at the western side of the village. I replied pantingly, “Thank you, brother.”

Jian Shan poured a cup of water and passed it to me. “You can try our spring water. It’s not bad.”

I drank all of the clear spring water. A chilly feeling passed through my body. Ah! I replied in appreciation, “This spring water is really nice to to drink, is this water from the flowing spring at the side of the village?”

Jian Shan nodded before pouring me another cup of spring water. “The spring water is our village’s lifeline. Without it constantly flowing all around the year, our village wouldn’t be able to survive.

As I drank, I said, “That’s right! Water is the origin of life.” As I said that, I couldn’t help but to think about Hai Shui who was so far from here.

“Brother Jian Shan, the elder wants you to bring that stranger to meet him.” Shan Dou’s voice sounded out from outside of the room.

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