Volume 7: Chapter 8 - The Truth of the Assassination

Child of Light

Volume 7: Chapter 8 - The Truth of the Assassination

Mu Zi glanced at me and said, “Do you really think it is that easy to teleport over? Tian Duo Mountain is blocking the path to reach Ström Fortress. A Great Mage won’t be able to use his abilities to teleport over. If we really wanted to teleport over, a Magister’s assistance is needed for that to work. Moreover, a Magister can at most send over two people at a time. How many Magisters do you think we have at our side? We have almost the same number as yours. If it that wasn’t the case, we would have invaded long ago. When we met previously, Teacher Fu Rui had used an entire month’s time. After teleporting five times, you then met the few of us, as Teacher Fu Rui’s strength had been mostly depleted at that time. If not, I doubt you would have been able to escape at that time. Xixi!”

I asked, “What about the few women that came with you here? Where did they go?”

Mu Zi’s expression dampened and didn’t directly answer the question before she continued to reply, “After coming over to your side, I had been captivated by the beautiful sceneries and delicacies. Your side rarely has killings so everyone spends their time here peacefully. After two years, I almost forgot that I am of the demon race.”

I sighed. “If you can really forget about it, it would have been great.”

Mu Zi nodded. “That’s right! Truly a pity that I couldn’t do that. As the demon race’s princess and the successor to the throne, I must always think for my people so I had continuously send back information to my home country. After a year, I found out that you were lying when we first met as only a minority of the human race learns light magic. But I kept on delaying that information as I really didn’t want to watch a war erupt. After a short period of time, you had come. When I first met you at the academy, my thoughts were complicated.”

I chuckled, “It can’t be that you fell for me at that time, right?”

Mu Zi said displeased, “Pei! At that time, I hated you to the core. After that, you had written a love letter to pursue me. I initially felt that you just wanted to toy with me so I ignored you. However, I increasingly felt your sincerity. I gradually was unable to bear rejecting you. I knew that it would be wrong to let it happen but I couldn’t help myself but to accept you.” I tightly embraced Mu Zi. My heart was surging out with overflowing love for her.

“It is all your fault for disturbing my heart. Every time you gave me a love letter, your position in my heart deepens. I was so tempted get closer to you but I have been suppressing my feelings as I knew that it was impossible for us to be together. After the semester ended and I headed back to the demon race, I found out how terrible was the feeling missing someone after parting from you. I also realized that I had completely fallen for you at that time.”

I replied affectionately, “I also love you.” We hugged each other and remained wordless for a long time. I suddenly thought about something and asked, “I just thought about something. Is Si Feng Ri one of your people?”

Mu Zi shook her head. “No, I don’t know that person!”

It looked like my guess was right. Si Feng Ri really was the subordinate of the Monster King.

“After heading back, I couldn’t hide any more information. After father knew about the situation at this side, he rejoiced and immediately started to deploy the invasion. He also didn’t allow me to return here. I didn’t know how my father got the information that Ke Zha Ao Er had inherited the throne of the Aixia’s Kingdom. My father clearly realized that Ke Zha wasn’t simple and was more shrewd than the deceased Emperor from the information we relayed to him. He knew that if he were to fight head on, he would definitely suffer a huge loss. Thus, he started to plan the assassination. When I came to the eastern continent two years ago, my magic clan had already teleported a vast number of advanced level mages and warriors. It included three Magisters and 96 Magic Scholars. In total, there were about 400 of us. After my father assassinated Ke Zha, he would really start invading the human race.”

I asked, “Then why were you back?”

Mu Zi distressingly said, “It is all because of you. I really couldn’t bear missing you. I then told my father that I had the most understanding to this side’s matters and begged him to send me with a few teachers to assist in the assassination, therefore I came back again, as I also couldn’t wait to return to the academy. When I saw you at the academy, my heart felt really complexed. When you said to me that you wanted to elope with me, I was extremely moved but I had to complete my mission. Therefore, on that night, we commenced the invasion.”

Mu Zi looked deeply at me before continuing to say, “But, the human race enjoyed peace for far too long, as the invasion succeeded without a hitch. The Royal Mage Union was unable to stop our advancement, and we quickly invaded the inner palace. When we were close in succeeding, you and Teacher Zhen came and used a magic spell that made me quake in fear, even l now.. Zhang Gong, what spell did you use? I still didn’t know what happened. Two hundred of my demon race were instantly annihilated. Teacher had said you had used a forbidden spell. Is that true?”

I nodded. “He’s right. I had used the light forbidden spell----Eternal Recovery Light. That spell was an ultimate recovery spell. However, since it is light attribute, it carries a strong killing force to you. I also didn’t know it was that potent. I was lucky that that old man protected you. If not, I would have regretted it for my whole life.”

Mu Zi sighed, “The eight women that you asked previously had all died under that spell. Even though you killed so many of my people, I still couldn’t hate you at all. I was worried about you discovering my identity instead. I was actually eager to die under that spell as you would at least won’t know where I have gone and in your heart, you will forever know me as the wind element mage--Mu Zi that isn’t from the demon race.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You will forever be in my heart even if you’re from the demon race.”

Mu Zi replied, “I really didn’t know what you were thinking. When you spat out blood after hearing I was from the demon race, my heart was in great pain. I thought that everything was over. When I was locked up in the prison cell, I didn’t want to think about anything. I just wanted to die quickly. What I feared most was that I would meet you again. I wouldn’t have thought that you would unexpectedly come to save me. Won’t you regret doing that?”

I resolutely shook my head. “Saving you was the best decision I had made. I won’t regret about it in my entire life.”

Mu Zi’s entire body shuddered. “Zhang Gong, there isn’t any place for you here anymore so come to the demon race with me? Even though you’re a human, I will definitely persuade my father, alright?”

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