Volume 7: Chapter 9 - Behind Bars

Child of Light

Volume 7: Chapter 9 - Behind Bars

I said with great difficulty, “But will your father really accept me? Don’t forget that I had killed so many that were from your demon race, making you suffer a great loss. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be able to watch as you invade the humans.

Mu Zi remained speechless for a long time before replying, “Maybe the loss this time will make my father stop his wild schemes to invade. I have an extremely important position in his heart. Will you come with me? I don’t want to part from you ever again.”

“How can I also want to be apart from you?” Mu Zi’s words had greatly moved me. If the war could be avoided, it would be even better.

When I was apprehensive, the old man from the demon race suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, “Not good! There is magic undulations!”

I was startled and immediately discovered the strong magic undulations. I shouted, “Quickly enter the magic array! They may be coming to pursue us!”

It really proved my guesses. After a white light shone, Teacher Zhen, Teacher Di, Teacher Long, Teacher Lie and Teacher Xi, all of which appeared before us.

When Teacher Di saw me embracing Mu Zi, he shouted angrily, “Zhang Gong! What are you doing? Don’t you know what you are doing are acts of treason towards the Kingdom?!?”

The other Magisters looked at me with pity.

I let go of Mu Zi and kneeled on the ground before replying to Teacher Di. “Teacher Di, I have let you down. But I really couldn’t watch Mu Zi die!”

Teacher Zhen sighed and said, “Zhang Gong, even if you wanted to escape, you’re too careless. The markings you left on the ground had sold you out. After we tried many places, we finally found this place. Stop continuing your wrongdoings!”

Teacher Xi said, “That’s enough! Don’t say any further. Zhang Gong, if you immediately help us capture those two from the demon race, with your previous contributions and with us old fellows’ help as your guarantee, you still can turn the situation around.”

I shook my head dejectedly before violently striking my fusion spell of magic and battle spirit at the few teachers. I turned my head and shouted at that old man of the demon race, “I can’t hold on much longer. Quickly, go and take Mu Zi away from here.”

The few teachers weren’t able to defend themselves in time and was forced down the hill.

Mu Zi shouted mournfully, “No! Zhang Gong, if I go, we have to go together.”

The old man from the demon race held her and said, “Princess, we have to go now. If not, it will be too late. There is a chance that he won’t die if he stays here.”

The few teachers already readied themselves. They wordlessly shot hand magics over. I knew time was pressing and shouted. “Mu Zi, quickly go! If I don’t die, I will go to the demon race to find you.” For her to escape, I couldn’t not lie to her. As I shouted, I used all of my might to cast a light blade to form a light rain that blocked the advancement of all five teachers.

The old man already activated the magic array whilst I was already crumbling under the attack of the five Magisters. It was impossible for me to withstand their attacks. If it wasn’t for the Sukrad's staff, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to withstand their attacks.

After the light ray shined out, Mu Zi and the old man disappeared.

Under the overwhelming attacks, I couldn’t use the Holy Sword’s power. I just used the remainder of my powers to cast a light blade, erasing the remnants of the magic array. I wouldn’t do the same mistakes again.

Peng!” The Fire Dragon cast by Teacher Long broke the defence barrier and it struck on my chest. I soared like the clouds, I violently spat out blood. Even if it was like this, I knew that Teacher Long had held back. If not, I, who had used up all of my strength, would already turn into ashes.

I fell on the ground 33 metres away. The Sukrad's staff fell out from my hands. There was a tinge of happiness expressed from the corner of my mouth as Mu Zi had already succeeded in escaping.

Teacher Di hugged me and tears flowing down as he said, “Zhang Gong! My child, is it really worth it?!”

I replied as I groaned, “Teacher...Di, I..failed to live up to…your expectations. I..am sorry. Please….take this...magic...staff as your...last re...remembrance of me.” After I said that, my head tilted forward and I fainted.

It was so painful and hot! My entire body seemed like it was torn apart.

“Water, I want some water.” I said dazedly but no one paid any attention to me. I became light headed and passed out again.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. As I groggily opened my eyes after regaining my consciousness, I was submerged into total darkness. ‘Where am I? Is this hell? It shouldn’t be as I feel pain.’ It looked like my wounds weren’t light. As I tried to circulate the magic power in my body but found that I had none. I knew that my power had been sealed. With my body void of strength, it was impossible for me to break the magic seal.

My eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, and it seemed to be a stone prison. I was lying on a stone bed, with withered grass beneath me. My limbs were locked by at all four corners of the stone bed. Actually, there wasn’t a need for locks as I couldn’t even move my fingers. I also definitely couldn’t talk.

The left side of the wall suddenly opened and a servant came in. She held a bowl in her hands as she walked to my side. She used a spoon in her hand to feed me a mouthful of the thick congee in the bowl. There had a sweet medicinal taste to it but I didn’t know what it was.

Just like that, I was fed 18 times. If three times meant a day, I should already had been in here for 6 days. I gradually recovered my ability to talk. My wounds weren’t as painful, but the other parts of my body were still immobilized.

After the servant came in on the 19th times, I hoarsely asked her, “Where is this?”

After hearing my voice, the servant was startled and shook her head without replying me before feeding me the bowl of thick congee as usual.

I anxiously asked, “Say Something!”

The servant ignored me before turning around and walked out.

After a short period of time, the stone wall opened again. From the sound of the foot step, I knew that it was another person that came.

Ke Zha’s voice voiced out, “Zhang Gong, was it really worth the trouble?”

I replied huskily, “Uncle Ke Zha, is that you?”

Ke Zha replied, “It is me. How are you? How is your body recovering?”

I replied, “It is alright. My wounds are already fine but I still couldn’t move my body.”

Ke Zha sighed, “You child. You really know how to solitarily make decisions without consulting others, and had even destroyed your future for that demonised woman from the demon race. You had hurt the hearts of the few teachers and even Principal Di has fallen ill.”

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