Volume 9: Chapter 2 - Prince of the Demon Race

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 2 - Prince of the Demon Race

At a place not far from us, there were densely packed tents that lined up in front of Ström Fortress. I looked at Zhan Hu and said, “That should be the main camp of the Demon-Beast Alliance. It seems that the magic array didn’t send us to the wrong place. It is just that we are at a higher altitude.

I continued to say, “I suddenly thought about a question. Does anyone know the way to the capital city of the demon race?”

Everyone looked at each other. I dejectedly said, “I had forgotten about this. I was so focused on how we were going to get here. This is bad.” For many years, the human race in the Eastern continent hadn’t come to the Western continent. How were we going to find our way to the capital?

When we were brooding about this, we suddenly heard hurried horse hooves. It was probably a cavalry unit from the Demon-Beast Alliance.

Zhan Hu asked in astonishment, ‘The demon race surprisingly rides horses. I’ve never heard about that before.”

A group of 60 to 70 cavalry charged in our direction. Since the terrain here was extremely flat, there wasn’t any place to hide. I whispered, “Everyone, be wary. If there’s a need to make a move, don’t hold back. Not even the chickens and dogs are to be left undisturbed.” I had no choice when I issued that command. If we were to alarm the forces of the Demon - Beast alliance below us, we wouldn’t be able to deal with their thousands of men and horses, no matter how skillful or powerful we were. There wasn’t enough time so we had to use the conventional way.

The cavalry arrived before us in an instant. I realized that their horses were different from the human race’s horses. The horses here were much taller and their entire bodies had a shiny black glow to it. At a glance, you could tell they were good horses. One of the warriors astride a horse had purple eyes and was dressed in magnificent clothing. His appearance was as sharp as a broadsword, making him look abnormally handsome with his eyes full of life. However, I felt his power was weak. There was a large disparity between his power and the power of those behind him.

The handsome warrior shouted, “Which section are you from? Why are you here?”

Zhan Hu chuckled, “Which section are you from? Your hair hasn’t even fully grown, and you’ve already learned how to ride a horse.”

The warriors behind the handsome warrior shouted simultaneously, “Outrageous!” Their voices were so resonant that we jumped in fright. I suddenly thought of the perfect plan to deal with this situation.

I raised the Sukrad’s staff and said, “Kill everyone, excluding that warrior!” Hearing my words, the handsome youth from the demon race, who had wanted to unsheath his sword, unexpectedly put his hand down.

The first one to make a move was Dong Ri. He took out the Wind God’s bow hanging from his back. He pulled the bowstring with his right hand, ‘Sou!’ He shot a light arrow out, accurately piercing the center of the eyebrows of one of the warriors. Once the opponent saw that we dared to fight them with just the twelve of us, they jumped off their horses and charged towards us with their blades drawn.

I coldly sneered at them with an icy gaze. Even though we were all living in the same world, if I didn’t kill you, you wouldn’t let me go, so I’m sorry. A light blade struck out towards the opponent.

Zhan Hu and Shan Jian led the remaining 9 villagers from the God’s village to charge over. The enemies were stronger than expected. I used a light blade that contained magic and battle spirit at them, causing around 7-8 enemies to be blown away. Even though they were seriously injured, none of them died.

Although I was astonished by the strength of those people, it didn’t decrease my killing intent. I shot a light halo at that handsome demon race man. He was momentarily shocked and asked, “What are you doing?” He was unexpectedly bound so easily. I waved Sukrad’s staff back, bringing his body towards me. I said in amazement, “It seems that he is just an embroidery pillow. He looks good but is useless.”

Seeing that their master had been caught, the other 60-70 demon race members frantically charged towards us.

Zhan Hu laughed out loud. After a flash of blue light, he donned the War God’s armour. He moved like lightning towards the group of enemies. The villagers from the God’s village that came with us also used their various techniques as they charged over. Under the support of Dong Ri’s cold and merciless arrow, all 60-70 demons in a short time were killed, and the one that had killed the most was impressively Dong Ri with his Wind God’s bow. I unintentionally saw a trace of reluctance on the face of the handsome demon race.

The complexion of the handsome demon paled as he asked, “Wha...What do you want?”

I lowered my head to look him in the eye. “Hehe! I don’t want anything. I’m just missing a tour guide. I hope that you’ll help me with that.”

The demon race was stunned and asked, “Tour guide? What’s a tour guide?”

Zhan Hu floated over. “It’s definitely a tour guide for a tour of the demon race.”

The expression of the demon race youth became serious. “I’m the second prince of the demon race. If you hurt me, Royal father will definitely exterminate all of your family’s nine generations.”

Zhan Hu and I looked amazed at each other. The second prince of the demon race momentarily thought that we were afraid and said, “Are you frightened? You just have to let me go and I may spare your lives.”

I chuckled and replied, “You’re the second prince of the demon race?”

The second prince puffed his chest as he replied, “That’s right!”

“That’s great! I’ll have a bargaining chip when negotiating with the Demon Emperor.”

The second prince was startled. “What do you mean by negotiation bargaining chip?” He seemed to have the worst case of idiocy.

I said sternly, “You should be well behaved for me. To tell you the truth, we aren’t from the demon race. The purpose in coming here is to deal with your Royal father. Do you understand?”

The Second prince said in fright, “You….You’re…….”

Zhan Hu said, “That’s right, so it’s useless for you to use your status to scare us. If you’re well behaved, we may spare your life.”

The Second prince seemed to have deflated like a leaking balloon as he couldn’t bring up his might. He pleaded, “What do you want me to do? I beg you to spare my life.”

I sighed as I thought, ‘Mu Zi’s second brother is such a weakling. It’s no longer strange as to why the Demon Emperor has chosen Mu Zi as his successor.’ “If you want to live, we’ll have to see your performance. You’re to first talk about inside information of the situation within the demon race.”

The Second prince replied, “Our Kingdom is segregated into two groups. One of the groups is to battle against the human race and the other is to reconcile so it had reached to the point where there is no plans for large scale invasion.”

I asked, “Who is the representatives for the battle group and reconciliation group?”

It seemed that the Second prince saw his life in great importance. After hearing my question, he replied hastily, “The representatives of the group that wants to battle are my uncles, Demon King Sata and Demon King Xiu Yu. The representatives for reconciling are my sister Mu Zi, Teacher Ha Yan Zha and the Emperor’s son-in-law, Ke lun duo.”

I asked in astonishment, “Emperor’s son-in-law? What Emperor’s son-in-law?”

The Second prince replied in a daze, “Emperor’s son-in-law is definitely the husband of my sister.”

I asked anxiously, “How many sisters do you have?”

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