Volume 9: Chapter 3 - A Powerful Love Rival

Child of Light

Volume 9: Chapter 3 - A Powerful Love Rival

The Second prince said, “Don’t you know that I only have one sister? Even though I’m a prince, the right to succeed the throne is my sister’s. My Royal Father doesn’t look at my elder brother or me. He often said that if we were only ten percent as good as my sister, oh how great that would be.”

My mind went completely blank. Mu Zi had married. I said stunned, “Mu Zi is married?”

An astonished gazed flashed in the Second prince eyes. “They still haven’t officially married. However, their marriage was arranged when they were young. They’ll probably marry after this war has ended.” After hearing what he had said, my heart felt much better as I gradually calmed down. I asked, “What does Ke Lun Duo do? Why does he have the power to control the court?”

The Second prince replied, “That Ke Lun Duo is really impressive. He’s the top ranked warrior in the demon race and he specializes in magic and martial techniques. His abilities are praised without cease by my Royal Father. Moreover, he’s the sole heir of the great General Ke Li Da.” Without me prompting him, the Second prince continued to say, “Great General Ke Li Da is the most well known high-ranking military officer in my kingdom. The vice commander-in-chief of the punitive expedition to the east is him.”

I lowered my head and thought, ‘Why didn’t Mu Zi tell me that she has a fiance? Her motivation for wanting to mend the relationship with the human race should be because of me. In this way, this should mean that she still loves me.’ Thinking about that, my spirits rose.

The Second prince pleaded pitifully, “I have told you what you wanted to know. Please let me go. I definitely won’t tell anyone that I have met you. I swear.”

I coldly snorted, “You swear? A promise from a person like you isn’t any different when compared to a fart.”

After hearing what I said, the Second prince’s expression turned ashen, but he didn’t argue. For Mu Zi’s sake, I definitely wouldn’t kill him. Furthermore, he still had a lot of value to take advantage of. We were unfamiliar with the pathway to the demon race. With him to guide us, it would be perfect. Thinking about that, I took out an ordinary set of commoner’s clothes from the spatial pocket and forced the Second prince to put it on. I asked, “What’s your name?”

The Second prince replied, “I’m known as Su He Mo.”

“Alright, I’ll call you Su He from now on. Listen to me, we’re here in the demon race to settle some matters. You don’t have to worry, we won’t do anything bad to your Royal Father. I hope that you can guide us there. If you successfully accomplish this task, I’ll definitely let you go. However, don’t you even think about escaping. I’ll break one of your limbs for every escape attempt you make. Do you understand?”

Su He replied dejectedly, “You’re like knives and I’m a fish. How can I say no? But you must definitely let me go after finishing your matters.”

I snorted before I replied, “Us humans are the most faithful, so you can stop worrying about that.” With him as a body shield, even if the demon race surrounded us, I wouldn’t fear them.

I smiled and said, “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, you should have the demon race’s Holy Light Empire’s map, right?”

Su He nodded. “I have it. It’s on my horse’s back.” I nodded in praise. For a captive, he really was cooperative.

Zhan Hu took out the detailed map of the Holy Light Empire’s from Su He’s horse’s back., “We don’t have to fear being lost now.” He said in excitement and shot me a gaze saying, “Since we have the map already, let’s just kill this brat.”

I pretended to contemplate it. Su He immediately yelled, “You said you wouldn’t kill me. I’m begging you, great heros, please spare my lowly life. I’ll do anything you tell me to do.”

I frowned as I looked at him and told Zhan Hu, “Let’s forget it. We’ll let him live as our tour guide.”

Zhan Hu warned Su He with seething hatred in his eyes, “Brat, on behalf of my brother, I’ll temporarily let you live. If you dare to play any tricks on the way, hehe! Take a look.” He waved his right hand and ‘Hong!’, smashed a gaping hole into the ground.

Su He replied with fear and trepidation, “I don’t… don’t dare. Thank you two uncles for not killing me.” After this threat, Su He as expected was really obedient and would be for the future, leading us through the route.

With everyone’s help, we had tossed all of the corpses of our enemies into the hole that Zhan Hu had blasted, erasing all traces of the battle in our surroundings.

Dong Ri asked me, “Zhang Gong, what are we going to do with the horses?”

I thought and replied, “You can pick out the best of the crop so we can advance faster and release the remaining horses. If we want to bring this useless guy along, it’ll be impossible to traverse by flying. By our standards, taking someone along would greatly decrease the time needed to reach our destination to save time.”

I lightly patted Su He’s shoulders, restricting the magic power and battle spirit in his body. I chuckled and said, “I have already placed a restriction on your body. You will need me to undo it every three days. If not, I don’t know if you’ve seen a human body Ah! Right, for you, it should be the scene of an exploding demon race’s body.”

Su He pleaded, “I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I don’t think I need any restrictions.”

I sneered and said, “Is that something you can decide? Quickly bring us to the demon race’s city.”

The special horses of the demon race were really comfortable. Even while galloping, it was still very stable. I said, “Su He, I heard that the current Demon Emperor, who is also your father, is the number one expert of the demon race. Why is there another top warrior, Ke Lun Duo?”

Su He replied, “Father is still the number one expert of the demon race. The meaning of warrior and experts are different. Don’t you know that previously, we and the beast race often fought? It truly stopped only after we allied together and prepared to invade the Eastern continent. The top warrior is Ke Lun Duo because he made a lot of contributions in these wars. He has been in the army since he was 16 years old all the way until now, when he’s 27 years old. Furthermore, he hasn’t lost in any of the hundreds of wars he has fought in. He also didn’t rely on his family’s support. He started out as the lowest ordinary soldier, though after accumulating contribution points in these wars, he slowly climbed step by step to the current position of Radiant Light’s Protector commander. In a competition in the palace last year, he was unexpectedly able to receive a hundred moves from my Royal Father and didn’t lose. He has received a lot of appreciation from my Royal Father, so he was raised to his current position and simultaneously, Royal Father betrothed Third sister to him.”

Hearing what Su He explained, Ke Lun Duo was incredibly outstanding and now had suddenly become my love rival. It made me feel uncomfortable. I asked coldly, “How is the relationship between your sister and Ke Lun Duo like?”

Su He replied, “You seem to care a lot about my sister.”

I said angrily, “Stop talking nonsense and answer whatever I ask, truthfully! Do you want to suffer?”

Su He kept waving his hand. “No! No! I’ll just tell you about that. Actually, even if I don’t tell you, you should be able to figure it out. Ke Lun Duo has always been fighting in wars and is rarely in the capital city. He only met with my sister a few times. After, when he returned, my sister went out on a mission. As for now, I’m unsure. However, sister has already returned to the capital city. Ke Lun Duo’s appearance is rather good looking and he is powerful. If he pursues my sister with conviction and increases his status, he should be able to capture my sister’s heart.”

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