Chapter 24.2: Words of Love

Court Lady

The Crown Prince was fuming as he entered the Qin Palace. His mood had started brilliantly that day. Chen Ji was delighted to receive the residence that the Crown Prince gave him and even wanted to treat the Crown Prince to a meal. Who knew that Prince Han would call him to the Han Mansion and told him that Xinnan was the one that complained to Imperial Mother, causing Fu Rou to be punished. He then found out that Xinnan did it because the Crown Princess instigated her to. Prince Han wanted to ask if the Han Mansion had offended the Crown Prince in any way given that it was the Crown Princess that did it and Fu Rou came from the Han Mansion.

Sun Lingshu did not realise that the Crown Prince was in a bad mood but felt happy that the Crown Prince had come over on his own accord. The Crown Prince picked up a cup off the table and threw it with all his might. Sun Lingshu retreated a few steps out of fright.

“Imperial Father has over ten princes but there are only two princes with the same mother. Lizhi is just a child. Prince Han is talented in literature and father deeply appreciates him. I have always hoped for the both of them to support me. The previous time when I had gotten news of Prince Zhou taking Head Seamstress Fu out of the palace, I wanted to report it to Imperial Father. You were the one that stopped me. You asked me to consider Han Mansion’s position. I was impressed and thought that you were someone that was able to consider the bigger picture. However, you turned around and told this to Xinnan and even instigated her to complain to Imperial Mother! Now, Prince Han suspects me and came to ask me what issue I have with him!”

Sun Lingshu replied timidly, “I didn’t know Xinnan would…”

“Don’t say that you don’t know! You know everything! I know you don’t want me to have other women, and I see you causing drama for the Seamstress Department. I can look over all of this as a woman’s petty issue. However, if you dare to ruin my plans, don’t blame me for not giving you face!” The Crown Prince then flicked his sleeve in anger and left.

Sun Lingshu fell into the chair as she sobbed silently. Shuangxi comforted her, “Be careful of your baby.”

Sun Lingshu cried, “I merely chatted with Princess Xinnan for a while. At that time, there was also no one else, how did Prince Han find out? Could it be that Xinnan betrayed me and broke her promise to me to keep this a secret? I never thought that I would have this kind of sister-in-law.” 

Shuangxi’s eyes shifted as she analyzed the situation. “Princess Xinnan does not have any issues with Your Highness. I don’t think she is someone like that. I think this issue has nothing to do with Princess Xinnan but someone else in the palace must have reported this to the Han Mansion.”

Sun Lingshu’s gaze turned strict. When she first entered the palace, several of the people in the Eastern Palace were chosen by Consort Han. Even if she guarded herself day and night, it was hard to guard herself against those in her own residence. It seems like it was time to clear out these old people.


On this day, Fu Rou was allowed to leave the palace to visit her relatives. From early in the morning, Sheng Chumu waited for her at the palace gate before bringing her to a lake outside the city.

The number of days that they had spent apart was uncountable. Although they were both in Chang’an, it was two entirely different worlds in and out of the palace. It was only today that the both of them could finally meet and talk.

The morning light turned into the afternoon sun. Fu Rou finally heard all Sheng Chumu had to say of his experiences after being sent out. Even though he was right before her eyes at this very moment, she still felt the fear of war. She had almost permanently said goodbye to him. 

“It would be great if I could leave the palace earlier. Then no matter where you are, I can accompany you.” Even death would not separate them.

“Rou’er.” Sheng Chumu called her name softly.

“Hmm?” Fu Rou turned her head and bumped into Sheng Chumu’s lips. Her face immediately reddened but she did not move back. She slowly shut her eyes.

Sheng Chumu greedily breathed in Fu Rou’s addictive scent as his two hands held the sides of her face. He kissed her deeply. He had never experienced such a strong emotion before. He wanted to get infinitely closer to her and cherish her. However, he did not dare to be impatient. Eventually, he controlled his own impulses and stood up, pulling Fu Rou up as well. They held hands as they strolled.

“I can’t believe Fang Ziyan saved you.” The actions of the Lu family’s father-son pair were all expected. However, Fu Rou never thought that Fang Ziyan would also help.

“He saved me and I saved him.” Sheng Chumu did not want to look weak. “His Majesty has allowed him to pledge his allegiance. Fang Ziyan should have just received the news from the court now. Ultimately, it is still thanks to you. Without that picture of the ocean, His Majesty would not have been so happy and may not have given the pirates another chance. Now, not only has he pardoned Fang Ziyan, he is even rewarding Fang Ziyan for keeping the other pirates in check. His Majesty has rewarded the picture of the treasure to Fang Ziyan and is even going to give him the title of General Zhenhai. Fang Ziyan has really gained quite a lot this time.”

“Last time, you were relentlessly chasing each other on the ocean and you were almost killed by him. Who knew that it would turn to this.” Fu Rou was incredibly moved. “Fate is hard to predict.”

“Rou’er, when he comes to Chang’an, you better not mention anything to do with fate in front of him. That guy definitely has improper thoughts. He even stole the spice pouch that you embroidered for me. However, I took it back. Hehe, you are mine.” 

He really did not like the look Fang Ziyan had every time he talked about Fu Rou. It was as if they were very familiar with each other.

Fu Rou hit Sheng Chumu and suddenly remembered something. “What do you mean I am yours? I am not an item.”

Sheng Chumu nodded in agreement. “Yes, you are not a thing. You are the woman that I have decided to marry.”

Fu Rou laughed in exasperation. “You are the thing.”

“Rou’er, I'll be your thing.” Sheng Chumu giggled.

“You almost got killed as Lu Yunji’s assistant general. Will Third Brother be safe in Lu Yunji’s army?” Fu Rou suddenly missed Fu Tao.

“Lu Yunji schemed against me because I am the future Duke Lu. However, he does not know that Xi Tao is Fu Tao. I heard that Lu Yunji regards Fu Tao quite highly. I will find a chance to let you all meet.” Sheng Chumu hit his chest as a sign of guarantee. He then hugged Fu Rou gently. “Okay, it is rare that you get to come out of the palace, let’s talk about our love.”

Fu Rou pursed her lips and laughed, “I don’t know how to.”

“You don’t know? Then let me teach you. Mmhm, Chumu, you are so handsome. Chumu, you are the manliest man on earth. Chumu, one day without you is like three autumns passing in loneliness…”

Fu Rou sputtered out a laugh, “You are very good at this, continue.”

Sheng Chumu reacted quickly. “Not me, you are the one who should say it.”

Fu Rou replied seriously, “I don’t know how to say sweet words, I can only embroider and dye.”

“It is very easy. Just repeat after me.” Sheng Chumu displayed his ability to annoy others. “I narrowly managed to escape from death this time. I was surrounded by the rebel army and fell down the canyon. Did you know what I was thinking at that time? I was thinking, I haven’t heard Rou’er speak lovingly to me before. I don’t know what she thinks of me as a person? What qualities do I have? What does she like about me? Today, I must hear whatever I want to know. Tell me everything.”

“Fine.” Looking at Sheng Chumu’s expectant face, Fu Rou emphasised, “I will repeat after you.”

“Okay, then follow me. Chumu, you are the most handsome man on earth.”

“Chumu…” Fu Rou hesitated, “You are...the most on earth.”

Sheng Chumu suddenly asked, “Rou’er, since when did I become handsome in your eyes?”

Fu Rou answered naturally, “When you fell down from the tree.”

Sheng Chumu was curious. “I was so ugly then, how was I handsome? There were so many other times where I was handsome and powerful but you only remember the time when I fell from the tree.”

“That night, I was feeling helpless and was talking to the moon. All of a sudden, you fell from the tree and into my life. Every time I think back on it, I would always feel that you look very very handsome when you fell. You are like the sun shining into the darkest pits, lighting everything up.” Fu Rou recalled the moment and spoke sincerely.

Sheng Chumu was deeply moved. “I have good taste. I found such a brilliant wife. She can embroider, dye and is even great at sweet talk. I...cannot stand this anymore, let’s kiss!” He hugged her and kissed her intimately.

A light breeze caused the branches of a willow tree to sway gently, quietly exposing a pair of snuggled bodies. Their silhouettes contrasted against the crystal clear water. It was sweet and joyful.

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