Chapter 29.1: Surge Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

Sun Lingshu’s knees had gone numbed.

She spent the previous night kneeling in front of the Eastern Palace, begging the Crown Prince to forgive her. Even though she was not the one that told her father about Chen Ji, she was the one that said too much to her sister. Her sister heard their parents quarreling over her and stood up for her. Her father had always been an upright person and could not hold back. In the end, they angered the Emperor. The Crown Prince only returned home in the depths of the night and threw a bloody dagger at her. He told her that Chen Ji was dead and congratulated her for getting her wish.

Today, she kneeled in front of Lizheng Palace, begging the Empress for forgiveness. The Empress refused to see her. In the Empress’ eyes, she had chosen the wrong daughter-in-law and her daughter-in-law had dragged her son down with her. She thought that Sun Lingshu was ignorant and petty.

Sun Lingshu was extremely indignant as she knelt but she had no choice. She kneeled to her husband and to her mother-in-law. But none of them cared about her. All of a sudden, she felt someone kneel beside her. She turned her head only to see Consort Han.

They were both daughter-in-laws of the Royal Family and both had difficult lives. The night before, the Emperor ordered that all the actors in Han Mansion were to be beheaded. Because of Chen Ji, everyone had been implicated. Prince Han and Consort Han could not just watch and let them die. Consort Han even came to beg for forgiveness from the Empress early in the morning.

Although Sun Lingshu and Consort Han ignored each other, they felt better knowing that they were both equally unlucky.

Empress Zhangsun was bedridden from her illness and could not stop coughing. She was angry with her two daughter-in-laws.

“One can’t give birth to children and actually introduce a despicable actor to her husband’s brother. What kind of narrow-minded mistake is this? Does she wish that the Crown Prince also not have children? The other is always petty and jealous. She doesn’t think about the Crown Prince's future and actually asked her own father to turn Ganluo Palace upside down. How can I teach them? How?”

Wei Song thought about it before advising, “Your Majesty, the Crown Princess is still pregnant after all. If she kneels for too long, I am afraid…”

Empress Zhangsun waved. “Although the Crown Princess is in the wrong, the Crown Prince made a mistake first. It is true that she cannot kneel for long given that she is pregnant. Ask her to get up and return to the Eastern Palace. There is no need to greet me.”

“Then…” Wei Song cautiously asked, “What about Consort Han?”

Empress Zhangsun closed her eyes. Wei Song understood and headed out to convey her orders. Sun Lingshu was to return to the Eastern Palace to rest for her pregnancy. The Empress had no orders for Consort Han. Consort Han understood what Empress Zhangsun meant and continued kneeling.

When Princess Xinnan heard about what happened, she immediately went to find Empress Zhangsun. She diligently fed her Imperial Mother medicine. “Imperial Mother, when I came I saw Fourth Sister-in-law still kneeling outside.”

Empress Zhangsun sighed, she did not know what her daughter was thinking.

“Actually, you can’t blame the issue with the actor entirely on Fourth Sister-in-law. The Han Mansion has so many servants. If Fourth Sister-in-law is blamed for every mistake made by the servants, it would be too difficult on her. Imperial Mother, you are so capable and manage the entire harem daily. However, there are still tiny accidents that happen. People drop things, palace maids break the rules. How can we blame this on you?”

Now, Empress Zhangsun understood what she meant. “Did you come here to see me or plead for Consort Han?”

“Of course I came here to see you and take care of you. However, she is still my sister-in-law. If she continues kneeling there, the palace maids who move in and out will see her. How will she still be able to carry herself as Consort Han in the future? If she looks bad, it means Fourth Brother also looks bad. If Fourth Brother looks bad, it reflects badly on Imperial Mother. I…” If she were to marry into Consort Han’s maiden home... “I am in a difficult position too.”

Empress Zhangsun found it strange. “You are not usually this close to her. You are behaving weirdly today and speaking up for her.”

“I am just stating my view on unfairness…” Well, after a woman is married, she belongs to her husband’s family. Her husband’s relatives would be her relatives.

Empress Zhangsun looked stern. “What unfairness?  Who do you think has been treated unfairly?”

Princess Xinnan immediately denied. “No, no. We are a harmonious family and Imperial Mother is the kindest. When we do something wrong, you are magnanimous and always forgive us.”

“Forget it, tell Consort Han to get up. If not, Prince Han won’t look good.” Empress Zhangsun still cared about her own son.

“Thank you, Imperial Mother!” Princess Xinnan immediately stood up.

Empress Zhangsun called her back. “What’s the rush? I still have to give her something.” She casually picked two outstanding palace maids for Consort Han to bring back with her. Empress Zhangsun wanted them to serve Prince Han.


Lu Yingying looked at General Zhenhai’s main door from a distance.

The Emperor had sent Duke Cheng and his family back to their hometown and the marriage was naturally called off. Everyone in her family looked at her miserably but she actually held onto what Chen Ji said. Life and death was not important. What was important was living according to one's wishes. What she wanted was to let Yan Zifang know that she was not going to give up.

Yan Zifang walked out of the residence. He got on a horse and rode away. Lu Yingying chased after him. However, as soon as she exited the city, he turned a corner and disappeared.

“Strange, where is he?” Lu Yingying strayed from the built path and wandered around freely, looking for him. Yan Zifang suddenly appeared from behind a huge tree and grabbed onto Lu Yingying’s shoulder.

“Ah!” Lu Yingying was shocked. When she saw that it was Yan Zifang, she breathed a sigh of relief. “You scared me to death!”

“Why are you following me?” Yan Zifang crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

“When did I follow you?” She just wanted to find a chance to talk to him.

“Eh, I used to be a pirate and am more attentive than usual people. Ever since I left my house, you have been following me. I originally wanted to ignore you, thinking that you would give up once we leave the city. I never thought that you would follow me all the way here.” Yan Zifang did not understand. He had already let her go once, why was she offering herself up to him?

“My name is Lu Yingying.” Stop calling her Eh.

“Do you know what will happen when someone like you, a noble lady, gets kidnapped by bandits outside the city?” Her name was not important.

“Are you a bandit?”

“I have been for the past ten over years.”

“But you aren’t one now.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I was one. What is important is to settle things cleanly and not let others find out.” 

“How big a vengeance do you have against my father?”

“A deep vengeance.”

“You have already caught me, so what are you going to do to me?” Lu Yingying took a step forward and looked straight at him.

“Of course I am going to ruin your reputation and make Lu Yunji devastated.” Yan Zifang took a step forward and grabbed onto Lu Yingying’s waist. They were practically stuck to each other and Yan Zifang gave her a frivolous gaze.

Unexpectedly, Lu Yingying tiptoed and pecked Yan Zifang’s lips.

Yan Zifang froze and immediately pushed her away. He wiped his lips with his sleeves and blurted in embarrassment, “What are you doing?”

“Letting you have your revenge.” 

Yan Zifang turned and left, thinking that she was crazy.

“Yan Zifang, didn’t you want to take revenge?” Lu Yingying shouted.

Yan Zifang turned back. “I can’t be bothered with you! You better hurry and return to the city. If something happens to you, your despicable father and brother will blame it on me.”

There is something wrong with her brain! He already told her that his vengeance was so strong they can’t live under the same sky. Did she think that just her ‘sacrificing her innocence’ was enough for a revenge? What a joke!


At this moment, there was someone else sacrificing his innocence. Sheng Chumu.

“This place indeed has good scenery. Although this Jasper Lake in Chang’an isn’t as big as the ocean, it is turquoise and looks beautiful. It doesn’t have the unpleasant smell of the sea and is really comfortable. Hey, row faster.” Ma Hainiu ordered.

Sheng Chumu’s face fell as he sighed repeatedly in his heart. However, he could not stop rowing. 

He had gone to Yan Zifang to get the antidote for his family jewel. Who knew that that wretched Yan Zifang would ask Ma Hainiu to hand the antidote over to him. As soon as he saw Ma Hainiu, he attempted to hide but accidentally broke the bowl the antidote was in. Alas, he wasted Yan Zifang’s antidote and Ma Hainiu had the only antidote left. He had no choice but to fulfil Ma Hainiu’s wishes.

“I have already rowed for two hours, do you think I am a labourer?” For his and Fu Rou’s beautiful future, he would bear with it.

“You are so muscular, what is so difficult about rowing a boat?” Ma Hainiu narrowed her eyes as she looked at Sheng Chumu’s body appreciatively.

“When are you giving the antidote to me?” Sheng Chumu’s ears automatically blocked out whatever he did not want to hear. 

“When you complete your promise of accompanying me for ten days, I will go and ask Elder Brother for the antidote.” Whether she could get it successfully was another story.

“I am really unlucky to meet such despicable pirates like you all.” It was very likely that he would not be able to survive the next ten days.

“What pirate? We are no longer pirates? The Emperor pardoned my brother and even gave him a position. Now, Elder Brother is a proper rank eight official of the Royal Palace.”

“He is just a military officer. What is there to boast about in front of me?”

“Oi, Sheng Chumu, you better fix your attitude. If my brother hears what you say, he will be angry and who knows? Maybe he will throw the antidote into the lake.”

Sheng Chumu fumed as he rowed fiercely, causing water to splash all over Ma Hainiu’s clothes.

“Hey hey, you made my clothes wet.”

“Mmhm.” He doesn't care!

“You promised to accompany me for ten days. Today is just the first day and this is how you treat me? I will head back right now and feed the antidote to the pigs. You can live the rest of your life like this and don’t even think of getting married.”

“Isn’t it good that your clothes are wet?” A man can give and take. “I think it is nicer wet.”

“So you're into this? You should have said earlier.” Ma Hainiu suddenly stood up. Like a fish, she smoothly jumped into the lake. “Look, my clothes are all wet now. Does my figure look better now?”

“You are crazy!” Sheng Chumu quickly averted his eyes.

“Why are you so shy?” Ma Hainiu grabbed onto the side of the boat and shook it with all her might. “Come, let’s swim together.”

Sheng Chumu lost his balance and fell into the water. Ma Hainiu took the chance to hook onto his neck as she laughed out loud. 

“You…” Sheng Chumu did not know where to look and eventually pushed Ma Hainiu away. “I’ve had enough!” He turned and swam to the shore.

Ma Hainiu suddenly shouted, “Eh, Sheng Chumu! Quick come! leg is cramping…”

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