Chapter 29.2: Surge

Court Lady

As if Sheng Chumu would believe her. However, as he reached the shore, he wiped his own face and turned back to look. He could not see Ma Hainiu anywhere. He was stunned and hurriedly jumped back into the lake. He found Ma Hainiu sinking and quickly rescued her to shore. 

Ma Hainiu had swallowed some water and was unconscious. Sheng Chumu hesitated before deciding to undo the button around her collar. He then leaned over to give her CPR. She coughed violently before spitting out a few mouthfuls of water and eventually opened her eyes.

Sheng Chumu sat on the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank god you did not die.”

Ma Hainiu sat up and suddenly hooked her hands around Sheng Chumu’s neck. “Of course I am okay. I got a kiss from you. Even if I died, I would resurrect immediately.”

Sheng Chumu froze before shouting, “Wait a minute! I did that to save you.”

Ma Hainiu grinned. “Since you saved me, I should repay you by giving myself to you.”

Sheng Chumu shouted, “You are not allowed to give it!”

Ma Hainiu shouted back, “I don’t care. I am giving myself to you.”

The two of them shouted back and forth, shocking the entire lake and causing the water to ripple.


On this night, the Eastern Palace was desolated and solemn. Although the Emperor and Empress had instructed news to be sealed off, news was still able to spread. The Han Mansion no longer had an acting troupe and Duke Cheng’s family suddenly moved out of Chang’an. Everyone knew that the Han Mansion was where the Crown Prince frequented. 

The Crown Prince did not think that when everyone was trying to avoid the Eastern Palace, Lu Yunji would come on behalf of Duke Cheng to send a letter.

Lu Yunji spoke, “Before Duke Cheng left, he wanted to meet you but the Emperor did not let him. When he left, he reminded me over and over again to hand this letter over to Your Highness.”

“Everyone that was by my side has either died or left.” The Eastern Palace was like the Cold Palace.

“Your Highness, do not be dejected. You are still the Crown Prince. Although your circumstance is slightly difficult now, it is like the winter days that you cannot avoid. Once it passes, the sky will clear and you will be able to feel the sunshine.” To Lu Yunji, this was like the light at the end of a tunnel. His chance to support the Crown Prince had finally arrived.

“Winter goes and spring comes. The four seasons rotate. In the winter, grass and trees have a chance to live once again. But how can someone that has passed live again? Chen Ji is dead, Duke Cheng is gone. I don’t seem to have energy to do anything.”

“Duke Cheng was unlucky. When the incident happened in Ganluo Palace, Sheng Chumu happened to be there. Prince Zhou lit a fierce fire. Sheng Chumu did not help put out the fire and even add a pot of oil. If not for him, perhaps His Majesty would not be so angry and immediately deal with Duke Cheng.” 

Lu Yunji had already started planning how he would get more and greater influence and power. He would become the court official that the Crown Prince trusts the most.

“I have never treated Sheng Chumu badly. Why would he do that?” The Crown Prince was confused.

“Sheng Chumu is Consort Han’s younger brother. Maybe this…” Sheng Xiaojing’s backing was Prince Han. Now that Prince Han is down, let’s see how Sheng Xiaojing can act from now.

“You think there is someone else behind this?” The Crown Prince could tell that he was trying to give a hint. 

“Your Highness has recently been relying on Duke Cheng a lot. Perhaps Prince Han thought that his position was being threatened?” Lu Yunji pointed out.

“We are brothers from the same mother. I am his Elder Brother, what is there not to trust?” The Crown Prince’s personality was to treat whoever treats him well. He easily believed Lu Yunji.

“I deserve death. Your Highness has always had a strong relationship with Prince Han. I must have guessed wrongly.” Since he had obtained his goal, he had to pretend.

After sending Lu Yunji off, the Crown Prince stared blankly for a long while. Eventually he said, “Men.”

An internal attendant entered to carry out his orders.

“Flatten this flower bed.” The Crown Prince’s eyes were like gaping holes. “Flatten it and build a grave. After that, make a stone tablet. Chen Ji does not have a home and I promised him before that I would build a grave for him. On this earth, at least someone will remember him.”

While the Crown Prince was building a grave for Chen Ji in the Eastern Palace, Fu Rou was burning paper offerings for Chen Ji.

All of a sudden, a wind blew from behind her. Fu Rou turned back to see Prince Zhou walk over. She ignored him as she continued throwing paper offerings into the burner.

“I did not tell the Emperor about him.” When Sun Tan mentioned it, he was also caught off guard.

“I know this has nothing to do with Your Highness.” At that time, Fu Rou was just outside the palace and knew what happened.

“Chen Ji had an unlucky fate.” Prince Zhou stated.

“No. He had the chance to escape but he chose not to.” She knew long ago that Chen Ji was different from others.

“Why?” How could anyone be so dumb?

“Maybe it is for someone that he thinks is important.” She took out a brand new set of clothes and threw it into the burner. “I once promised him to help him mend his shirt. I forgot about it and even lost his shirt. Later on, I promised him once again to give him a new set. I had just finished making it, but I didn’t even get the chance to give it to him before he died.”

“I never thought that there would be so many people sad over an actor.” Prince Zhou could not help but be moved.

“Those of royal descent are human, an actor is also human. No matter how high one’s status is, there will be times when they are weak and in suffering. No matter how low one’s status is, there will also be times when they are magnanimous and do things that let others admire them.” Whether someone receives the sadness of others has nothing to do with status and has everything to do with their character.

Smoke rose in spirals, accompanying ash up into the sky, leaving behind the noisy human life.


When Lu Qi found out that his sister had left the house alone and had yet to return when evening came, he was extremely anxious. He was ready to head out to look for her when Lu Yingying returned. 

Lu Qi rushed up to her and slowly helped her off her horse. “Where have you gone? You scared me to death!”

“I was feeling bored so I rode my house out.” Lu Yingying did not dare to tell him the truth.

“You were relaxed while you were out but I almost flipped the entire Chang’an trying to find you. Hurry and go in. Father is also worried about you.” This sister of his had been obedient when in Guangzhou, now, she has become mischievous.

“Father is not like you. Father will definitely say, since the wedding has been cancelled, let Yingying go out if she wants. What is most important is to not hold it in and fall sick.” Lu Yingying stuck out her tongue as she walked in.

Lu Qi shook his head. He could not do anything to her, she was his only sister.

Lu Yingying returned to her room and sat by the window. She could not help but stroke her own lips as her heart pounded. She could not believe that she actually dared to kiss Yan Zifang. Does Yan Zifang know how she feels now? If he knew, would anything change between him and her father?

Nanny Fan carried a tray of water in for her to wash up.

Lu Yingying needed to distract herself and asked Nanny Fan, “Tell me. If a girl kisses a guy, what does it mean?”

Nanny Fan had a look of contempt. “If they are not married, they would be an adulterous couple.”

Lu Yingying touched her lips and mumbled, “We are not an adulterous couple.”

Nanny Fan asked her why she kept touching her lips and she immediately lowered her hand, saying that the weather was dry. Nanny Fan wet a cloth and leaned over to dab her lips. She quickly covered her mouth.

“Don’t wipe!” She shouted from between her fingers. Nanny Fan was startled. “Why not?”

“You just can’t wipe it! Aiya, just go and sleep. I will do this myself. I don’t need you.” She chased Nanny Fan out of the room. Alone, she turned to a copper mirror and smiled at herself in a silly manner.

At that time, Lu Yingying was innocent and believed that hatred was like an ice cube. As long as she hugged it tightly enough, it would melt. It was only later on that she would realise that to Yan Zifang, hatred was a sword. If she continued to hug it and not let go, she would only hurt herself.

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