Chapter 88.1: Right and Wrong Coca's Thoughts

Court Lady

It was too sudden and no one could stop Yang Sheng in time. They all stared as he fell to the ground, with blood covering his face.

“Take care, Your Highness...I will repay your kindness in my next life…” Yang Sheng smiled at Concubine Zhen as he took his last breath.

Concubine Zhen was frightened stiff. “Your Majesty, I am innocent! I won’t be able to clear my name even if I jump into the Yellow River!”

Fu Rou was calm. “Your Majesty, Yang Sheng killed himself to escape punishment. However, this situation does not only implicate Yang Sheng from the Internal Attendant Department. Those that shifted the brass flag poles…”

An internal attendant rushed in. “Your Majesty, those internal attendants that were close to Yang Sheng have all committed suicide!”

Concubine Yan took the chance while she had the advantage. “Yang Sheng said that he was indebted to Concubine Zhen. It is obvious that he listens to her. Your Majesty, please give your order on how to deal with Concubine Zhen.”

Fu Rou could tell Concubine Yan was going to force the situation to her favour again. This time, she was not going to let Concubine Yan get what she wanted.

“Your Majesty, Concubine Zhen is pregnant with royal blood. According to the palace rules that Empress Zhangsun personally set, if a concubine is pregnant, they can only be punished after they have given birth to Your Majesty’s child. Moreover, we have not properly investigated whether Concubine Zhen is guilty.”

The Emperor looked at Concubine Zhen with a slightly unwilling expression. He was about to speak when there was more news. Imperial Concubine Wang had been tired out from her journey in the carriage and her injury had worsened. As soon as she entered Qingxiu Temple, she had passed on.

Concubine Yan took the chance once again. “Imperial Concubine Wang died because Fu An Palace was struck by lightning. Concubine Zhen claims she did not know about the brass flag pole, but if she did not instruct people to hang the colourful flags, how would Yang Sheng have had the opportunity? Imperial Concubine Wang is dead, Concubine Zhen has to bear the consequences.”

“Concubine Yan is right.” Fu Rou suppressed the sorrow she was feeling as she agreed with Concubine Yan. However, she ignored the stunned expression that Concubine Yan gave her and continued, “Imperial Concubine Wang is dead, Concubine Zhen should bear the consequences. She should personally ask for forgiveness from Imperial Concubine Wang’s coffin. I am willing to help send Concubine Zhen to Qingxiu Temple to pay respects and accompany Imperial Concubine Wang’s spirit. For one, it is to console Imperial Concubine Wang’s spirit. Secondly, Qingxiu Palace is a peaceful place and will be able to reduce the thoughts that Concubine Zhen should not be having. She would also be able to go about her pregnancy safely.”

Concubine Zhen knew that this was her only chance to escape unscathed. “I will sincerely ask for forgiveness in front of Imperial Concubine Wang’s spirit and do my best to accompany her.”

The Emperor thought about it and slowly nodded. He felt guilty. If he had investigated the situation clearly, Imperial Concubine Wang would not have died. Hence, he was going to be more meticulous on this issue with Concubine Zhen. 

Resentment flashed across Concubine Yan’s face. 

Fu Rou saw it but did not say anything. She was going to try her best to protect as many as she could.


Fu Shui followed the internal attendant to the prison cell that the Crown Prince was in. He heard from the internal attendant say that the Crown Prince was not eating and he was worried that something would happen to the Crown Prince. He felt indescribably gloomy. His father had instructed him to get rid of the Crown Prince today to prevent any repercussions in the future. He knew that this day was bound to come. 

As Fu Shui walked into the prison, he saw the Crown Prince sitting with his eyes closed. Although his face was pale, he was at peace. It was an acknowledgement of fate after losing everything. An unexplainable sorrow washed over him as he opened the medicine box and took out a grilled fish. He delivered it to the Crown Prince. 

The Crown Prince opened his eyes and looked at Fu Shui without saying anything. Fu Shui spoke first, “Although it is slightly cold, it still tastes nice.”

The Crown Prince could not understand. “I have nothing left, why did you come?”

Fu Shui spoke simply, “Since you have nothing left, you should believe that I came without any intentions this time.”

The Crown Prince took the grilled fish and bit into it. Pain flashed through Fu Shui’s eyes.

The Crown Prince suddenly asked, “Was Prince Han the one that caused me to become disabled and placed poison in the saddle?”

“What’s done is done. Even if you know the truth now, it is impossible for you to rise again.” The truth was extremely cruel.

“It is impossible. But there is only you and me here. I don’t want to be a foolish ghost. Tell me. Was it really Prince Han?”

“No, Prince Han was not the one that placed poison in the saddle.” Even if he knew, it was too late.

The Crown Prince asked again, “What about when You Jianming appealed to abdicate me and give the Crown Prince position to Prince Han?”

Fu Shui shook his head. “He was not instructed by Prince Han.”

The Crown Prince had been frustrated for a long time. He chuckled bitterly, “Biological brothers killing each other. Why did we do it?”

“It is not your fault, it is fate’s fault. Fate made you Li Chengqian and the Emperor’s first son. It was also fate that made me Yang Fu Shui.” They were destined to part ways.

“Then was it fate that made me treat you like a close friend? Was it fate that made me promise to protect you? Fu Shui, in this world, there is fate but there are also humans’ hearts. I have already ruined myself but you have a chance. If you can live on, I hope you would be able to live truly, smile and cry.” Fate made them pitiful people.

Fu Shui looked at the Crown Prince. “I am sorry.”

The Crown Prince opened his mouth as his expression changed. His throat made choking sounds until he could not make any more sounds. The grilled fish dropped to the ground. He touched his throat and slowly fell on the hay.

Fu Shui lowered his eyes, his expression unreadable. “I personally made this. When the medicine takes effect, your throat will be numb and you will not be able to speak. Compared to other drugs, its effect takes a longer time to set in. However, only this medicine will be undetectable when the autopsy is done. You have not eaten for days. When the Emperor sends someone to check your body, they will believe that you have starved to death.”

The Crown Prince looked at Fu Shui. In his gaze, there was no hatred. Only sorrow.

Fu Shui could not bear to look and turned his head away slightly. “It is because my surname is Yang. My father is Emperor Yang’s son. I am Emperor Yang’s grandson. My only use is to let Great Sui regain its former glory. It was my intricate plan to make the Eastern Palace and Han Mansion have all sorts of misunderstandings such that you both will end up fighting against each other brutally. You were stupid, and you trusted the wrong person. I was never the close friend in your heart. Ever since the beginning, I got close to you only to think of how to destroy you.”

The Crown Prince struggled to reach out towards Fu Shui.

Fu Shui hesitated but grabbed the Crown Prince’s hand in the end. Seeing how the Crown Prince’s breathing got more and more difficult, he suddenly kneeled down and hugged him tightly, hot tears streaming down his face.

A strong desire that he had never felt before burst forth in him. He wanted to follow his heart just once. Fu Shui took out a pill bottle and poured out a pill. He placed it in the Crown Prince’s mouth.

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