Chapter 100 The final of the tournament of the four countries (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 100 The final of the tournament of the four countries (2)

Originally, Ruyi wished for his opponent to be Li Yun Qing or Longze Jing Tian. He didn’t think that in the end, he would be drawn by Bai Yi Yue, making him get a headache.

From the start, he didn’t want to compete with women. With a man, he could fight to his heart’s content, but if the other party was a woman, then he couldn’t be so rude. If by chance he injured or disfigured the other party, then it would be troublesome. Especially such a beautiful woman as Bai Yi Yue, he had no way of taking action.

Probably, because he had a twin sister Ji Xiang, that’s why Ruyi had more respect for women. Usually when he was at Feng Cang’s side, unless the woman was disrespectful towards Feng Cang, otherwise, he wouldn’t easily hurt a woman. Now, the opponent was a woman. It really let Ruyi be at loss!

If he didn’t compete, then by losing, he would also lose face. If he competed, then winning would also be very shameful. With this complex and contradictory mind, Ruyi went on the platform.

The moment he was there, Bai Yi Yue smiled at him. Ruyi didn’t feel right if he also laughed, but he also didn’t feel right if he was serious. His mouth twitched a bit. In the end, he couldn’t win from friendliness and waved at Bai Yi Yue. How embarrassing his expression could be, was how his expression now was. Immediately, a burst of laughter came from the audience. Ruyi’s face turned redder.

Since he practiced martial arts all year long, Ruyi’s body was very strong. Although he wasn’t as tall as Feng Cang, he was about 1.80 meters. His skin was slightly dark. He had a pair of thick eyebrows and a pair of tiger eyes. Although he was just over nineteen, but after following Feng Cang all year long, he looked a lot more mature.

This person was really interesting! Bai Yi Yue thought. Before, Su Mei was so ‘scary’, Bai Yi Yue thought that Ruyi was also like that. She didn’t expect that Ruyi would be different from Su Mei.


The drum sounded. The competition started.

Bai Yi Yue’s weapon was a double-edged sword and Ruyi's weapon was a pair of gold-plated hammers. One hammer weighed about 20 catties (10 kg). Together, the two were 40 catties (20kg). Seeing the gold-plated hammers in Ruyi’s hands, Bai Yi Yue smiled once again. This man was a bit silly. Paired with this pair of hammers, he somewhat got the aura of a tiger, making him cuter!

Bai Yi Yue’s smile made Ruyi’s heart go up and down. He thought that his face had some dirt, that’s why it made the beauty laugh. So, he raised his sleeves and rubbed hard on his face. He didn’t expect that this action would provoke more laughter from the people. Bai Yi Yue doubted if this Ruyi truly came to compete. Why didn’t he look like it?!

A competition began with the beauty’s laughter and the man’s ‘silliness’.

Bai Yi Yue’s sword skills were excellent. Even though she’s a woman, but she had been practicing martial arts since young. Her basic skills were very solid. Besides, Bai Yi Yue had a calm temperament. Her sword skills were like her temperament; steady and not extravagant. Every stroke went accurately at Ruyi’s vital parts.

A strong little lady! Although Ruyi’s impression of Bai Yi Yue stayed at the image of a gentle woman; now, he got to see the real strength of this woman. From the moment they started, she attacked aggressively. Although it was different from Su Mei’s fierceness, her steady attacks and she entrenched gradually at every step; for a time, it made Ruyi become the passive party.

“Tsk, tsk, cousin brother, what does Ruyi mean with his flowery fists and fancy footwork? Is it because the opponent is a beauty, that's he doesn’t have the heart to attack, ah? “

  • Flowery fists and fancy footwork: fancy but impractical skills.

Wanyan Kang had returned to the stands. Seeing Ruyi like that, he teased at a side.

“Usually Ruyi follows cousin brother, I didn’t know that he was someone with tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex! Today, I finally got to know!”

“If you don’t speak, no one will take you as a mute!”

Feng Cang lightly answered him. Wanyan Kang stuck his tongue out. He knew his cousin brother likes to protect his people. This point is a good match with Murong Qi Qi. Neither of them tolerated others talking bad about their people.

When Ruyi regained his senses, he had already been forced to the edge of the platform by Bai Yi Yue. His foot stepped on the stone edge. With a ‘boom’, Ruyi sobered up.

What was he doing? This was a competition. How could he be modest like this?! If this had been a battlefield, if the opponent had sent out a female soldier or a female general, then wouldn’t he need to surrender? How could this be?!

‘Ping ping pang pang!’

Ruyi waved the gold-plated hammer and hit the sword in Bai Yi Yue’s hand. The effect was so great, it shook Bai Yi Yue and made her back off to a side. Ruyi took the opportunity and flew back to the middle of the platform.

Just now, the strength of Ruyi’s hammers was very strong. Bai Yi Yue’s right hand slightly trembled. A touch of red stained the hilt of the sword. This man is truly not easy to deal with! Bai Yi Yue gritted her teeth. She tore a piece of her clothes and wrapped it around the web between the thumb and forefinger.

Bai Yi Yue knew very well that Ruyi showed her mercy. With his strength, he could’ve definitely broken the web between her thumb and forefinger. By then, no need to mention the competition, if it wasn’t treated in time, her hand would have been destroyed.

It’s just, although in her heart she felt grateful towards Ruyi for having mercy, but Bai Yi Yue knew the importance of this competition. Just now, Li Yun Qing already lost. If she also loses, then Xi Qi would lose two times in a row. By then, it would be too difficult to pull a draw.

Thinking till here, Bai Yi Yue pushed out her inner energy. A circle of pale blue encircled around Bai Yi Yue. Obviously, she’s the blue fifth level. Also, from the faint blue, it could be seen that she had just entered the fifth level not too long ago.

Obviously, she had hurt her hand, but she still continued to compete and even pushed her inner energy. The strong will of Bai Yi Yue made Ruyi couldn’t help but admire. This woman is not bad! At least, her unyielding spirit is very good!

“You don’t use inner energy?”

Bai Yi Yue saw that Ruyi was still like that, she was somewhat surprised. She chose the fight of inner energy, why didn’t the other party also do it? Without the inner energy, then wasn’t this like Ruyi's planning to lose?

“I won’t use it!”

Ruyi shook his head. He didn’t use his inner energy because when the competition is over, he still needs to protect Feng Cang. Being Feng Cang’s personal guard; if he used his inner energy now, he would need at least five days to recuperate. And during these five days, what should he do if there’s no one to serve Feng Cang? That’s why Ruyi chose to fight without inner energy.

Bai Yi Yue pushing her inner energy and Ruyi not pushing his, made the crowd begin to whisper. Like this, isn’t it clear that Ruyi had already lost? Then what did Ruyi mean by this?

As for Feng Cang, he didn’t think of that. He knows Ruyi’s thoughts very well. This person was stubborn. If he made a choice, he wouldn’t change it. However, Feng Cang was also not worried. With Ruyi’s ability, even if he didn’t use inner energy, Bai Yi Yue was still not his opponent.

With the inner energy, Bai Yi Yue exuded blue light from her whole body. Now, her speed was faster. Her strength was also stronger. With only a blink of the eye, she appeared beside Ruyi. Her sword pointed at Ruyi’s throat.


The gold-plated hammers in Ruyi’s hands grabbed Bai Yi Yue’s sword, making it so that she couldn’t move forward and also couldn’t escape backwards. She couldn’t move.


Bai Yi Yue was furious. She raised her right foot and kicked the lower part of his body.

Seeing Bai Yi Yue attack the most vital part of his body, Ruyi smiled. Two calves of the legs took the opportunity to grab Bai Yi Yue’s leg, making it unable to move.

The two were in a deadlock like that. Bai Yi Yue’s sword was locked by the gold-plated hammer and her right foot was also locked by Ruyi’s calves. Because of this, the two were extremely close to each other. How intimate this scene could be, was how intimate it was.

Seeing the two being so ‘intimate’, the crowd burst in laughter. There were even some people who started to joke: “Hahaha! Very vicious little lady, ah. Now, she has finally met her opponent! Just admit that you lost!”

“Is this a competition about looking for a partner, ah? Why is it like this, ah?!”

“That’s right, ah! Lady, that mister is not bad!”

When the laughter of the people reached Bai Yi Yue’s ears, she blushed.


Taking the opportunity that both of Ruyi’s hands were holding a hammer, the left hand of Bai Yi Yue, which was not holding a sword, slapped Ruyi’s face.


Ruyi felt pain. Both his hands and feet let go at the same time. He didn’t expect that Bai Yi Yue wouldn’t retrieve her foot. Instead, it kicked Ruyi’s belly.

“Loathsome rogue!”

Bai Yi Yue cursed one more sentence.

The not prepared Ruyi fell with his hammer and landed on his butt on the ground. He felt very innocent and wronged. What did he do? He didn’t do anything. Why was he treated as a rogue by Bai Yi Yue? Also, he suffered a slap in the face without reason. Besides, it’s in front of so many people. Really choking him to death!

At the stands, Murong Qi Qi almost lost all her breath from laughing. Where did these two people look like they were competing?! Very interesting!

Seeing Murong Qi Qi laugh till tears come out of her eyes, Feng Cang took her into his arms.

“Qing Qing, what kind of things happened to let you be so happy? Share it with me!”

Wangye!”[1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank]

Murong Qi Qi put her arms around Feng Cang’s neck. Her red lips were near Feng Cang’s ear.

Wangye, look, don’t they look like a pair of enemy sweethearts? Why is it, whenever I look at Ruyi’s expression, I have the impulse to pull the red strings for them!”

  • Yue Lao, the god of marriage and love use red strings to pull people together.


Seeing that Murong Qi Qi’s mentality of a matchmaker was beginning to make trouble, Feng Cang held her hands.

“Qing Qing, since you want to pull the string for others, why don’t you help yourself first?! I’ve waited a long time for you!”


Feng Cang once again rolled the matter back at her. Murong Qi Qi blushed.

“After we get the first place, we’ll marry when we go back. Wangye, are you satisfied with this arrangement?


Feng Cang’s smile was exceptionally, devilishly beautiful. Finally, he heard the word 'marriage' from Murong Qi Qi, making his mood immediately fly to the clouds.

“However, I’ve a condition!”

Murong Qi Qi raised her head. In that pair of bright eyes, flashed beautiful little stars.

Wangye, we can marry, but you need to propose! If you don’t propose, I won’t marry!”

“Propose? Cousin-in-law, what is propose?”

It so happened, that regarding things like this, Wanyan Kang’s ears were at their sharpest. He immediately heard it and came over to Murong Qi Qi to discuss.

“Romantic dinner with candlelight, blooming beautiful flowers, beautiful and moving lyrics, luxurious proposal ring and the most important thing, you need to kneel on one knee and affectionately ask the woman ‘are you willing to marry me’……”

While saying these, Murong Qi Qi was very excited. She admitted that she had a little vanity of women and was full of longing for her marriage, especially about the scene of proposal. When she was a little girl, she fantasied countless times about that scene. When the man kneels on one knee in front of the woman and looks full of love to her while saying sweet words, in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, that’s the most romantic and most touching thing!

Murong Qi Qi saying one thing after another that needed to be done, made Wanyan Kang stunned.

“Cousin-in-law, say them slowly. I’ll remember them. Maybe in the future, I can use them! Cousin brother, follow cousin-in-law’s request once. I’ll look. Then I’ll go knowing how that proposing thing is done!”

Propose? This new term of Murong Qi Qi caught Feng Cang’s interest. When he heard all those steps of proposing, Feng Cang couldn’t help but stare at Murong Qi Qi’s small pink face. At this time, Murong Qi Qi’s face was full of longing and yearning. Feng Cang secretly remembered all of these in his heart.

As long as it’s something she likes or longs for, he’ll use every effort to fulfill it. Men were born to pamper women. Moreover, it’s the woman he loves. Besides, he was also very interested in that proposing thing. Since Murong Qi Qi wants it, then he’ll give it to her! As long as she can becomes his wife, even if Murong Qi Qi wants this empire, then what did it matter if he stole it and gives it to her?!

After Murong Qi Qi explained ‘proposing’ to Wanyan Kang, the competition had already neared the end. Compared to the humility of before, Bai Yi Yue’s sword now had a trace of braveness and was attacking more openly.

In comparison, Ruyi seemed to have become ‘afraid’ after that slap. In order to avoid provoking this little girl and then get the title of ‘rogue’ for no reason and also get slapped in the face in public, Ruyi only countered her moves. He didn’t attack and only defended.

However, even if it’s only defense, but it was airtight. Ruyi was breaking her moves steadily, repeatedly blocking all of Bai Yi Yue’s attacks. Before, Su Mei was quick to finish it all, now when it’s their turn, it became a prolonged battle.

This was a test of stamina. Whoever couldn’t hold it the longest would lose.

Bai Yi Yue became very aware of this. It’s just that she couldn’t break Ruyi’s line of defense. This man was too obstinate. Regardless if she attacked from the bottom or top, from the left or right or from any other direction, she would be blocked.

Bai Yi Yue knew that Ruyi was going easy on her.

After she slapped Ruyi, she regretted it. She regretted that she was so impulsive. Obviously, the other party didn’t have any inappropriate behavior. Colliding against each other at a battle was inevitable. She repented a bit for giving the other party a slap in the face. And later, in the competition, Bai Yi Yue clearly became aware of the gap between her and Ruyi. He didn’t attack and was only defending. Even like this, he made her unable to break through. This man is truly deep and immeasurable.

The test of stamina was a battle of perseverance and endurance. Also, it was a battle of the endurance of the mind. Time flew bit by bit with their ‘you attack, I defend’. On Bai Yi Yue’s forehead was already a thin layer of sweat. Her physical endurance was less than Ruyi. Now, consuming it like this, sooner or later, she’d lose.

What should she do? Bai Yi Yue was impatient. Her moves with the sword became somewhat messy. Although she wanted to stabilize herself, the longer they dragged out this competition, the more detrimental it was to her.

Just now, Bai Yi Yue hastily wrapped the wound around the web between the thumb and forefinger, which had been caused by the tremor of the hammers. Now, blood had already stained the white cloth. The pain from her hand passed through her. Although, she was still gritting her teeth, but Ruyi clearly saw the right hand of this little girl in front of him; the hand which was holding the sword was slightly trembling. The power of her attacks also became weaker with every attack.

Just when Bai Yi Yue thought that she was about to lose, she suddenly found an opening. The defense of his right hand seemed weaker. She could enter from there. The sword in Bai Yi Yue’s hand stabbed at Ruyi’s right belly. Ruyi was a bit late at dodging and fell from the platform.

“No way!”

A person began to scream. Obviously, Ruyi had the victory in his grip. How could he have made this low-level mistake and get pushed from the platform by Bai Yi Yue?!

Seeing this Murong Qi Qi’s small hand grabbed Feng Cang’s arm.

Wangye, I didn’t know that Ruyi knows how to feel sorry for another. It’s just, the flower has the intention, don’t know if the water would be heartless or not!”

  • She means that the flower (Ruyi) has feeling for the water (BYY)

Experts could see that Ruyi intentionally exposed an opening. He did it to be easy on Bai Yi Yue. It’s just, his choice made some people unable to understand. However, it seemed that the involved party didn’t care about this.

“Miss, you won!”

Ruyi cupped his fists at Bai Yi Yue.

“Thank you...”

Bai Yi Yue also saw that Ruyi let her win, otherwise the one who would’ve lost would have been her. It’s just, why did he let her? Could it be that he doesn’t want Bei Zhou to win?

Not waiting for Bai Yi Yue to think it through, Ruyi personally answered her confusion.

“Miss’s hand is injured. It’s better to apply medicine and bandage it. My strength was too strong. I apologize for hurting miss!”

After saying this, Ruyi returned to Bei Zhou’s stand and asked punishment at Feng Cang’s.

Wangye, this subordinate lost. Asking wangye for punishment!”


Feng Cang’s voice was long. His expression was very serious, making Ruyi nervous. He lowered his head even more.

“This subordinate’s skills was not as good as others. Asking wangye for punishment”

Wangye, don’t scare him anymore!”

Seeing Ruyi like that, Murong Qi Qi smilingly shook Feng Cang’s arm.

“Miss Bai is my friend. Ruyi was doing me a favor by letting her win. I need to thank Ruyi! How could he be punished?!”

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘plea’ made Feng Cang’s expression turn a bit better.

“Alright, retreat and go rest! You worked hard today!”

After Ruyi retreated with a sullen face, Feng Cang laughed.

“How was I, Qing Qing? How did I act?”

“Wonderful! Very wonderful!”

It turned out that Feng Cang didn’t have any thoughts of punishing Ruyi. He understood Ruyi’s personality. Aside from encountering a female assassin, he would be ruthless; otherwise, he was very amiable. He didn’t have the macho way of thinking. Now, letting him beat a flower-like girl, really was a difficult task for Ruyi.

Bai Yi Yue had been looking at Ruyi till he disappeared. She was afraid that Ruyi would suffer at Feng Cang’s hands because of her. Fortunately, in the end Feng Cang’s expression was very kind. Bai Yi Yue finally let out a sigh of relief. She also lost all her strength and laid paralyzed on the ground.

“It’s because her inner energy was used, so her body is exhausted. It’s no harm!”

The doctor who had been waiting at a side, immediately went forward. He bandaged the wound for Bai Yi Yue. Then he also checked her pulse. After concluding that everything was fine, the crowd was at ease.

Two competitions; one win and one loss. Bei Zhou and Xi Qi were temporarily tied.

Now, it’s the turn of the third competition. Before Wanyan Kang went to the platform, Murong Qi Qi whispered a few words in Wanyan Kang’s ears. Wanyan Kang was somewhat surprised.

“Cousin-in-law, no way! You really want it to be like that?”

“Of course!”

Murong Qi Qi nodded.

“Just answer me, will you help me or not?”


Wanyan Kang frowned. He then looked at Su Mei. Lastly, he raised an eyebrow.

“Since, it’s cousin-in-law who asked, I’ll use my utmost effort! I’ll help!”

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