Chapter 99 The final of the tournament of the four countries (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 99 The final of the tournament of the four countries (1)

Half-moon-shaped dagger, as the name suggest, it’s in the shape of a half moon. It didn’t have a knife handle. At the back of the dagger was a wristband. On the wristband, a long chain was tied which can be looped around the arm. Every side of this half-moon-shaped dagger was sharp. No matter if it was extended or not, it was extremely sharp. This dagger can be used to kill people. However, when flat on the shoulder, it can also be a shield to block the enemy’s attack.

“Cool, ah! Little Mei er!”[1. Er: term of endearment] Seeing the aggressive half-moon-shaped dagger in Su Mei’s hand, Wanyan Kang couldn’t help but shout.

Originally, women liked to use flexible weapons such as swords, soft swords, whips and chain-like weapons. Didn’t expect that Su Mei’s weapon would be so ‘aggressive’. How could this be a weapon to practice martial arts? It’s a weapon to kill, ah!

The half-moon-shaped dagger in Su Mei’s hand also let Li Yun Qing be surprised. Although he had seen hundreds of weapons, but he had never seen such a strange weapon as the one in Su Mei’s hand. How could he have known that this was specially ordered by Murong Qi Qi and specially tailored according to the habits of Su Mei?

The competition hadn’t even started, but Su Mei had already pushed the atmosphere to great heights with the half-moon-shaped dagger. Everyone was talking about the half-moon-shaped dagger in Su Mei’s hands. Jia Lan was also very curious about this weapon. He couldn’t help but look a few more times at it. Very sharp weapon! Jia Lan could definitely imagine how it would look when this half-moon-shaped dagger fell onto a human’s body.

“The competition will begin! Boom...”

With a sound of the drums, the tournament officially began.


A silver light flashed. The half-moon-shaped dagger in Su Mei’s hand rushed forward like an army horse at Li Yun Qing. So fast! Li Yun Qing was startled. How was this a competition? On this half-moon-shaped dagger, a cold murderous aura was clearly hidden. It’s obviously a weapon to kill, ah!

Li Yun Qing flew and rotated in the air. The half-moon-shaped dagger fell on the place where Li Yun Qing had been standing just now.


The blade and the ground collided and rubbed violently against each other, creating a golden light.

So close! Everyone’s heart was jumping in their throat. The moment Su Mei started, she used a killing strike, making the people watching get a kick. They held their breath and looked at the venue.

Su Mei expected Li Yun Qing to escape. Not waiting for Li Yun Qing’s feet to touch the ground, Su Mei pulled and tugged at the chained wristband. Dark iron chain brought the half-moon-shaped dagger back to Su Mei. However, when the dagger reached halfway, Su Mei suddenly threw the chain out.


The chain collided and emitted an ear-piercing sound. The dagger, which had been flying back to Su Mei at a moderate velocity, acted as though it grew eyes, braked and flew at Li Yun Qing who was still in the sky.

‘Ceng, ceng, ceng……’

The half-moon-shaped dagger made sinister sounds in the sky. It was like a sharp knife cutting a hole in the sky. Very harsh and powerful.


Li Yun Qing didn’t expect Su Mei to act so fast. The half-moon-shaped dagger seemed like it had eyes and closely followed him.


The half-moon-shaped dagger once again hit the floor in the vicinity of Li Yun Qing. A golden light dazzled the eyes of people like burning sparks of a fire. The sparks fell onto Li Yun Qing's green clothes.

“Use your inner energy, ah! Use inner energy!”

Murong Qing Lian was very concerned about the outcome of this tournament. When she saw that Li Yun Qing was being suppressed by Su Mei, she immediately stood up and began to shout at Li Yun Qing.

“Sit down!”

Longze Jing Tian frowned because of the noise beside him.

“Look at the competition quietly!”

Longze Jing Tian was very aware that it wasn’t that Li Yun Qing didn’t want to use his inner energy, but it was because he couldn’t. From the moment they started, Su Mei didn’t gave him the opportunity to evoke his inner energy.

Indeed, Su Mei’s strategy was a fierce onslaught. In her eyes, unless it’s death, attacking is the best way. This was also related to Su Mei’s hot character. That’s why she was someone who attacked aggressively.

Li Yung Qing is a seventh level master. If she let him evoke his inner energy, she would certainly need to use a great deal of effort before she could suppress Li Yun Qing. It would be a waste of time and also too much trouble. Su Mei’s main thought was to resolve everything in the shortest time possible; to get rid of Li Yun Qing quickly so that the people after her would have more time. She wanted to get the results today if possible, lest to let Murong Qi Qi get worried and wouldn’t sleep well. It’s better to let miss and guye[2. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] be together sooner. Then everyone would be well!

Of course, Li Yun Qing didn’t know that Su Mei was like this because of Murong Qi Qi. Now, aside from surprise, he’s also stunned. His heart was filled with shock. If he remembered correctly, this girl in purple in front of him was Murong Qi Qi’s maid. If she was just an ordinary maid, then why was she so capable?

Not waiting for Li Yun Qing to understand, that half-moon-shaped dagger once again flew at him.


The silver dagger rotated, stirring the air and making sinister sounds. Su Mei’s smile also made Li Yun Qing surprised. It was as if now she wasn’t just a little maid, but had become someone strong who had the victory within her grasp.

The rule for the outcome of the competition was very simple. They only needed to force the opponent down the platform. What Su Mei needed to do now was to let Li Yun Qing take the initiative to go down himself. An extremely sharp silver blade emitting a cold light went straight at Li Yun Qing’s throat.

Be careful! Everyone held their breath and looked to see how Li Yun Qing would escape this calamity. Li Yun Qing backed away. Both hands were blocking in front of his chest. The jade flute went against the half-moon-shaped dagger in Su Mei’s hand.


An ear-piercing sound entered everyone’s ears. They didn’t understand what happened but somehow, the half-moon-shaped dagger cut the jade flute into two.


Li Yun Qing rolled over. The half-moon-shaped dagger seemed to have set its eyes on him and was in hot pursuit.


Although Li Yun Qing’s body dodged, his hair couldn’t escape this calamity. A few strands were cut off by the half-moon-shaped dagger. They fluttered and sprinkled all over the ground.

“Strong, ah!”

Wanyan Kang’s mouth was open in an ‘O’ form. He was in disbelief! Wanyan Kang was truly shocked by Su Mei’s violent tactics. Usually, he was accustomed at joking with Su Mei. Now, seeing Su Mei’s true kungfu, a layer of sweat emerged onto Wanyan Kang’s forehead.

What should he do? To let such a fearless woman surrender, he’s afraid that he would need to put some effort in it! Besides, if in the future, he offended her or did something wrong against her (he means having an affair)... Wanyan Kang touched his throat. He could imagine how miserable it would be when that half-moon-shaped dagger cut someone’s throat.

“Cousin-in...cousin-in-law……tell me that she is not little Mei er... cousin-in-law, tell me all of these actions are hallucinations...”

Wanyan Kang had been trying to convince himself that, that person was not little Mei er. Little Mei er does indeed have a bit of a hot temper, but how could she be so shrewish? In order to prove the scene in front of him was an illusion, Wanyan Kang couldn’t help but ask for help from Murong Qi Qi.

Seeing Wanyan Kang acting like that, Murong Qi Qi laughed.

“What, afraid?”

“Cousin-in-law, she’s too fierce, too frightening. If one day, I make her angry, then won’t I lose my little life...”

Thinking that if he married Su Mei, then it’s equal to taking a tigress into his home, Wanyan Kang felt a bit timid. Before, he thought that Su Mei was just a small pepper. Now, he found out that Su Mei was a tigress, ah! Too fierce!

“Hehe, as long as you don’t cohabit with a second wife, don’t try to find a mistress, don’t have three wives and four concubines, don’t fondle flowers and trample grass outside and don’t make her wear a green hat, such a thing will never happen…….”

  • Fondle flowers and trample grass: womanize
  • Wear a green hat: cheated on by one’s wife. This idiom is usually only used on men.

Murong Qi Qi said a bunch of things that couldn’t be done in one go, making Wanyan Kang get a headache. After he heard it, he discovered that there was nothing he couldn’t accept. He finally let out a breath of relief.

“Only these, ah! Then, no problem! It’s a small matter! No problem, at all!”

Murong Qi Qi frowned a bit after Wanyan Kang answered so quickly. She looked at Wanyan Kang’s face, which was full of confidence.

“Ah Kang, did you understand what I said? I mean, if you like Su Mei, you must be only one pair of people for your whole life. She's my people, I won’t let her suffer in the slightest. Usually, I also teach them this.”

“If an ordinary person liked Su Mei, then I wouldn’t think this would be a problem and this condition isn't harsh. However, you’re a prince and is destined to have more than one wife. You must think this through. If you can’t give only Su Mei happiness, I don’t mind strangling your seeds of love that haven’t been born yet. I won’t let anyone... have the opportunity to bully my people!”

Murong Qi Qi’s words were very overbearing, making Wanyan Kang startled for a moment. When he saw the seriousness in Murong Qi Qi’s eyes, he believed that if he really turned his back on Su Mei, Murong Qi Qi won’t give him face because of his identity. Her warning was full of threats.

“I’m not against you being in a relationship, but as a man, you should be far-sighted. Su Mei is only a little maid and you’re Bei Zhou’s noble fifth prince. Between you is an insurmountable gap. How would you deal with it? How would you face the emperor’s and consort De’s opposition? You need to think of these, the sooner the better.”

“I don’t want to see such a strong Su Mei in tears and full of sadness. So, if you cannot give her happiness, then don’t go provoking my Su Mei.”

The severity and seriousness in Murong Qi Qi’s words were things Wanyan Kang had never seen before. All along, he thought this cousin-in-law was an amiable woman. Now, the protection of Su Mei inside her words was so strong. It’s truly an honor that Su Mei had such a master.

Now, Wanyan Kang had a new understanding of Su Mei. He also had a new understanding of the relationship between Murong Qi Qi and Su Mei.

He truly likes Su Mei. He likes that she is being real and doesn’t act; that’s she’s not a fake. He likes her lovable anger. He likes her heroic aura. He likes her even more when she calls him ‘player’ with laughter in her eyes. He never met such a girl who isn’t afraid to show her true temperament.

“Cousin-in-law, don’t worry! My love for Su Mei is serious. I will think of ways to solve the problems you mentioned. Although I’m a prince, but my wish is to live a simple life like ordinary people and be together with the woman I love every day of my life. Asking cousin-in-law to not worry. If I wrong Su Mei, I would personally deliver this head to cousin-in-law! I swear in the name of my surname...”

“Don’t need to swear! I don’t believe in that.”

Murong Qi Qi gestured with her hand.

“You also don’t need to deliver your head to me. Just your head, I will feel that I would hurt my feet even if I kicked it as a ball. Just think about how to get Su Mei’s heart! The girls at my side are not easy to pursue! Put up your spirits, brat! I think highly of you!”

Hearing such words from Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Kang was completely at ease. The more he looked at Su Mei on the platform, the more pleasing she was to the eyes. In fact, a tigress was also not bad. He would just be a husband tiger. By then, give birth to a group of cubs. They would be so eye-catching...

At this point, Wanyan Kang was caught up in the imagination of his happy life with Su Mei. At the venue, Li Yun Qing’s back got a layer of sweat. He was now very sure that Su Mei was a woman not to be provoked. The half-moon-shaped dagger was as if it got a sticky paste on it. It followed him not close yet not far, making it so that he didn’t have the opportunity to breathe nor land on the ground.


Su Mei flew in the sky. The half-moon-shaped dagger once again flew at Li Yun Qing. Li Yun Qing once again dodged. When he landed on the other side, Su Mei was already waiting there.

‘Sou, sou, sou…….”

Three red darts flew at him.

“Oh, no!”

Li Yun Qing turned his head. The three darts fell at his toes, just close enough to rub his shoes. So close! Not waiting for Li Yun Qing to recover, Su Mei pulled at the wristband. The half-moon-shaped dagger once again turned and cut in the direction of Li Yun Qing’s waist.

“Be careful!”

This time, Longze Jing Tian couldn’t hold it in anymore. He stood up and nervously stared at the venue.

Li Yun Qing already heard the roar behind him and Su Mei’s darts were pressing and attacking him at the front. This woman obviously wanted to force him off the platform! No! He’s Xi Qi’s contestant. He can’t lose at the first competition. If he loses, then it would affect his morals.

Thinking till here, Li Yun Qing wanted to retreat from the right. Seeing that Li Yun Qing wanted to escape, Su Mei revealed a strange smile. Not waiting for the crowd to understand, Su Mei’s body flashed and came to Li Yun Qing’s right side. Both palms hit Li Yun Qing’s shoulder. Li Yun Qing fell from the high platform onto the ground. He stabilized his body and backed several steps before he was able to stand firmly.

“I lost!”

After a while, Li Yun Qing smiled and cupped one fist in the other hand at Su Mei.

“Thanking miss for having mercy.”

At this point, Li Yun Qing realized the gap between him and Su Mei. He’s a seventh level expert, but being a young master of a noble family, pursuing martial arts was just to self-improve and get the fame, fortune and status it brought with it. And Su Mei’s moves were aggressive and all of them were meant to kill. If it wasn’t because Su Mei had mercy, he would’ve long been injured.

Although he didn’t know why there’s such a strong maid at Murong Qi Qi’s side, but after knowing Su Mei was so powerful, Li Yun Qing felt relieved. It’s a kind of assurance for Murong Qi Qi’s safety. He finally put his worries for Murong Qi Qi down. With such an expert at her side, how would Murong Qi Qi have any problems with her safety?

That Su Mei won made Murong Qing Lian's and Wanyan Bao Zhu’s eyes fell out. Murong Qing Lian finally understood where Murong Qi’s Qi’s confidence came from. It turned out that she had gotten such a powerful maid. That's why she's so arrogant. No wonder she was so proud. It turned out, she had been relying on this!

And Wanyan Bao Zhu was scared by Su Mei’s tactics. When she was at Murong residence, she once went to make trouble for Murong Qi Qi and had been taught a lesson by Su Mei. Now Wanyan Bao Zhu finally understood that Su Mei was being merciful at that time. Otherwise, she would have lost her life.

Thinking back about the things of the past, Wanyan Bao Zhu couldn’t help but shudder. Fortunately, that day she didn’t make things too difficult for Murong Qi Qi... It’s just, why was such an expert willing to stay by Murong Qi Qi’s side? What charm did Murong Qi Qi have, to let all these people be attracted to her?

Wanyan Bao Zhu glanced once at Murong Qi Qi, who was sitting at the other side. Seeing the smile on her mouth, Wanyan Bao Zhu felt that it was like a thorn in her eyes. No matter what, she wouldn’t let this woman, who had ruined her whole life, off! Because, she hates Murong Qi Qi! She hates her from the bottom of her heart!

The first competition ended with Su Mei’s victory. When Su Mei went out of the venue full of smiles, Wanyan Kang was the first one to rush to her. In his hand was a red plum flower.

“What are you doing?”

Seeing the just-plucked red plum flower in Wanyan Kang’s hand, Su Mei was surprised for a moment.

“For you! Congratulations on your victory!”

It was rare for Wanyan Kang to be serious for once. This trick with the flower was something Su Yue had taught him. He had never used this trick before. He also didn’t know if it would work or not. It’s just, Su Yue and Su Mei served Murong Qi Qi together, presumably she would also have an understanding of Su Mei’s preferences. So, that’s why Wanyan Kang took Su Yue’s recommendation.

How would Wanyan Kang know that the trick Su Yue recommended was something that came from Murong Qi Qi? Now, she taught Wanyan Kang.

Sure enough, after seeing Wanyan Kang’s ill at ease expression, Su Mei smiled sweetly. She blushed: “Thank you!”

With a red face, Su Mei took the flower from Wanyan Kang’s hand. She became a bit shy and embarrassed.

“That, your kungfu is not bad! It was very great! The moves of just now were also very good! Why, why don’t we learn from another when we have time?”

When Wanyan Kang said that, Murong Qi Qi wished she could kick his butt. When going on a date, wasn’t it to go shopping, walking, watching a film, listening to music and having dinner... how would it be asking a girl out to a fight?

Usually this prince is very clever, why is he so clumsy at this time?


Su Mei was startled for a moment. This invitation of Wanyan Kang was too surprising. After a while, Su Mei nodded: “Alright! After we go back, whenever your highness wants to learn, I’ll be there.”

Now, Murong Qi Qi finally understood that these two were a perfect match. Su Mei actually accepted. It seemed that people who don’t share common traits, won’t marry each other!

“Qing Qing, are you now assured?”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi had been paying attention to Wanyan Kang and Su Mei the entire time and ignored him, Feng Cang was a bit jealous. He couldn’t help but hold Murong Qi Qi in his arms.

Wangye...”[3. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank]

Seeing the jealousy in Feng Cang’s eyes, Murong Q Qi put a finger on his lips.

Wangye, if we’re happy, it’s better to let everyone else also be happy! Then, everyone would be well! Besides, if we marry them all, then we could have the world for just the two of us...”

The last sentence was very enticing, making Feng Cang be tempted. Feng Cang’s gaze fell on Su Yue. Su Mei could be considered to have found her place. He needed to hurry and find a good person for Su Yue and also let Su Yue have a place. By then, he could occupy his little wangfei[4. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] for twenty-four hours.

While Feng Cang was wishfully calculating in his heart, the second competition was about to begin.

Wangye, I’m sorry. I lost.”

Li Yun Qing cupped his fist in the other hand with a guilty expression.

“Victory and defeat are normal things. Yun Qing, it’s fine.”

Longze Jing Tian knew this wasn’t Li Yun Qing’s problem. Su Mei was too fierce. When meeting such a woman, he would also pay more than one hundred percent attention.

“Miss Bai, Bei Zhou’s contestant are very powerful. Miss Bai must be careful!”

Bai Yi Yue was very grateful for Li Yun Qing’s reminder.

“Thank you! I’ll be careful!”

Bai Yi Yue walked step by step to the platform. Today, she was still wearing plain white clothes. On her head was only one begonia hairpin. Insiders knew that this was a gift from Guang Hua gongzi.[5. Gongzi: young master] It’s priceless and also Bai Yi Yue’s favorite hairpin. So, today she wore it at the finals.

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