Chapter 115 One moment in a spring night is worth thousands (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 115 One moment in a spring night is worth thousands (1)

Nan Lin wangfu [1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] was brightly lit. When Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi returned to the wangfu, immediately there were people who cheered. Then, housekeeper Feng Qi led people to bow at Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, “Congratulations wangye[2. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank]! Congratulations wangfei[3. Wangfei: the main wife/consort of the prince of first rank]!”

“Dispense with curtsying…,” Feng Cang hugged Murong Qi Qi like a princess and rushed into Tingsong building, leaving the dumbfounded people who looked at the just disappeared gust of wind.

“It seems that we have to prepare,” Feng Qi laughed. The people didn’t understand what Feng Qi meant. They looked at him puzzled. Feng Qi knocked on the heads of the few people behind him. “Fools! Wangye is in such a rush…haha…of course we must prepare to receive the young master, ah!”

“Oh…,” Hearing Feng Qi say that, they suddenly came to the realization. That’s right, ah! Nan Lin wangfu had been quiet for so long. If there’s a young master, how great would that be?! Everyone was imagining a beautiful picture. Each one of them giggled foolishly.

Inside Tingsong building, Feng Cang entered the wedding room. He put Murong Qi Qi down and sat opposite her. He looked at her and laughed foolishly.

If an ordinary person laughed foolishly, he/she would appear honest. However, Feng Cang’s foolish laughter was very adorable. Not speaking and without body language, he only sat there and looked foolishly at Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t move a bit. On his face hung a bright smile. His phoenix eyes carefully gazed Murong Qi Qi. His whole person seemed to beam and he was happy as if he ate honey.

After being stared for long time by Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi finally yielded under the deep love in his eyes. Her face got red.

Murong Qi Qi discovered that since getting to know Feng Cang, no matter if it was flirting or passing current with their eyes, in the end the one who would be defeated was always her. When would she regain one win?! She really looked forward to that day, ah!

Murong Qi Qi was dressed very festively. Plus with her shyness, her face became rouge, making Feng Cang’s heart beat very fast.

“Qing Qing, you’re so beautiful…,” Feng Cang pulled Murong Qi Qi into his arms. Soft lips fell on her forehead. His eyes were filled with tenderness and love.

This kiss crushed Murong Qi Qi’s fantasy world, making her wake up.

What’s the matter with her? She was actually greedy for Feng Cang’s gentleness and embrace?

If she didn’t get to know that matter, then she would continue to enjoy and spent her wedding night happily and shyly.

However, now there’s a possibility that she’s Feng Cang’s little sister. This person in front of her who she deeply loves and he also deeply loves her may be blood related with her. If she let her own feelings take over and eagerly enjoy the intimacy; if they’re truly biological siblings, then in the future it’s two people who will suffer. She couldn’t be so selfish and also couldn’t make the decision for Feng Cang.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Cang keenly caught on that Murong Qi Qi was ‘absentminded’. “Qing Qing, are you not feeling well? Why does your face look so bad?”

Wangye, I…,” Murong Qi Qi didn’t know how to say it.

The most direct way is to take of the Water Moon Mirror and tell Feng Cang she may be his little sister. The result is Feng Cang would be surprised, sad and hurt. However, if she doesn’t do it like that, then what should she do later when it’s time to spend the wedding night? Could it be…no can’t! She looked for seventy, eighty percent like Wanyan Ming Yue. If by chance she’s Feng Xie’s daughter, Feng Cang’s little sister, then wouldn’t they be truly in a mess?!

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s change so many expression, Feng Cang chuckled. He took her into his embrace. “Qing Qing, are you afraid? Is it that you aren’t prepared yet?”

“Uh?” Murong Qi Qi was surprised for a moment and didn’t understand what Feng Cang meant.

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi was so innocent, Feng Cang sighed. He gently hugged her. His clean chin was on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead, “I heard, when a girl becomes a woman, the first time would be very painful. Is Qing Qing afraid? If it’s like that, I can wait; wait till you’re ready to accept me before we do the wedding night.”

Murong Qi Qi finally understood after Feng Cang’s words. This man is really…she didn’t know what to say. So considerate, so thoughtful and so gentle; if they didn’t have any blood relation, how happy would she be?!

Murong Qi Qi didn’t say anything. She only cried. She nestled in Feng Cang’s arms like a well-behaved cat. Her being like this made Feng Cang feel more that she was afraid of the wedding night and that her heart had fear. So, he pitied her even more. He didn’t want to force her.

“Qing Qing, don’t worry, I won’t let you become mine when you don’t allow it. I love you. I love everything about you. I’m willing to wait! Qing Qing being like this maybe it's because I wasn’t good enough. Maybe if our feelings were deeper then Qing Qing would be able to let go and accept me!”

Feng Cang gently kissed Murong Qi Qi’s tears. Like comforting a child, he gently patted Murong Qi Qi’s back. “Be good! Don’t be afraid! It was I who was too anxious! I’m willing to wait!”

“Feng Cang…”

Feng Cang was being so considerate and so gently made Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but cry out loudly. She rushed into Feng Cang’s arm and cried loudly like a child who suffered grievances. She wanted to release all the gloominess in her heart.

Feng Cang panicked after seeing Murong Qi Qi cry. He quickly comforted, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Did someone bully you? Qing Qing!”

“No!” Murong Qi Qi hugged Feng Cang’s neck. Her tears fell on Feng Cang’s black hair. “I’m so afraid! I’m so afraid!”

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘afraid’ made Feng Cang’s heart tremble a bit. Could it be that she’s worried about that her fate would be the same as those women? Murong Qi Qi’s small body trembled slightly because of sobbing. Feng Cang tightly hugged her and felt much ache in his heart.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault! It’s me who let you be afraid…,” Feng Cang felt much pain for the small person in his arms. It seemed that she always had been strong and optimistic. No matter if it was laziness or slyness, no matter if she was kind or scheming; he had seen it all. However, this was the first time Feng Cang saw such a her.

“I’m sorry…”

Feng Cang’s apology made Murong Qi Qi sadder. She shook her head and cried stronger, “It’s not you, it’s not you! It’s me who is worried, who is afraid. I’m afraid that we would separate. I’m afraid you’ll leave me! Woo, woo, woo…”

Murong Qi Qi cried helplessly like a child making Feng Cang panic. He repeatedly comforted, “How would that be?! We’ll be together forever. I won’t leave you and you also won’t leave me! When alive we’ll sleep in the same bed, when we die, we’ll lie in the same tomb. We will always be together!”

Feng Cang was so optimistic made the bitterness in Murong Qi Qi’s heart become stronger. How could she have the heart to hurt such a Feng Cang?! If he knew she’s his little sister, what kind of blow would he receive?!

At this time, Murong Qi Qi made a decision. She would hide the truth and won’t tell Feng Cang. No matter what the result is, let her be the one to endure everything.

She would give him a complete love till they avenged their parents, till she leaves, she needs to keep this matter a secret. By then, she would ask senior brother Jin Mo to help her, saying she got a weird disease and needs to recuperate alone. When she left, she would let Jin Mo tell Feng Cang she died. This way, she gave Feng Cang a love and also retain the most beautiful image in Feng Cang’s heart.

After making this decision, Murong Qi Qi gradually stopped crying. She nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. Her small face was close to his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

“Little cat isn’t crying anymore?”

The Murong Qi Qi who was crying earth-shatteringly, now calmed down. Feng Cang’s heart also calmed down because of Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t expect this girl to be so sensitive and cried like this because she was afraid they’ll separate! This little woman, ah, should he say she’s sensitive or foolish?! Since he took her hand, he would not let go for this whole life even if it’s through mountains of daggers and seas of flames. He wouldn’t care even if the blue sea turned into mulberry fields!

  • Mountains of dagger and seas of flames: extreme danger
  • The blue sea turned into mulberry fields: the transformation of the world.

“I’m not a little cat!” Murong Qi Qi’s nose was red and her face still had tears. Because her voice was choked, the words she said was low and muffled like as if she was acting cute. Feng Cang couldn’t help but pinch her red nose.

“Little cat, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

Feng Cang’s reminder made Murong Qi Qi’s stomach grumble very cooperatively. Immediately, Murong Qi Qi was ashamed and buried her head in Feng Cang’s arms.

“Hahahaha!” The appearance of the little person in his arms made Feng Cang laugh loudly. Immediately he let people serve Murong Qi Qi a bath and after bathing a meal.

When a fresh Feng Cang appeared, Murong Qi Qi was already sitting in front of a rich dinner. She also finished taking a bath. Aside from the somewhat red eyes which showed that she cried, Murong Qi Qi changed into a pink pajama. She was fresh like lotus coming out of water, beautiful and moving.

Wangye, you’ve arrived!” Murong Qi Qi raised her head and revealed a smile, “Come quickly. I’m so hungry!”

Feng Cang sat beside Murong Qi Qi and once again kissed her forehead, “You should eat first if you’re hungry! Don’t wait for me! If you go hungry, I will feel bad!”

These words of affection coming out of Feng Cang was so natural as if he was born for Murong Qi Qi’s love. Murong Qi Qi smiled while putting dishes on Feng Cang’s plate, “Without wangye here, the dishes won’t taste good!”

This little woman is now joking with him which meant her mood is now better. Feng Cang’s heart finally eased down. He personally poured wine and gave it to Murong Qi Qi. “After formally exchanging cups of wine, we’ll officially be husband and wife…”

Looking at the wine inside the jade cup, Murong Qi Qi paused. Inside her heart a voice was screaming, “Drink! After drinking it, you’ll be husband and wife! Even if you can’t be real husband and wife, but like this, you should also be contended!”

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi took the cup of wine and drank with Feng Cang while crossing their arms.

After drinking the wine, Murong Qi Qi’s lips was red like rose petals. On her lips were drops of wine emitting a sweet scent. Feng Cang stared at Murong Qi Qi’s red lips. His throat moved. Very hard, he pressed his desire down.

Can’t be like this! Murong Qi Qi’s heart hasn’t eased down yet. He couldn’t let her be afraid. He couldn’t scare her!

To divert his attention, Feng Cang put dishes into Murong Qi Qi’s plate, “Eat slowly!”

“Alright!” Because she was hungry for a long time, Murong Qi Qi’s stomach had been grumbling. Now with these foods here, of course she needed to fill her stomach first.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi was eating a warm dinner in Tingsong building. Under Long Autumn palace, Yue Lan Zhi already fainted from the pain.

“Not good!” Wanyan Lie quickly took out the whistle and blew. From the whistle came a sound humans couldn’t understand, but it triggered the mother gu in Yue Lan Zhi’s body.

Two ‘googoo’ sounds came from Yue Lan Zhi’s body. The original sleeping mother gu had been awakened. Because it's beautiful dream was disturbed by force, the mother gu seemed very unhappy. Inside Yue Lan Zhi’s belly, it became grumpy.

“Ah…” The pain from her belly made Yue Lan Zhi wake up from the fainting. Her originally flat belly seemed to have stirred. Something the size of a ping-pong ball appeared at her navel. It turned very fast.

Because someone disturbed that mother gu from its sleep, its temper was particularly irritable. It bared it fangs and teared the insides of Yue Lan Zhi’s belly. It swallowed Yue Lan Zhi’s belly, leaving only a thin layer of human skin.

Across the human skin, you can clearly see the mother gu’s red body. It seemed to vent its anger inside Yue Lan Zhi’s body. While it was at it, it ate Yue Lan Zhi’s meat to meet it nutritional needs.

Yue Lan Zhi swore that she never had experienced this kind of pain before. Even when Wanyan Lie cut her arms just now, it was cut fast and neatly. Although she felt pain, but it wasn’t torture.

And this, this was endless pain. Her insides were eaten bit by bit by the mother gu. The sounds its teeth made, made people feel afraid from deep inside their bones.

Although it wasn’t the first time eunuch Jing De, who was standing at a side saw this. However, when the tragedy once again played, he still didn’t dare to look. He only could lower his head and frown. His lips were in a tight line. He tried his best to not let himself go look at that miserable scene.

At the other side, when the substitute of Wanyan Ming Yue who had been brought her by Jing De saw this scene, she was overwhelmed by fear and went limply on the ground. She had never seen such a horrifying scene. It’s so scary! That red worm was pasted on Yue Lan Zhi’s skin as if it wanted to look at her through that skin.

“Ah...,” Yue Lan Zhi didn’t scream. It was this young girl who screamed first.

“Yue er[4.Er: term of endearment], don’t be afraid! Zhen[5. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] is here.”

Inside the whole dungeon, Wanyan Lie’s expression was the calmest. He was so calm that it was somewhat sick. He helped the young girl stand up. He tightly embraced her waist to avoid her fall on the ground once again.

“Emperor, what is that? So frightening!” The young girl raised her head and looked pitifully at Wanyan Lie. She had never thought that she would experience such a thing. What kind of frightening thing is that? Why is it inside that woman’s body?

The fear of the young girl made Wanyan Lie in a good mood. He liked to see the fear in people’s eyes. He particularly like that kind of fear and panic. “Yue er, be good. Don’t be afraid! She wasn’t good, so zhen used this worm to torture her. As long as you listen well to zhen, zhen would certainly pamper you! And would definitely not let you suffer any bitterness!”

Wanyan Lie’s voice had a magic to it. Seeing the sincerity and respect in the eyes of this emperor, the young girl’s heart slightly trembled. She nestled into Wanyan Lie’s embrace, “Emperor…”

The young girl’s throwing herself in his arms made a trace of disgust appear and disappear in Wanyan Lie’s face. His Yue er definitely wouldn’t have yield so easily in front of a man. No matter how much this woman looked like Yue er, but in the end, she couldn’t be compared to her!

The young girl didn’t know that her actions had left a shadow in Wanyan Lie’s heart. And this shadow may accompany her later life and also determine her life and death.

Yue Lan Zhi only had one breath left. She had fainted many times and every time had she been woken up by the pain.

That mother gu went along Yue Lan Zhi’s body and climbed up. It tore off her internal organs and eat them. Her eyes had been turned hazy by sweat. She could only see a few shadows of the people in front of her. Her voice also became hoarse because of the continued shouting. Now she could only make a low ‘ah’.

“Hehe…,” While appeasing the young girl in his arms, Wanyan Lie looked smilingly at Yue Lan Zhi.

At this time, Yue Lan Zhi’s abdomen and back had almost been fully eaten by the mother gu. Only a thin layer of skin was left. The skin was bright. From this side of skin, you would be able to look to the other side of the skin. The mother gu continued to climb up along Yue Lan Zhi’s vertebra. It arrived at her chest and climbed on her heart.

“Ah…” When the mother gu fiercely bit down, Yue Lan Zhi could feel the intense convulsion from her heart.

Painful! Pain that even words was unable to describe. She fiercely bit on her lips. Her hair was wet from sweat. The hair lay wet on her forehead. The original beautiful facial features distorted from pain. She finally realized the feeling of death. Unspeakable, living was more painful than death.

“Emp…emperor…” Probably because she knew she was about to die, Yue Lan Zhi raised her head and looked at the man not far away. Once, he treated her gently and pampered her like never before. He let her become the most envious golden canary inside this golden cage. Those were her beautiful memories, “Emperor…”

“Your majesty, niangniang[6. Niangniang: used to refer to the females of the imperial family by someone of lower rank] seemed to have something to say to you,” Jing De said in a low voice after he came to Wanyan Lie’s side.

“Oh?” Wanyan Lie held the young girl and came to Yue Lan Zhi’s side. On his face was not a bit of pity, “You called zhen?”

“Emperor…did, did you ever…like me…even a bit…” This sentence, Yue Lan Zhi said it after a few breaths and it took a long time to finished.

Looking at that face of Yue Lan Zhi which was similar to the one in his memories, Wanyan Lie sneered. His thin lips went near Yue Lan Zhi’s ear, “Zhen had never liked you, never ever…”

“Ha…” Yue Lan Zhi didn’t finish laughing when she turned her head. She bit on Wanyan Lie’s left ear. She bit fiercely and used the strength of her whole body.

“Ah!” This time the one who screamed was Wanyan Lie. He wanted to struggle, but unfortunately Yue Lan Zhi bit fiercely. If he struggled, the ear would certainly tear. “Quickly, quickly, kill her!” Wanyan Lie was in much pain and quickly ordered Jing De.

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