Chapter 116 One moment in a spring night is worth thousands (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

TLNote: Unedited version. Second chapter of the week since I think we need some sweetness after reading the horrifying scene about the mother gu

Chapter 116 One moment in a spring night is worth thousands (2)

“Yes!” At this time, Jing De also panicked. No one ever expected that Yue Lan Zhi would do such a ‘disgraceful’ thing. He couldn’t think much. Jing De took out a dagger and stabbed Yue Lan Zhi’s back. The sharp blade penetrated through the ribs and stabbed Yue Lan Zhi’s moving heart.

“Boom…boom…boom…,” the heartbeat gradually stopped. Yue Lan Zhi’s beautiful eyes were wide open. So much unwillingness, so much hatred; all left the world with her death.

It was just, even after Yue Lan Zhi died, her teeth didn’t loosen. She still bit fiercely and didn’t have a trace of releasing.

“Quickly, quickly come and help, fool!” When had Wanyan Lie ever suffered like this? Here, there was only he, Jing De and the young girl. The young girl had been scared so much that she only trembled. Jing De quickly rushed to Wanyan Lie’s side.

Jing De wanted to pry open Yue Lan Zhi’s teeth, but he didn’t have any tools at hand. He could only find a way to break her mouth, but Yue Lan Zhi seemed like even after death she didn’t want to let Wanyan Lie off. Her teeth were fiercely on each other like an imprisoning door. Half of Wanyan Lie’s ear was swallowed in her mouth and she refused to spit it out.

“Quickly go find people to help, you fool!” Yue Lan Zhi’s canine tooth bit through Wanyan Lie’s ear. Blood dripped along his cheek. Seeing that Jing De was so clumsy, Wanyan Lie kicked Jing De’s calf, “Quickly, go find people! Find someone considerate!”

“Yes! Yes, yes!” Jing De was sweating from anxiousness. He rushed and trotted out.

“Emperor, emperor, are you alright?!” The young girl was very scared. Her tears fell. She only cried and couldn’t do anything else, making Wanyan Lie more and more had the impulse to kill this woman.

The blood was still dripping. Wanyan Lie was in so much pain that he almost cursed. Suddenly he heard ‘goo goo goo’ sound coming from far to near. “Goo, goo, goo, goo…” Wanyan Lie was first surprised then he immediately struggled to get up.

It was clear, his fresh blood attracted the mother gu in Yue Lan Zhi’s belly. Now the mother gu smelled the blood of a living person. It was very excited. It crawled up along Yue Lan Zhi’s throat.

“Goo, goo, goo, goo…” that voice was getting nearer and nearer. Wanyan Lie even wanted to die now. F***, why hasn’t Jing De returned yet?! And this damned Yue Lan Zhi was truly a bitch. Even before death, she wanted to calculate him. Truly a bitch!

Wanyan Lie struggled to pull out his ear. He didn’t expect his earlobe tore, making him scream in pain. Even more warm blood spilled out. Being afraid of pain, Wanyan Lie didn’t dare to move. However, he didn’t have much time to be hesitant when a tingling pain came from his ear.

“Ah, ah, ah!” The Wanyan Lie whose end of his ear was bitten by the mother gu screamed. He pulled hard and pulled out the other half of his ear from Yue Lan Zhi’s mouth. Originally, he thought he could be relieved, but the young girl began to scream.

“Emp, emperor! Wo…worm…!”

On Wanyan Lie’s ear a worm as small as a thumb was climbing. It was so red. That worm clenched tightly at Wanyan Lie’s ear and didn’t let go. Wanyan Lie was in so much pain, he screamed and jumped.

‘Pa!’ Wanyan Lie wanted to hit the mother gu to the ground, but didn’t expect it to be so cunning. As if it sensed danger, it immediately went into Wanyan Lie’s ear.

“Emperor, it, it entered!”

The young girl screamed nonstop. Such a scene was truly too horrifying. That meaty and red worm twisted its body and drilled inside along of Wanyan Lie’s ear. When Wanyan Lie wanted to grab the mother gu and pull it out, the mother gu only left a slippery tail. It struggled to get its tail out of Wanyan Lie’s hand. All of sudden, during the struggle it fell onto Wanyan Lie’s brain.

At this time, Wanyan Lie’s head was rumbling loudly. When Jing De returned with people, Wanyan Lie had been hugging his head and rolling on the ground.

“Your majesty, your majesty, what’s the matter?” Jing De was very anxious and quickly asked the young girl what had happened. The girl had also been scared. She could only say through many breath, “Worm…entered emperor’s ear…”

This was bad! Hearing this from the young girl, Jing De’s heart jumped. The worm the girl was referring to must be the mother gu. Now the mother gu entered the emperor’s body. What should they do?

“Quickly! Quickly help emperor up!” Jing De was sweating from anxiousness. He could only let people bring Wanyan Lie out of the underground. When the imperial physician arrived, Wanyan Lie had fainted from pain.

Although Jing De wanted to seal the news that Wanyan Lie had fainted, but there were so many ears everywhere inside the palace. In a short moment, this news reached the empress and consort De. The two immediately rushed over. All the people waited at a side for the result of the examination.

Five imperial physicians took turns to examine Wanyan Lie. The last one was the old imperial physician.

“His majesty disease is really strange!” The old imperial physician narrowed his eyes. After examining for a long time, he raised his head, “Emperor’s ears seemed to have been bitten by someone. Beside his ear is stained with blood. Presumably someone attacked his majesty. The emperor only fainted from pain. It’s nothing!”

The moment the empress heard that someone attacked Wanyan Lie and bit his ears like that, she immediately stood up, “Jing De, who wanted to assassinate the emperor?”

This thing became assassination through Li Bing.

“This…,” Wanyan Lie didn’t wake up yet, so Jing De didn’t know how to answer Li Bing. Seeing Jing De like that, Li Bing immediately put out her attitude of an empress, “Jing De, what had happened? Why did the emperor become like this? You don’t want to say anything, could it be you’re the accomplice of the assassin?”

An accusation of being the ‘accomplice’ made Jing De shiver. He immediately knelt on the floor, “Answering niangniang, [1. Niangniang: used to refer the females of the imperial family by someone of lower rank] it was imperial noble consort!” He gritted his teeth and pulled out Yue Lan Zhi who died for a long time as the scapegoat.

“Noble consort Yue?” Hearing this name, Li Bing’s teeth itched. This woman occupied Wanyan Lie alone, making her (LB) only exist in name and become the joke of the women from the harem. How could she accept this? Now, she finally caught Yue Lan Zhi’s small tail. She must torture Yue Lan Zhi very well.

“Where is she?” When Lin Ke Xin entered, she didn’t see Yue Lan Zhi. This was a good thing, ah. Yue Lan Zhi attacked the emperor. How big is such a crime, ah?! From the empress’s appearance, it seemed that she wanted to make a chapter out of this thing. Then she should only watch the play!

“Escaped!” Jing De once again gritted his teeth. Now, Wanyan Lie hasn’t woken up yet. There’s no one who would back up him. Besides, even if the emperor wakes up, he would not have a way to explain this matter. They could only push this matter onto Yue Lan Zhi.

“Escaped?” The moment Li Bing heard this, she got angry. “Servants, seal the palace. Search for the assassin Yue Lan Zhi! If the other party struggles, kill without pardon!”

Although Li Bing was not favored, but she’s the empress, she's the mistress of the harem. Besides, her son is the crown prince, the future emperor. So, no one on at the scene wouldn’t not give her face. Immediately, the palace became busy.

“What happened?” The empress dowager Dongfang Lan who had already slept had been woken up by the movement from outside. She immediately called Qing Gu to ask her what had happened.

“Miss, emperor has been attacked by noble consort Yue. Now, he’s unconscious.”

“Such a thing happened?” Dongfang Lan was worried about Wanyan Lie’s injury and wanted to go to Long Autumn palace to take a look at him. However, she was stopped by Qing Gu, “Miss, the empress and consort De is already there! You see, in the middle of the night, there’s them who will look over the emperor. Don’t worry. The imperial physician said that the emperor only fainted. Nothing would happen. This slave will go over in your stead!”

Qing Gu was worried about Dongfang Lan. In such a winter night; also, Long Autumn palace is far from Jinxuan palace. Dongfang Lan is already at such an old age; if she goes over and caught the cold, then it would be bad. Knowing that Qing Gu was being considerate, Dongfang Lan quickly tell her some reminders and let her go to Long Autumn palace to see how the situation was.

When Qing Gu arrived, Wanyan Lie was still unconscious. Qing Gu came with the empress dowager’s decree; one, was to tell the imperial physicians to heal the emperor. Second was to tell the empress to control the overall situation.

Chenqie[2. Chenqie: I, used by the females of the imperial family when talking to someone of higher rank] will follow the empress dowager’s decree.” With Dongfang Lan’s decree, Li Bing did things more smoothly and easily. Qing Gu said some reminders and was about to leave when she saw the young girl in white clothes. Seeing that this girl looked familiar, Qing Gu walked over. She almost exclaimed loudly.

“Who are you?”

“I don’t know anything…I really don’t know anything…,” the young girl had become somewhat silly because of so much fear. First was Yue Lan Zhi’s tragic death, then the mother gu entered Wanyan Lie’s brain. Which one was not shocking and extremely frightening?

After experiencing these things in one night, the young girl became silly. Especially when she remembered the appearance of that meaty worm when it entered Wanyan Lie’s brain, the young girl couldn’t help but vomit.

The girl saying this made Qing Gu frown. Why did she encounter someone so similar to princess Ming Yue here? Who is this girl? Why is she here?

“Which palace’s palace maid are you? Come, don’t be afraid!” Qing Gu took the young girl’s hand and let her stand in front of everyone. After seeing the appearance of the young girl, Li Bing and Lin Ke Xing were shocked. Is this not a copy of Wanyan Ming Yue? What is going on?

“I don’t know anything…They said to let me come here and be the imperial noble consort…I don’t know anything else…” The young girl looked at these eyes full of murderous aura. While crying, she shook her head.

Imperial noble consort? The words of the young girl almost made them faint. Li Bing was about to open her mouth, when Jing De quickly came forward and pierced a dagger through the young girl’s abdomen. “Emperor, Jing De took revenge for you!”

“Grab him!” Li Bing quickly let people take Jing De down, but the young girl had already fallen onto the ground and wasn’t breathing anymore.

“Why did you kill her?!” Not getting to know the answers she wanted, Li Bing was a bit angry. Jing De was neither servile nor overbearing, “Answering niangniang, it was her and imperial noble consort niangniang who attacked the emperor. That was why the emperor is still unconscious. Just now, this slave was too busy and didn’t notice her. This slave didn’t expect that she actually hid here. She’s truly too daring.”

Although there were many loopholes in Jing De’s words, but the young girl had already been killed by him. The dead couldn’t testify. Li Bing had no way to deal with Jing De.

After all, Jing De served Wanyan Lie for so many years. He is the emperor’s confidant. If she punishes Jing De for an equivocal suspicion, when Wanyan Lie wakes up, the first one to be unlucky would be her. So, although she had doubts, Li Bing still pushed these doubts down.

The one who also had doubts was Qing Gu. It was just, she spent so many years in the palace and experienced many big winds and waves. Naturally, she wouldn’t display these doubts. She bowed at the empress and consort De. Qing Gu left Long Autumn palace.

It didn’t take long for the news of Wanyan Lie being attacked by imperial noble consort to reach Nan Lin wangfu[3. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank]. Nalan Xin stood outside of Tingsong building with the news. It was not good to enter, but it was also not good to retreat.

Today is Feng Cang’s big day. According to custom, a moment in spring is worth thousands. If he enters rashly and disturbed wangye’s[4. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank] happiness, he would definitely be skinned by Feng Cang. However, the news of something happening to Wanyan Lie was too shocking, ah. If he didn’t tell and delayed wangye’s matter, then wouldn’t it be bad?

Nalan Xin walked back and forth outside of Tingsong building. He couldn’t decide if he should enter or come back tomorrow. He walked back and forth and couldn’t think what to do. Suddenly, he heard a chuckle. He turned and saw that it was Murong Qi Qi’s maid Su Yue.

“Is teacher Nalan looking for wangye?” Because Nalan Xin had taught Murong Qi Qi lessons, so Su Yue and Su Mei also used teacher to call him.

“Yes, there’s something. But I’m afraid to disturb wangye…”

Nalan Xin’s explanation made Su Yue laugh harder, “Teacher Nalan, what matter is bigger than wangye and wangfei’s[5. Wangfei: the main consort/ wife of the prince of first rank] wedding night? Could it be that teacher doesn’t know the importance of a wedding night to a woman? This is wangfei’s only wedding night. If this was interrupted by teacher…really don’t know how shy wangfei would be. Or is it that teacher thinks your place in wangye’s heart is more important than wangfei’s?”

Nalan Xin understood immediately after Su Yue said that. Even though he followed Feng Cang for so many years, but how could he be compared to Murong Qi Qi! Murong Qi Qi is the baby of Feng Cang’s heart and is the person Feng Cang cherishes the most. How could he compare to Murong Qi Qi?!

“Teacher if you have something to tell, it’s better to come look for wangye tomorrow! I’m telling teacher, my miss is the one who kept grudges the most. If teacher angers my miss, then in the future, you will suffer. Presumably, teacher has never experienced the power of a pillow talk!”

When saying this, Su Yue smiled. The dimples on her cheeks showed faintly. Under the moonlight, she was in a green dress and looked like a fairy. For the first time, Nalan Xin discovered Su Yue was such a beautiful woman.

“Thanking miss Su Yue for waking me up!” Nalan Xin bowed slightly at Su Yue making Su Yue a bit startled. She didn’t say anything. She nodded, turned and left.

Inside the building, Feng Cang hugged Murong Qi Qi while telling her stories about his childhood. After hearing about Feng Xie’s and Wanyan Ming Yue’s love story, Murong Qi Qi was somewhat envious. A desire for familial love also emerged in her heart.

Wangye, if princess and great general were still alive, they would certainly be a heavenly couple!”

“Mm!” Feng Cang bit Murong Qi Qi’s fingertip, “Why are you still calling them princess and general, ah?! You should call them father and mother now!”

Feng Cang’s word made Murong Qi Qi’s eyes got wet. That was right! No matter what the result is, Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue are her father and mother. If she’s their daughter, then they're her biological father and mother. If she’s their daughter-in-law, then they’re also her father and mother.

“Alright!” Murong Qi Qi laughed, making Feng Cang almost lost his soul, “Qing Qing, why is it that you’re becoming more and more beautiful in my eyes? So, beautiful, that I’m getting drunk in your arms!”

Feng Cang’s sweet words were endless, making Murong Qi Qi’s heart also become very sweet. The two snuggled for a while. Then Feng Cang hugged Murong Qi Qi. “Qing Qing, it’s time we rest…”

These words coming from Feng Cang had a taste of shyness. Don’t take that he’s a big man and already twenty-five years old, but in that area, he was blank as paper. He wasn’t much better than Murong Qi Qi.

Wangye, I…” The moment she heard the word ‘rest’, her body stiffened. Seeing Murong Qi Qi so nervous, Feng Cang’s big hand gently patted Murong Qi Qi’s back. “Qing Qing, didn’t I say I won’t force you?! I’ll wait for you! I will wait till you’re willing to accept me! Accept everything about me!”

Murong Qi Qi was very moved with Feng Cang being so considerate and gentle. “Wangye, give me time! Give me some time!”

“Alright!” Holding Murong Qi Qi’s somewhat cold hands, Feng Cang gave her a very flirtatious gaze. “Beloved consort, benwang[6. Benwang: this king, I used by the prince of first rank] tossed and turned the whole day and is very tired. If we still don’t go sleep, then tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to get up and go to the palace to pay our gratitude...”

Feng Cang’s act of cuteness made Murong Qi Qi’s mood get a lot better. The two changed clothes and went to bed. Feng Cang turned off the lights. The whole room dimmed.

This was the first time, the two shared a bed and pillow. Murong Qi Qi’s body was a bit stiff. Feng Cang was also not a lot better. The two were stiff for a long time. In the end, it was Feng Cang who chuckled and broke this stiffened atmosphere. “Qing Qing, is it alright if I hug you?”

“Alright!” Murong Qi Qi softly said that. The next moment, she fell into Feng Cang’s wide embrace.

Smelling the fragrance of green apples in his arms, Feng Cang was very satisfied! Just holding her like this, he felt like he got the whole world. His whole heart was filled with happiness. Feng Cang’s arms were unexpectedly warm, making Murong Qi Qi be intoxicated in them.

Perhaps, it was because she didn’t res last night; perhaps it was because today she was very tired from the wedding or perhaps it was because Feng Cang’s embrace was too indulging; Murong Qi Qi fell asleep very fast and was breathing steadily.

Looking at Murong Qi Qi’s slightly turned face, Feng Cang’s heart ached. The wedding must’ve tired her! This little woman, occasionally putting down her strong side would let people’s heart ache so much for her.

A kiss fell on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead again. Feng Cang let Murong Qi Qi stay in his embrace, “Good night! My most beloved little baby!”

Murong Qi Qi was in a deep sleep, but Feng Cang didn’t seem the slightest bit sleepy. It was already over zishi (11pm-1am). The thing that should happen didn’t appear. What did this mean?

In the past, every time when it didn’t even reach haishi (9pm-11pm), his gu poison would act up. But now it’s already zishi, nothing uncomfortable appeared from his body. Could it be because he had vomited the primer of the gu poison?

The sleeping habits of the little person in his arms didn’t seem very good. It didn’t take a moment before Murong Qi Qi bullied Feng Cang like an octopus. Her whole body was dancing like a dough and pasted in his embrace.

Could this little woman not know that he’s a healthy man?! Feng Cang’s thoughts transferred from the gu poison to Murong Qi Qi. This whole night, her apple fragrance stimulated Feng Cang’s mind, making him more and more sober.

“Mm…,” Murong Qi Qi ‘mm-ed’ once. Her small head rubbed Feng Cang’s chest as if she wanted to get more of his warmth.

Her movement didn’t matter, but it woke up all those sleeping cells of Feng Cang’s body. The beauty was in his arms. His whole body stirred and telling him to throw himself on Murong Qi Qi. Can’t!  Feng Cang bit his lips. He promised her to wait till she’s willing and won’t force her. How could he do the non-gentleman thing when she’s asleep?!

However, the woman he loves was in his arms. He obviously loves her very much and wanted to have her completely, but he couldn’t help but play the role of a gentleman. It was like when a hungry person saw water and food, but wasn’t permitted to eat. It was like having dysentery, but couldn’t go to the toilet. Truly f****** torturing! So choking!

“Little brat, when would you completely open your heart to me, ah?!” Feng Cang helplessly held Murong Qi Qi’s slender jade-like fingers. He kissed them and smelled the fragrance of a woman from Murong Qi Qi’s body. “Qing Qing, do you know that I’m nearly going crazy from wanting you?!”

TLNote: A bit explanation about the gu. The gu is an insect that survive from eating human blood and flesh. When dormant, it won't do anything. However when woken up by the special sound of the whistle, it would listen to the whistle sounds and do as the whistler command it (will be in more detail in future chapters). In the story, Wanyan Lie took so many consorts who looked like Wanyan Ming Yue, one was because he needed to satisfy his desire; two, was because the gu needs a host. The moment it is used, without a host, it would die. 

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