Chapter 117 The truth is so cruel (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 117 The truth is so cruel (1)

The night was very quiet. Feng Cang could only hear Murong Qi Qi’s breathing. It was soft like the sound of flowers blooming. It made Feng Cang’s heart itch but he didn’t know what do to about it.

“Little demoness who tortures people!” Feng Cang whispered in Murong Qi Qi’s ear. Sooner or later, he would take over her heart and let her truly become his woman! It was just, he hoped that, that day won’t be too far away, otherwise sooner or later, he would be injured internally from holding in.

A thing called happiness spread through Feng Cang’s heart. Holding her like this and let her sleep in his embrace was something Feng Cang fantasied about for a long time. Now, this dream was finally realized. Feng Cang felt that he’s the happiest person in this world. To be able to have Murong Qi Qi, to be able to have her by his side, to him, these were the best things. So great! Truly!

A night of good sleep. This was the best sleep Murong Qi Qi had in a long time. Usually, she was sixty percent asleep, forty percent awake. She always couldn’t sleep very stable. This time, she slept very well and slept till the awakening of a new day.

“Mm…” Murong Qi Qi moved a bit and slightly opened her eyes. The light outside the window was a bit harsh to the eyes. The softness and warmth under her body finally made her realize that this was her wedding night. She actually slept till morning. If this get out, people wouldn’t be able to accept this.

Feng Cang’s arm was used by her as a pillow. At this time, Feng Cang was in a deep sleep. The long eyes lashes were thick like a brush. They were under those two attention drawing eyebrows. Feng Cang’s nose was high and in a perfect arc. Under the beautiful nose was rosy lips.

“Tsk, tsk, how can a man be so beautiful?!” Murong Qi Qi whispered while chuckling. She couldn’t help but reach out her fingers and let it gently slid down from Feng Cang’s forehead. It went through his eyebrows and arrived at his lips.

“Ay!” Feng Cang opened his mouth, bit Murong Qi Qi’s finger and put on a tiger like appearance.

“Aiya!” Murong Qi Qi didn’t expect Feng Cang to already be awake. He definitely knew what she just did.

Murong Qi Qi’s hair hung loosely on her shoulder. That soft and black hair was like a beautiful satin. Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s hand and said, “Morning!”

Feng Cang didn’t mention it to make her embarrassed made Murong Qi Qi relieved. Fortunately, he didn’t mention it. “Morning!” Murong Qi Qi smiled sweetly. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her eyes. She didn’t understand yet, when Feng Cang’s lips was on her lips. She just opened her mouth in surprise; the other party seemed very satisfied with her reaction and directly dove inside.

Time seemed to be frozen. Murong Qi Qi’s mind was blank. She didn’t know what to think about and didn’t know what she needed to think about. She could only let Feng Cang hug her slender waist and made her stay in his arms. Then, she wantonly enjoyed the fragrance on her lips.

Originally, he wanted to punish Murong Qi Qi for letting him suffer on their wedding night.

However, when he kissed her petals, that small revenge Feng Cang wanted flew to the clouds.

Now, he just enjoyed his own gift. He couldn’t bear to let go of such sweet lips. He sought and sought for more. He wished he could rub her into his bones and become one with her.

“Mm…” Murong Qi Qi made a light sound which made Feng Cang almost broke his will power. This woman was truly the number one demoness of this world! He wished he could jump on her now!

This iwa? Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but leave Feng Cang’s lips. She lowered her head and looked. After seeing what her hand grabbed, blood immediately rushed on Murong Qi Qi’s face. All the blood from shyness and sensitiveness rushed to her head. All of sudden, the blood gathered in her pale little face.

“Ah!” Murong Qi Qi screamed and wanted to stand up. However, she didn’t expect to step on the silk quilt and slipped and directly pushed Feng Cang under her. How amorous this posture could be, was how amorous it was. Murong Qi Qi was sitting with a riding posture on Feng Cang and her upper body was pasted to Feng Cang’s.

Across the silk clothing, Feng Cang could clearly feel the softness of the two clouds on Murong Qi Qi’s chest. Although, it was through clothes, but he could feel those clouds. Following her breath, which went up and down; the clouds distance was sometimes near sometimes far because of this.

“Gulp.” Feng Cang couldn’t help but swallow. He was somewhat nervous and looked somewhat forward to it.

Now, Murong Qi Qi was very embarrassed. Fortunately, there was no one around. Otherwise, they would think that she jumped on Feng Cang and forced him.  Their posture was very amorous and her hands were next to Feng Cang’s ears as if she was kissing him by force. When did she become so ‘hungry’?

“Qing Qing…” there was sweat on Feng Cang’s forehead. His breathing also became heavy. She was pasted to him and was fitted on him, making his restraining heart began to waver. “Qing Qing, if you don’t get up, I’ll take it as you’re willing!”

Feng Cang said it so clearly, how could Murong Qi Qi not hear the strong feelings in his voice? And his tight body seemed like it was ready proved that his words were true.

With a blush, Murong Qi Qi turned to the bedside. A feeling of loss burst in Feng Cang’s heart after Murong Qi Qi left. How great would it be if they could continue! Being a gentleman was very hard, truly hard…

Wangye[Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank], we still need to go to the palace to pay our respect to the empress dowager and the emperor!” Seeing the regret on Feng Cang’s face, Murong Qi Qi’s heart ached a bit. She could feel his strong desire. It was just, there were something that you couldn’t do as you please.

Being woken up by Murong Qi Qi from his deep thoughts, Feng Cang also stood up. The first thing he did after waking up was not calling people to come serve, but was to whistle. “Cuckoo, cuckoo…” A white pigeon appeared at the window. It flew in and landed on Feng Cang’s hand.

Wangye?” The sudden appearance of the pigeon made Murong Qi Qi surprised. She didn’t know what Feng Cang wanted to do with this pigeon. She saw Feng Cang cut the pigeon with a dagger in the neck. He used the pigeons blood to taint the bridal handkerchief. Only now did Murong Qi Qi remember the thing of the blood.

“A pigeon’s blood is the most like human blood.” After taking care of the pigeon, Feng Cang dressed up. Then he dressed Murong Qi Qi up.

Feng Cang was extremely skilled making Murong Qi Qi surprised. She came six years to this world, but was really incompetent as dressing. She couldn’t get those complicated processes. That was why, she designed her dresses very simple. It was just, today she needed to go to the palace and needed to wear a palace dress. That was why, it was very troublesome and she had to rely on Feng Cang.

“Done!” When Murong Qi Qi stood in front of the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire Feng Cang from the bottom of her heart. He could take care of such tedious clothing so beautifully.

Wangye, wangfei[2. Wangfei: the main consort/wife of the prince of first rank]!  The old maid of the palace arrived!” From outside came Su Yue’s voice. Murong Qi Qi’s softly said, “Come in!” The door opened and an old palace maid came in. She was sent to come verify (that they indeed did the deed).

When this old palace maid saw that Murong Qi Qi’s spirit was so good, she couldn’t help but be surprised. Feng Cang was someone who cursed eight wives to death. Today, the old palace maid thought that she would see the happy event turn into a funeral. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi was sitting there very well with an appearance of satisfaction and the shyness of just becoming someone’s wife.

She looked again and saw that the white satin was bright red, the old palace maid immediately grinned. The whole face which was full of folds, because of this happy smile looked several years younger. “Congratulations wangye, congratulations wangfei! Wishing wangye and wangfei to give birth to a son soon! And to have many children!”

“Mm!” Feng Cang nodded. The old palace maid took the white handkerchief and happily returned to the palace to report to the empress dowager.

Those people who secretly kept watch over the wangfu[3. Wangfu: the residence of the prince of first rank] on the outside; when they say the old palace maid happily enter the carriage, they were puzzled. In the past, the red lanterns of the wangfu would turn into white this day. Now, the servants of the residence needed to change into mourning clothes. However, why was it that till now, no news came out? Could it be that Murong Qi Qi didn’t die?

The matter that Nan Lin wangfei had survived the wedding night, in an instant, spread like wind through Yan capital.

Those people who bet that wangfei would die on the wedding night were beating their chest and stamping their foot while crying. Many people bet all their belongings. They didn’t expect that this time was an exception and now they even lost their pants. For a time, cried of complaints filled the roads of the capital. Those people who wanted to make money from Feng Cang’s wedding, now lost miserably!

Inside Long Autumn palace, under everyone’s expectations, Wanyan Lie finally woke up. The pain on his left ear soon reminded him of his experience from yesterday.

“Ou…” The thought that, that meaty mother gu was now inside his body, Wanyan Lie suddenly got up and lied at the bedside while vomiting.

“Your majesty, your majesty, what’s the matter?” The empress and consort De who kept watch the whole night, rushed to the bed. The two were crying like raindrops on a pear blossom. They came in front of Wanyan Lie. “Your majesty, how do you feel?”

“Ou...,” Wanyan Lie gestured with his hand to let them leave. He continued to vomit. After the time to boil a half cup of tea, did he stop.

After vomiting for so long, although it was only retching, but it was still a torture. Wanyan Lie’s face was very pale. When he lied back down, he began to call for Jing De. “Jing De! Jing De!”

Jing De who was kneeling at a side, after hearing Wanyan Lie call him, immediately stood up and came to Wanyan Lie’s side. “Emperor, this slave is here!”

“Jing De, what time is it?”

“Answering emperor, it’s now chenshi (7-9am).”

Chenshi?” Wanyan Lie suddenly opened his eyes, “Chenshi? Then what about Feng Cang? How is Feng Cang?” Seeing that the first thing Wanyan Lie worried about when he woke up was Feng Cang, on the face of Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin flashed viciousness at the same time.

“Emperor, in a moment, Nan Lin wang and wangfei would enter the palace to pay their gratitude towards emperor.”

The moment, he heard that Feng Cang was fine, Wanyan Lei sighed. Those who didn’t know the situation, would think he was excited. How would others know that at this time, Wanyan Lie was now regretting very much in his heart. He actually let Feng Cang escape today and Murong Qi Qi was also fine. All was because of that bitch Yue Lan Zhi!

“Where’s Yue Lan Zhi?” Remembering the viciousness of that woman before she died, Wanyan Lie’s eyes deepened.

“Answering emperor, the imperial noble consort attacked you. Now, the imperial guards had sealed the whole capital and were searching for the whereabouts of imperial noble consort.”

Everything had been ‘clearly explained’ by Jing De. Wanyan Lie nodded, “Very well, you did well!” With these words from Wanyan Lie, Jing De’s burden loosened.

“Your majesty, the imperial noble consort attacked you. She deserves to die! When caught, she needs to be killed!” Li Bing didn’t want to let Yue Lan Zhi go. That woman let her bear too much humiliations. If she didn’t strike the iron while it’s hot now, then it would be a shame.  So, Li Bing wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of Yue Lan Zhi to avoid this demoness to tempt the emperor again.

“Allow!” What Li Bing wanted was what Wanyan Lie wanted. Although, now Yue Lan Zhi was already death, but it would be the best to plant this thing on her. Wanyan Lie was very supportive of Li Bing’s proposal.

Originally Li Bing thought that Wanyan Lie would hesitate. After hearing Wanyan Lie’s ‘allow’, she somewhat couldn’t believe her ears. What was the matter with the emperor? Didn’t he favor Yue Lan Zhi the most? How come now, he’s so merciless?

Could it be that emperor finally understood? He now knows the true face of that fox? That was why he wouldn’t be merciful towards her again? Thinking till here, Li Bing’s joy showed on her face. “Yes! This subject wife would follow the decree!”

Now, Yue Lan Zhi’s life was in her hands. Li Bing looked once provocatively at Lin Ke Xin. How was it? This time I won.

Li Bing’s provocation didn’t let Lin Ke Xin feel despair. Now they didn’t know where Yue Lan Zhi was. Even if they did find her and really executed her; perhaps one day Wanyan Lie would remember Yue Lan Zhi’s good and would then hate Li Bing. She wasn’t as stupid as Li Bing. She only needed to closely follow the emperor’s footsteps.

Wanyan Lie had no effort to care about the fighting and scheming of those women. He’s now very annoyed. In his heart, he cursed Yue Lan Zhi ten thousand times. In the end, Yue Lan Zhi played a trick on him. Now the mother gu is in his body. What should he do?

In the past, every fifteenth of the month, he would torture the mother gu and use the opportunity to torture Feng Cang. Now the mother gu is inside his body. Could it be that he should torture himself? He couldn’t bear such sick way! What should he do?!

Looking at the sky outside the window which gradually turned light, Wanyan Lie suddenly got an idea. Nan Feng country is the birthplace of gu and also the hometown of gu. Especially the Qiang race; they were the best at making gu. Speaking of this, this gu was passed to him by a head of a Qiang tribe. It seemed that to get rid of this mother gu, he needed to ask Nan Feng for help.

He heard that Ming Yue Cheng just ascended the throne and the regime wasn’t stable yet. Why doesn’t he support Ming Yue Cheng and let him (MYC) remember his (WL) good. By then, he (MYC) could send a master of gu to come help him!

After solving his inner burden, Wanyan Lie touched his already bandaged left ear and once again thought about Yue Lan Zhi. That woman was truly vicious! F***! Wanyan Lie once again cursed Yue Lan Zhi. In his heart, he had long sentenced Yue Lan Zhi’s family to death. Thinking about what Jing De just said, that Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi needed to come to the palace to pay their gratitude, Wanyan Lie quickly got out of bed. Jing De, Li Bing and Lin Ke Xin panicked, “Emperor, you’re injured. The imperial physician recommended for you to stay in bed and rest!”

Zhen[4. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] isn’t dead yet!” Wanyan Lie disliked Li Bing’s words a bit. He stretched out his hand to let Jing De help him wear the dragon robe. “Today is the day Cang er returns to the palace with the new wangfei. Zhen can’t miss the time”

This sentence from Wanyan Lie once again made Feng Cang the enemy of the public.

Look, ah! Look how much Wanyan Lie loves Feng Cang, ah!

When he woke up, his first sentence was his concern for Feng Cang. Now, he even disregarded his own body to go see Feng Cang. This was an unprecedented grace, ah!

The atmosphere Wanyan Lie created made Feng Cang became the thorn in these woman’s eyes and the nails in their flesh; especially to empress Li Bing and consort De Lin Ke Xin. Li Bing’s son was the crown prince. Lin Ke Xin’s eldest son had the name of being virtuous. These two people are the blood and flesh of Wanyan Lie. Now, Wanyan Lie put Feng Cang in the first place. What was happening?!

How could Wanyan Lie not know the envy, jealousy and hate in these women’s eyes? At the corners of his mouth was a smile. He let Jing De comb his hair. He was putting Feng Cang in a high place, so high that those people wouldn’t be able to accept it. Then they would form a group and attack. He liked that tactic of borrowing someone else’s sword to kill the most. He was also to most skilled at it.

At this time, Nan Lin wangfu was bustling. The whole wangfu was cheering because Murong Qi Qi was able to break the curse of the wedding night.

In the past, so many wangfei’s died. Not to mention outsiders, even they who lived with Feng Cang felt frightened. The marriage of Feng Cang this time, many people still had the thought ‘maybe this wangfei will also die on the wedding night’. They didn’t expect that in the end Murong Qi Qi was safe.

And the old palace maid of just now, when she came out of Tingsong building, she was all smiles, in high spirits and running as fast as flying…

Now, looking at wangye, he was also full of energy and between her eyebrows showed spring. And Murong Qi Qi had a face full of shyness. What did this mean? This meant that wangye was very happy during this wedding night, ah! Wangfei… of course, she was also very happy, ah! Otherwise, why was she being shy?!

The people of wangfu was very festive. Feng Qi let people lit firecrackers at the entrance to express the festiveness and let those people who hid outside of the wangfu and had fantasy about his master, completely give up.

“Slowly!” Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s hand and appeared at wangfu’s entrance. The two entered the carriage to go to the palace and pay their gratitude. When the people outside of wangfu saw the very alive Murong Qi Qi, they were stunned.

Very alive! Princess Zhao Yang safely passed the wedding night!

Looking at Feng Cang’s and Murong Qi Qi’s loving appearance, nothing seemed to have happened. This time, Feng Cang’s rumors of cursing his wives completely broke down. Pity those people who wanted to win over Murong Qi Qi’s body and get rich. Now they were in despair…

At the palace, when the old palace maid put the handkerchief with the virgin blood on the tray to show Dongfang Lan, this empress dowager who spent the night very scared and on edge, finally smiled.

“Good! Good, good! Really great! So great!” Dongfang Lan was happy for Feng Cang from the bottom of her heart. Now, she won’t think again that Murong Qi Qi is Murong Tai’s daughter. To be able to safely pass the wedding night; this meant that this child was blessed! This also meant that her and Feng Cang’s eight characters were a match! This was a match made from heaven! The perfect couple on earth!

“Congratulations empress dowager!” The old palace maid was already an old person of the palace. Naturally, she knew what Dongfang Lan was thinking. She immediately congratulated Dongfang Lan.

“Good! Reward! Reward!” With Dongfang Lan’s order, Qing Gu took out a large gold ingot and stuffed in the old palace maid’s hand.

“Aiyo, how could this be alright?! This slave only run the errand; how could this slave take the reward from empress dowager?!” Only from the weight, the old palace maid knew the worth of this ingot. She quickly turned it down.

“A reward to you is yours! Accept it! Aijia[5. Aijia: I, used by the empress dowager] is happy today! Everyone would get rewarded!”

Dongfang Lan was happy. The people of Jinxuan palace was even happier. Everyone knew that empress dowager loves Nan Lin wang the most. Now, Nan Lin wang finally met the woman of his fate, people blessed this new couple from the bottom of their hearts.

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