Chapter 121 His secret (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 121 His secret (1)

“Qing Qing, listen to me!” Feng Cang hugged Murong Qi Qi. His phoenix eyes stared at her tearful eyes, “I’m not your brother. We don’t have any blood relations. I’m a child adopted by general and princess! We’re not biological siblings!”

For a moment, Murong Qi Qi didn’t react to Feng Cang’s words. She sat there blankly. She couldn’t help but reach out her hand and touch Feng Cang’s face. She looked tenderly at him, “Big brother, I know you may not be able to accept this fact at this moment, but it’s impossible to change the truth!”

“No!” Feng Cang grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand. His eyes showed eagerness, “I told the truth! My surname is not Feng! I’m not your big brother!”

“Big brother…”

“Don’t call me big brother!” Feng Cang blocked Murong Qi Qi’s lips to stop her from calling out those words that made him sad.

Murong Qi Qi cried harder with Feng Cang being like this. He couldn’t accept this matter. He really couldn’t accept this matter. However, what could they do? Their identity as siblings has been determined. When they would announce it to the world; without doubt, she is Feng Cang’s sister.

Feeling the wetness on her cheeks, Feng Cang let go of Murong Qi Qi’s lips. She cried silently and looked so sad, making his heart unable to bear it.

“Qing Qing, I’m truly not your big brother. I’m the son of an old friend of general…”

Twenty-five years ago, Feng Cang’s parents died in a disaster. It so happened that the child Wanyan Ming Yue gave birth to was just over a month, but because of a cold, he was at the death’s door. Feng Xie brought back the infant Feng Cang. After getting Wanyan Ming Yue’s consent, they let Feng Cang become their child and also let him survive under the identity of Feng clan’s eldest young master.

“Then you…” These words coming out of Feng Cang's mouth were unimaginable to Murong Qi Qi. She even suspected that Feng Cang made up this story to appease her and let her not be sad.

“My original surname was Long.”

Long! Murong Qi Qi thought for a moment. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide and stared at Feng Cang’s face. “Everywhere beneath the sun, there are not many people with the surname Long. The former Qin’s imperial family’s surname was Long…”

Feng Cang gently smiled at Murong Qi Qi for guessing his identity so soon. He pulled her hair on her forehead to the back, “That’s right. Qing Qing, my identity is the same as the one you’re thinking of!”

This explosive news almost made Murong Qi Qi faint. Feng Cang was a prince of former Qin? Twenty-five years ago, Feng Cang was born. Twenty-five years ago was also the time the former Qin had been divided into three countries and perished. Then, Feng Cang’s father was the former Qin’s emperor?

“You are…” Murong Qi Qi thought for a long time, but didn’t come up with the words to describe Feng Cang’s identity.

“The remaining evil element of former Qin…”

Murong Qi Qi laughed at the Feng Cang’s description of himself. Although she didn’t know why Feng Xie took Feng Cang in during that turbulent time, but there must have been a reason!

Wangye,[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] you’re no lying to me, right?” Because of her smile, most of the sadness disappeared from Murong Qi Qi’s face. Her small nose was red. Because of her crying, the skin around her eyes was also red.

“No! I’m really not your big brother!” Seeing Murong Qi Qi happy, Feng Cang also slowly put down his worries.

“Then what’s your real identity?”

Don’t know why, although Murong Qi Qi wanted to continue doubting his words, but the trust she had in Feng Cang let her put all her uncertainties and hesitations into her stomach and didn’t say them out loud. Believe him! That was the voice coming from the bottom of Murong Qi Qi’s heart.

“Be good. Let me tell you slowly.” Feng Cang laughed at Murong Qi Qi’s impatience. He tickled her red nose and wiped her tears for her.

“My biological father was the former Qin’s crown prince Long Yu. My birth mother was Dong Lu’s princess Xia Wan Ying.”

It turned out that former Qin’s crown prince Long Yu and Dong Lu’s princess Xia Wan Ying were married. Also, the two had met in private before marrying. Long Yu brimmed over with talent. Xia Wan Ying was beautiful and touching. Gifted scholar and beautiful lady. They fell in love at first sight. Originally, it was a beautiful story. However, later, a series of misfortunes happened.

  • Gifted scholar and beautiful lady: a pair of ideal lovers

“At that time, not only did the state head Ming Bu Zhi have the thoughts to revolt, he also whispered in my grandfather’s ears and told him that there were only few women like my mother. Grandfather liked beauties and was naturally moved. Before the marriage, he used the reason that the rebels were encircling and sent my father away (to combat the rebels). He then kidnapped the Dong Lu princess,,, who had come for a marriage alliance, into the palace…”

“Ah…,” Listening here, Murong Qi Qi screamed. “That old emperor truly had no shame! That was his daughter-in-law! That was the crown princess, ah!”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi saying this, Feng Cang could only laugh bitterly. He kissed that cinnabar mole on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead.

“My father couldn’t accept the fact that his wife had changed into his consort mother. With the support of great general Wanyan Zhi, he wanted to force the emperor to abdicate and get his wife back. He didn’t imagine that this was a trap set by others.

“Grandfather suddenly died. State head Ming Bu Zhi, the minister of personnel Longze Lan and great general Wanyan Zhi ganged together. Using the reason that my father had committed treason, they attacked my father. My father died protecting my mother…”

“Then, what happened to your mother?”

Listening till here, Murong Qi Qi’s heart was beating very fast. She could completely imagine the scene of the crown prince who lived for love, protecting his wife. Those who were hateful, were those people who calculated them. They were truly sinister and careful! Without any sense of shame and they were despicable!

“My mother hid among the commoners. It was a servant of Feng family who hid her and saved her life. General and my biological father were friends. In the past, general, my father and Wanyan Lie; the three grew up together. Their relationship was the best. However, the ambition of Wanyan family to usurp the throne had been kept from general and my father…Later when my father was met with calamity, general blamed himself. After recognizing my mother, he protected her all the way. At that time, my mother was already pregnant with me.”

“It so happened that I was born only less than an hour after your big brother. Later, when your big brother passed away, the general was in love with princess and came down to the reasoning of keeping me. Plus, the fact that princess was a reasonable person and felt very guilty about her father and brother for usurping the throne. So, she protected me and kept me at her side with the identity of her son.”

Although it was only a few sentences, but Murong Qi Qi knew how much danger and hardship was inside this. “At last, what happened to your mother?”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi ask about Xia Wan Ying, Feng Cang’s thick eyelashes blocked the waves in his eyes. “Do you remember the pagoda to drive away evil spirits? The former Qin perished. The imperial treasure disappeared. When the army broke into the Forbidden City, that huge wealth seemed like it had disappeared from the face of earth.”

“Before grandfather died, the only ones who were with him were my parents. My father died at the hands of a thousand arrows. So, Wanyan Zhi thought that only my mother would know about the whereabouts of the treasure. So, he ordered the arrest of my mother.

“Although there was the protection of great general and princess, my mother knew that if the people found her at Feng residence, she would certainly bring trouble to general and princess. Besides, maybe she would also bring calamity to me. So, she took advantage of the night and ran away. In the end, she was caught at the Buddha Temple.”

“I heard general say, in order to avoid herself being insulted, my mother bit her tongue and committed suicide. Wanyan Zhi released rumors that my mother was a nine-tailed fox and burned my mother’s body. Because of this, there’s now the pagoda to drive away evil spirits…”

A heavy quietness covered the surroundings. Murong Qi Qi’s heart ached so much that she was unable to breathe. Why, why was it like this? Murong Qi Qi tightly embraced Feng Cang. Just now, she clearly saw the tears at the corners of Feng Cang’s eyes. Sorrow, pain, sadness; nothing was enough to describe Feng Cang’s mood now.

Wangye, sorry…,” Murong Qi Qi’s voice choked. She ached, ached for such a Feng Cang, ached for what Feng Cang had experienced.

If it wasn’t for the instigation of Ming Bu Zhi; if the emperor of former Qin didn’t get devious thoughts, maybe the former Qin wouldn’t have perished. Maybe, crown prince Long Yu would have ascended the throne and Feng Cang would have become crown prince and would've also been a great crown prince…

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang’s head buried in Murong Qi Qi’s chest. Although he had been holding back, but the stubborn tears still couldn’t help but fall from his eyes.

Since he got to know his history, he never dared to recall and was afraid to remember. He was afraid that if he'd remembered the experience of his parents, he wouldn’t be able to hold back and cry. So, he had been holding back and never showed anyone. Now, he felt Murong Qi Qi’s warmth, listening to her heartbeat and her voice full of affection and love, the last line of defense in Feng Cang’s heart collapsed.

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang tried very hard to restrain himself and didn’t let himself cry. A real man doesn’t easily cry, merely because they didn’t encounter heartbreaking things.

“I’m here, I’m here!” Murong Qi Qi gently stroked Feng Cang. Her small face pasted on his hair and felt the trembling from her embrace. Murong Qi Qi’s heart also trembled.

Why was fate playing with people like this? Why did Feng Cang had such a past? How great would it be if Feng Xie didn’t tell Feng Cang any of this! Knowing that he would be sad, why did he have to tell him the truth and let him bear with all these things?!

Now, Murong Qi Qi finally understood where the melancholy of Feng Cang came from. In the past, she thought that melancholy was because of Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue. Today, she got to know that deep in this man’s heart, sad secrets were hidden. Such a sorrowful past made his eyes get coated in a layer of sadness, which people were unable to ignore.

Wangye, then your fetal poison?”

“The fetal poison was originally in my mother’s body. I think, it has something to do with Dong Lu. Dong Lu’s empress has always been a female disciple of Penglai Island. My biological maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was young. Later, maternal grandfather married a junior sister of my maternal grandmother and made her empress. After that, my mother’s body became sickly. It was just, she didn’t expect that she would get poisoned…”

Complex imperial relations! Murong Qi Qi had long felt that there was something strange about the poison in Feng Cang’s body. It wasn’t a poison of the mainland. She didn’t expect that it truly had something to do with Penglai Island!

It was just, why did people’s heart needed to be so vicious! Why did they need to be so cruel? Why did they need to struggle for power? Why should they want things that originally didn’t belong to them? Is human nature good or evil? Is a human’s heart complicated or simple? Why did they need to create so many tragedies and let Feng Cang bear all these alone?

Wangye!” A never before emotion poured into Murong Qi Qi’s heart. She knew now why Feng Cang didn’t announce at the palace hall that they weren’t siblings. Because his identity was complicated and involved former Qin.

If Bei Zhou’s, Xi Qi’s and Nan Feng’s authorities got to know that there was still a bloodline of former Qin’s imperial family, then what Feng Cang has to face will be the assassinations by three countries! Those people who won the power and divided the world, how could they allow a person with the blood of the former Qin’s imperial family to stay alive?!

Naturally, the less people knew about Feng Cang’s identity, the better it was. If it was exposed, then it would bring him unprecedent assassinations…

“Qing Qing, do you know? When princess was pregnant with you, she and general promised me, if it’s a girl, they would let her be my bride.”

“At that time, you were in princess’s belly. When the fetus moved, she often let me listen to your voice at her belly. While I listened, princess would tell me, this is your little bride, yo! At that moment, I felt so happy, so happy!”

“Just now, when you took down Water Moon Mirror, my heart almost stopped. How come you’re so beautiful?!” When Feng Cang raised his head once again, the wetness in his eyes disappeared.

“At that moment, I thought it was the grace from heaven! I thought you went with general and princess. I didn’t expect you to still be alive in this world and also lived with me and be loved by me! No matter if it was a marriage set by the parents or the feelings of love that grew between us after getting to know each other, in the end, you’re still my Qing Qing and became my bride. Don’t you think our fate is rooted deeply and nothing could cut it off?”


Murong Qi Qi didn’t know what language she should use to express her feelings now. She lowered her head and kissed Feng Cang’s forehead for the first time. This was something Feng Cang loved to do the most. It’s said if a man likes to kiss your forehead, it meant that you’re the most treasured person in his heart. Being loved by him for so long, now, let her be the one to love him!

“If you call me husband, I’ll be happier.”

Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi, pried her lips open and explored her fragrance.

Without the status of siblings to pressure her, the burden in Murong Qi Qi’s heart was completely put down. Murong Qi Qi didn’t reject Feng Cang’s kiss. Like a small bird, she nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. Her small hands were on his shoulders and she gently took the initiative to respond to his gentleness.

Two people with the same life experience found a point of resonance in the other’s body.

The two were orphans and their parents died. Besides, their parents had been calculated by others and died tragic deaths at the hands of the wicked. Feng Cang’s frankness completely shattered the obstacle between them. This pair of lovers kissed like they were drunk, as if they looked forward to this kiss for a century.

Only when Murong Qi Qi’s small face became red and breathless, Feng Cang let go of her.

The misunderstanding had been unlocked. The pressure stone in Murong Qi Qi’s heart disappeared. So, her mood was good. Her smile also brought a taste of sweetness and happiness.

Suddenly, Murong Qi Qi remembered one thing. She looked serious at him, “Wangye, you didn’t make up a story to lie to me just because you like me, right?! I’m not against love between siblings, but siblings are close relatives. The child born from them wouldn’t be healthy and is prone to deformity!

Seeing the doubts on Murong Qi Qi’s face, Feng Cang chuckled and tickled Murong Qi Qi’s nose.

“Qing Qing, could it be that you don’t know, only the former Qin’s imperial family have purple eyes? The grape violet was the most respected and also meant the purest lineage! Otherwise, why would I use every means to cover up my eyes?!”

“Three kingdoms divided Qin. Everyone from the former Qin’s imperial family, including babies, have been slaughtered. I’m the only one left. If I’m discovered, what I need to face would then be three countries…”

After Feng Cang said this, Murong Qi Qi immediately realized Feng Cang’s situation. “Wangye, are the people around you reliable?” The people Murong Qi Qi was referring to was those people around Feng Cang and who had seen his purple eyes. If these people were not reliable, then wouldn’t it be trouble?

Feng Cang was very pleased at Murong Qi Qi being so concerned about him. He took Murong Qi Qi’s hand and kissed the back of her hand, “They’re all my people and won’t betray me. Those who betrayed me have long died.”

“Then, it’s good,” Murong Qi Qi nestled against Feng Cang. Without the taboo of sibling’s love, Murong Qi Qi returned to her former self. “Wangye, then what do you want? Do you want to be emperor? Do you want to restore Qin dynasty?”

“No,” Feng Cang shook his head.

“Why? Don’t all men have a special obsession with power?” Murong Qi Qi sat up and looked at Feng Cang with surprise.

“Qing Qing, I’m only obsessed with you.” Feng Cang’s words had a taste of flirting, making Murong Qi Qi feel shy, “I’m being serious! Could it be that you never thought of getting revenge for your parents? Getting back what belonged to you?”

“Hehe…,” hearing Murong Qi Qi say that, Feng Cang laughed. His eyes had ten thousand emotions, “If the country is at chaos, those who would suffer are the commoners. It’s been twenty-five years already since the four countries split the world and coexisted peacefully. If I break this, then I would need to face unprecedented pressure.”

“Besides, being an emperor may not be the best. Sitting in that position, you would lose your heart and human nature because of power. I don’t want lose myself one day and become that cold and selfish person. Since I don’t like it, I won’t step into this circle of problems. The more you want, the more you would lose. I don’t want to lose what I already have, such as you!”

“But, if Qing Qing want to be the most noble woman in this world, for you, I’m willing!”

“No! I don’t want!” Murong Qi Qi shook her head and leaned on Feng Cang’s chest, “Just now, I was worried, worried that wangye would have thoughts to revive the dynasty; worried that wangye was obsessed with power and desired riches. Now, I apologize to you. I was wrong. I don’t want the nobleness you said. I only want to be with the person I love and spend the rest of our life in peace. Grow old together and never separate!”

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