Chapter 122 His secret (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 122 His secret (2)

“Qing Qing…” Feng Cang was happy from the bottom of his heart. The woman he selected was indeed different.

He saw too many women who were more obsessed than men, with the thrill power brought them. And also to get to that place, they would do anything; harming others and harming themselves. From being simple-minded, they would turn into complex people. From being good-hearted, they would become vicious. He was worried that Murong Qi Qi liked power. He didn’t expect, like Murong Qi Qi, he also thought too much. His woman should of course be a match with him!

“Now talking about it, it also wouldn’t be good if we don’t have anything and are like commoners, don’t you think so, wangye?!”[1. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] Murong Qi Qi smiled and her bright eyes flashed slyness. “Besides, Wanyan Lie is our enemy. Even if we want to put it down, someone may not be willing.”

“You mean?”

“Since Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue are my parents and their death had something to do with Wanyan Lie; no matter what, I must get revenge for them! Besides, the two of them have the grace for saving your life and also the grace for bringing you up. There is a saying that said, the grace of bringing someone up is greater than the grace of giving birth. On the account of these, we can’t let Wanyan Lie off!”

Murong Qi Qi’s words once again coincided with Feng Cang's thoughts. Feng Cang looked, full of disbelief, at this little woman in front of him. She truly was a gift from the gods to him. She could even guess his mind.

No matter what his identity is, no matter what happened to Long Yu and Xia Wan Ying; in his memories, those people and things were a blank paper.  He could only imagine the stories from what Feng Xie told him. However, Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue were true existences in his life. They gave him unlimited care and infinite warmth. They replaced Long Yu and Xia Wan Ying, gave him the love of a father and mother and let him feel the warmth of a family.

So, he could let go of restoring the country and let go of revenge, but he couldn’t put down Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s vengeance. Those people who let him lose the warmth of a family he'd gotten with difficulty and who let the woman he loves lose her parents, he wouldn’t let go of even one!

“Qing Qing, how could I not love you?!” Before, he'd already loved this woman very much. Now, after getting to know that she’s Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter, he is willing to love her deep to his bones. He is willing to use his whole life to love her!

Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue were also his parents. They gave him too much, too many things. During helpless times, they were separated like yin and yang. He couldn’t repay the love they gave him. He could only double the repayment on their only daughter Murong Qi Qi. He wanted to let her become the happiest person in this world! To never need to worry about anything!

Within a day, Bei Zhou’s Yan capital experienced two turbulences.

The first one was that Murong Qi Qi survived the wedding night, making more than half of the capital lose money.

When those people were forced to count money to give to the gambling dens and were weeping sorrowfully to the heavens, another explosive news exploded all their grief away…Murong Qi Qi is actually great general Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter and is Feng Cang’s little sister!

When this news swept the capital, everyone was stunned. If Murong Qi Qi’s identity is Feng clan’s daughter, then last night, wouldn’t she and Feng Cang be…oh god, a total mess!

When everyone’s imagination was running wild and even fantasizing about how hot the scene between a pair of sibling was, someone released news.

It turned out, that year at Yandang mountain, Li Qiu Shui kidnapped princess Ming Yue’s daughter i.e. Murong Qi Qi. She raised her at the prime minister’s as her own daughter. Her purpose was to take revenge on Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie.

And before the marriage, the wise Murong Qi Qi learned about Li Qiu Shui’s plan. She, along with her big brother, staged a fake play to lure Li Qiu Shui. In the end, the truth was revealed. In fact, nothing happened between them last night!

With this ‘truthful’ news released from the palace, the commoners came to a conclusion. So, it turned out that they’re siblings. No wonder there was no curse. It turned out that they didn’t consummate the marriage. So, once again, the people began to mourn for the money they lost. Tears flooded the whole capital.

The only one who benefitted from this bet was Guanghua gongzi.[2. Gongzi: young master] Although, the other mysterious person’s ten million had also multiplied ten times, but Guanghua gongzi had bet with one million golden teals, ah!

  • I think the other person bet with silver, while GH bet with gold.

One hundred thousand golden teals multiplied ten times is one million golden teals! Thinking of one million golden teals, those bosses behind the gambling dens were anxious like ants on a wok pan. What should they do, what should they do? Even if you kill them and sell their meat, they wouldn’t be able to raise one million golden teals, ah!

In any case, since it’s a gamble, there would be winning and losing. The bosses of the whole street of gambling dens sacrificed everything and scraped five hundred thousand golden teals together.

Still five hundred thousand golden teals short. Guanghua gongzi sent people to sign an agreement with them. This bet transformed Guanghua gongzi into a part owner of the whole street. Every gambling den needed to hand over thirty percent of their profits to Guanghua gongzi till they paid off the remaining five hundred thousand golden teals. And also the interest during this repayment period was very scary.

However, whatever the outcome, they still kept their gambling dens and didn’t need to live on the streets. Although those bosses of the gambling den felt that Guanghua gongzi went overboard, but in their heart, they still felt grateful. At least, he didn’t let them close their doors and didn’t break their way of income.

“Miss, Wu Qing has already put away the golden teals safely. One part was shipped to the world’s first place of business. Another part was stored as funds.” After Su Mei got these done, she reported everything to Murong Qi Qi.

“Alright! Not bad! First, don’t force them too much. Wait till the right time to swallow them all.”

Murong Qi Qi had recovered from the matter of being siblings. Her mood was very good. After Feng Cang confessed his background to her, he'd hurriedly left. Although he didn’t say anything, but Murong Qi Qi knew he went to quell those rumors.

After all, yesterday she was still a wangfei.[3. Wangfei: main consort/wife of the prince of first rank] Today, she'd become princess Zhen Guo, making people feel incredible. If someone with a hidden motive spread some rumors first, then gossip would be a fearful thing. Feng Cang, as Nan Lin wang, must have his own means to make propaganda. Murong Qi Qi was very assured at letting him go put down the fire.

“Miss, are you really Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter? Then, then are guye[4. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] and you not…” Seeing the tranquility on Murong Qi Qi’s face, Su Mei could no longer remain calm.

Ever since Wanyan Lie’s edict had arrived at the wangfu,[5. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] this matter almost made Su Mei faint. In the end, she was able to retain her calmness and deal with the matter of the bet. However, confusion pressed in Su Mei’s heart, making her unable to hold it in any longer.

“Are we what?” Murong Qi Qi put down the things in her hand and looked calmly at Su Mei. The concern for her from this girl, who'd followed her for six years, was real. Her worry was also real. Su Mei and Su Yue were people she trusted. It was just, Feng Cang’s identity was too special. Now, she had to keep it from them.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi so calm, Su Mei was even more sure that Murong Qi Qi had received a big blow. Following Murong Qi Qi for so long, Su Mei knew that the more Murong Qi Qi’s emotions fluctuated, the more calmer she would be on the surface. She must be so sad. That was why on the outside, she looked so serene.

“Miss, cry out if you’re sad! There’s me, there’s Su Yue. We will stay by your side. Don’t hold it in your heart and let yourself be sad alone!”

Su Mei’s heart ached for such Murong Qi Qi. Although Du Xian Er’s name was very famous, but Su Mei knew Murong Qi Qi was just a simple person. Sometimes, she’s even very childish.

Murong Qi Qi’s relationship with Feng Cang was so good. This matter must be a big blow to her! If Murong Qi Qi cried and made a fuss or committed murder and arson, Su Mei would’ve felt that that was normal. However, now she didn’t do anything and was so silent. It was as if nothing had happened. This really was not normal and made people feel surprised.

“Su Mei, I’m fine…”

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to finish, Su Mei pulled Murong Qi Qi into her embrace, “Miss, although you’re the miss, but I always saw you as my little sister! Encountering such a thing, miss must feel very sad and feel very painful! Miss, don’t pretend to be strong. Cry out! Pretend that I’m your big sister and cry in my arms!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry at Su Mei being like this. This silly girl, ah! Hearing in Su Mei’s voice that she was about to cry from anxiousness, Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but let go of Su Mei, “Su Mei, it’s not like what you think. I’m indeed Feng Xie’s biological daughter. This is true. However, it’s also true that I like wangye and wouldn’t give up because of this!”

“Well said!” A voice came in. Wanyan Kang stood at the door. The moment, he saw Murong Qi Qi, he shouted.

“Ah, ah, ah! Are you cousin-in-law? Are you really cousin-in-law? Are you certainly definitely my cousin-in-law? Why is your appearance completely changed? Could it be that in the past, you wore a human skin mask? Cousin-in-law, this little brother had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai, ah! I actually called you an ugly thing. My eyes must’ve been blocked by gums.”

  • Had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai: fail to recognize someone important or someone with great talent.

“Why did you come here for?” Miss was already so sad, Wanyan Kang still came to make fun. This made Su Mei’s mood take a turn for the worse, “Did you come to watch a bustling scene?”

“No, I really didn’t…”

Su Mei’s unstable mood made Wanyan Kang unable to make heads or tails out of it. “I only heard the matter of cousin-in-law and specifically came here to support cousin-in-law. Although, I know that now, I should call you little cousin sister, but I feel that cousin-in-law is more to my taste…”

“Cousin-in-law, no matter who you are, what your identity is, I will support you and cousin brother!”

Wanyan Kang didn’t finish speaking, when his head suffered a chestnut from Su Mei, “Aiyaya, small pepper, what are you doing?! It really hurts, do you know?!”

“Who let you talk nonsense, ah! Miss is wangye’s little sister. Siblings being together, do you want my miss to be scolded by everyone?! What kind of brains do you have?  How could you let our miss do such a thing?!” The originally locked emotions in Su Mei were now released.

“What does it matter?! As long as they truly love each other, why the need to bother with other people’s views?! Could it be that love shouldn’t break through all obstacles? If everything you do, you need to take other people’s views into consideration, then what meaning does living have?!”

Wanyan Kang’s words illuminated Murong Qi Qi’s heart like a lamp. That’s right, ah! Thinking about it now, those hesitations, indecisiveness and concerns were all a display of not being confident. She, a person who'd time-travelled, couldn’t even compare to Wanyan Kang.

“Ah Kang, thank you!” Murong Qi Qi sincerely thanked Wanyan Kang for knocking her awake. It would be wrong if she continued to be embarrassed! Why was it that the moment she encounters situations related to Feng Cang, she would lose her usual pride and personality?! Even if Feng Cang was her biological big brother, since she already fell in love, then she would even love in death! Not to mention that Feng Cang and her didn’t have any blood relations. They should love each other even more without any scruples!

Murong Qi Qi’s gratitude stupefied Wanyan Kang. Then, he revealed a hearty smile, “What’s to thank?! No need to thank a big grace! But, when we're outside, I still need to call you little cousin sister to avoid those censors catching my language and then pray (nag) about me in front of emperor father. I can’t stand those censors! It’s just, suddenly getting a delicate as flower and refined as precious jade little cousin sister, I really can’t get used to it!”

  • Delicate as flower and refined as precious jade: exquisite

Wanyan Kang’s arrival made the whole atmosphere become lighter. Looking at Wanyan Kang who was flirting and bickering with Su Mei, Murong Qi Qi thought about Wanyan Lie. If one day, she and Feng Cang stood opposite of Wanyan Lie, then would it be very difficult on Wanyan Kang as their friend?

“Toda,y you come to look for our miss, it couldn’t be so simple as to see our miss, right?!” Su Mei saw that Murong Qi Qi’s mood was a lot better, and she also became happier. All this was because of those few words from Wanyan Kang. Although, those words didn’t have any reasoning, but it’s alright since miss liked them and miss was happy.

“Oh, right. If you didn’t say it, I would’ve forgotten the main reason. Cousin-in-law, my consort mother wants to invite you for tea at Jingxin hall…”

While saying this, Wanyan Kang’s expression was a bit awkward.  It seemed that he had a trace of disgust towards consort De. Although it was fleeting, but Murong Qi Qi keenly captured this.

“For tea?” Murong Qi Qi felt that her relationship with Lin Ke Xin wasn’t that deep. Just when her identity was revealed, Lin Ke Xin had already clung to her. What intention did she have?

“Alright, I’ll tell you honestly!”

Wanyan Kang admired Murong Qi Qi from the bottom of his heart. Although he calls her cousin-in-law, but the admiration inside it was true. Now, his consort mother wanted to calculate Murong Qi Qi. Wanyan Kang couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Now, you’re princess Zhen Guo. Your status is even above emperor father’s biological daughter. So, those women in the palace are beginning to have ideas about you.”

Thinking about how consort De hurriedly called him into the palace and said those words to him, Wanyan Kang couldn’t help but sneer. Because of the tournament of the four countries this time, Wanyan Kang became very familiar with Murong Qi Qi. So, Lin Ke Xin found Wanyan Kang to let him come forward and invite Murong Qi Qi. Like that, Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t refuse.

“What?! Have ideas about our miss? Then, is miss in danger?” The moment Su Mei heard that, she stood up and wished she could rush into the palace and kill all those women with bad intentions.

Wanyan Kang smiled at how Su Mei didn’t understood the true meaning of his words.

This girl was innocent and also simpleminded. Perhaps, it was because of this hot temper and innocence that attracted him! He felt tired and disgusted at those fighting and calculative women in the palace. Only when he was next to Su Mei did Wanyan Kang feel physically and mentally relaxed. A girl without any schemes and who was clean was very good!

Seeing that Wanyan Kang didn’t explain and only giggled foolishly at her, Su Mei got angry. A chestnut fell on Wanyan Kang’s forehead, “Quickly talk, ah! who wanted to calculate our miss, ah? Is it your consort mother? Say, on which side do you stand?”

Su Mei’s chestnut made Wanyan Kang grimace in pain. He clutched his head and pretended to scream, “Aiyaya, so painful! Aiyaya, murdering husband, ah!”

“Murder, your head, ah!” Although she was saying that, Su Mei still couldn’t help but go over to look, “Is it really painful? Let me look!”

“Look…” Wanyan Kang pouted full of grievances and showed the small bump on his forehead.

Seeing that Wanyan Kang was injured by her, Su Mei felt vexed. She forgot that she had great strength and didn’t take that into consideration. Thinking that Wanyan Kang was a soft skinned and tender fleshed prince, where would he have ever suffered such a knock?!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!” Su Mei immediately took out medicine for Wanyan Kang. “Quickly tell me! What’s going on?! You only said half the matter, truly making people anxious!”

Wanyan Kang knew that the relationship between Murong Qi Qi and Su Mei was deep. Seeing Su Mei being so anxious about the matter of Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Kang simply explained.

“Through generations, only the most favored princess from the imperial family was qualified to be princess Zhen Guo. Princess Zhen Guo could enjoy the right to participate in politics and had military power. It’s a supreme glory and also the symbol of power.

“Emperor father bestowed cousin-in-law with the title of princess Zhen Guo. Presumably, in his heart, he loves cousin-in-law very much. In the future, don’t know what kind of rewards he would give cousin-in-law. Now, the empress and consort mother are having ideas about cousin-in-law. With such a noble and powerful daughter-in-law, their son’s status would be consolidated!”

It wasn’t very easy for Wanyan Kang to explain everything so clearly. On one side was Murong Qi Qi, the other side was his birth mother. That he could point out the ideas of those women in the palace and tell her, Murong Qi Qi knew that Wanyan Kang truly was helping her.

“Thank you, ah Kang!”

“Haha, you’re welcome!” Wanyan Kang gestured with his hand, but the next moment, his expression turned serious. “In fact, it was I who should apologize. My consort mother truly went overboard. It was just, she’s my consort mother; I could do nothing to her.”

“Cousin-in-law, I know your personality is that you would take revenge on what needed to be avenged. Today, I told you these so frankly, I also had my selfishness. I want to ask you for a request. If in the future, my consort mother does something wrong against you, please give me some face and leave her a way out. Take it as me begging you!”

Wanyan Kang’s honesty make Murong Qi Qi think back about the test on the sixth floor of the pagoda. Wanyan Kang held the mirror and all the words he cried out were mother consort. It seemed that Wanyan Kang put a lot of weight on this mother. It was just, Lin Ke Xin had been immersed in power and ignored the love between mother and son…

Speaking of it, Wanyan Kang’s playfulness were all a pretense. This prince looked bright, but he was only someone who wished for motherly love.

“Good!” Murong Qi Qi answering so straightforwardly made Wanyan Kang let out a sigh of relief. As long as Lin Ke Xin doesn’t go overboard, Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t take action against her. He wished his consort mother would behave and not calculate too much!

“In fact, my consort mother wants to match you with my second big brother. However, you have cousin brother. Of course, your heart wouldn’t fancy another. In fact, my second big brother is deep-minded. Cousin-in-law must be careful!”

Murong Qi Qi was very grateful at Wanyan Kang’s repeated reminders. This prince really is the weirdo of Bei Zhou’s imperial family. Growing up in the imperial family, but he was still able to retain his personality and integrity. Wanyan Kang truly was someone not bad!

Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi looked at Su Mei. These two really matched each other. If they could be together, it would become a great story!

“Princess, the imperial’s edict arrived!” At this moment, Feng Qi stepped with respectful step to Murong Qi Qi, “Please move to the front hall!”

“Uncle Feng, I couldn’t bear you being so polite. Treat me like you usually does! Letting an elder like you be like this, would let my life be shortened!” Murong Qi Qi could feel the respect of Feng Qi towards her. That was a respect of an elder from family towards a master of Feng family.

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