Chapter 126 Monstrous jealousy (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 126 Monstrous jealousy (2)

“My mother also liked plum blossoms…,” Murong Qi Qi whispered as she gently stroked the bright red flowers.

Murong Qi Qi’s words let Wanyan Lie get lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. The way he looked at Murong Qi Qi also became gentler. It seemed that many years ago, Ming Yue had also dressed like this and stood in the plum blossom garden very beautifully. Until now, he was unable to forget it.

“That’s right, ah! Ming Yue likes plum blossoms the most…”

While saying this, Wanyan Lie’s voice had a trace of loneliness in it, surprising Murong Qi Qi.

Why, whenever he mentioned Wanyan Ming Yue, Wanyan Lie’s tone sounded so sad? She'd heard that when Wanyan Ming Yue was alive, this big brother loved her very much and wished to get the stars from the sky for her. If this love was real, then why would Wanyan Lie plan that matter of Yandang mountain? Why did he plot against the husband and wife, Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue? And why did he put all hatred on Feng Cang?

This man was full of complex contradictions. In the end, what kind of secrets were there?

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Murong Qi Qi staring at him, Wanyan Lie smiled gently. Wanyan Ming Yue was the number one beauty of the world; as her big brother, when Wanyan Lie was young, he was also a handsome man. Even now, though he had become old, but his bearing was still out of the ordinary and didn’t show an old state.

“Uncle, I like this Long Autumn palace very much. In the future, I will come here often.”

Murong Qi Qi’s words made Wanyan Lie’s mood very good. He wanted to tell his good news to Ming Yue immediately; to let her know that he'd found her daughter, that he'd found her baby!

Murong Qi Qi stayed for a long time in Long Autumn palace. Wanyan Lie accompanied by her side. He introduced everything of Long Autumn palace to her. When they arrived at the place where Yue Lan Zhi had previously lived, Murong Qi Qi discovered that this place had been sealed off.

“You said it was bad luck, so zhen[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] let people seal it. Anyway, this place is big. You could choose any place you like and live there.”

“Mm!” Murong Qi Qi nodded. She turned and looked at the yellow seal on the red door. Then, she left Long Autumn palace with Wanyan Lie.

Although, she'd entered the palace this time because of Lin Ke Xin’s invitation, but in the end, Murong Qi Qi didn’t talk much with Lin Ke Xin. After she'd left Long autumn palace, she had been sent out of the palace by Wanyan Lie. Feng Cang heard that Murong Qi Qi had returned to the wangfu,[2. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] so he didn’t say anything further and also left.

And Wanyan Lie’s actions made Lin Ke Xin’s heart feel even more uneasy.

What did the emperor mean? She (MQQ) was obviously someone she'd invited, but she'd only stayed for a short time in her Jingxin hall. She (LKX) didn’t even had time to let Wanyan Yi and Murong Qi Qi cultivate feelings before she (MQQ) was taken away by Wanyan Lie. Later, he'd even personally let Jing De send Murong Qi Qi back to the wangfu.

Could it be that her Jingxin hall was a place with severe floods and fierce beasts? Was he worried that she would swallow Murong Qi Qi? Or was it that the emperor had other thoughts?

  • Severe floods and fierce beasts: extremely dangerous or threatening

Lin Ke Xin wondered about the emperor’s thoughts for a long time. In the end, she concluded that in Wanyan Lie’s heart, the position of crown prince was still unshakeable. Wanyan Lie had seen through her plan. Although he didn’t say anything, but he directly blocked the interaction between Wanyan Yi and Murong Qi Qi. Was this not obviously showing that he was helping Wanyan Hong?

It seemed that she needed to use some unscrupulous means! Instantly, Lin Ke Xin thought of Wanyan Kang.

Wanyan Kang had seemed very close with Murong Qi Qi. Since the emperor wanted to obstruct, then don’t blame her for using another way to achieve her purpose! This throne is her Yi er’s![3. Er: term of endearment]  Only her Wanyan Yi was the most suitable candidate for that position!

After she had been sent back to Nan Lin wangfu, Murong Qi Qi saw two acquaintances as soon as she'd entered. One was Longze Jing Tian. The other was Bai Yi Yue. Murong Qi Qi was somewhat surprised at the appearance of these two.

“Miss Murong, are you really general Feng Xie and princess Ming Yue’s daughter?” Seeing that unfamiliar face, Bai Yi Yue couldn’t believe her eyes. After hearing Murong Qi Qi’s story, Bai Yi Yue had the feeling of being deceived.

“I am.” Murong Qi Qi couldn’t guess the complex feelings in Bai Yi Yue’s eyes nor understand them. It was just, why was the thing called ‘hate’ in Bai Yi Yue’s eyes?

“You lied to me!” The voice of the always gentle like water Bai Yi Yue rose. Her tone became sharp, “I saw you as my good friend. I didn’t think that you would actually lie to me!”

“Yi Yue, I also just recently found out about it…”

“I don’t want to listen!” Bai Yi Yue roared this sentence. She fiercely glared at Murong Qi Qi’s face, “I was blind and took a wrong friend! In the future, you are no longer my friend! I'm also unworthy to associate with princess Zhen Guo!”

Leaving this sentence behind, Bai Yi Yue ran out of Nan Lin wangfu.

“Yi Yue!” Murong Qi Qi wanted to chase after her, but as soon as she left the place, she saw that there was no longer any trace of Bai Yi Yue. Murong Qi Qi was very worried about her. She saw Ruyi nearby and immediately stopped him, “Ruyi, help me protect miss Bai! I am afraid that she will do something foolish!”

After hearing Bai Yi Yue’s situation, Ruyi nodded and went to search for Bai Yi Yue.

“Do you know why miss Bai was like that?” Longze Jing Tian came up behind Murong Qi Qi. Seeing her worried face, he explained, “Yi Yue (Remembering Yue), Yi Yue; when miss Bai’s father named her, in his heart, he was thinking of another woman. That person was your mother, princess Ming Yue…”

After Longze Jing Tian said this, Murong Qi Qi understood. She remembered those words Bai Yi Yue had said on the sixth test in the pagoda.

“Father, is mother really just that woman’s substitute? Yi Yue, Yi Yue, could it be that father really couldn’t forget that woman named Ming Yue? Father, mother waited for you so many years, why are you so cruel? Actually, daughter hates the name Yi Yue very much, because daughter…feel heartache for mother…”

So, it was like this. Murong Qi Qi finally understood. No wonder when Bai Yi Yue looked at her, her eyes were filled with hate. Presumably, she was crying injustice for her mother!

“This matter doesn’t have anything to do with you. Don’t blame yourself. Miss Bai is a sensible person. She would understand!” After seeing that Murong Qi Qi really cared about this friend Bai Yi Yue, Longze Jing softly comforted at her side.

I hope so…Murong Qi Qi was thinking in her heart. She regarded Bai Yi Yue as her true friend and didn’t want to lose her. She didn’t want to become like this and let the grievances of the parents affect their friendship.

Fortunately, there was Ruyi who would take care of her. Presumably, nothing would happen to Bai Yi Yue in the meantime. Murong Qi Qi felt slightly more at ease. She looked at Longze Jing Tian, “Jing wangye, why did you come today?”

“I especially came to show my gratitude to princess for saving my life!”

Longze Jing Tian’s words were vague. Murong Qi Qi didn’t understand. Seeing that she didn't comprehend his words, Longze Jing Tian reminded her, “Back when I was being chased, it was princess who'd saved me. That time, princess said that you’re Du Xian Er…”

“Oh…” Hearing Longze Jing Tian had brought up the past, Murong Qi Qi chuckled, “It was only a slight effort, wangye[4. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] shouldn’t be concerned about it.”

“Although in princess’s heart, it was only a trivial matter, but benwang[5. Benwang: this king/ I, used by the prince of first rank] had always put princess in my heart.”

Longze Jing Tian stepped forward and caught the scent of the green apple fragrance coming from Murong Qi Qi’s body. His heart was immediately moved. Fortunately, he didn’t miss her! Fortunately, he didn’t give up! Fortunately, they still had a chance…

“Does wangye intend to repay me?” Murong Qi Qi took one step to a side. She didn’t like people getting so close to her, aside from Feng Cang.

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘withdrawal’ made Longze Jing Tian laugh bitterly in his heart. It seemed that he'd offended her very badly in the past. So, now she didn’t even want to give him any chance. “It’s me, I want to repay princess. I just don’t know how to show my gratitude!”

“Very simple! Firstly, bengong[6. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family] likes money. Although in the past, wangye has indeed given me gold. But, if five hundred thousand made wangye feel that it didn’t match your status, you could add more money. Secondly, bengong is tired and wants to sleep. Troubling wangye to go back. Bengong needs to go get my lost sleep back!”

These two points blocked Longze Jing Tian’s mouth completely. He thought that the debt of gratitude would be repaid with the flesh. He thought that since Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang had no chance, he could take advantage of this opportunity and marry Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t expect that the other party would only have two requirements: one was money, the other was f*** off. This woman really didn’t give him face.

“Xian Er…” Seeing that Murong Qi Qi had turned and wanted to leave, Longze Jing Tian reached out and grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s wrist. “Xian Er, give me one more chance, alright? Originally, you were engaged to me. Originally, you would've been my wangfei!”[7. Wangfei: main consort/wife of the prince of first rank]

“Let go!” Murong Qi Qi wanted to take back her hand. She didn’t expect that Longze Jing Tian’s hand was like shackles and firmly locked her in place.

“No!” Longze Jing Tian gritted his teeth and looked at that beautiful face of Murong Qi Qi. “Benwang once let go and almost let benwang brush past the love of benwang’s life. Now, benwang has finally gotten the opportunity. This time, benwang absolutely won’t let go, absolutely…”

Not waiting for Longze Jing Tian to finish, a figure in white appeared in front of him. The next moment, Longze Jing Tian felt pain in his lower abdomen. He was directly sent flying with a kick. With a ‘boom’ sound, he fell on the ground.

“Servants, close the door, let the dogs out…” Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s waist and looked coldly at Longze Jing Tian. He only came a bit late. He didn’t expect that such a big and stinky fly would appear. He (LJT) actually touched Murong Qi Qi’s wrist! This is his! His!

“Cough, cough!”

Longze Jing Tian clutched his abdomen and painfully curled on the ground. He didn’t think that Feng Cang would appear so suddenly. He also didn’t expect that Feng Cang’s kick would be so powerful. A piercing pain came from his abdomen. That kick had been really strong.

Now, Feng Cang said “Close the door, let the dogs out”; what did Feng Cang take him for?

Wangye, are you leaving by yourself or do you want us to shoo you away?” Feng Qi led a group of people towards him and they all surrounded Longze Jing Tian. Everyone glared at Longze Jing Tian, and if he'd said, “I won’t leave”, they would be very willing to lift him up and throw him out.

A country’s wangye being thrown out; how shameful would that be?! Longze Jing Tian struggled and stood up by himself, “Benwang will leave by myself!”

Before he stepped out of wangfu, Longze Jing Tian turned once more to look at Murong Qi Qi, “Xian Er, I won’t give up! I definitely won’t let go!”

“Get out…” There was obviously anger in Feng Cang’s voice. His tone reached Longze Jing Tian. It made his ears feel a piercing pain. Longze Jing Tian quickly clutched his ears. How sorry his figure could be, was how sorry his figure was now.

‘Bang…’ Not waiting for Longze Jing Tian to take a breath, Nan Lin wangfu’s entrance closed with a bang. He was thoroughly closed out and couldn’t see Murong Qi Qi’s figure again.

I won’t give up! You’re mine! I won’t give up! Longze Jing Tian clenched his fists and fiercely turned back. He looked back once again at the red door. Murong Qi Qi was the bride he'd set his eyes on. He won’t give up. He would never give up!

Inside Tingsong building, Feng Cang was full of vinegar. He bit Murong Qi Qi’s ear like an angry little animal and vented the dissatisfaction in his heart.

Wangye, there’s really nothing between us. You have to believe me!” The warmth from her ear made Murong Qi Qi’s whole body feel itchy. She quickly dodged his bite.

“Humph! You call him wangye. You also call me wangye. I don’t even know which wangye you're calling!”

Feng Cang put his arms over each other and pouted angrily. The originally almost transparent face, because of anger, had become red like an apple, making people couldn’t help but want to kiss that face.

And that pair of devilish beautifully eyes were now full of fire. At his Qing Qing’s side, there were so many flies. The big one called Longze Jing Tian actually chased her to the wangfu and also grabbed her wrist. How could he not be angry?!

Feng Cang was arrogant and lovable. Murong Qi Qi could only go to him and give him a superficial kiss on the face. “How about I call you something else? What do you like? For example, Cang, Cang Cang, little Cang Cang, beloved, darling, baby…”

Only when Murong Qi Qi recited a series of nicknames, did Feng Cang’s face become a bit better, “In any case, I don’t want a popularized nickname! Lest I couldn’t tell if you’re calling me or calling Longze Jing Tian!”

Feng Cang saying this, let Murong Qi Qi know that he truly was angered by Longze Jing Tian’s matter. She didn’t expect that when this man is jealous, his temper was really bad. However, getting jealous meant that he cared about her. This was something to be happy about. When a man didn’t care about you anymore, no matter what you do, even if you eloped, he wouldn’t have an opinion!

“How about we kill him?”

Feng Cang clapped at Murong Qi Qi’s suggestion, “Great! I heard that Moyu is the best at assassinations. Qing Qing, why don’t we ask Moyu’s killers to kill Longze Jing Tian? What do you think?”

When Feng Cang mentioned Moyu, Murong Qi Qi’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch a while. What did Feng Cang hear? Could he know that she’s Du Xian Er? If he knew that she’s that killer who was like a serpent from those rumors, what would he think?

“Forget it, don’t kill him. After all, he’s still in Bei Zhou. If something happens to him, Xi Qi would certainly make trouble for Bei Zhou.” Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to speak, Feng Cang immediately changed his opinion and kindly left Longze Jing Tian’s life intact.

Just when Murong Qi Qi was thinking about why Feng Cang had changed his attitude, Feng Cang’s chin was on her forehead, “Qing Qing, your heart can only have me, do you know that?! Just the thought of you falling in love with another, makes my heart feel pain as though a dagger was carving it. Qing Qing, you've already become a part of my life. If I lose you, I don’t know what to do…”

These words of affection were what Murong Qi Qi wanted to say, but unexpectedly, Feng Cang said them first.

“Cang, I won’t fall in love with another, because you've already filled my heart and nobody else could enter it.” To this point, Murong Qi Qi could only use such words to express her heart. And the firmness in her watery and full of feelings eyes, made Feng Cang’s worried heart gradually calm down.

“Then, it’s good” Feng Cang closed his eyes and kissed Murong Qi Qi’s forehead.

In the afternoon, Feng Cang summoned Nalan Xin to the study.

“Go, go investigate wangfei’s identity.” The moment Nalan Xin entered, Feng Cang threw a piece of paper at Nalan Xin. After reading the contents, Nalan Xin frowned, “Wangye, you’re saying that wangfei may be Moyu’s Du Xian Er?”

“Firstly, go investigate Longze Jing Tian. He was once running away from an assassination. Go investigate who'd saved him. If it was Du Xian Er, then Du Xian Er is wangfei.” The moment he thought about what he heard during the day, Feng Cang’s heart would feel uneasy.

If Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er, then it could explain why every time Guanghua gongzi[8. Gongzi: young master] would stake (bet) a thousand pieces of gold on one throw on Murong Qi Qi…

  • Stake a thousand pieces of gold on one throw: throw away money recklessly.

The rumors of the jianghu[9. Jianghu: world of martial arts] were that Du Xian Er and Guanghua gongzi were a couple. If Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er, then who was Guanghua gongzi? What was their relationship? If they really are lovers, then what should he do?

Feng Cang didn’t dare to think further. Ever since he heard that Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er, his heart hadn’t yet calmed down.

In Feng Cang’s heart, the probability of Murong Qi Qi being Du Xian Er was very high. Du Xian Er was very good at using poisons and Murong Qi Qi was Lian gongzi; being able to save people was also being able to kill people. Those who were proficient in medicine were also proficient in poisons; this matched like a puzzle. Besides, Du Xian Er was beautiful like a fairy, that was why she got the name ‘Xian Er’. And how could Murong Qi Qi’s outstanding appearance be described with only ‘Xian’…

  • Du Xian Er: Du = poison, Xian= fairy/immortal/goddess, Er= term of endearment

If it was determined that Murong Qi Qi’s identity was Du Xian Er, then wouldn’t it mean that he had a strong rival…Guanghua gongzi?

The work efficiency of Fu Sheng Men was very high. That night, Nalan Xin returned with the answer. Sure enough, the one who had saved Longze Jing Tian was Murong Qi Qi. Besides, it was because of Du Xian Er that Longze Jing Tian had broken off the engagement and split with Murong Qi Qi. It was just, that fool didn’t know Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er. Now that he found out, he regretted it. That's why he'd come to look for Murong Qi Qi and continue their fate once again.

Wangye, what should we do?” Seeing that Feng Cang’s face changing from black to white and white to black, Nalan Xin was a bit nervous. Usually, such a situation indicated that master’s mood was very bad and that someone would die. He didn’t know who that unlucky person was.

“Shut down Guanghua gongzi’s Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai!” Feng Cang commanded this order with gritted teeth. I don’t care who you are! You dare to fight with me over Qi Qi; I will let you regret coming to this world!

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