Chapter 127 The Fight of the dragon and the phoenix (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 127 The Fight of the dragon and the phoenix (1)

Nalan Xin understood the strong vinegar taste in Feng Cang’s words.

Ever since he got this wangfei,[1. Wangfei: main wife/consort of the prince of first rank] wangye’s[2. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] eyes only had wangfei. Now, he knew wangfei’s 'secret’. Feng Cang, who had such a strong personality, naturally wouldn’t tolerate this.

After all, Guanghua gongzi[3. Gongzi: young master] had a good reputation. Before, wangye praised Guanghua gongzi for withstanding the pressure - that evil and good couldn’t coexist- and still be together with Du Xian Er.  He also praised that they were an outstanding couple of the jianghu[4. Jianghu: world of martial arts]. Now that he knew Du Xian Er was wangfei, wangye couldn’t hold it any longer and also couldn’t calm down.

However, not only Feng Cang, even Nalan Xin was shocked at this result.

Wangfei was such a gentle and lovely woman, how could she had anything to do with the Du Xian Er, the one who caused people's faces to change colour whenever they heard her name? Nalan Xin truly couldn’t imagine it.

In the jianghu, there were many rumors about Du Xian Er. No matter if it was vicious and merciless, or killed people as though she was cutting grass, Nalan Xin didn’t see these actions with his own eyes so he didn’t think it was believable. However, at the very least, Moyu had flourished in these five years after it was put in Du Xian Er’s hands. This was an indisputable fact. This woman had the ability and the courage and was a rising star in the jianghu.

It was just, Du Xian Er was wangfei? Wangfei was Du Xian Er? Nalan Xin still hadn't recovered about this from the moment he got the news.

Although there hadn’t been much contact between him and Murong Qi Qi, but when he was a teacher at the Murong household, he had taught Murong Qi Qi lessons for some time. During that period, he didn’t notice anything strange from Murong Qi Qi, ah.

If he didn’t really verify Murong Qi Qi’s identity, he truly wouldn’t be able to accept that wangfei was Du Xian Er.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t difficult to find the similarities between Murong Qi Qi and Du Xian Er. Outside, it was rumored that Murong Qi Qi was a rubbish. However, how could a rubbish pass the tournament of the four countries? Let alone pass the finals!

No matter if it was against Guli or Murong Qing Lian, from beginning to end, Murong Qi Qi’s weapon had been a red muslin. To be able to manipulate a red muslin like it was her own body, how could a person like this not be a master?! It seemed that there were times they had seen a person wrongly.

Presumably, after finding out wangfei’s identity, wangye must have been very shocked!

Previously, when the rumors about Du Xian Er and Guanghua gongzi had spread out, wangye was relieved and felt that Du Xian Er’s marriage had been solved. He also could justify himself to that old poisonous fart of Moyu. Now, Du Xian Er was wangfei and he loved wangfei so much. Between the two, a Guanghua gongzi fell from the sky as the third party; wangye must feel very anxious and uncomfortable in his heart.

Wangye, I’m afraid that it’s not very good to touch Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai. It seems…”

Nalan Xin hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Feng Cang. He (FC) stood up. His phoenix eyes narrowed. From the icy purple eyes exuded a strong chillness, “You’re right. Touching Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai is just to scratch the outside of the boot. I’ll kill him to avoid danger in the future!”

  • To scratch the outside of the boot: ineffectual

Feng Cang’s words made Nalan Xin stunned. He was dumbfounded for a moment. Then, Nalan Xin softly asked, “Wangye, you…you mean kill Guanghua gongzi?”

“Of course! He dared to touch my woman, he also needs to have the ability to withstand my anger!”

What did that have to do with this?! Nalan Xin almost fainted. Just now, he wanted to persuade Feng Cang to consider the balance of powers in the jianghu and not to touch Guanghua gongzi for now. However, now master wanted to directly kill Guanghua gongzi?

Heavens, master must have surely been carried away by jealousy. Could it be that he didn’t know Guanghua gongzi’s prestige among the commoners? Could it be that he didn’t know that killing Guanghua gongzi would let all the women in the world rebel? This was simply making everyone an enemy, ah!

Since ancient times, the most dangerous wind is the pillow talk. Although there was nothing to fear from those women, but in this world, there was no woman who didn’t like Guanghua gongzi’s clothes and jewelries.

  • Wind: pillow talk/intimate conversation in bed

Killing Guanghua gongzi was the same as killing the longing in their hearts for beautiful things. Forget those women crying, in case they blew wind at their men, then what to do? Many of them would be from the jianghu, from the court and also from the imperial family. If that wind blew up, it could sweep the mainland completely, ah!

Wangye, Guanghua gongzi is not an ordinary character. Below, you have the merchants; above, you have the nobility. As long as there’s a place with a mistress, there would be no place who didn’t love Tong Bai Zhai and Jue Se Fang. Even the empress dowager in the palace couldn’t praise Tong Bao Zhai’s jewelries enough…If you really touch Guanghua gongzi, the tears of those women would be enough to flood Yan capital!”

What Nalan Xin said was the truth. However, his words got converted into another meaning in Feng Cang’s ears, “He’s but a man who relies on women!”

“Cough, cough!” Nalan Xin was choked by his saliva. These words from Feng Cang was too mean. If Guanghua gongzi truly relied on women, and he (G) and wangfei were a couple; then didn't that mean that wangfei is maintaining a gigolo?! Wangfei maintaining a gigolo, then what is wangye? Green hat? Nalan Xin couldn’t help but stare at Feng Cang’s head…

  • Green hat: cuckhold

Nalan Xin’s expression was strange. Now, Feng Cang also became aware of the strangeness in his words. He also coughed twice, “In short, there are three steps to deal with a rival. First, inquire about the actual situation. Second, determine each position. Then, kill in one shot!”

Hearing Feng Cang's words, Nalan Xin almost spat out blood. What’s the matter with wangye? He's actually using military strategies to deal with a rival. Really rare!

Feng Cang had never been as tense as now. Although there were many stinky flies at Murong Qi Qi’s side; for example, the put things out in the open Longze Jing Tian. Another example, Wanyan Hong, who operated secretly. Another example, the proper Li Yun Qing…However, they were all people he had seen in person and they had exchanged some blows.

There's a saying: easy to dodge a spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark. He had been busy guarding against the flies, so he didn’t know when this outstanding Guanghua gongzi captured his little wangfei. How could he endure this?

  • Easy to dodge a spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark: hard to guard against secret conspiracies

Not to mention, he had seen those other rotten and stinky flies. That Guanghua gongzi was elusive. Even though he'd guarded his little wangfei tightly day and night, but they'd still kept in contact. Besides, they'd also become a famous couple of the jianghu. How could Feng Cang accept this?!

When did they get to know each other? How long had it been since they’ve known each other? When did their feelings blossom? Under his strict guarding, how did this Guanghua gongzi contact Murong Qi Qi? These questions puzzled Feng Cang, making his mind unable to turn.

“Wangye, since you have so many headaches, why don’t you go ask wangfei? From this subordinate’s point of view, wangfei still cares very much about you!”

“No!” Feng Cang rejected Nalan Xin’s suggestion. If Murong Qi Qi told him a heart-piercing and heartbroken result, then what should he do? If Murong Qi Qi says that she’s only temporarily living here and in the future, she would fly away with Guanghua gongzi, he was afraid that he would really do something terrible.

“Wangye, the most important thing between lovers is honesty. Since you love wangfei, why don’t you frankly tell her your thoughts? You need to communicate more, communicate more…”

“No!” Feng Cang gritted his teeth. He didn’t want love out of sympathy and didn’t want Murong Qi Qi to give him love out of charity.

Since Murong Qi Qi was Du Xian Er, then she must have known about those rumors of her and Guanghua gongzi. She knew and still let such rumors appear. With his understanding of Murong Qi Qi, Guanghua gongzi must weigh very much in her heart.

Feng Cang was somewhat nervous. He was afraid that between Guanghua gongzi and him, Murong Qi Qi would choose Guanghua gongzi. He couldn’t make himself go face this truth.

Seeing Feng Cang’s complex expression, Nalan Xin felt even more that love was a torturing thing. The originally wise and like an immortal wangye, why would he always lose his reasoning when encountering matters related to wangfei? Could this be the so called 'those involved couldn’t see clearly'?

It seemed that no matter what he says, wangye wouldn’t accept. He might as well let their passion collude once again.

Since Guanghua gongzi was an opportunity, why not use this opportunity to let wangye and wangfei’s heart come closer to each other?! It was just, if Guanghua gongzi truly blocked wangye’s road of love, no need for wangye to speak, he would clean the road for wangye.

Thinking till here, Nalan Xin no longer expressed his views. He only waited for Feng Cang’s instructions.

“I don’t care what method you use, but I want you to find Guanghua gongzi in the shortest time possible. If he doesn’t show his face, then clean Tong Bao Zhai and Jue Se Fang with blood. I don’t believe that he still won’t come out after being forced like this! I want to personally see what kind of person this rival is. He dared to have ideas about my woman!”

“Yes!” Toward this wangye who was full of jealousy, Nalan Xin knew that opposing wouldn’t work. The only way was to find Guanghua gongzi, tie him up in front of wangye and let them pk. Otherwise, wangye’s vinegar would flood the entire Bei Zhou.

Feng Cang stayed in the study a long time for the matter of Guanghua gongzi. When he returned to Tingsong building, it was already night. Murong Qi Qi had long changed clothes and slept. Seeing that calm face of Murong Qi Qi under the candlelight, Feng Cang reached out and gently stroked her slightly furrowed brows.

“Qing Qing, I won’t let go! I will even bring you to heaven or hell! Also, don’t think to break free from me!”

Sensing that there was someone, Murong Qi Qi slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Feng Cang, she yawned lazily, “You returned!”

This sentence let Feng Cang’s mood become a lot better. It was like a wife waiting at home for the husband to return. She then would use the sentence ‘you returned’ to eliminate the fatigue from the husband.

“Come, I’ll help you take off the outer clothing!” Feng Cang picked up Murong Qi Qi. These past few days, it had been him who helped Murong Qi Qi dress. She seemed particularly incompetent at these cumbersome clothes. She was already so big, but still couldn’t get the inner and outer skirt right. So, Feng Can incumbently became Murong Qi Qi’s ‘nanny’.

“Mm…,” Murong Qi Qi was very sleepy. She closed her eyes and let Feng Cang take off her clothes. When, her body felt cold, the next moment, she was put into a warm blanket by Feng Cang.

Touching a gentle body, Murong Qi Qi climbed to Feng Cang with her eyes closed. “Why did you return only now?! I waited a long time for you…”

Because of being sleepy and half conscious, Murong Qi Qi had her eyes closed from beginning to end. Her voice had a trace of whine and blame in it. Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. He felt how real she was in his arms. His worried heart finally eased down.

“There were some things that needed to be dealt with. That was why I came late. Be good! Sleep! I’m here next to you!”

“Mm!” Murong Qi Qi nodded. Her small face leant on Feng Cang’s solid shoulder. Her small hands fumbled over Feng Cang’s body for a while, “Cang…”


“Although, you looked quite thin, but your body still quite had the material, ah! Murong Qi Qi groped with her eyes closed. Her fingers wandered on Feng Cang’s abdomen. “Eight packs, Cang, you’re very sexy, oh! Really, a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, ah!”

While talking, Murong Qi Qi’s small hand continued to explore. She was muddleheaded from sleep; how would she know that her behavior undoubtedly provoked Feng Cang’s male dignity? Just when her hand slipped to his lower abdomen, Feng Cang caught her hand in time.

“Cang?” Murong Qi Qi was a bit dissatisfied being interrupted by Feng Cang. She strived to open her eyes and looked at Feng Cang.

“Little lazy cat, I don’t want to get you when you’re muddleheaded!” Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s naughty hand and took her into his embrace, “You must be very tired today after entering the palace. In the future, let’s don’t go anymore! Lest to not get a headache after seeing those people!”

Feng Cang’s words successfully changed Murong Qi Qi’s line of sight. She nodded very cooperatively, “That’s right! In the future, aside from meeting grandmother, we won’t meet anyone else! That crown prince is very annoying. Second prince is also very annoying. Ah Kang is so pitiful. We need to care more about him…”

“Alright!” Feng Cang chuckled. He touched Murong Qi Qi’s lips. Seeing Murong Qi Qi close her eyes once again, Feng Cang thought about the words Nalan Xin said, be frank, communicate….

“Qing Qing, Longze Jing Tian called you Xian Er? Why…?”

Feng Cang didn’t know if such behavior was disgraceful or not. At this moment, Murong Qi Qi was very muddleheaded from sleep. Her brain wasn’t working well. Asking her now, she certainly will speak the truth. He took this opportunity to get information from Murong Qi Qi, is it a bit despicable?

Just a moment, the Feng Cang who thought about being a bit despicable and was a bit ashamed; after seeing Murong Qi Qi’s pinky cheeks, his heart was hit once again.

Let’s just be shameless! In any case, Murong Qi Qi is his woman. Even if he needed to give it his all, he still would let her become his physically as mentally! Now, it’s the time to defend and fight for his wife. It was not the time to talk about benevolence and morality. Could it be, to let him shake hands on the battle field with the enemy and say, “How are you?! Did you have dinner? The weather is not bad today, ah!”

Even if he was polite, those flies who was like wolves wouldn’t because of this, give up the ‘harassment’ of Murong Qi Qi. If they were polite, they wouldn’t covet his Qing Qing!

“Because I still have another name called Du Xian Er, ah!”

Sure enough, it was the same as what Feng Cang thought. Murong Qi Qi was muddleheaded from sleep. How would she know what sober is? That was why, when Feng Cang asked her, she answered!

“Qing Qing, are you Moyu’s Du Xian Er?”

“Yes!” Murong Qi Qi pouted and frowned, “Don’t I look like it?”


“No, not like, I am!” Murong Qi Qi yawned a small yawn. Her small mouth came to Feng Cang’s face and ‘smacked’ his face a bit. “Goodnight, Cang. I’m so sleepy…Also, my heart only has you and doesn’t have him…”

After saying that, Murong Qi Qi’s breathing was even. Her mouth was slightly open like petals.

This woman, ah! She didn’t have any guarding in front of him. Feng Cang deeply kissed Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. She acknowledged her identity. His heart also got a certain.

Now, the only problem is the matter of Guanghua gongzi. Could it be that Guanghua gongzi pestered and didn’t want to leave his Qing Qing alone? Otherwise, why would she say that her heart doesn’t have him? Is this ‘him’ not referring to Guanghua gongzi?

Murong Qi Qi had a good sleep. Although Feng Cang hoped he could think the relationship between her and Guanghua gongzi clearly, but he didn’t know why with a beauty in his arms, he was sleepy enough. Not long after, he fell asleep with his arms around Murong Qi Qi.

Since Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang shared a bed, the list of things Su Mei and Su Yue needed to do had become smaller. This guye[5. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] dealt with every matter, regardless of its importance. It made the two of them have less work to do.

Feng Cang had to go to the morning court every day. He got up early and always put his official robe on very carefully, without a sound. Then, he would leave kisses on both of Murong Qi Qi’s cheeks, her forehead and her lips before leaving. Murong Qi Qi slept in during the winter. She always happened to wake up just when Feng Cang comes back from the morning court.

So, the work of dressing her became Feng Cang’s work. During these past two days, even Murong Qi Qi’s hair had been done by Feng Cang.

Murong Qi Qi’s hair was long to her ankles. It slid like satin. Feng Cang loved it very much. So, he simply took over the job of combing her hair over from Su Mei and Su Yue. Although he couldn’t do complicated hairstyles, but he could still do simple braids. It so happens that Murong Qi Qi liked to be simple. So every day, she walked around wangfu[6. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] with a small pigtail.

“Miss, guye is really a versatile husband. He’s not only elegant in public but also good in the kitchen.” In the garden, Su Mei and Su Yue, one on each side, accompanied Murong Qi Qi.

  • Elegant in public but also good in the kitchen: good husband/wife both domestically and socially. It’s usually used to describe the wife

These two didn’t know about Feng Cang’s real identity. So, they were scared out of their wits about Feng Cang staying in Murong Qi Qi’s chamber. Although, in these times, there were also marriage between siblings, but the marriages were mostly between cousins. Where were there people like miss and Feng Cang who're acting like this despite being biological siblings? This was too shocking!

  • In China, cousin from the paternal line (cousins with the same surname) were considered brothers and sisters. For example, if my father’s brother had a son/daughter, he will be called eldest brother/sister. My father had a son/daughter, who will be called second brother/sister. And if my father’s brother had a son/daughter again, the son will then be called third brother/daughter. The ‘cousin’ usually is omitted and I need to only use ‘brother/sister’ to address them. Even if ‘cousin’ is still used, which is very rare, it would be tang-ge (big cousin brother) and not the biao-ge (big cousin brother) from the maternal line. It was not so well accepted to marry cousins with the same surname. However, it was accepted to marry cousins from the maternal line (cousins with different surnames).

But later, seeing that Feng Cang treated Murong Qi Qi with his whole heart, these two gradually accepted it.

Siblings being lovers was against human relations. However, since miss truly likes him, naturally they hope miss to be happy! It was just, even though they supported Murong Qi Qi, but they were also worried. They feared that this love of miss would never be able to see the daylight! Hiding this, when will it end?!

Seeing Su Mei teased her, Murong Qi Qi laughed, “Ah Kang is also not bad, ah! Recently, he came so much to the wangfu and wished he could move in here…

“Miss!” Su Mei’s face turned red after Murong Qi Qi mentioned Wanyan Kang. She stomped, “Miss, if you continue to be like this, I’ll ignore you!”

“Alright, alright, alright! I won’t speak anymore!” Although Murong Qi Qi didn’t spoke, but the laughter in her eyes couldn’t deceive people.

Su Yue laughed at a side. Su Mei’s face got redder. She didn’t dare to do anything on Murong Qi Qi, Su Mei picked on Su Yue, “Su Yue, don’t laugh at me. I saw on a certain year, a certain month, a certain day and a certain night, you and a certain person were whispering sweet words…”

“Oh? Su Yue also has love affairs now? What is it? Tell me!” The moment Murong Qi Qi heard, her small face was filled with excitement, “When did it happen? Who’s the man who had such good eyes? And took a fancy on our Su Yue?”

The Su Yue who was originally teasing Su Mei, after hearing this was stunned, “What did I do? Su Mei, don’t arrange anything for me, ah! Miss, don’t listen to her!”

“Tsk! Not at all! It was on miss’s wedding night. Su Yue and Nalan Xin talked for a long while under the building!” Su Mei saw that Su Yue had a serious look, she immediately broke the news to Murong Qi Qi, “Miss, you don’t know. When Su Yue left, Nalan Xin stared at her back for a long time. While looking, he also laughed foolishly…”

“Lass, what are you talking about?!”

Compared to the hot temper of Su Mei, Su Yue was a lot think skinned. Seeing Su Mei bring up a ‘groundless’ matter, she explained to Murong Qi Qi, “Miss, it’s not like that! That night, teacher Nalan Xin seemed to look for wangye about something. I stopped him. It was just like that, there’s nothing else!”

“Really?” Murong Qi Qi touched her chin and looked thoughtfully at Su Yue, “Nalan Xin? He’s not bad! He’s wangye’s people. I can help you two be a match…”

The more Murong Qi Qi talked, the more outrageous the matter became. Su Yue was angry. Her small face was red. She wanted to explain, but she didn’t know how to say it. Now, Su Mei was happy. She applauded at a side, “Miss, why don’t you be Yue Lao and pull a red string to let them become a pair. How great!”

  • Yue Lao: the god of marriage

“Great, you ass!” Su Yue was pressed to much. She finally uttered foul language. “I won’t leave miss. I will serve miss my whole life! If we all leave, who would take care of miss?!”

Hearing Su Yue’s words, Su Mei didn’t laugh any longer. She thought about when sir Mozun passed away. He personally told them to take good care of Murong Qi Qi. If they really all marry, then at Murong Qi Qi’s side there would be no close people.

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