Chapter 136 Lover’s night (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 136 Lover’s night (2)

“Don’t scare me, ah!” Hearing the palace maid in green say that, the palace maid in pink’s face turned a bit pale. She grasped the clothes around her neckline and looked around.

“What I said is the truth! From beginning till now, eight imperial noble consorts have died here. After noble consort Yue disappeared, everyone from Long Autumn palace were arrested and killed. It seemed like one of the palace maids serving noble consort Yue had run to the empress dowager and asked for the empress dowager to save her. In the end, a thrashing from the empress dowager beat her to death!”

“Wow, really?! Didn’t the empress dowager always abstain from eating meat, prayed to the Buddha and had a very good heart?! Why was it like this?!” The palace maid covered her mouth with a disbelieving look on her face.

“You, ah!” The fingers of the palace maid in green poked the forehead of the person opposite her. “To be able to survive in this palace, who is really kindhearted?! How many times have I told you, if you want to survive in this palace, you need to pretend to be blind, deaf and mute! You must remember!”

“Mm! Big sister, I’ll listen to you!”

It turned out that these two palace maids were a pair of sisters. When they left, Feng Xie immediately sprung out and left Long Autumn palace.

The words of the two sisters continued to echo in Feng Xie’s ears. What kind of secret was there in Long Autumn palace? Why was everything in the chamber the same as Wanyan Ming Yue’s boudoir? What kind of secret was there inside this?

All the problems were stacked up together, making Feng Xie unable to find the door inside this. It was just, thinking about what the little palace maid had said just now, once someone had begged the empress dowager for help. Feng Xie quietly went to Jinxuan palace, wanting to find some clues from there.

Inside Jinxuan palace, the old empress dowager was just having a lunch break. She was a bit happy because of yesterday’s birthday banquet and played for a while more. Today, it was difficult for her to manage.

After drinking tea, Dongfang Lan comfortably let out a sigh. She held Little Snow and gently combed her hairs.

“Qing Gu, how’s Chun Xing?”

“The injuries on her body are almost healed. Chun Xing is grateful that miss saved her and also let this slave bring her kowtow for miss.”

“Forget the kowtow. Let her take good care of the injuries and then come see aijia.[1. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] Recently, aijia’s eyelids have been jumping badly and aijia doesn’t know what it means. It's just the right time to let Chun Xing come and explain the matter of Long Autumn palace to aijia, so that aijia has an understanding about what kind of things have happened inside that palace in recent years.”

Speaking till here, Dongfang Lan thought about Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang.

“Ay, when aijia saw Cang er’s[2. Er: term of endearment] expression, he didn’t get his heart back from Qi Qi. Qing Gu, ah, what should be done?! Cang er likes Qi Qi so much. Now, they happened to have the relation of siblings. These two children really let people’s hearts ache for them. It was just, in the end, blood relations shouldn’t be mixed. If they go on like this, aijia is worried, ah…”

Hearing Dongfang Lan’s voice once again, Feng Xie’s eyes got warm. He couldn’t forget how mother-in-law treated him and Wanyan Ming Yue in the past. If he said that in this palace, there was still someone he trusts, then that person would only be Dongfang Lan.

After all, a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. Dongfang Lan only has a daughter Wanyan Ming Yue. Naturally, she would love her.

  • A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs: even wild beasts look after their young

Thinking till here, Feng Xie took advantage of the fact that no one was around and entered the chamber. He found some ink and wrote a few words. He folded it and put it in an envelope. After he came out, Feng Xie quietly whistled.

“Woof!” Little Snow’s ears were more sensitive compared to humans. The whistle that humans couldn’t hear, she could hear.

Immediately, Little Snow jumped down from Dongfang Lan’s arms. She spread her four legs and ran out.

“Little Snow!” Seeing that the small dog had run away, Dongfang Lan stood up. “Qing Gu, quickly, go find Little Snow quickly!”

When Qing Gu found Little Snow, Little Snow was returning. Something was dangling from her mouth. Looking at it closely, it turned out to be a letter. Qing Gu quickly looked around, but she didn’t see anyone. In the end, she took the envelope out of Little Snow’s mouth. She put Little Snow in her arms and went back inside Jinxuan palace.

“What is this?” Seeing the letter in Qing Gu’s hand, Dongfang Lan frowned.

“When this slave saw Little Snow, this thing was dangling from Little Snow’s mouth. From this slave’s point of view, someone must’ve take advantage of this opportunity to tell you something.”

Dongfang Lan took the letter from Qing Gu. She opened it. Only a few words were on it.

“Wanyan Ming Yue had died unjustly.”

‘Bang…’ Dongfang Lan knocked over the tea cup in her hand. The tea spread on the table. In the end, it dropped on Dongfang Lan.

Dongfang Lan was familiar with the handwriting of the letter. It’s Feng Xie’s handwriting. Could it be that Feng Xie didn’t die? Could it be that he’s still alive? Then what about her Ming Yue? Since Feng Xie is alive, why didn’t he come see her? Why did he say that Ming Yue had died unjustly? What happened fifteen years ago? What let Feng Xie not dare to show up?

Dongfang Lan’s lips trembled slightly. She didn’t dare believe the contents of this letter. If the contents of this letter were true and Wanyan Ming Yue had truly died unjustly, then what had happened at Yandang mountain that year?

“Miss, miss, what’s the matter?” Sensing Dongfang Lan’s strangeness, Qing Gu quickly went forward to support Dongfang Lan. When she saw the words on the letter in Dongfang Lan’s hand, Qing Gu was surprised.

“Why is it like this? Who wrote this?”

“It’s Feng Xie.” Dongfang Lan held back her tears and once again looked at that sentence on the letter. That's right, this was Feng Xie’s handwriting. In the past, it was Feng Xie who'd used such beautiful handwriting to write letters to her Wanyan Ming Yue.

At that time, her Ming Yue was still a girl and not yet married. Every day, they would correspond by letter. One time, the two had a fallout. Wanyan Ming Yue burned these letters. It was her, this mother, who pulled these letters out of the brazier. It was that time that she saw Feng Xie’s letters and also remembered Feng Xie’s handwriting. The handwriting was handsome and beautiful like him.

“What? Great general is still alive?” This news was truly too shocking. Qing Gu covered her mouth. She then carefully read the contents of the letter. “Miss, since great general is alive, why didn’t he show up and would use such a way to tell you?”

What Qing Gu said was what Dongfang Lan had been thinking about. Only a little while later, did Dongfang Lan recover her reason from grief.

It was too shocking that Feng Xie was still alive. However, he was alive, but he didn’t come to see her. This only meant one thing. That is, it was like what was written in the letter, that Ming Yue felt injustice, and he also felt injustice. And the person who didn’t pass the judgement on the war at Yandang mountain until the lid was on the coffin, was Wanyan Lie. It’s not that Feng Xie didn’t show up. It was that he didn’t dare to show up!

“Qing Gu, burn Feng Xie’s letter.” At this time, on Dongfang Lan’s face appeared an unprecedented killing intent, making Qing Gu feel startled. It seemed as if this empress dowager was amiable looking for a very long time. She hadn’t seen such a Dongfang Lan for many years.

However, talking about it, born from a general’s family, then accompanying Wanyan Zhi to the battle at the south, how could this empress dowager be someone mediocre?!

After Qing Gu burned the letter, she returned to Dongfang Lan’s side, “Miss, what should we do?”


“However, miss, that year when it happened, didn’t our people already investigate and didn’t find anything, ah!”

“Investigate Li Qiu Shui! Before, Li Qiu Shui said that Ming Yue had given her Qi Qi. Why would Li Qiu Shui be at Yandang mountain? What did she have to do at Yandang Mountain? Aijia wants to know all of this. Aijia wants to know everything about Li Qiu Shui!”

Although Dongfang Lan had tried to keep herself sober-minded, but everything had muddled in front of her and she couldn’t see the end of it. She didn’t know what to do. The only thing that Dongfang could grab on to was the matter of Li Qiu Shui.

She vaguely felt that this Li Qiu Shui wasn’t a simple person. Then, did Li Qiu Shui also participate in the matter of that year? Since Feng Xie felt injustice, naturally this matter wasn’t that simple. Li Qiu Shui, a woman, what kind of perilous situation could she cause? There was definitely someone behind her who'd supported her. It was just, who was this supporting person? Could it be him…That was why Feng Xie didn’t dare to show up?

Inside the palace, an undercurrent was quietly surging. This didn’t seem to affect the lovers at Lion Ridge.

When Murong Qi Qi woke up from hunger, she had already left the bed and was sitting in Feng Cang’s embrace. In front of her was a table full of food.

“Awake?” Feng Cang kissed Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. In his eyes was a pampering love, “Hungry? I’ll feed you!”

“Its better that I do it myself!” Feeling that on her body was only a thin, single layer of clothes, Murong Qi Qi blushed and wanted to leave Feng Cang’s arms. However, when she moved, she couldn’t help but shout: “Aiya.”

“What’s the matter?” Feng Cang put down the chopsticks and looked concerned at Murong Qi Qi. “Qing Qing, are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

How could Murong Qi Qi answer this question? Now, her whole body ached. She wanted to get up, but her legs went soft. She could only fall back in Feng Cang’s embrace. Seeing the concern in Feng Cang’s face, Murong Qi Qi blushed. She didn’t speak. Feng Cang became even more anxious.

“What’s the matter? Is it…that it still hurts?”

These words from Feng Cang made Murong Qi Qi’s face turn redder. Thinking about the hotness of last night, she buried her head in Feng Cang’s arms and refused to raise it.

Murong Qi Qi’s performance let Feng Cang immediately guess the inner thoughts of this little woman. He tightly hugged Murong Qi Qi and chuckled, “You and I are already husband and wife, how come Qing Qing is still so shy?’

“Is it not because of you?!” Murong Qi Qi spoke in a low muffled voice in Feng Cang’s arms while ‘complaining’. It was just, the slight sweetness in the complaint let the feelings of these two people get closer.

“It’s entirely my fault! Although I always wanted to restrain myself, but Qing Qing, you’re too delicious…”

“Don’t speak anymore!” Murong Qi Qi raised her head. Her small hand covered Feng Cang’s mouth. “Don’t say it out loud!”

Seeing the shyness in Murong Qi qi’s beautiful eyes, Feng Cang stuck his tongue out and circled once on her palm, making Murong Qi Qi’s palm feel a burst of numbness. She quickly took her hand from his mouth.

“Cang, you learned the bad things!” Hearing the coquettish protest of the woman in his arms, Feng Cang’s mood was very good. He was just about to kiss Murong Qi Qi, but heard a burst of ‘googoo’ sounds from her belly. He looked once again. Murong Qi Qi’s head was almost to the ground.

“Come, I’ll feed you!” Knowing that his little wangfei[3. Wangfei: main consort/wife of the prince of first rank] was thin-skinned, Feng Cang didn’t tease her any longer. Instead, he fed Murong Qi Qi, bite by bite.

Don’t know why, probably because she was really hungry and also very tired; that's why Murong Qi Qi ate two bowls of rice.

Touching her bulging belly, Murong Qi Qi revealed a satisfied smile. Only now did she discover that Feng Cang hadn’t even eaten one bite. She looked at the dishes on the table. Many of them had been eaten by her. Only ‘cold leftovers’ were left. Murong Qi Qi laughed embarrassingly.

“That, do you want them to bring more? I was too hungry and ate it all.”

“No need. These are enough!”

After feeding Murong Qi Qi, he ate three bowls of rice with soup.

Seeing Feng Cang devour the food ravenously, it was really difficult for Murong Qi Qi to link this person in front of her to the usually graceful man. Seeing Murong Qi Qi with a look of surprise and slightly open mouth, Feng Cang revealed a smile which was able to bewilder people to death.

“What, is it that the more you look, the more you feel that your eyes are good and you've found a good man?”

Seeing Feng Cang acting so cheeky, Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but stick out her tongue. “It's not that! It's just that I’m used to seeing an elegant young master. Occasionally seeing your abnormal side makes me scared.”

“Haha, so, in Qing Qing’s heart, I’m an elegant young master!” After putting down the bowl and cleansing his mouth, Feng Cang put his chin on Murong Qi Qi’s hair. His heart was filled with happiness.

In the past, he'd never thought about such things. He didn’t dare to think and also couldn’t imagine it. Now, the person he loves was in his arms, shared a bed with him, shared a meal with him; such times were so beautiful. Feng Cang wished that he could always immerse himself in this happiness and never wake up from it!

“In the past when I led the army, we often ate like this. Sometimes, in the wild, we could only eat dry food. After the dry food was finished, we’ll eat wild vegetables. Sometimes, we could catch a prey and would eat meat. As for vegetables and fruits, those were a luxury. I’m a general. The treatment was a lot better. However, those soldiers were having a very hard time. They often boiled wild vegetables. Those days were very difficult to let people miss them…”

Following Feng Cang’s description, Murong Qi Qi seemed to see the Feng Cang who once swiftly swayed his sword like a young god. How mighty was that? So, this man had such an experience. It seemed that what she usually saw was just a part of him. She needed to dig to see more parts of him.

“Now, there is no war. After returning to the capital, and living like a prince for a long time, I became lazy and turned into an elegant young master!”

Hearing the faint layer of reminisce from Feng Cang’s words, Murong Qi Qi put her hand into Feng Cang’s palm. “Cang, how come I can hear from your words that you particularly want to fight in a war…”

“A good man would aspire to travel and make one’s mark. As long as you’re a warm blooded wolf, you would wish to gallop through the battlefield and cast an ambition. I’m a man amongst men. Naturally, I’m no exception!”

Murong Qi Qi could understand Feng Cang. Feng Cang, who had been raised at Feng Xie’s side, naturally he was influenced from young. Presumably, since he's young, he saw Feng Xie as his idol and wanted to become a great general and fill the battlefield with blood!

Murong Qi Qi didn’t say anything for half a day. Feng Cang thought that she had been scared by his thoughts. He immediately teased her to happiness, “Don’t worry. Now, I have you and won’t only think about those fighting and killing things. I want to protect you, protect our children. You’re my everything and the person I want to protect!”

While talking, Feng Cang put his hand on Murong Qi Qi’s belly. Seeing him like this, Murong Qi Qi became shy, “We still don’t know when we’ll get a baby! Cang, do you like a boy or a girl?”

“I like them all! As long as they're our children!” While talking, Feng Cang’s hand began to not be so honest. Across the thin layer of clothes, he began to explore Murong Qi Qi’s body.

When that numb feeling came, Murong Qi Qi screamed lightly. She quickly grabbed Feng Cang dishonest hand. “Cang, now, it’s daytime…Perhaps Su Yue already went to Wu Ji Gong. We still don’t know what the result is…”

“In this world, there’s already no Wu Ji Gong…”

After experiencing the night before, Feng Cang was a lot more skilled. In only two steps, he removed her thin layer of clothes and revealed a beautiful landscape. That beautiful landscape stimulated Feng Cang’s eyes, making his originally sleeping body immediately wake up, begin to stir and eager to give it a try.

“Don’t …during daytime, it’s too shameful…” Murong Qi Qi wanted to push him away, but Feng Cang lowered his head and bit her delicate collarbone. Here was originally white. After one lingering night, it had been filled with red stars.

“Qing Qing, you’re so beautiful…,” Feng Cang whispered.  “Really so beautiful…no matter how much I eat, I can’t become full…”

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