Chapter 137 A plot to be exposed (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 137 A plot to be exposed (1)

How would Murong Qi Qi know that in just one night, originally those things called ‘pureness’ on Feng Cang’s body had been replaced by a ‘wolf’s nature’. After being a vegetarian for a long time and experiencing meat for the first time, how would he still know the taste of pak choi and radish…?

Outside the garret, people looked at the sky or counted the ants or walked back and forth or knocked on the trunk with a stick. They had nothing to do. They had been like this for several days.

The masters of both sides hadn’t shown their faces for five days already. They had been in the garret for all these time, making these people felt like they’ve lost their pillars. Nalan Xin squatted on the floor. These past few days, Su Yue still had a cold face, making him in a very gloomy mood.

“Why is master still not coming out, ah?!” Now, Nalan Xin was waiting for Feng Cang to come out and help him justify himself. However, he waited for several days and Feng Cang didn’t show his face. It was Su Mei who sent the food to the door. No one saw the two involved parties. Such a thing was really very rare.

What Nalan Xin said was what these people were thinking.

It’s already been five days that Feng Cang didn’t attend the morning court. Before, he put the plates where he already eaten from to the outside of the door. On the plates was a piece of paper where was written to let someone go to the palace and ask for half a month of leave from Wanyan Lie. At that moment, it was like thunder struck everyone and they almost fainted then. Could it be that these two masters were planning on not coming out for half a month? Wasn’t that a bit too capable of enduring?

“When they’re full, they’ll come out,” Jin Mo’s full voice spread to everyone’s ears. After hearing these words, the men looked at the sky and the women blushed. No one said anything more.

To find medicine for Feng Cang, Jin Mo left the capital for some time. When he returned, everything changed. Fortunately, Feng Cang took medicine every day. This was already pretty good. If he forgot his body because of love, Jin Mo certainly wouldn’t have been so calm.

One more day passed, Murong Qi Qi opened her eyes and yawned. Every day when she opened her eyes, it would be daytime. Murong Qi Qi already didn’t know how long it had been like this.

“Cang…,” Murong Qi Qi called, but discovered her voice was very hoarse. She quickly covered her mouth.

Not waiting for Murong Qi Qi to get up, Feng Cang’s handsome face came over and kissed her lips. A sweet and cool water went from his mouth into her lips.

“Drink some water, then your voice wouldn’t be so hoarse!”

Malva nut, mint, honey…These were the things Murong Qi Qi tasted from the water. After drinking it, her throat indeed felt a lot better.

“What time is it?” Murong Qi Qi wanted to get up, but she discovered that her body was limp, painful, and weak. Seeing her like this, Feng Cang directly wrapped her with a blanket. The, he picked her up and came to the already prepared big barrel at a side.

Above the big barrel float red flower petals. There was also a smell of herbals. Feng Cang carefully put Murong Qi Qi into the big barrel. The temperature was somewhat hot, but it was a very comfortable hotness.

After entering the water, Murong Qi Qi’s whole body was wrapped by warm water. It was like going back into a mother’s womb. It was loosely soft; so comfortable that she couldn’t help but sigh.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi surrounding by water, Feng Cang chuckled. He took a flannel and began to bath Murong Qi Qi.

“I’ll do it myself!”

“You’re tired. Take a rest first. Now, it’s my time to serve you!” Feng Cang tapped Murong Qi Qi’s nose and gently eased her tibia.

Feng Cang’s strength was just right. Those sore places became more and more comfortable under his hands. It was a lot more comfortable than when she bathed herself. Murong Qi Qi simply closed her eyes and didn’t refuse anymore. She enjoyed Feng Cang’s gentleness and let him help her massage. After all, all the soreness on her body were the good things he did!

“So comfortable! Mm, right there! Right, the left shoulder hurts so much. Massage it more…Cang, it would be so great if we could go on a honeymoon…”

Maybe it was too comfortable, in the end, Murong Qi Qi fell asleep in the water. Seeing the completely lack of guarding appearance of this little woman, Feng Cang gently cleaned her body. He also dried her hair. In the end, he took her back to bed and covered her with the blanket.

The people who waited for a long time, finally heard a ‘squeak’ sound from the door opening. Feng Cang came out, but they didn’t see Murong Qi Qi.

“Congratulations wangye![1. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] Wangye seems refreshed and your complexion looks good!” Jin Mo was the first one to speak. His ‘complexion looks good’ led everyone to go look at Feng Cang’s face. Indeed, he had a smile on his face and he was full of vigor. It seemed that this time, wangye got his wishes and really got a taste.

“You returned…” Feng Cang only looked once at Jin Mo. Then he went to Su Mei and Su Yue. “I ask you, what is honeymoon?”

“Honeymoon?” The moment Su Mei and Su Yue heard that, they laughed. It turned out that guye [2. Guye: son-in-law, used by the servants of the female family] wanted to ask this. Miss definitely said this.

Wangye, honeymoon is when a couple go on a scenic tour and spend time together after they married.”

When Su Yue explained what ‘honeymoon’ is, Nalan Xin at a side, carefully listened and remembered it.

“Go on a scenic tour? Spend time together? Very good.” Just the thought that he and Murong Qi Qi spending time alone and away from the earthly chaos; this was indeed not a bad thing.

Not showing up for a few days, Feng Cang made some time to deal with all the things that stacked up. After that, he had been thinking about this honeymoon thing. Although, he didn’t have much time, but he still had ten days or half a month.

When Murong Qi Qi woke up once again, she was already in a small carriage. And the coachman was actually Feng Cang.


“Qing Qing, there’s food in the carriage. Eat some to fill your stomach. When we reach the place, I’ll cook for you!” Feng Cang was skilled at driving the carriage. While lying in the carriage, Murong Qi Qi didn’t find any discomfort.

“Where are we going?”


The location Feng ang selected for the honeymoon was a place similar to a small town in Jiangnan. A tiny bridge, flowing brook, and cottages. A wriggling river split the small town in two. At the sides of the river were weeping willows. When the wind blew, the willows swung slightly. It was a very beautiful place.

“Do you like it?” Feng Cang put his arm around Murong Qi Qi’s slender waist and let her lean on him. Without those servants following, they were like any ordinary couple. Feng Cang was still in white. Murong Qi Qi changed into a red dress.

“I like it! It’s so beautiful here!”

Murong Qi Qi looked at the clear water. There were many beautiful pebbles inside it. One by one, they lay quietly on the ground of the river. Floating above the river were small fishes. They were only the size of beans. One group here, one group there. Occasionally, someone walked over. These fished would then immediately scatter.

The arrival of the two let the quiet town become lively for a long moment.

From their point of view, this couple were like they walked out of a painting. The man was enchanting like a demon. The woman was pure like a fairy. Originally, a demon and a fairy were incompatible, but these two being together were exceptionally compatible.

“Such a beautiful girl, ah! Look, between her eyebrows, there’s a buddha mole!”

Murong Qi Qi saw that the old aunty descried her cinnabar mole as a buddha mole, she couldn’t help but chuckle. This chuckle made everyone dazed. Really a pair of beautiful people!

Feng Cang took Murong Qi Qi to the only inn in town. Because the small town was at a remote place, there were few people who would come here. So, this inn was particularly tranquil. It looked like it only had Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi as guests.

After throwing a few golden beans at the inn’s owner, Feng Cang directly borrowed their kitchen. Fortunately, the kitchen had vegetables, fresh meat and bacon. Feng Cang pulled up his sleeves and began to wash the vegetables.

“Cang! You’re going to cook for me?” Seeing the appearance of Feng Cang with an apron around him, Murong Qi Qi was so surprised that her mouth was wide open. She couldn’t imagine that the pampered Feng Cang could cook and that it was for her.

“Qing Qing, this husband can do a lot of things!” Feng Cang came over and lightly touched Murong Qi Qi’s lips. “You must be very hungry! Wait a bit, this husband will cook for you!”

After hearing Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi moved a small bench over and sat on it. She stared at Feng Cang; looking at him wash vegetables and cut the meat skilfully. Feng Cang’s weapon was a sword. That was why, his knife skills were excellent. Looking at him cook, was like looking at a stuntman. A potato was thrown in the air by Feng Cang. When it landed on the plate, it had already become fine like hair potato shreds.

“Excellent!” Murong Qi Qi applauded at a side. And Feng Cang’s mouth went upwards because of an ‘excellent’ from Murong Qi Qi and revealed a beautiful curve.

It was said that a busy man in the kitchen was the most attractive. Murong Qi Qi finally understood this sentence.

Like Feng Cang now; spotless white clothes. A flax colored apron on his waist. He made fire and chopped the bacon into walnut size. He put it in the casserole, added water and began the stew the meat. Then, he began to prepare the side dishes. It seemed like he wanted to make hotpot for Murong Qi Qi.

Great! Murong Qi Qi supported her chin. On her face was a smile from happiness. She was very glad that she could meet the right person at the right moment. It wasn’t too early nor too late. It was at the right moment, that she met Feng Cang and became his woman.

When Feng Cang came with a delicious hotpot to Murong Qi Qi, Murong Qi Qi took a deep breath. “Smells good, ah! Cang, you’re so awesome!”

“Of course! Fortunately, a man’s standard is to be good at cooking and housekeeping. These were Qing Qing’s words. I have always remembered them! Didn’t a certain person say that at these times, to seize a woman’s heart, you need to seize a woman’s stomach?! Come, have a taste…”  Feng Cang picked up a small piece of meat and fed it into Murong Qi Qi’s mouth.

“Delicious?” Feng Cang had been watching Murong Qi Qi, wanting to know her evaluation.

After a long time, Murong Qi Qi sighed, “Really a delicacy of the human realm! Cang, I love you so much! You tell me, how come I’m so lucky?! The husband I found is so handsome, have so much abilities and also can cook. I’m the happiest woman in this world!”

Murong Qi Qi held Feng Cang so highly made this man burst with joy. On the surface, he still maintained his image of man. “If you like it, I’ll cook it often, good?”

“Good!” The Murong Qi Qi who had been so hungry began to take action. After having a meal, Murong Qi Qi snuggled satisfied in Feng Cang’s arms. She also burped lightly. “Happiness, ah!”

This ‘happiness’ from Murong Qi Qi also represented Feng Cang’s heart. It turned out, happiness was so simple.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi hid in the small town to spend their honeymoon. In the capital, something happened that would have a great impact. Crown princess Yu Shi Shi got and acute disease and died from it.

A crown princess was the future mother of a country. The sudden death of Yu Shi Shi made the whole capital fill with a strange atmosphere. (TLNote: When was the atmosphere not strange in this capital?)

Before, there was a rumor which said, “Getting princess Zhen Guo, getting the country”. Two days (figuratively) hadn’t passed and the crown princess died. Could it be that this crown princess died at the crown prince’s hand? Could it be that crown prince wanted to vacate the place next to him and wanted to make Feng Qi Qi crown princess?

While the people were trying the figure the death of the crown princess out. However, Wanyan Hong continued to enjoy the taste of the pair of sisters, Wanyan Bao Zhu and Murong Qing Lian inside the East palace. The dynasty, he wanted it. The beauties, he also wanted them.

Since getting Murong Qing Lian, Wanyan Hong captivated her back into the East palace. He also let people bring Wanyan Bao Zhu frequently over to the East palace. At every turn, he would have a threesome, making the whole East palace in a foul atmosphere. However, everyone knew that the crown prince was like this. They were afraid of the crown prince’s viciousness. So, no one told the emperor.

As for Wanyan Bao Zhu, at first, she felt very disgusted and disgraceful towards Wanyan Hong’s behavior. However, since being publicity rejected by Longze Jing Tian, Wanyan Bao Zhu had nothing to lose. She threw herself into Wanyan Hong’s arms. At least, he had a lot of tricks. At least, there were times where she also had a man.

Compared to Wanyan Bao Zhu’s abandoning herself, Murong Qing Lian was completely forced.

She hated this man who stole her innocence. She also hated Wanyan Bao Zhu, the person who designed to bring calamity to her. However, the Murong household behind her, because of Murong Tai’s death, turned into smoke. She didn’t have a backing. Longze Jing Tian also never asked about her. After being controlled by Wanyan Hong, she could only crawl at his feet and was petty and low like a slave.

“Imperial big brother, do you really want to marry Feng Qi Qi?”

“You don’t like that?”

With the beauty serving, he only needed to enjoy. This was a very comfortable thing for Wanyan Hong.

“Imperial big brother, that woman has too deep thoughts!”

Hearing Wanyan Bao Zhu say that, Wanyan Hong grinned and revealed a gloomy smile. “No matter how deep the thoughts are, she’s just a woman! Could it be that she could turn the sky over?!”

“However…however, if imperial big brother has her, you would give me the cold shoulder…”

Wanyan Bao Zhu’s words were quite to Wanyan Hong’s taste. His hand left Murong Qing Lian and grasped Wanyan Bao Zhu, “Did you fall in love with this crown prince?”

Although Wanyan Hong’s eyes were beautiful, but it was that trace of gloominess made him had a hazy taste. However, this didn’t affect Wanyan Bao Zhu’s infatuation towards him. Hearing Wanyan Hong say that, Wanyan Bao Zhu lay well-behaved on top of him, “That’s right. I fell in love with you!”

“Hahahaha!” Wanyan Hong laughed. He suddenly left Wanyan Bao Zhu’s body and stood up.

“Imperial big brother…” Wanyan Bao Zhu looked confused at Wanyan Hong. She didn’t know why he suddenly stopped. Could it be that it was because she did bad?

Wanyan Bao Zhu didn’t let her imagination run wild for long, Wanyan Hong suddenly turned her over and pressured her **… (TLNote: don’t ask me what the two stars mean, because I don’t know and have no intention of inquiring)

“Say, say you love this crown prince! This crown likes this sentence!”

“I love you!”

The two immersed in their world as if there were no one else.

Although, recently she was used to seeing these perverted siblings’ perverted behavior, but seeing them like this once again, Murong Qing Lian still couldn’t accept it. While these two forgot themselves while playing, Murong Qing Lian quietly stood up and touched a large vase. She quietly came behind Wanyan Hong.

‘Bang.’ Murong Qing Lian fiercely hit the porcelain vase on Wanyan Hong’s head.

“Bitch!” Being hit by a heavy object, he only felt a warm thing flow down his head. Only when he touched it, did he know that it was blood.


Not waiting for Wanyan Hong to turn around, Murong Qing Lian used all the strength of her whole body; with one palm, she chopped at Wanyan Hong’s neck. Immediately, Wanyan Hong went soft and fell on Wanyan Bao Zhu’s body.

“Ah…,” After her whole face was sprayed by Wanyan Hong’s blood, Wanyan Bao Zhu screamed. This scream alerted the people on the outside.

Talking about it, it was a coincidence.

This day, Wanyan Lie didn’t notify anyone and only took Jing De. The two came to the East palace. The more the rumors about the cause of Yu Shi Shi’s death were, the more powerful those rumors became. Even he, in this deep palace, heard the problem inside the cause of death. So, he personally came to understand the situation.

When he arrived at the East palace, Wanyan Lie took a look at Yu Shi Shi’s mourning hall and coffin containing the corpse. It was quite decent. Wanyan Lie even nodded. Until when he asked about the crown prince, these palace servants began to look left and right while speaking to him.

Although, he knew that his son was somewhat a bastard, but after all, he (WH) was his blood and flesh. So, usually Wanyan Lie also turned a blind eye.

However, now the crown princess is gone. No one actually knew where the crown prince went. Where was the affection between husband and wife? How could such a cold and heartless person be a country’s emperor? This let Wanyan Lie be a bit bitterly disappointed. Seeing these people speak evasively, how could Wanyan Lie really not know the problem? He immediately berated those people who wanted to go notify Wanyan Hong. He personally went to the crown prince’s quarters.

When he arrived, he heard a scream.

“What’s going on?” Wanyan Lie’s eyes turned strict. No one dared to say anything. Wanyan Lie directly kicked the door. When he entered, he saw the extremely vulgar scene.

Yu Shi Shi just passed away. Wanyan Hong as her husband actually sought pleasure with another woman. If this matter got out, how would the people think about the crown prince? How would they go look at the future emperor?

“Bastard!” Wanyan Lie went forward and pulled Wanyan Hong. He raised his hand and gave him two slaps. When he saw Wanyan Bao Zhu, Wanyan Lie completely fainted.

What is going on? His son and his daughter actually did such an illicit thing in the East palace?

The thing he saw in front of him was like a thunder which beat Wanyan Lie completely, making him blankly.

“Emperor father, spare me!” When Wanyan Bao Zhu saw the Wanyan Lie in the dragon robe in front of her, she was also scared. She immediately picked her clothes to cover her body. Trembling she climbed to the ground and knelt in front of Wanyan Lie, “Emperor father, spare me! It’s, it’s imperial big brother who forced me!”

Wanyan Hong was drowsy because his head was hit by a heavy object. Wanyan Lie’s slaps were also ruthless and completely made him faint. So, he didn’t hear Wanyan Bao Zhu’s words. If he heard them, he would fly into a rage. Just now, she kept repeating I love you. Now, she pushed everything on him. This woman was too low!

“You, you…” Hearing Wanyan Bao Zhu say that, Wanyan Lie had a burst of dizziness. Jing De quickly went forward and supported Wanyan Lie, “Emperor, emperor…”

After a long while did Wanyan Lie became sober. “Servants, close this animal up! And also them…” Wanyan Lie pointed at Wanyan Bao Zhu and Murong Qing Lian. “Close them all up! Zhen[3. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] will personally interrogate!”

Don’t know who leaked the news about the crown prince and his imperial little sister’s incestuous matter. It only took one afternoon for this news to spread to the whole capital. Before, the people were still talking about the cause of the crown princess’s death. Now, they were shocked by this explosive news.

This imperial scandal pushed Wanyan Hong to the peak of the rumors. Many people ‘cleverly’ discovered the ‘truth’. Everyone thought that it must be the crown princess who encountered these siblings illicit matter. That was why she was murdered by crown prince Wanyan Hong to silence her.

For a time, in all the street of the capital circulated the story of Wanyan Hong and Wanyan Bao Zhu. The commoners had infinite fantasies in their head about how this crown prince produced clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another with his imperial little sister. And how they were caught in act by the emperor.

  • Produced clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another: to make love

Inside Jinxin hall, Wanyan Yi smiled, “Consort mother, how did you know crown prince and imperial little sister had an affair?”

“Haha, I could see it! Bengong [4. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family] sat in this place for such a long time. What kind of people have I not seen? What kind of things have I not experienced? Before, when the two of them came to the palace, the way Bao Zhu looked at Wanyan Hong wasn’t the same. Bengong let someone go inquire.  Recently, princess Bao Zhu run every day to the East palace.”

“Bao Zhu was arrogant and willful since young and they found each other disagreeable. However, since the tournament of the four countries, when she came back from Yongzhou, she had been somewhat strange. Besides, she got closer and closer to Wanyan Hong. The person bengong sent said that princess often stayed overnight at the East palace. You tell me, what kind of good thing could this be?!”

After hearing Lin Ke Xin, Wanyan Yi revealed a deep smile. “This time, thanks to consort mother. If this was not the case, this subject son wouldn’t have been able to pull the crown prince down. Incest between siblings, with just this, he couldn’t be the crown prince.”

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