Chapter 139 The fight for the crown prince’s position (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 139 The fight for the crown prince’s position (1)

“What did you say? Say it once again!” Wanyan Hong’s words deeply irritated Wanyan Lie. He had never imagined that his crown prince would say such a thing.

“Emperor father, could it be that this subject son didn’t say it clearly enough? Even if this subject son committed incest, it’s inherited from you, emperor father, ah…”


Wanyan Hong didn’t finish speaking when Wanyan Lie raised his hand and fiercely gave him a slap. Sensing the taste of blood in his mouth, Wanyan Hong laughed. He rubbed his mouth. The way Wanyan Hong looked at Wanyan Lie became even more provocative.

“Is this subject son not right? Who did those dirty activities while holding little aunt’s undergarments? Who hid so many women who looked like little aunt in Long Autumn palace? Who was the one who planned the thing at Yandang mountain…This subject doesn’t have to say all this. In your heart, you should be the clearest!”


Wanyan Lie was furious, but he didn’t expect that after Wanyan Hong heard ‘bastard’, he would laugh even more happily, “Emperor father, you’re right! A man who drooled over his own little sister is indeed a bastard!”

Wanyan Hong’s words let Jing De, who's standing at a side, pinch a sweat for this crown prince. The thoughts emperor had about princess Ming Yue had always been his (WL) most taboo thing. Now, it’s not good. Crown prince had directly put everything out in the open. Wasn’t this slapping Wanyan Lie’s face?!

The thing men in the world loved most was their face; let alone a country’s ruler!

Who was princess Ming Yue? Speaking more beautifully, she’s the cinnabar mole of the emperor’s chest. Since you knew everything, you should've honestly kept it a secret. You should've clenched your teeth, not say anything and continue to be a crown prince. That's the most intelligent approach. Now, Wanyan Hong had put everything out in the open; wasn’t this obviously to irritate the emperor?!

After hearing Wanyan Hong's words, Wanyan Lie’s expression gradually turned calm. In the end, his expression turned into frost.

“Jing De, draft the imperial decree. The crown prince doesn’t have virtue, is stubborn and obstreperous and disappointed zhen’s[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor]expectations. After repeatedly considering, zhen has decided to depose the crown prince, bestowing him the title of Bei Jing wang,[2. Wang/wangye: prince of the first rank] imprisoning him at Southern Park and he could never come out during his entire life…”

Jing De was just a slave. Although in his heart, he felt that this punishment was somewhat heavy, but he knew the emperor’s temper. Not to say that the crown prince’s words and deeds were really out of place, but even if Wanyan Hong had popular sentiment and prestige, he had made the feelings Wanyan Lie had for Wanyan Ming Yue become a big matter; that was the same as bringing about his own destruction.

Being deposed was within Wanyan Hong’s expectations. When he heard that sentence ‘imprisoning at the Southern Park’, Wanyan Hong laughed out loud. Lifelong imprisonment? Limit his freedom? It’s better to kill him!

“Emperor father, when memories (dreams) haunt you at midnight, would you feel guilt in your heart? Yandang mountain, Bei Zhou’s two hundred thousand young men, only because of your own desire, all lost their lives. Two hundred thousand families ruined and orphaned; two hundred thousand lonely souls. Emperor father, would you feel a twinge of guilt? Would you feel worried that those people would come demand your life? This is the ruler who they'd vowed loyalty and devotion to, ah! This is their emperor!”

“Your Highness…,” Seeing that Wanyan Hong was clearly looking for death, Jing De couldn’t help but open his mouth, but he was stopped by Wanyan Lie, “Let him continue. Zhen would like to listen clearly and hear what he has to say!”

“Hahaha!” Seeing Wanyan Lie standing in front of him and still pretending to be upright, Wanyan Hong laughed out loud once again. Tears fell down from his laughter.

“Emperor father, you dote so much on Feng clan’s siblings. If they knew that you were the murderer of their parents, you say, would Feng Cang’s sword give you mercy because of the love you showed him for so many years? And Feng Qi Qi, she looks so much like little aunt; you really don’t have any thoughts about her?”

Zhen is not as dirty as you think.” Wanyan Lie had never thought about getting Murong Qi Qi. No matter how distorted his heart was, he could still distinguish the difference between little sister and niece.

“This subject son thought dirty?”

Wanyan Hong stopped laughing. His mouth pulled a sarcastic smile, “Indeed, this subject son is very dirty. However, this subject son was also made by you. Isn’t it that this subject son inherited some things from you…”


Wanyan Lie narrowed his eyes. His expression was as deep as never before. “Zhen admits, zhen likes my own imperial little sister and because of this, did many wrong things. However, zhen had never regretted it! Besides, zhen’s mistake is not for you to indulge yourself and the excuse for you to repeatedly make mistakes! Hong er,[3. Er: term of endearment] you let zhen be so disappointed…”

Leaving this sentence, Wanyan Lie and Jing De left. Looking at the closed door, Wanyan Hong laughed. While laughing, tears fell down the corners of his eyes.

Emperor father, did you know?! Once, this subject son adored you so much! Bei Zhou became strong under your lead. You were like a hero and was this subject son’s idol. This subject son wished to be like you so much. This subject son wished to put Bei Zhou’s banner through the whole mainland and let the mainland become Wanyan family’s world…

Until, this subject son eavesdropped on you and got to know your deep secret. Your tall image in this subject son collapsed instantly.

Emperor father, it was not that this subject son didn’t want to be a good crown prince. It was just, this subject son was unable, unable to accept such a father like you…

Naturally, Wanyan Lie didn’t understand Wanyan Hong’s thoughts. Now, he was thinking how he could solve this thing in the fastest and cleanest way.

It was a good thing that Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi weren’t in the capital. He didn’t want any rumors to spread to the ears of these two people. In front of them, at least in front of Murong Qi Qi, he needed to play a good role. What he owed Ming Yue, he would compensate to her daughter.

“Emperor, what to do with those two women?” Jing De followed behind Wanyan Lie. His reminder made Wanyan Lie remember about those two women.

“Were their identities investigated?”

The moment Wanyan Lie asked, Jing De knew he was talking about Murong Xin Lian and Murong Qing Lian’s identities. Immediately, he narrated systematically and in full detail, the result of the investigation to the emperor.

“Murong family’s daughters?”

Hearing the word ‘Murong’, Wanyan Lie’s eyes were lit with two fires. If it wasn’t because Li Qiu Shui’s conspiracy had been exposed, he may have never known that there was still a daughter of Wanyan Ming Yue alive in this world. He also wouldn't have let Murong Qi Qi suffer so much at Murong household!

The hatred Wanyan Lie had for Li Qiu Shui extended to Murong household.

Earlier, when Murong Qi Qi had come for a marriage alliance, he let people inquire everything about Murong household. Not favored third miss and often bullied by people. At that moment, Wanyan Lie didn’t know Murong Qi Qi’s identity. Now that it had been determined that this third miss was Ming Yue’s daughter, how could he tolerate his niece being bullied by others?!

“Who is the person who pretended to be Bao Zhu?”

“It’s Murong Xin Lian. She’s the second miss.”

“Pull out her tongue, cut off her limbs and throw her out to be the army’s prostitute! If she doesn’t do one hundred people a day, don’t give her any food!”

Wanyan Lie’s words made Jing De shudder. He had seen that woman. She’s a weak beauty. The limbs of a beautiful girl being cut off and her becoming a mute, but that beautiful face was still left intact; when being thrown into the army to face those wolf and tiger like men, who had been hungry for a long time, he didn’t know how much sins she would suffer. One hundred people a day? It’s already very great if she could bear it for ten days!

“As for the other one, zhen remembers that she was the so-called young genius girl. Since she’s a genius, then break her meridians to let her unable to practice martial arts for her whole life. Also, let people beat her with a cowhide whip soaked in salt water a hundred times every day. Whip her till she’s dead!”

Jing De knew that Wanyan Lie put Murong Qi Qi’s revenge onto these two people. It seemed that in the emperor’s heart, princess Ming Yue was still the most important!

“Emperor, then what to do about princess Bao Zhu?”

“Bao Zhu…,” Wanyan Lie was silent for a while. According to the current situation, Wanyan Bao Zhu was certainly dead. Otherwise, Murong Xin Lian wouldn’t have been able to fool everyone with just a human skin mask.

Moreover, Wanyan Hong certainly knew about this! He obviously knew that his little sister had died, but he didn’t ask or take revenge. Even more, he had hooked up with the murderer of his little sister. Now, Wanyan Lie was very skeptical that Wanyan Bao Zhu’s death had nothing to do with Wanyan Hong.

“Announce the truth. Princess Bao Zhu was murdered by Murong Xin Lian!”

Just a few words ended the relation of a father and daughter. Looking at that desolate yellow back, Jing De shook his head. The most ruthless family is the imperial family. In this emperor’s heart, only the things he cared about were the most treasured. The others were just smoke to the eyes!

When inside the palace, empress Li Bing heard that her son had been deposed and was also imprisoned for life, she fainted on the spot. The palace maids of Jingde palace went forward, poured water over her and also pinched her. Only after a long while, did Li Bing slowly wake up.

“Emperor, bengong[4. Bengong: this palace/ I, used by females of the imperial family] wants to go see the emperor!” Li Bing struggled to get up. She was supported by Chuntao. “Empress, eunuch Jing De came to announce the decree just now. He said that the emperor empathized that your body wasn’t feeling well and you needed to rest. He gave you permission to rest at Jingde palace. If the emperor doesn’t summon you, you couldn’t go out!”

“What? Does the emperor want to imprison bengong? He imprisoned the crown prince, now he wants to imprison bengong. Bengong doesn’t accept it! What did the crown prince do wrong?! What did bengong do wrong?!”

No matter what, Li Bing didn’t think that Wanyan Lie would treat her like this. They were the couple who'd tied the knot. There was a saying, a day together as husband and wife means endless devotion for the rest of your life. When Wanyan Lie wasn’t the emperor yet, she had been at his side. The two experienced many ups and downs before they got today’s status.

Although there were many women in the harem, but no matter who was favored, no one had affected her position. Now, Wanyan Lie imprisoned her and deposed Wanyan Hong’s position of crown prince with no difficulty. Could it be that his next step was to depose the empress?

Li Bing didn’t understand. She didn’t know where she had gone wrong. She also didn’t know what Wanyan Hong did wrong. Wasn’t it just that Yu Shi Shi died and that Wanyan Hong played with a few women?! Outside, everyone was gossping that Wanyan Hong had slept with Wanyan Bao Zhu. Li Bing didn’t believe this.

She had given birth to this son. Of course, she knew (him). No matter how much Wanyan Hong acted arbitrarily, regardless of the rules, it was impossible for him to have something with his imperial little sister. He still had this distinction of right and wrong.

“Chuntao, go to Jingxuan palace and beg the empress dowager! Let this elder have mercy! The emperor wouldn’t not listen to the empress dowager’s words!”

Seeing that until now, the empress was still like this, Chuntao sighed, “Empress, the emperor decreed that no one of Jingde palace, regardless of any excuses, could go out. Otherwise, she/he would be killed on the spot!”

“What?!” Li Bing was dumbfounded. “He’s breaking bengong’s way to survive, ah!”

Li Bing suffered and encountered a bitter experience. Putting it at consort De Lin Ke Xin’s, it was good news. “Bengong was pondering why bengong heard the Eurasian magpie chirp on the branches! Indeed, it was the Eurasian magpie who had come to bring the good news!”

“Congratulations, consort! Congratulation, consort!” Wet nurse Yu congratulated Lin Ke Xin. “The crown prince fell. This throne is now second highness’!”

“Wet nurse, don’t say it so quickly. It won’t be good if people hear it! Emperor, ah, only deposed the crown prince. He hasn’t established the new crown prince yet!”

Lin Ke Xin was saying that with her mouth, but her face smiled like a flower. How could wet nurse Yu not know consort De’s inner thoughts. She immediately wantonly flattered Wanyan Yi, boasting that there were only a few like him in heaven and rarely seen one like him on earth, making Lin Ke Xin laugh out loud.

Aside from her Yi er, no one else is qualified to sit on that place. Sooner or later, this world would be Wanyan Yi’s! No matter who, if they block her son’s road to become the emperor, she would certainly kill them!

At this point, inside Lin Ke Xin’s mind appeared the figures of Wanyan Kang and Murong Qi Qi. Thinking of that day in the palace, about Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Kang’s interaction, Lin Ke Xin frowned.

If Murong Qi Qi could marry Wanyan Yi, then Wanyan Yi’s position of crown prince would be safe. Even if the emperor doesn’t bestow him the title of crown prince, sooner or later, the throne would still be his. Although, Wanyan Yi had previously suspected Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang’s relation, but they're biological siblings. No matter how, they wouldn’t commit such a self-destroying reputation thing like incest.

The only thing Lin Ke Xin was worried about was Wanyan Kang, this time bomb. That day, she wanted to thread a needle for Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Yi. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi would seem to ‘fancy’ Wanyan Kang more! Wanyan Kang was usually carefree. She didn’t notice that his thoughts ran so deep…

  • Thread a needle: to act as a go-between

Now, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi weren’t in the capital. Even if she wanted to match Murong Qi Qi with Wanan Yi, this thing couldn’t be done easily. What was the best thing to do?! This was something that gave Lin Ke Xin many headaches.

The crown prince being disposed was a surprise to many, but after thinking about it, it seemed reasonable. Wanyan Hong’s usual assessment was not good. So, him being disposed didn’t affect the mood of many. Everyone was now concerned about who would become the new crown prince.

The person who would sit on the throne in the end, would it be the second prince who had the reputation of being worthy and virtuous or Nan Lin wang Feng Cang who the emperor preferred? It was difficult to make a choice. The gambling dens opened a bet. In the end, the bets were evenly matched for both parties.

Half of the people supported Nan Lin wang Feng Cang. They felt that Feng Cang had been favored since young, which was seen by all. Besides, in the past, Wanyan Lie had the thought to pass the throne to Feng Cang several times. Now, Feng Cang was in command of Bei Zhou’s army. Even if Wanyan Yi became the emperor, they should also see if he can sit tightly on this position.

The people who supported Wanyan Yi felt that passing the throne to the son was human nature. No matter how much the nephew is liked, but he isn’t their own blood. In the end, there’s still a layer between them. Besides, among Wanyan Lie’s princes, Wanyan Yi performed the best. They believed that in the future, he would be a good emperor.

As for the control of the army, if Wanyan Yi truly became the emperor, there would definitely be a fierce battle between him and Feng Cang. Either, Feng Cang had to let go of the control of the army or seize the throne. Unless Wanyan Lie is able to solve this problem well while he’s still the emperor.

Those who supported Wanyan Yi still had a thought. That was, till now, Feng Cang still didn’t have an heir. With his ability of cursing his wives; if he couldn’t get married for life, then heirs were a big problem. In the future, how should the throne be passed down? Just this point, Wanyan Yi was a lot better. From the point of the continuation of the dynasty, it made a lot of people support Wanyan Yi.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi were still living an isolated life in the small town. It was just, every day, there would be pigeons from Moyu and Fo Sheng Men coming from the capital. Although these two people weren’t in the imperial city, but they clearly knew about the things that had occurred in Yan capital.

“Which bastard pushed you to the front of the stage? Really a bastard!”

When she got to know that the gambling dens had opened a bet using Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi got angry. This was obviously a man-made operation. They pushed Feng Cang so eagerly to the opposite of Wanyan Yi, could it be to let him become the target of a multitude of arrows? Feng Cang didn’t have any thoughts about the throne. If he was willing, he would have long grabbed this throne!

“Qing Qing, don’t waste your mood on these senseless people.” Feng Cang’s reaction to this matter wasn’t as intense as Murong Qi Qi’s. He was very satisfied with the present life. Having Murong Qi Qi’s company every day without any other things disturbing them. It was really quiet and leisurely.

This honeymoon time let Feng Cang think about a lot of things. Rather than go through challenging experiences and fighting and scheming against each other at court, he might as well live comfortably with Murong Qi Qi in the jianghu[5. Jianghu: world of martial arts] and become a pair of immortals.

“How can I not worry?! We want the quietness, but others want to pull us into the quarrel. The crown prince just fell, but such a gamble has already come out. Perspicacious people could see that someone was pushing the waves and add to the billows from behind!”

  • Pushing the waves and add to the billows: adding momentum

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s face turn red, Feng Cang chuckled. He raised her chin. His mouth ‘tsked’ twice lightly. “Qing Qing is so beautiful even when being angry!”

“Cang, I’m talking about serious matters with you!” Murong Qi Qi nestled in Feng Cang’s arms. Her small hands played with his hair, “Talking about it, I also have shares in those gambling dens. Why don’t we also make an operation in secret? What do you think?”

“How should we do it?”

“Of course, it’s to raise second prince up! If I didn’t guess wrong, the one who set this bet was Wanyan Yi. He’s itching to get on with you. Since it’s like that, why don’t we go along with his wish; let his dream of becoming the emperor get bigger and bigger. What do you think?”

“Little monster!” Feng Cang immediately understood Murong Qi Qi’s meaning. Raise Wanyan Yi up to let him believe that the people’s heart is with him, this second prince. His inner desire would expand violently. Maybe he would then do something ‘to offend the whole society’.

It seemed that Jin Mo was right. If this woman was put in court, she would definitely be able to produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another.

  • Produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another: to shift one’s ground

Sure enough, not two days later; originally Feng Cang and Wanyan Yi were evenly match, bu it has now changed into Feng Cang being left behind. The people who supported Wanyan Yi in the capital became more and more. Everyone was saying that the imperial blood shouldn’t be mixed. The throne must be the second prince’s.

After Wanyan Yi got this news, he was smiling every day from ear to ear. It seemed that the eyes of the masses were sharp. Everyone knew that Feng Cang was just a wangye of a different surname. If he (FC) inherited the throne, then it’s illegitimately conferred.

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