Chapter 140 The fight for the crown prince’s position (2) part 1

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 140 The fight for the crown prince’s position (2) part 1

With the assessment of him getting higher and higher, Wanyan Yi became even more elated. He felt that he was already sitting tightly on the throne. He also began to speak and do things with the bureaucratic accent. He wanted to train himself, so that he could have the posture of a crown prince earlier on.

The debate about the new crown prince intensified. However, the two popular people, Feng Cang and Wanyan Yi, reacted differently.

The former directly handed a petition for a sick leave to Wanyan Lie. It said that his body felt unwell and he needed to rest. He left the capital with princess Zhen Guo almost a month ago. It seemed that nothing was important to him. As for the latter, he had been constantly wandering among officials and actively strove for their support.

The difference between the former and latter was obvious at a glance. There were people who said that if Feng Cang still doesn’t return, then the throne would be taken away. There were also others who said that Feng Cang couldn’t beat Wanyan Yi. After all, the other party was a true imperial bloodline. In short, the public opinion inclined towards Wanyan Yi as if he had already become Bei Zhou’s future emperor.

Dongfang Lan, who's inside Jinxuan palace, after getting to know the situation outside the palace, she repeatedly praised Feng Cang’s act of leaving the capital. Now, it’s where the wind and waves are the fiercest. Standing on a wave, when it falls, the body would be torn and the bones crushed.

  • Where the wind and waves are the fiercest: at the heart of the struggle

Although Dongfang Lan really wanted Feng Cang to return and discuss about Feng Xie with her grandson, but now everyone’s eyes were focused on the position of the crown prince. Even if Feng Cang didn’t have those thoughts, but three men talking makes a tiger and would let him get caught into a whirlpool. He and Murong Qi Qi leaving this trouble behind them was the best choice.

  • Three men talking makes a tiger: repeated rumor becomes a fact

It was just, Feng Cang didn’t return, and Feng Xie also no longer appeared. The suspense in Dongfang Lan’s heart had never been solved. There was always a knot in her heart, making her sleepless. If what Feng Xie said was the truth, she couldn’t not take revenge for her daughter!

“Miss, the person is here.” Inside the temple, Qing Gu brought Chun Xing over. After nursing for about a month, Chun Xing could finally get out of bed and walk. Although her complexion was still a bit pale, but now she was full of spirit.

“Thanking empress dowager for the grace of saving this slave’s life!” The moment Chun Xing arrived, she knelt in front of Dongfang Lan and kowtowed. She knew her life had been saved by the empress dowager. If it wasn’t because of Dongfang Lan, she would’ve long become a ghost.

After seeing Chun Xing’s appearance, Dongfang Lan nodded slightly. Although her complexion was still not very good, but being alive was better than anything else.

“Girl, stand up! Don’t kneel. Your body hasn’t recovered completely yet!”

Dongfang Lan looked kind and her voice was filled with affection, making the originally nervous Chun Xing gradually calm down. She bowed once again to Dongfang Lan. Then, Chun Xing stood up.

“Girl, you said before that noble consort Yue was innocent. Then, tell aijia[1. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] in full detail about everything that had happened in Long Autumn palace. If she truly was wronged, aijia would definitely help her wash away her grievances.”

The empress dowager’s promise set Chun Xing’s mind at ease. When she was about to talk, Chun Xing saw the painting on the wall. When she saw the appearance of the person in painting, Chun Xing couldn’t help but scream.

“What’s the matter?” Qing Gu couldn’t help but look at Chun Xing. She saw Chun Xing look with an open mouth and in shock at the beauty in the painting. She asked Qing Gu, “Aunt, who is the person in painting?”

“It’s aijia’s daughter, Bei Zhou’s princess Ming Yue!”

Dongfang Lan’s explanation left Chun Xing dumbfounded, “But, but, princess and noble consort Yue look so much alike. They have a seventy to eighty percent of similarity!”

“Oh? Really?” Dongfang Lan didn’t expect that in this world, there was someone who looked like Wanyan Ming Yue. The moment Qing Gu heard this, she saw the problem.

“Miss, do you remember, on the night noble consort Yue tried to assassinate the emperor, this slave saw a girl who looked like princess in Long Autumn palace. This slave was just about to ask her origin, when she was killed by eunuch Jing De. This slave remembers that at that moment, that girl said someone had brought her to be an imperial noble consort!”

“Is that person imperial noble consort Yue?” Dongfang Lan looked at Chun Xing.

“No! I saw that woman’s corpse. Although she looked like imperial noble consort, but she isn’t imperial noble consort. This slave also doesn’t know why she had appeared at Long Autumn palace! This slave had never seen this person before!”

One after another mysteries plagued Dongfang Lan. If it was said that Yue Lan Zhi looked like Wanyan Ming Yue; then later, a young girl who looked like Wanyan Ming Yue entered the palace to be imperial noble consort, could it be that the young girl had come to substitute? Was it that Yue Lan Zhi had long died?

It was just, why would the emperor search for a girl who looked like Wanyan Ming Yue to be the imperial noble consort? Could it be…Thinking till here, Dongfang Lan’s complexion changed dramatically. She also thought about the rumors in the capital; crown prince Wanyan Hong and princess Wanyan Bao Zhu had committed incest. Dongfang Lan’s head suddenly exploded. She didn’t dare to think any further.

“Miss, miss, what’s the matter?”

Qing Gu saw that Dongfang Lan’s complexion wasn’t good. She immediately went forward to pat her back. Only after a long while did she calm down. In the end, Dongfang Lan wasn’t an ordinary woman. Although she was shocked at her own thoughts, but she didn’t have any proof, so she wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

“Girl, tell aijia about the matter of Long Autumn palace!”

Dongfang Lan’s topic returned to Chun Xing. Chun Xing nodded. She told everything she knew about what had happened at Long Autumn palace from beginning to end to Dongfang Lan.

“All around, nine imperial noble consorts were changed? Aijia remembers that Cang er[2. Er: term of endearment] has also married nine times…You said that every time the emperor doted on noble consort Yue, it was for a very long time? And that every time he would let Jing De guard at the door and doesn’t let anyone else go in?”

“That’s right, empress dowager! However, on the day of the accident, eunuch Jing De wasn’t at the door. Later, he suddenly came out in a panic and called two people inside. Afterwards, the news of the emperor being attacked was spread out.”

“But that night, this slave saw very clearly. Imperial noble consort didn’t leave the place. The whole night, this slave kept watch not far from the hall. No one came out from the inside. Besides, the two people eunuch Jing De had called in were also killed. They had certainly seen something they shouldn’t have. That's why they were silenced! After the emperor woke up, everyone from Long Autumn palace had been killed, except for this slave!”

Chun Xing’s wails let Dongfang Lan’s thoughts become more chaotic. What kind of secret was hidden in Long Autumn palace? What kind of shady thing did Wanyan Lie do? Could it be that he really had an unusual hobby? If what Feng Xie and Chun Xing said was the truth, then the matter of Yandang mountain was not difficult to understand. It was definitely Wanyan Lie who had played tricks from behind!

“Chun Xing, aijia has a headache. You can retreat! Aijia would definitely investigate this matter as the water recedes, the rocks appear and give noble consort Yue an explanation!”

  • As the water recedes, the rocks appear: the truth will come to light

After Chun Xing left, Qing Gu came to Dongfang Lan’s side to massage her temples, “Miss, if it truly was the emperor…What do you plan to do?”

“A murder should be paid with one’s life, a debt owed should be paid back!”

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