Chapter 140 The fight for the crown prince’s position (2) part 2

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 140 The fight for the crown prince’s position (2) part 2

While saying this sentence, undoubtedly, the hatred inside Dongfang Lan’s eyes manifested. For so many years. she didn’t know that the person she faced was the enemy who killed her daughter!

Sixteen years! So many days and nights, for Wanyan Ming Yue’s death, she cried till the tears dried from her eyes. However, she didn’t expect that the enemy who killed her daughter, who she searched so hard for was in front of her! If this matter was really done by Wanyan Lie, she must take revenge for Wanyan Ming Yue!

“Ming Yue, mother did you wrong! Mother got old and my eyes got blind. Mother couldn’t distinguish who was the wolf and who was the human. But, don’t worry, mother’s heart is not muddled. After determining the truth of the matter, mother would definitely take revenge for you!”

Dongfang Lan rambled a lot in front of Wanyan Ming Yue’s painting. After a long time did Dongfang Lan recuperated from her desolate mood. She collected herself up. From a mother who missed her daughter, she changed again into a dignified empress dowager. Now, what Dongfang Lan needed to do was to find out the truth while remaining calm and collected.

When Dongfang Lan and Qing Gu left, a black figure jumped from the roof. If Dongfang Lan returned now, she would be surprised at seeing this person. He was Feng Xie, the one everyone thought committed suicide and died for his country.

The words Chun Xing said just now, Feng Xie heard them clearly. It turned out that Long Autumn palace had so many dirty things!

Now Feng Xie was surer that there must be something similar to a dungeon in the chamber he went last time. Perhaps, perhaps in the underground, there would be a shameful secret. No, he must find a chance to go in!

Feng Xie thought like that. He also immediately did so.

The same night, taking advantage of the night, Feng Xie once again slipped into Long Autumn palace and once again returned to that chamber. Although this was only the second time Feng Xie came here, but because the furniture inside was the same as Wanyan Ming Yue’s boudoir, so Feng Xie was very familiar with this place. He didn’t light up a light. Only taking advantage of the moonlight, Feng Xie began to explore the chamber.

If there’s really was an underground palace, then a button to open the entrance must be in the chamber. Feng Xie carefully touched. When he touched a strange object and turned it, the ground suddenly collapsed. A passage appeared in front of Feng Xie.

“Sure enough, there’s an underground palace!” Feng Xie was happily surprised. He stepped on the stairway and went down.

This passage was very long. Feng Xie walked very carefully. After experiencing to many changes, he couldn’t help but deal with everything carefully. When he reached the end, Feng Xie finally saw the Wanyan Ming Yue on the warm jade bed.

“Ming Yue!”

Immediately, Feng Xie called out loud. He rushed in two, three steps to the warm jade bed. His lips and hands began to tremble. Too unbelievable! Wanyan Ming Yue was still alive! The person he yearned for day and night, his wife, was still actually alive! To Feng Xie, this news was too shocking!

“Ming Yue, I am Feng Xie, ah! Ming Yue, open your eyes and look at me! Ming Yue, wake up! What happened to you?”

Only a moment later, Feng Xie discovered where the problem lay. Although, Wanyan Ming Yue’s body was warm, but she was like a living dead with her eyes closed. If it wasn’t because he called her for so long and Wanyan Ming Yue didn’t wake up, he would’ve thought that she was asleep.

Feng Xie clutched Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand and checked her pulse. He found out that her pulse was beating very slowly. It was almost undetectable. Looking once again at the warm jade bed Wanyan Ming Yue was sleeping on, Feng Xie finally understood the problem.

It may be assumed that if it wasn’t because of the protection of this warm jade bed, Wanyan Ming Yue would have died long ago. This was also why, Wanyan Ming Yue still looked like sixteen years ago. There wasn’t a trace of aging.

“Ming Yue, I’m Feng Xie!” Feng Xie held Wanyan Ming Yue’ hand. Tears rolled down his aged face. He had never thought that he could see Wanyan Ming Yue once again! Although, Feng Xie prayed to the gods to let Wanyan Ming Yue come back to him, but he knew that it was an extravagant hope.

Now, although the extravagant hope became reality, but Wanyan Ming Yue continued to be asleep. This made Feng Xie’s originally worried heart become heavier.

“Everything was done by Wanyan Lie, right? Ming Yue, it’s my fault. I was too careless! You once reminded me that accompanying one’s sovereign is like accompanying a tiger, but I didn’t believe you. I didn’t think that my carelessness, in the end brought you calamity and also harmed our daughter!”

“Now, Qi Qi is found. Now, I also found you. Tell me, is this god’s charity out of pity towards us? Does this mean that our family will be reunited soon?”

Joy and sadness lingered at the same time in Feng Xie’s heart. To be able to see Wanyan Ming Yue once again, he almost went crazy from happiness. After the happiness, Feng Xie thought about how to bring Wanyan Ming Yue out.

Just now, he checked the warm jade bed. He discovered that Wanyan Ming Yue was able to live like this was thanks to the effectiveness of the warm jade bed. If he takes Wanyan Ming Yue away by force, without the ‘protection’ of the warm jade bed, Wanyan Ming Yue may die.

After all, Feng Xie wasn’t a doctor. He couldn’t check what kind of disease Wanyan Ming Yue had. Even more, he didn’t dare to take her away without careful consideration. After losing too many things, Feng Xie didn’t dare to take the bet. He didn’t dare, even more, to bet with Wanyan Ming Yue’s life.

After kissing Wanyan Ming Yue’s forehead once again, Feng Xie reluctantly left the underground palace. He wasn’t a twenty, thirty-year-old hothead youngster anymore. These years, he sharpened on the grindstone. He knew what could be done and what couldn’t be done.

The first thing Feng Xie needed to do was go find Jin Mo.

Jin Mo had the name of evil doctor. His medical skills must be very high. If Jin Mo couldn’t heal Wanyan Ming Yue, then he needed to go find strange doctor Lian gongzi[1. Gongzi: young master]. No matter what, he needed to cure Wanyan Ming Yue! He couldn’t and couldn’t tolerate Wanyan Ming Yue to continue stay in the underground palace. The sooner this matter was dealt with, the better!

In Yan capital, because the crown prince was deposed, the candidates for the position of the new crown prince was abuzz. At this time, the diplomats of Nan Feng under the leadership of the new emperor of Nan Feng, Ming Yue Cheng, arrived grandiosely at Yan capital.

Ming Yue Cheng personally came to exchange documents between the two nations to make friends, making the citizens who originally focused on the candidates for the position of the new crown prince, shift their gaze a bit to this Nan Feng’s new emperor.

It was said that once, this new emperor had been a hostage in Xi Qi for a decade. It was said that this new emperor’s empress mother was sentenced to death because of witchcraft. The first thing he did after ascending the throne was investigating the truth of that year and cleared the name of his empress mother and Miao clan. It was also said, there were some people who didn’t accept this new emperor ascending the throne. He let the capital be dyed in blood. He used bloody means to subdue those who harbored misconducting thoughts.

In short, Nan Feng’s new emperor Ming Yue Cheng was a legendary person in the point of view of Bei Zhou’s citizens. At least, such a young and promising talent and also with such an iron fist; there were only a few, even in this mainland.

After seeing Ming Yue Cheng for the first time, Wanyan Lie couldn’t help but lament in his heart. If there was a son who could be like Ming Yue Cheng with such an extraordinary bearing, even if his eyes were closed (died) right now, he could be at ease.

Nan Feng’s new emperor personally came to Bei Zhou and was also willing to sign a friendly agreement with Bei Zhou, was a thing Wanyan Lie welcomed with both hands.

Wanyan Lie also understood a bit about the tactics of this new emperor. After seeing Ming Yue Cheng in person, Wanyan Lie had admiration, regret and pressure.

This man was not a person of no particular talent. Under his management, Nan Feng would certainly become glorious and flourishing. This man would definitely be a strong opponent of Bei Zhou. None of his own sons could be compared to Ming Yue Cheng.

Thinking till here, Wanyan Lei suddenly felt sorrowful.

If he was the same age as Ming Yue Cheng, he could go head on head with him. However, now he’s old. Talented people would be born every dynasty. In the future, this world would be the young generation’s! Nan Feng could have such an emperor, but his princess; there was no one who could take such a heavy task!

Nan Feng’s new emperor came to Yan capital. Naturally Bei Zhou’s princess needed to keep him company. Besides, their ages were not far apart. It was a lot easier to have a chat. When Ming Yue Cheng opened his mouth, he asked for Murong Qi Qi.

“Why didn’t zhen[2. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] see Nan Lin wang [3. Wang/wangye: prince of first rank] today? Is it that because being newly married, Feng Cang has a beauty to accompany him, he’s unable to deal with anything else?”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words clearly had a teasing tone. After hearing his words, Wanyan Yi laughed, “Probably, Your Majesty doesn’t know. Princess Zhen Guo who came for a marriage alliance, in fact is Nan Lin wang’s biological little sister. This time, Feng Cang’s old disease acted again. Princess Zhen Guo accompanied him to relieve boredom!”

The originally simple matter, coming from Wanyan Yi’s mouth, changed into something that had a strange taste. Coupled with his strange expression, those who listened to him, revealed an ambiguous smile, except for Wanyan Kang.

Wanyan Kang knew that this second big brother of him coveted the throne for a long time. However, that was his (WY) own problem. Why did he had to bring cousin brother into everything? He (WK) is very supportive of cousin brother and cousin in law. Although, he knew clearly that if he gets too close to Feng Cang, it would let Wanyan Yi and consort mother get angry. However, Wanyan Kang didn’t like them, these people who engage in conspiracies and whom played tricks.

“My cousin brother’s body had always not been well. Before, he went to Xi Qi. Not even two days after he returned, he rushed to Yongzhou to preside over the tournament of the four countries. When he just came back, he was busy preparing for the marriage. He didn’t rest. That was why, he became ill from being too tired. He asked for a sick leave from father and went to nurse his health.”

Wanyan Kang spoke up for Feng Cang, made Wanyan Yi couldn’t help but glare at him once. Sometimes, Wanyan Yi suspected if this little brother was given birth by consort mother. Why did his elbows turn the wrong way every time?! He made it seem like Feng Cang was his biological brother!

  • Elbows turn the wrong way: favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side.

“From my point of view, it’s because princess Zhen Guo’s identity was announced publicly; lovers became siblings. He couldn’t accept it. That was why he fell ill. This time, saying that it was nursing his health, but bringing Feng Qi Qi; who knows what they are doing?!”

“Imperial big brother, how could you say this?!” Hearing Wanyan Yi say this, Wanyan Kang got angry.

Others didn’t know, but he got inside news from Su Mei. Cousin brother and cousin in law went to a honeymoon this time. They finally could break through the obstacles and get together. This was a happy thing. The original beautiful thing, after being added with a vulgar tone by Wanyan Yi; no matter how you listen it, it was uncomfortable.

“Wanyan Kang, are you my little brother or Feng Cang’s little brother?”

Wanyan Kang not giving him face like this in front of Ming Yue Cheng, made Wanyan Yi very angry. If it wasn’t because Ming Yue Cheng was here and Wanyan Yi was having ideas about him; wanting to get support from Ming Yue Cheng, that was why he needed to maintain his image, he would have long gone to Wanyan Kang and beat him.

Seeing these brothers picking at each other mutually, Ming Yue Cheng poured a mouthful wine into his mouth. The way he looked at Wanyan Yi sharpened.

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