Chapter 143 I’m your father

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 143 I’m your father

Xia Yun Xi challenged Murong Qi Qi directly, making the people on the scene so surprised, they almost shouted out loudly.

Today, Nan Lin wang[1. Wang: the prince of first rank] brought princess Zhen Guo out for fun. Everyone wanted to see the beautiful face of the number one beauty of the world. Without a choice, Feng Cang protected Murong Qi Qi very well. They came from the backdoor. After entering the room, they didn’t show their faces again.

Now, the opponent for who this prettily and soft woman in front of them performed on the arena, was actually princess Zhen Guo, Murong Qi Qi. This made White Cloud Restaurant immediately explode.

Who was princess Zhen Guo? That was great general Feng Xie’s and princess Ming Yue’s lost baby of many years. Now, although she had been found, but she never showed her face in public. In the hearts of the people, Murong Qi Qi was a girl who exuded mystery from her whole body.

Now, Xia Yun Xi challenged Murong Qi Qi. Don’t know if the princess Zhen Guo who was able to cause the fall of a city from the legends, would or wouldn’t accept the challenge.

The citizens at White Cloud Restaurant were all looking forward to Murong Qi Qi’s reply. Upstairs, Murong Qi Qi wasn’t a bit emotionally moved. She still nestled lazily in Feng Cang’s arms. Her beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed as if she was a lazy and asleep cat.

After waiting for a long while, there was no movements from upstairs. Xia Yun Xi got a bit nervous. Could it be that Murong Qi Qi didn’t dare to perform with her on the arena? Then what should she do? Stand here like a fool?

“Princess Zhen Guo, this little girl wants us to learn from each other! Don’t know if princess Zhen Guo could give this little girl face!”

Xia Yun Xi’s soft voice floated to upstairs. Murong Qi Qi opened her phoenix eyes. Her mouth revealed a charming smile.

“Haha, who are you? What face? Why should bengong[2. Bengong: this palace, I used by the females of the imperial family] give you face?”

Murong Qi Qi’s cold and lazy voice spread from upstairs to downstairs. Her voice revealed a dignity that people couldn’t ignore, but it didn’t hurt the elegance and sweetness of her voice. Just listening to this voice, it would let people’s heart feel like summer and fresh like a cool and fresh water suddenly went into it. It also let the spectators more curious and want to see Murong Qi Qi’s genuine appearance.

Sure enough, that was her character! Murong Qi Qi declining Xia Yun Xi attracted the chuckle and shaking of the head from Ming Yue Cheng. She must’ve long knew Xia Yun Xi’s identity. That was why she deliberately said so. However, that Xia Yun Xi was also too stupid to actually challenge Murong Qi Qi. In the end, how would this matter end? Ming Yue Cheng already defined that in his heart.

After hearing Murong Qi Qi, Xia Yun Xi’s face paled. She didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi would so not give her face. She (MQQ) ‘humiliated’ her (XYX) like this in public.

Princess…Seeing Xia Yun Xi’s expression, Hong Ye broke into cold sweats for her princess.

Since small, Xia Yun Xi was pampered. She got everything she wanted. She had never encountered setbacks and also never failed. Now, she was determined to win Feng Cang. However, the moment she came, she was displeased by Murong Qi Qi. How could princess bear this?!

Originally, Hong Ye thought that Xia Yun Xi would back out of an awkward situation. She didn’t expect that she (XYX) still maintained a gently smile and still stood on the arena.

“Princess Zhen Guo, the rule of White Cloud Restaurant is, if challenged, one must accept. Otherwise, it’s admitting defeat…”

Xia Yun Xi advanced by retreating and wanted to force Murong Qi Qi to appear. However, her words just fell, Murong Qi Qi threw some words down, “The rule of White Cloud Restaurant can’t control bengong. You also know bengong is princess Zhen Guo. How could White Cloud Restaurant’s rule bound the two words Zhen Guo?!”

Inside the room, Wanyan Kang gave Murong Qi Qi a thumb-up.

Although, Wanyan Bao Zhu was also an imperial princess, but compared, Murong Qi Qi had more aura of a princess. These words being thrown out, immediately smashed a few people. Even if people weren’t satisfied, but they couldn’t do anything to her because she’s princess ‘Zhen Guo’ who Bei Zhou’s emperor bestowed personally!

It could be considered that Xia Yun Xi now have experienced Murong Qi Qi’s difficulty to deal with. However, she wouldn’t give up. Feng Cang was in that room. Maybe he was looking at her now. The thought that Feng Cang was at close proximity, her heart got infinite power and very strong courage, “Princess, could it be that you rely on your identity to take unfair advantage of others?”


A string of crisp like silver bells laughter spread to the ears of the people, cleaning the negative feelings they had for Murong Qi Qi caused by Xia Yun Xi’s ‘rely on your identity to take unfair advantage of other’. Inside everyone’s ears echoed Murong Qi Qi’s crispy laughter. Someone who had such clean laughter, how could she be the kind of person Xia Yun Xi said?!

“Is it that bengong is taking unfair advantage or is it that you’re being too forceful? Mm…Dong Lu’s princess Yun, Xia Yun Xi!”

At the opening of the window, Murong Qi Qi’s figure still couldn’t be seen. It was just her voice had long been firmly remembered by people. The moment they heard that the girl on the arena was Dong Lu’s princess Yun, Xia Yun Xi, they came to the realization.

So, this woman was the Xia Yun Xi who caused an uproar recently and came from the far away Dong Lu to marry Feng Cang?!

Immediately, the way Bei Zhou’s citizens looked at Xia Yun Xi changed. So, it was like this. Chasing a man to this point; the difference between the heart of this Dong Lu’s princess and her external performance was too big…

Her identity being exposed by Murong Qi Qi was outside Xia Yun Xi’s expectations. However, this woman didn’t give her face, why should she care about so much?!

“Haha, before Yun Xi came, Yun Xi already heard princess’s good name. Yun Xi admires princess very much and always sought for an opportunity to get to know princess. Don’t know if princess Zhen Guo could give bengong a chance?! Yun Xi likes to become friends with princess!”

“Princess Yun, you don’t want to become friends with bengong, but you want to become bengong’s sister-in-law!”

“Since you want to marry into Nan Lin wangfu[3. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank], it’s better to learn needlework, the feminine arts and how to manage a household. Bengong’s big brother likes gentle and ladylike woman the most. Like princess Yun, showing your face in public and challenging people on the arena; if people don’t know, they would think that it’s a daughter of a small family and humble house. A lady of prominent families wouldn’t be like this, let alone a country’s princess!”

The mockery in Murong Qi Qi’s words were something everyone could hear. Like Xia Yun Xi, singing <Longing for the youth’s return> in public like a resenting wife, was remarkably like a woman who went crazy from wanting a man. How was this something a princess would do?!

A true princess should be like Murong Qi Qi; always kept a distance from the citizens, wear a mysterious veil and shouldn’t be hot tempered at the provocations of others. This was the style of royals!

After comparing the two, the pros and cons of the two countries princesses had been concluded in the people’s heart. The people who just now felt that Xia Yun Xi, this girl was someone worthy of their pity, after getting to know the other party was a princess and seeing that her deeds were not worthy of her identity, it immediately let her image in the public’s mind collapse.

“Tsk, tsk, in this world, presumably there wouldn’t be a more eloquent woman than cousin-in-law…”

Originally, Wanyan Kang wanted to use ‘poisonous tongue’ to describe Murong Qi Qi, but later, the words were already on his lips, he dispelled that thought. He couldn’t afford to offend Murong Qi Qi. Wanyan Kang already had a deep understanding of this. He didn’t want to be a cannon fodder and be shot away by Murong Qi Qi.

“Ah Kang, do you really think like that?” Murong Qi Qi looked with a smile yet not a smile at Wanyan Kang. Wanyan Kang immediately sworn, “That’s right! Cousin-in-law, I really, truly, definitely think so!”

“Haha…” Murong Qi Qi called Su Yue to her side. She whispered some words in her ears. Su Yue nodded and left White Cloud Restaurant.

“Cousin-in-law, what did you let Su Yue go do, ah?” Wanyan Kang moved closer to her and asked quite interested. However, he didn’t get close to be in front of Murong Qi Qi when he was blocked by Feng Cang’s big hand.

“Keep your distance!” Feng Cang pointed to let Wanyan Kang stay away from Murong Qi Qi.

Seeing Feng Cang care about Murong Qi Qi so much, Wanyan Kang shouted, “Cousin brother, you weren’t like this before! You shouldn’t be so narrow-minded!”

“Acting spoiled is of no use in front of me! If you want to act spoiled…,” Feng Cang looked at Su Mei. “Go find Su Mei!”

Even guye teased her and Wanyan Kang’s matter made Su Mei blush, “Guye[4. Guye: son-in-law, also used by the servant of the female's family],what kind of joke are you making?! I don’t have any relation with him!”

Upstairs, the group of people were playing lively. Downstairs, Xia Yun Xi stood a bit awkward on the arena. Going forward was not right, backing down was also not right.

Xia Yun Xi never knew that Murong Qi Qi was someone who even salt nor oil could enter. Putting it in the past, she only needed to provoke two sentences and use an indirect psychological method to get one to do as she wished, the other party would long have stamped their feet in fury. However, Murong Qi Qi was the same as a living dough. No matter what she did, she (MQQ) didn’t show up. What should she do now?

Just the thought that Feng Cang was upstairs and at Murong Qi Qi’s side, the originally wanting to give up heart of Xia Yun Xi persisted. Only one more step, she would be able to get close to the person she loves. If she gave up so easily, didn’t this mean that she wasn’t a bit firm in the love for him?!

“Princess Zhen Guo saying this, could it be you’re afraid?!” Xia Yun Xi stared at upstairs. She really hoped that Feng Cang’s figure could appear. However, a long while after this sentence was said, no one responded.

“Princess Zhen Guo? Feng Qi Qi!” Xia Yun Xi couldn’t help and directly called Murong Qi Qi’s name, but she heard a man’s voice spread over.

“Our wangye and princess already left. Wangye had a sentence to convey to princess. Wangye asked, are you really a princess? He had never seen such a princess like you! Presumably, among the four countries, only Dong Lu’s princess would be like this…”

Ruyi answered Xia Yun Xi from upstairs. Just now, Murong Qi Qi let Su Yue go prepare the carriage. Now, it’s great. The whole group left, only leaving him to convey their words. All the thing to offend people was done by him!

“Hahaha!” The words Ruyi conveyed, obviously were filled with sarcasm towards Xia Yun Xi. When people heard that, they felt more and more that Feng Cang was right. In the end, they all laughed!

From young till now, when had Xia Yun Xi received such humiliation. Feng Cang’s words were obviously ridiculing her! Now, these commoners were also laughing at her. Really audacious to the extreme!

“What are you laughing at?! If you continue laugh, I will let emperor father execute you and all your relatives!”

Xia Yun Xi’s words made the citizens more speechless. Some people shouted at a side, “Princess, I’m so afraid, yo! Didn’t expect that the hand of Dong Lu’s emperor is stretched so long. He could actually control till our Bei Zhou!”

This person seemed to be deliberately provocative. Xia Yun Xi cried from anger because of these words, “You all bully me! I’ll go back and tell emperor father!”

With a stomp, Xia Yun Xi left the arena.

When Wanyan Kang told Murong Qi Qi the result, Su Mei and Su Yue laughed, “Your highness, didn’t expect that you have the potential to spoof. The last sentence was so funny!”

It turned out that the last sentence was deliberately left by Wanyan Kang till the last moment.

Wanyan Kang’s mood was very good after amusing Su Mei. However, after thinking about it, Murong Qi Qi rejected Xia Yun Xi’s challenge of the arena, that woman would definitely not leave the matter at that. He couldn’t help but worry about the lovers in front of him.

“Cousin-in-law, this Xia Yun Xi is the pearl of Xia Jin’s hands. She’s very treasured. You humiliated her today like that, I am afraid that she wouldn’t leave the matter at that!”

Wanyan Kang was right, but Murong Qi Qi also wasn’t afraid of Xia Yun Xi.

“Ah Kang, you’re wrong! The one who humiliated her was herself. Besides, it was Ruyi who said those nasty words. He represented Cang’s meaning. It doesn’t have anything to do with me! Don’t relate everything to me!”

Murong Qi Qi’s excuse couldn’t help but let Wanyan Kang sweat. Who was it that didn’t go through Feng Cang’s consent, directly ordered Ruyi and taught him to say those words? How could a person not admit the things he/she just done? It seemed, it’s better to offend a villain than to offend Murong Qi Qi. This thought rooted deeply in Wanyan Kang’s heart.

Wanyan Kang’s guess was not wrong. After coming out of White Cloud Restaurant, Xia Yun Xi almost cried back to Dong Lu’s embassy.

As a princess, when had Xia Yun Xi suffered such grievances? All was because of Murong Qi Qi! She had long heard that Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang’s relationship wasn’t ordinary. Perhaps it was her who sow dissension, causing her today to not even see Feng Cang’s face.

“Damned Feng Qi Qi!” Xia Yun Xi grabbed a small palace maid to her. She pulled a hairpin on her head and stabbed it in the small palace maid’s body.

“Princess, spare me! Princess, spare me!”

The small palace maid quickly protected her body, but she didn’t expect that her act of dodging would anger Xia Yun Xi more.

“I let you dodge! I look at how you dodge!” Xia Yun Xi clutched the small palace maid. She exerted strength to stab the small palace maid’s body. In no time, there were more than a few blood holes on the small palace maid’s body.

“Princess, cool down your anger!” Knowing that her princess began to torture people again, Hong Ye quickly went forward to pat Xia Yun Xi’s back and massage her shoulders. At the same time, she gestured with her eyebrows to let the small palace maid leave quickly.

With Hong Ye’s saving, the small palace maid quickly wiped her tears, kowtowed and thanked for this grace. She quickly went out.

“Hong Ye, did you see? Today, they were laughing at me! They all looked at me as a joke! If at Dong Lu, I would certainly let emperor father cut all their heads off!”

Although, Xia Yun Xi always used dirty ways on her palace maids, but to her confidante Hong Ye, she valued her very much. Being at her (XYX) side for so many years, Hong Ye didn’t suffer physical pain.

“Princess, don’t be angry anymore! Today didn’t work, but isn’t there future?! Bei Zhou plans to hold a palace banquet. This is a good opportunity, ah! Princess, you could grab this chance and overwhelm everyone, ah!”

Hong Ye knew the temper of this princess. She could only stroke in the direction the hair was going. If she went against her (XYX) wishes, the one who would suffer and be put in a lot of trouble would still be her. Perhaps, she would even lose her life because of this.

Hong Ye successfully changed the subject, making Xia Yun Xi’s frustration reduce slightly.

Today’s thing was a bit reckless, that was why it became information that could be turned into a joke by Murong Qi Qi. Wait until they’re at the palace banquet and in front of the monarch and the ministers. If Murong Qi Qi ‘retreats and escapes’ again, then that’s cowardice!

After untying the knot in her heart, Xia Yun xi was full of confidence again. No matter what, today she had showed her face. Feng Cang certainly had seen her. Wait until the palace banquet; when she brings out her implicit and innate qualities, Feng Cang would definitely like her.

“Hong Ye, before Feng Qi Qi became princess Zhen Guo, she was just a rubbish. How come today listening to her, she wasn’t in line with a rubbish, ah?! Tell me, on the palace banquet, in front of so many people, would she reject me like today?”

“Princess, she’s only eloquent. In other areas, she’s certainly not as good as you! At the palace banquet, if you proposed a competition, she wouldn’t refuse. She could fool the citizen. If she wants to botch you like today in front of the officials and the emperor, she wouldn’t be able to afford to lose this face!”

Hong Ye’s words was like a reassurance making Xia Yun Xi’s mood very good. Feng Qi Qi, you wait and see! The position of Nan Lin wangfei is mine for certain! No matter if you admit or don’t admit, I will be your sister-in-law!

When Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi just returned to Nan Lin wangfu and the two just entered Tingsong building, they sensed the strangeness. The two exchanged a glance and pretended that there was nothing. One went to the desk, the other went to the bed. However, when they were about the reach their destination, the two turned around at the same time.

The plum dart in Feng Cang’s hand and the golden thread in Murong Qi Qi’s hand shot out at the same time and went straight to the roof.

‘Bang…’ sounded. The plum dart had been knocked down to the ground. A person in black appeared in front of them.

“Who are you?” Murong Qi Qi’s golden thread wrapped around the other party’s neck as if, if the other party moved a bit, the other party’s head would be cut off by her golden thread.

Feng Xie looked at the Murong Qi Qi in front of him. The more he looked, the more he felt love. Even if his life was now still in her hands, but this is his biological daughter, ah! Just now, Feng Cang used a plum dart to attract his attention and help Murong Qi Qi succeed. These two people coordinated really flawlessly!

“Say! Who are you! What did you come here for?”

Seeing that the masked black person didn’t speak, the golden thread in Murong Qi Qi’s hand tightened. If the other party was an enemy, she wouldn’t mind taking the other party’s life.

“Qi Qi…,” Feng Xie’s voice was somewhat bleak. He raised his hand and slowly removed the black cloth in front of his face.

“Aren’t you the monk at the pagoda to drive away evil spirits?” Seeing the other party’s face, Murong Qi Qi was surprised. “Didn’t you pass away?”

Murong Qi Qi said that, Feng Cang also remembered. This person was the one who sent Murong Qi Qi the five-colored plum. However, why did he look this way? Why did he appear at Tingsong building? Feng Cang carefully looked at the person n black in front of him. He wanted to obtain some clues from his appearance.

Although surprised, but Murong Qi Qi didn’t plan on retrieving the golden thread in her hand yet. She didn’t know if this person was a foe or a friend. That was why she couldn’t lower her guard.

Feng Xie admired Murong Qi Qi’s thought. Indeed, it was very important to be careful and cautious before figuring out the true identity of the enemy. In the past, he was too careless. That was why he was stabbed in the back by his good brother (friend), making his family ruined, homeless and miserable for so many years.

“I’m Feng Xie, your father.”

The few words from Feng Xie were like thunder, making Murong Qi Qi got a burst of dizziness. Didn’t Feng Xie die? Why did he suddenly appear? Is this person real or false?

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