Chapter 144 Reunion

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 144 Reunion

Murong Qi Qi hadn’t seen the real Feng Xie. She couldn’t judge if the words of this person in front of her were reliable. It was just, Feng Xie was once a world famous handsome man. But, the man in front of her was completely different from the image from the legends.

Murong Qi Qi couldn’t judge the truthfulness of the words of the person in black in front of her. It was Feng Cang who excitedly stepped forward and grabbed Feng Xie’s hands. Even if he forgot everything, he wouldn’t forget Feng Xie’s voice and that pair of eyes of him. Only these two points, Feng Cang could certainly determine that this person in black was the renowned Bei Zhou’s war god…Feng Xie.

“Father, it’s really you!”

Feng Cang’s hand trembled slightly. Murong Qi Qi could hear a trace of tremble in the excitement of Feng Cang’s voice. It seemed that this person is really her real dad…

“Cang er[1. Er: term of endearment]!” Feng Xie tightly held Feng Cang’s hand. He shook them hard, “You’re already so big…good, very good…”

The beard on Feng Xie’s chin trembled slightly. He was trying to suppress his emotions to not let his tears fall. Although, in the past, Feng Xie had been following Feng Cang’s growth from a secret place, but he never identified himself in person. Now, Feng Cang’s ‘father’ brought out all Feng Xie’s emotions.

“Father, you are still alive! So great!” Feng Cang cried a bit tears of joy. That Feng Xie was still alive, how good of a news was that to him, ah?!

“Qing Qing, he’s your dad. He’s your dad!”

Feng Cang pulled Murong Qi Qi to Feng Xie, “Qing Qing, this is your father!”

The two men were very emotionally excited. In contrast, Murong Qi Qi was the calmest. Father? Feng Xie? Murong Qi Qi looked a bit dumbfounded at Feng Xie.

In the past life, she was a fatherless and a motherless orphan. Although adopted father took her as his own, but in Murong Qi Qi’s heart, there was still a little regret.

The abandonment of the biological parents had always been a pain her heart couldn’t make up to. How many times, did she meet with her parents in her dreams? She always tried to catch up with their pace and wanted to ask them why they abandoned her. When she woke up, her eyes were full of warm tears.

Now, she was reborned intp this world. She could actually see the biological father of this body. An inexplicable feeling spread in her heart.

The eyes of the man in front of her showed affection. That was a kind of affection which ask for nothing in return and was full of warmth. This kind of warm feeling had been surrounding her. Could this be the feeling of a father?

“Qi Qi, I’m really your father!” Seeing that Murong Qi Qi stood there and was silent, Feng Xie felt pain in his heart.

Although, this child is his and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter, but the moment she was born, she had been taken away. She had been growing up under the roof of others. Now, let her recognize another person as father, from the emotional point of view, it was difficult to bear for Murong Qi Qi.

Not to mention, he originally should be a dead man. Now, he suddenly appeared. It had to be shocking. So, Feng Xie could understand Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts. He also didn’t force her to recognize him.

“Take it slowly, Qi Qi. I know, it’s difficult for you to accept such a thing. However, I‘m really and positively your biological father, Feng Xie.”

Feng Cang’s understanding and the pain and self-blame in his eyes deeply stimulated Murong Qi Qi. That self-blame was probably the guilt because he didn’t protect his wife and daughter well!

“Papa…” Murong Qi Qi threw herself in Feng Xie’s arms. All the desire for a family from the past and present life were poured into this ‘papa’.

Feng Xie was startled. He had never heard the word ‘papa’, but from the excitement of the daughter in his hands, she should had recognized him. Feng Xie’s hand patted tremblingly on the back of Murong Qi Qi. Ming Yue, Qi Qi recognized me! Qi Qi recognized me!

The pair of father and daughter recognizing each other was a moving thing. Although, Feng Cang had many things he wanted to ask Feng Xie, but he slowly retreated and left this quiet space for this father and daughter.

“Papa, why didn’t you and mama want me? Could it be because I wasn’t good and didn’t listen to you” Murong Qi Qi raised her head. Her eyes were filled with tears.

His daughter’s crying and the ‘accusation’ in her words, made Feng Xie, this man’s eyes get red.

“Qi Qi, it was not like this! I and your mother loves you. We love you very much! You’re the child we wished for a decade before getting. How could we not love you?! You don’t know, how happy we were when your mother was pregnant with you! we once fantasied that we must let you become the happiest child in this world and give you all the love! We had never thought about abandoning you and not wanting you!”

Feng Xie’s tears fell on Murong Qi Qi’s forehead. In his life, there were only a few times in that he cried.

The first time was when Feng Xie’s best friend, that was, Feng Cang’s father Long Yu died at the hands of arrows. He was unable to save him and could only watch Long Yu become a hedgehog. He cried, cried for being incompetent. The second time was when at Yandang Mountain, he got the news about the death of Wanyan Ming Yue and their child and the news that all those brothers who fought from all quarters with him, were dead. At that time, he cried. The third time was now. His daughter cried so sadly and questioned why they didn’t want her. This let Feng Xie cry.

“I’m sorry! Dad wasn’t good! Dad believed too much in people. That was why dad caused the mistake of Yandang mountain, let a traitor find a loophole and let you and your mother suffer so much. It was all dad’s fault! It’s dad who wronged you! But you have to remember, I and your mother will always love you!”

Feng Xie’s voice trembled and his tears streamed down. These years, so many hardships, living so difficult and all his strength collapsed in front of his daughter’s tears like a surging river.

Feng Xie’s apology swept away all the regret for a family that accumulated in the heart of Murong Qi Qi. It turned out that it wasn’t because she was bad. It turned out that the parents also had their secret troubles! Then, did the parents who abandoned her in the past life also had their own secret troubles like Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue? Did they also originally wished to give her a happy family and give her a happy life…

All those pessimistic, broken-hearted and sad feelings vanished like smoke in thin air with Feng Xie’s ‘we will always love you’. Murong Qi Qi suddenly felt that the feeling of having a father was so great. Her heart was filled with the sweetness of happiness. So great

At this time, Murong Qi Qi felt that she was happy! What she didn’t have or lacked in the past life, she got them all in this life. Whether it was the intimate lover Feng Cang or the Feng Xie in front of her who kept saying “I’m sorry”, they gave her feelings, she never had before. She felt that she was the most blessed person!

Until till the crying disappeared in the room, did Feng Cang open the door and entered. Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s red eyes, Feng Cang felt a burst of pain in his heart. He personally drawn water and wash Murong Qi Qi’s face.

Looking at Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s intimate interaction, Feng Xie nodded satisfied. It seemed that from their figures, he could see himself and the Wanyan Ming Yue of that year.

When Murong Qi Qi sorted out her feelings, she slowly walked to Feng Xie and bowed, “Daddy!”

“Good! Good, good!” Feng Xie wiped his tears. He had never thought that his daughter was still alive. Even after knowing that Murong Qi Qi is his and Wanyan Ming Yue’s child, he didn’t dare to expect Murong Qi Qi to recognize him. Now, a ‘daddy’ from Murong Qi Qi let all the concerns in Feng Xie’s heart disappear.

“Father!” Feng Cang bowed in front of Feng Xie at Murong Qi Qi’s side. However, Feng Cang added one more sentence, “Perhaps, I should change the way of addressing you and call you father-in-law!”

Hearing Feng Cang say that, Murong Qi Qi blushed. Feng Xie saw the two children being like that, he happily helped them up, “Good! Whether it’s father or father-in-law, there’s no difference! It’s all family!”

Feng Xie’s family was a great affirmation of Feng Cang. “Father-in-law, didn’t you already leave the mortal realm? Why did you become a monk at the pagoda to drive away evil spirits? What happened that year at Yandang Mountain?”

Feng Cang’s questions transferred Feng Xie’s attention to the matter of that year. Looking at that face of Murong Qi Qi that was similar to Wanyan Ming Yue’s, Feng Xie’s voice began to tremble.

“That year someone betrayed our military intelligence to Xi Qi and also put a poison in our food. He/she also opened the gate and led the enemy’s army in, making the originally victory become Bei Zhou’s lose! My two hundred thousand man all died…”

Just the thought that Wanyan Lie caused his family be ruined and wrenched apart, Feng Xie’s eyes were filled with a strong hatred. Not to mention, those two hundred thousand men were his brothers who went through fire and water and fought from all four quarters with him. Even their skeletons didn’t survive. No matter what, he needed to avenge this hatred!

“Everyone said that this was done by Cai Hua. I investigated for many years. Until recently, did I found out that Cai Hua replaced your mother and died instead. That person who burned to ashes was Cai Hua not your mother! The real culprit is another person!”

“Is it Wanyan Lie?”

Feng Cang asked, Feng Xie nodded. “That’s right! It’s him! Besides, your mother didn’t die. She had been hidden at the underground palace in Long Autumn palace!”

Feng Xie’s words were like a thunder making Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi froze.

“Didn’t mother-in-law…” Feng Cang didn’t dare to believe this fact. He didn’t think, the Feng Xie who everyone believed to be dead was still alive. The Wanyan Ming Yue who everyone believed to have committed suicide in the name of love, was actually hidden in the palace. What kind of secret was there inside this? In the end, what had happened?

“She’s still alive, but…she’s like a living dead; asleep without waking up. I don’t know what she experienced!” Hearing Feng Cang mention Wanyan Ming Yue, Feng Xie’s eyes got wet again.

“Originally, I wanted to take revenge for your mother before coming her to recognize you and tell you the truth. However, only a few days ago, did I found out that Ming Yue didn’t die. I’m not a doctor and don’t know why Ming Yue was like that. I couldn’t think of a way. I could only come for you! Feng Cang, Jin Mo’s medical skills are brilliant. I want to ask him to go to the palace and look at your mother; see what’s the matter with her and if he could save her and wake her up!”

Aside from surprise, Feng Xie’s words also made Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi very happy. It turned out that Wanyan Ming Yue didn’t die! Since it was like that, then didn’t this mean that Murong Qi Qi’s whole family could be reunited?!

“Dad, I also know some medical skills. Why don’t I go with you? Maybe I could even help!” Murong Qi Qi was curious about the woman who gave her life and also felt a familiarity with her. In the past life, she didn’t have the parents’ love. This life, she could have parents. To her, this was a very happy matter.

“Good!” Feng Xie nodded. No matter what, he couldn’t give up on this opportunity.

The three people talked for a long time. Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi finally got to know the matter of that year with Feng Xie’s description.

It turned out, that year at Yandang Mountain, Feng Xie’s two hundred thousand soldiers beat Xi Qi’s army into a sorry state. The victory was in front of them.

However, later, don’t know why, the army’s food got a problem. Everyone got diarrhea. Now, thinking about it, someone must’ve poisoned the water of the well. That was why, on all the soldier appeared physical discomfort.

At that time, it was summer. On hot days, it was the right time for dysentery to spread. A small dysentery made the fighting power of the army go straight down. And at this time, someone opened the gate at night. Xi Qi’s army directly came in while killing.

Originally, Feng Xie wanted to leave with Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Cang, but he didn’t expect that their food was also poisoned. Not long after they left the city, people surrounded them. Even if the eagle troop could fight one against hundred, but they had been poisoned and weren’t the opponent of the other party.

Feng Xie was stabbed before he fainted. When he woke up, the one who was lying behind him was his loyal and kind groom. It was him who used all his efforts to save Feng Xie, but he died. When Feng Xie went back, there was no trace of Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Cang…

“I thought for a long time about who poisoned the water in the well. In the end, there could only be one person. That is, the minister Li Jun who Wanyan Lie sent over to reward the army. Everything only happened after he arrived. And he came on behalf of Wanyan Lie. It was Wanyan Lie who put his heart on destroying me!”

“It was just, why would Wanyan Lie do that? Weren’t he and you good friends? Isn’t he mother’s biological big brother?” Murong Qi Qi didn’t understand Wanyan Lie’s thoughts. The world said that Wanyan Lie loved his little sister, Wanyan Ming Yue the most. Why did he had to treat Feng Xie’s family like that?

“Humph!” The thought of Wanyan Lie’s despicable act and his ugly intentions, Feng Xie felt disgusting. He clenched his fist and his teeth made ‘gege’ sound. “There’s only one reason why he did so…”

Feng Xie really didn’t want to say it. A dignified sovereign of a country actually had a crush on his own little sister. And because of this, he disregarded the interest of the country and his friendship. Such a person like him is too hateful!

Seeing Feng Xie remained silent for so long and didn’t say it out, Murong Qi Qi was a bit anxious, “Dad, why did he had to do this, tell me, ah!”

Feng Xie looked at Murong Qi Qi and then looked at Feng Cang. He sighed. Sooner or later, they would know the truth. This matter wasn’t his and Wanyan Ming Yue’s fault. There was no need to help Wanyan Lie conceal it.

“The furnishing of Long Autumn palace is the same as your mother’s boudoir. Besides, according to the small palace maid the empress dowager saved, the noble consort Yue who lived before at Long Autumn palace, looks very similar to your mother…”

“Ka…” Murong Qi Qi’s heart was startled. Like this, didn’t Wanyan Lie had sistercomplex?!

What Murong Qi Qi could think off, Feng Cang also could think off. Like this, it was understandable why every imperial noble consort at Long Autumn palace was so secretive. They never participated in the palace banquet. When they came out, they also wore a veil. So, it turned out that Wanyan Lie had such dirty intention!

For a time, the atmosphere became heavy. A sovereign who had sistercomplex, betrayed the country’s interest for his own interest. Saying it out, it was really incredible.

“Daddy, when are we going to see mother?” Thinking about that Wanyan Ming Yue was still in the underground palace of Long Autumn palace and also didn’t know how she was dishonored by Wanyan Lie, Murong Qi Qi felt angry plus disgust.

How could there be such a perverted person?! To get the little sister, he actually did such a thing. Really enough is enough!

“Naturally, the sooner the better. I really want to know what’s the matter with Ming Yue. Why don’t we go tonight?!”

The three people came to a decision. That night, Feng Cang called Jin Mo. Plus, Feng Xie and Murong Qi Qi, they were a total of four people. Stepping on the night, they went into the palace.

It was unusually quiet at Long Autumn palace. There wasn’t wind. The palace maid and eunuch had long been sleeping. The four opened the door, stepped inside and went to the underground palace. After following Feng Xie for a while, they finally saw the woman on the warm jade bed.

“It’s really mother!” Feng Cang looked full of disbelief at Wanyan Ming Yue whose appearance didn’t change. “Mother, I’m Feng Cang. Mother, wake up!”

“It’s useless!” Feng Xie pulled Feng Cang and shook his head. “It’s better to let Jin Mo check and then we'll see!”

During the day, when Jin Mo got to know that Feng Xie was still alive, his chin almost fell to the ground. Now seeing Wanyan Ming Yue lying on the warm jade bed, Jin Mo’s heart once again received a shock. So, rumors were only rumors. These two involved parties of the battle at Yandang Mountain of that year, were now still alive, making people couldn’t help but be shocked.

Not thinking much, Jin Mo put his hand on Wanyan Ming Yue’s pulse.

The pulse was very slow. Jin Mo had never seen something like this. After checking Wanyan Ming Yue ‘s eyes and her complexion, Jin Mo repeatedly said, “It’s too strange. The situation of princess now was somewhat like the state when animals went into hibernation. So odd! Junior sister, come look!”

Hearing Jin Mo call Murong Qi Qi junior sister, Feng Xie was a bit surprised. Feng Cang, at a side, clarified for his father-in-law, “Qing Qing is the well-known Lian gongzi[2. Gongzi: young master] from the jianghu[3. Jianghu: world of the martial arts].”

“Lian gongzi!” This time, it was Feng Xie, this father’s turn to be dumbfounded.

So, the famous strange doctor Lian gongzi from the jianghu is his and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter! Immediately, a sense pride slowly rose in Feng Xie’s heart! Ming Yue, did you see?! I brought our daughter to see you. Our daughter is so outstanding like you!

Originally, Feng Xie was thinking that if Jin Mo couldn’t heal Wanyan Ming Yue, he would need to go find Lian gongzi. He didn’t think that it was to travel far and wide looking for someone, only to find him/her easily. It turned out, his daughter is Lian gongzi! Could this be considered a grace from the heaven towards him and Wanyan Ming Yue?!

After Murong Qi Qi saw Wanyan Ming Yue, she determined that she’s her biological mother. Before the wedding, she was led by the person in black to the painting. That painting only painted seventy percent of Wanyan Ming Yue’s demeanor. Her personal traits weren’t shown on the painting.

Now, looking at her mother of this life, Murong Qi Qi was a bit excited. Mother, this image appeared many times in her heart. God knows how much she wanted to be together with her parents one day and enjoy family love together.

Although, in the past life, this wish wasn’t fulfilled, but now, coming to here, god suddenly got compassion and gave her a pair of parents. How could she not be happy and grateful?!

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