Chapter 154 Fake faced Misha (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 154 Fake faced Misha (2)

“It’s you…,” When Feng Cang saw the man in purple in front of him, he was very surprised.

That day on the banquet, Ming Yue Cheng’s attitude was very clear. He said that he would give up on Murong Qi Qi. Why would he come look for him now in private? Could it be to persuade him?

Not waiting for Feng Cang to think it through, Ming Yue Cheng stepped on the clogs and came to him, “Nan Lin wang[1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] seemed very surprised at seeing me! It’s not that you don’t welcome me, right?!”

Feng Cang wanted to deny, but the result was that he couldn’t help but nod. Seeing Feng Cang being so direct, Ming Yue Cheng laughed, “Nan Lin wang is really a straightforward person. No wonder, she would like you.”

Ming Yue Cheng mentioned the woman they both love in common made Feng Cang’s mood loosen slightly, “Your majesty, this way please!”

“If you like, you can call me by my name. I also want to call you Feng Cang!”

Ming Yue Cheng’s temper made Feng Cang began to understand why Murong Qi Qi would become friends with this person. He’s indeed a frank and straightforward person,

“No problem!”

Feng Cang led Ming Yue to the study. Ming Yue Cheng didn’t expect that there was one more person here…Murong Qi Qi.

When she saw Ming Yue Cheng behind Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi nodded with a smile, “Take a seat! When I’m done, I’ll come over!” Murong Qi Qi was checking Jue Se Fang and Tong Bao Zhai’s accounts. In front of her was an abacus made from pure gold. It made crackling knocking sound accompanied with a shining golden light, making Ming Yue Cheng’s eyes almost dazed.

“What, is it that you think I’m too luxurious?” While Murong Qi Qi fiddled with the beads of the abacus, she chatted with Ming Yue Cheng. “Earning money is for spending it. These accounts are too complicated. Looking at it will make me get a headache. Using a gold abacus can stimulate my brain. Speaking of it, inside here there’s your twenty percent…”

Murong Qi Qi said everything clear and logically. Ming Yue Cheng could only shake his head helplessly. This woman was always justified. He couldn’t win from her!

After sitting for a moment, Ming Yue Cheng said the reason why he came, “I came today is because I want to understand one matter with Feng Cang. Do you have a gu inside of you? Is it that it had been a long time? That day on the palace banquet, I saw that your complexion wasn’t right, so I paid a little attention to it. You also know that Nan Feng’s Qiang ethic group are specialized in using gu. My empress mother is a member of Qiang ethnic group, so, I also know about some of the gu. I hope it would be some help for you!”

The arrival of Ming Yue Cheng was beyond Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s expectations. His purpose was even more surprising to the two. Before, Murong Qi Qi was thinking to look for an opportunity to go find Ming Yue Cheng and see if he could provide some information about the gu poison. She didn’t expect that he actually came today for that.

“Ming Yue, you have a way, isn’t it?” Murong Qi Qi stood up excitedly. She walked in two or three steps to Ming Yue Cheng. Her beautiful eyes looked at his face, making Ming Yue Cheng almost lose his soul.

The woman in front of him is the one he loves, but her every happiness, every anger, every smile and every annoyance wasn’t because of him but it was for another man. This made Ming Yue Cheng’s heart very sad.

Although he was sad, but while facing Murong Qi Qi, Ming Yue Cheng still smiled, “If I can cure Feng Cang, how will you repay me?”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words let Feng Cang frown. He reached out and pulled Murong Qi Qi into his arms, “What do you want? As long as it’s within my ability, I will certainly satisfy you. If you want to set your thoughts on her, even if I die, I will not accept (the treatment)!”

Feng Cang showed his overbearing and strong attachment to Murong Qi Qi, making Ming Yue Cheng understand that the man in front of him, had the same heart as him towards Murong Qi Qi. Suddenly, the concern he had, lessened a bit.

“Don’t be so nervous! I only want her to increase my twenty percent of the profits of the Nan four states a bit. For example, forty percent, what do you think? I can’t get the person, you can’t let me not get the person, not get the money and be empty-handed, right?!”

Ming Yue Cheng showed a frivolous attitude, making Feng Cang’s relax a bit. When Murong Qi Qi heard the conditions Ming Yue Cheng proposed, she immediately nodded and accepted, “As long as you can cure him, I will give fifty percent!”

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s attitude was like this, it made Ming Yue Cheng laugh. Their feelings for each other must be very deep. That was why they would consider for each other like this! It seemed, that even if he wanted to stick a needle in the gap, he couldn’t stick inside…

“Asking Feng Cang to please answer me first. When did you get the gu? Usually, when will it act? What are the symptoms when the poison is acting?”

Ming Yue Cheng’s expression turned serious. Feng Cang told him truthfully about the process.

“Come, let me check for you!” Ming Yue Cheng put his hand on Feng Cang’s wrists. After a long while did Ming Yue Cheng release his hand, “It’s indeed a gu. It’s the mother-child gu! You already have the child gu for ten years in you. To be able to lift the child gu, you must find the mother gu.”

“After finding the mother gu, use the mother gu to lead the child gu out. Then, use hot oil to burn the mother and child gu to ashes at the same time. The gu poison will be eliminated. Then, slowly nurse back your body to health. Your body will get better.”

What Ming Yue Cheng said was something Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi already know. “Now, the only thing we’re not certain about is the mother gu. We don’t know where the mother gu is.”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi, Ming Yue Cheng frowned. He recalled the appearance of Wanyan Lie when he saw him. Ming Yue Cheng got a bold assumption, “When I arrived, I discovered that your emperor Wanyan Lie also has gu in his body. I don’t know if the gu in his body is the mother gu you’re searching for. If it is, then it would be very simple.”

At this time, Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang exchanged a glance. If the mother gu they’re searching for is really in Wanyan Lie’s body, then Wanyan Lie truly is a sicko! He actually put the mother gu in his own body. Could it be that he really hated Feng Cang so much?

The expressions on these two people’s face made Ming Yue Cheng guess out some things. It seemed that Nan Lin wang wasn’t as favored by Bei Zhou’s emperor as he outside world thought. It turned out that no matter which country, the things of an imperial family were not as beautiful as seen on the surface.

“The mother gu will absorb the nutrients of the body. An adult mother gu will suck all the nutrients of the body in about half year and would need to change a host. If the mother gu is really in Wanyan Lie’s body, it hasn’t been there for a long time. Besides the former hosts of the mother gu should be dead now.”

It turned out that gu's were such scary creatures! Murong Qi Qi was fearful. They really had little understanding of the mother gu. Now, after hearing Ming Yue Cheng explain in detail, did they understand what kind of creatures gu's were.

“Ming Yue, how to lead the mother gu out? How to use the mother gu to lead out the child gu?”

“The person who put the gu would use a special whistle to control the gu. As long as we can find this whistle, everything would be solved. However, a whistle is not used universally. One whistle could only control one gu. If you’re certain that the gu in Wanyan Lie’s body is the mother gu, then you must find the whistle that controls the mother gu. Otherwise, even if you kill Wanyan Lie, it won’t be of any use.”

Before, Murong Qi Qi thought that as long they find the mother gu and kill it, they would be able to solve the child gu in Feng Cang’s body. She didn’t expect that the mother-child gu is so different from the gu’s she came in contact with. It was actually so complicated.

“Thank you!” Feng Cang thanked Ming Yue Cheng. “We’ll find a way to find the whistle.”

Feng Cang’s answer affirmed the doubts in Ming Yue Cheng’s heart. It seemed that the gu on Wanyan Lie’s body was indeed the mother gu. However, to determine where the mother gu is, the first thing to do was to find the whistle that controlled the mother gu. This matter shouldn’t be difficult for Feng Cang.

“Recently, I’m not busy. I can stay and help you. When you find the mother gu, I know how to control it. Why don’t you hand me the task of destroying the mother-child gu? I mean if…you believe in me!”

“Good!” Ming Yue Cheng’s voice just fell when Murong Qi Qi nodded and accepted. She looked at Feng Cang, “Cang, what do you think?”

“Qing Qing believes in Ming Yue, I believe in Qing Qing!” Feng Cang smiled and held Murong Qi Qi’s hand. All speech was left in what was not said.

Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang’s relationship made Ming Yue Cheng envious. Perhaps, he wouldn’t have such a love in this lifetime. Although, he was very regretful, but when Murong Qi Qi said that word ‘good’, Ming Yue Cheng’s heart was very wide and open. Everything was worth for this word ‘good’.

“Thank you for your trust! If there’s need of my help, I’m available any time.” Ming Yue Cheng said this Murong Qi Qi. No matter what, this woman gave him this world’s most precious trust. He also need to be able to live up to it.

At this time, Ming Yue Cheng had many questions. He wanted to ask Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi in person. For example, they are siblings; could it be that they aren’t afraid of the constraints of morals. Are they not worried that their romance would get out and that it would cause a great uproar?

These questions hovered in Ming Yue Cheng’s heart for a long time. However, when he saw that the look in Murong Qi Qi’s and Feng Cang’s eyes when looking at each other were so firm, Ming Yue Cheng swallowed the questions that were on his lips. If it was true love, why care about those norms and constraints?!

The three reached an agreement on the matter of the mother-child gu. Feng Cang personally sent Ming Yue Cheng out.

Without anyone around, the two walked very slowly. No one spoke. It was unusually quiet. Only the clogs on Ming Yue Cheng’s feet made ‘kaka’ sounds.

After a very long time, Feng Cang opened his mouth first, “I know that you helped me because of her, but I still want to thank you!”

Ming Yue Cheng only chuckled at Feng Cang’s gratitude. The purple hairband hung on the ear and lightly went with the wind.

“My empress mother once said, the highest state of loving someone is not about giving her happiness, but be able to walk away when seeing that she’s happy. My empress mother’s whole life was full of tragedies. I don’t want the woman I love be like my empress mother.”

Talking till here, Ming Yue Cheng suddenly stopped. He faced Feng Cang and looked at him with a serious expression, “You were right. Everything I did is because of Qi Qi. I only wish that she can be happy!”

“If you die young because of the gu poison, although I can have one rival less and can take your stead to care for her, but I don’t want her heart, her memories to be full of your shadow in her future days. Like that, I will lose my mind and go mad! Instead of hurting her because of jealousy, it’s better to let you live well and take care of her for me.”

After saying this, Ming Yue Cheng suddenly turned around. With his back facing Feng Cang, he freely waved to Feng Cang, “Go back! Don’t need to send me! It would be alright if you reward be heavily afterwards! I like old wine the most. Remember to prepare a hundred jar for me!”

Watching Ming Yue Cheng’s purple figure disappear, Feng Cang was finally certain that this person was like how Murong Qi Qi described. He’s a real man. He (FC) didn’t expect that he (MYC) was actually so easygoing!

“Don’t worry! What I have here the most is wine! By then, I’ll personally drink wine with you. Not going home if we aren’t drunk!”

Feng Cang’s voice spread to the far away Ming Yue Cheng’s ear. Although, he (FC) was talking about wine, but Ming Yue Cheng knows that this was Feng Cang’s promise to him. He (FC) will certainly take care of Murong Qi Qi this whole lifetime. This was enough…

At the palace, after Wanyan Yi died, Wanyan Lie was a bit down.

Wanyan Hong was disposed and imprisoned at the South Mansion. Wanyan Yi died at Xia Yun X’s hands. Now, he couldn’t count on two sons. Wanyan Lie’s heart suddenly got a lot older.

Without Wanyan Yi, some officials supported to free Wanyan Hong and let him continue be the crown prince. However, how could Wanyan Lie not know what kind of character Wanyan Hong was? The crown prince is the future emperor. Wanyan Hong wasn’t competent for this position. He didn’t want Bei Zhou’s citizen to sink into fire because of his decision.

The crown prince’s position being vacant was not a good thing. Because of Wanyan Yi’s matter, Xia Yun Xi died at Bei Zhou. This made Wanyan Lie worry very much. If Dong Lu was unwilling to forgive and even start a war, then it would be a laborious matter.

Outside, there were many rumors about this matter. It was nothing more than saying that the one behind it was Feng Cang. He didn’t want to marry Xia Yun Xi. It happened that he could use Wanyan Yi and kill two birds with one stone, getting rid of these two people.

Without Wanyan Yi as competitor, Feng Cang was one step closer to the throne. If Dong Lu wants to launch war because of Xia Yun Xi’s matter, Feng Cang can lead the troops and go to battle. With his grip on the power, even if Wanyan Lie didn’t want to make him the crown prince, he could also lead the army to revolt…

Wanyan Lie heard these, but he didn’t put it in his heart.

Feng Cang revolt? Wanyan Lie wouldn’t believe it. A few years ago, he had given Feng Cang the opportunity to revolt. He gave Bei Zhou’s military power to Feng Cang. It was to stir up contradiction between his princes and Feng Cang, but Feng Cang had been smooth and steady. He didn’t have any thoughts to offend the prestige of a monarch. This was much better than his sons.

If Feng Cang wanted to seize the throne, the entire Bei Zhou’s military power is in his hands; seizing the throne was just an easy matter. He didn’t need to wait till the opportunity of Dong Lu sending the troops. Feng Cang didn’t have any greed or desire. It was because he (WL) knew this, that was why Wanyan Lie was so at ease. At one side, he put the gu, at the other side, he put him in an important position. At one side he beat him, at the other side, he gave him candy.

However, recently Feng Cang really was a bit unusual. It seemed that since Murong Qi Qi appeared, his no greed and no desire changed. The Feng Cang who had never put any things or people in his heart, after encountering Murong Qi Qi, he began to particularly care about her.

Although, this thing seemed unimaginable to outsiders; they’re blood related siblings, but in Wanyan Lie’s heart, he gave them the biggest recognition and support.

If he could, letting Feng Cang inherit the throne was not bad. Wanyan Lie had such thoughts, but he didn’t tell anyone. He needed to deliberate this matter carefully. After all, if he wanted to let Feng Cang inherit, he still need to have to face those old school of the court. What’s the best way to do it?

Taking advantage that Murong Qi Qi was absent, Wanyan Lie went to Long Autumn palace. He went to the underground to see Wanyan Ming Yue.

Don’t know if it was because he didn’t come for a long time, but Wanyan Lie discovered that Wanyan Ming Yue was more beautiful than before. In the past, she lay on the warm jade bed and always had a cold appearance. The expression of the Wanyan Ming Yue of now, softened a lot. There was also more gloss on her skin. She appeared more and more like before she went into a deep sleep.

Could this be related to Murong Qi Qi? Could it be that Wanyan Ming Yue heard Murong Qi Qi’s voice at the top and knew that her daughter returned? That was why gradually signs of her about to wake up appeared? It seemed that Murong Qi Qi really was Wanyan Ming Yue’s blessing! It was really well that this -lost and then regained- child returned!

“Yue er, are you about to wake up? Did you forgive big brother?” Wanyan Lie grabbed Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand excitedly.

Her hand had temperature! This news shocked Wanyan Lie once again! Although, there was the warm jade bed and Wanyan Ming Yue had been in a sleeping state, but her temperature had been lower than ordinary people. Now, Wanyan Lie felt a temperature ordinary people should have on Wanyan Ming Yue. How could he not be excited?!

“So great! So great!”

Wanyan Lie shouted excitedly. Sensing the there was some moisture on his face, Wanyan Lie reached out and touched. Only then, did he discover that tears came out of his eyes. He waited for so many years, longed for so many years; finally, he felt Wanyan Ming Yue’s response. This was simply so great!

“Imperial physician. Jing De, go summon the imperial physician!” Because of excitement, Wanyan Lie let Jing De go find an imperial physician to check Wanyan Ming Yue’s pulse. Fortunately, Jing De maintained his rationality. He quickly stopped Wanyan Lie. “Emperor, which imperial physician to you plan on to summon to come do a diagnosis? If the imperial physician knew that princess Ming Yue is still alive, what do you plan to do?!”

Jing De’s words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Wanyan Lie making him wake up from the excitement.

That was right, ah! In Bei Zhou, everyone knew that Wanyan Ming Yue was a dead person. If she reappears in front of everyone, what kind of thing will happen? Firstly, Jinxuan palace’s empress dowager Dongfang Lan wouldn’t let him off. She would surely investigate the matter of that years till the water recedes and the rocks appear!

  • The water recedes, the rocks appear: the truth come to light

“No! Can’t!” Because of Wanyan Ming Yue’s matter, he already killed a lot of people. Now, Wanyan Ming Yue was about to wake up, he couldn’t kill more people! He needed to accumulate merit and pray for blessings for Wanyan Ming Yue! She was willing to wake up. At least, it proved that she didn’t hate him as much as before!

The thought that he may be forgiven by Wanyan Ming Yue, the heavy stone that pressed Wanyan Lie’s heart for sixteen years, finally became a lot lighter. The mood that was impacted by Wanyan Hong’s and Wanyan Yi’s matters also improved a lot.

Looking at the glowing Wanyan Ming Yue, Wanyan lie felt even more that Murong Qi Qi was someone who brought prosperity to the parents. Although, her father Feng Xie was no longer here, but Wanyan Ming Yue significantly improved a lot. It seemed that Murong Qi Qi was her lucky star!

Before, Wanyan Lie had some hesitation about the throne. Now, he set it down in his heart; Feng Cang as the emperor, Murong Qi Qi as the empress. This was the best match. And he, he will wait till Wanyan Ming Yue wake up and then leave here with her to start a new life.

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