Chapter 155 Awakening (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 155 Awakening (1)

Wanyan Lie was happy, Jing De’s mood also got a lot better. Following the emperor these past few years and looked at him do so many things, regardless of success or failure, right or wrong, Jin De didn’t dare to make an improper evaluation. His only wish was that the emperor could be happy every day like today. As a slave, he naturally wanted his master to be well.

The glowing pearl on the wall was dazzling and reflected Wanyan Lie’s smiling face. Suddenly, Wanyan Lie lowered his head and looked carefully at Wanyan Ming Yue’s body. He frowned heavily.

“Jing De, someone had been here before.” Different from the excitement and happiness of just now, at this time, Wanyan Lie’s expression was grave and serious.

Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair was very neat and carefully sorted. It was obvious that someone tidied it. Although, before, he also combed Wanyan Ming Yue’ hair every time he came, but Wanyan Lie remembered clearly, when he combed Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair last time, he didn’t choose this hairpin inlaid with red beans.

Moreover, from the jewelries he prepared for Wanyan Ming Yue, there was no red bean hairpin. Now, between Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair was obviously a red bean hairpin, making Wanyan Lie’s handsome brow twist into a rope.

Who came? Who had been here? Wanyan Lie got up and looked around at the underground palace.

Everything was still the same as usual and there was no differences. With the naked eye, you couldn’t discover traces that someone had been here. Then, what about the red bean hairpin? Could it had come out of thin air?

When Wanyan Lie’s eyes fell on the bowknot of Wanyan Ming Yue’s overalls, the confusion he had disappeared completely.

The way he tied knots wasn’t like this! This knot had been re-tied by someone else! Someone certainly had been here! Someone had come to the underground palace and saw Wanyan Ming Yue! It must be!

At this point, Wanyan Lie’s mouth twitched slightly. His expression also turned savage. His private field had been found out. His secret was known by another. And he, this involved party actually didn’t know and had been kept in the dark! What is going on?!

Who was this person? What is his relation to Wanyan Ming Yue? Could it be that he wanted to take Ming Yue from here?

“Your majesty, your majesty…,” Aware of Wanyan Lie’s strangeness, Jing De quickly came forward.

“Jing De, you say, who came here?” Wanyan Lie turned his face. His hand held the red bean hairpin and waved at Jing De. When Jing De saw the terrifying expression on Wanyan Lie’s face, his heart made a ‘thud’ sound.

Seemingly, the previous time he saw Wanyan Lie like this was at the moment of the battle at Yandang Mountain.

After a lapse of sixteen years, Jing De still remembered clearly how crazy Wanyan Lie was that night, that it would make people afraid! Now, this small red bean hairpin angered Wanyan Lie once again, making Jing De couldn’t help but pray “Buddha, help me” in his heart. Could it be that the tragedy that happened sixteen years ago would repeat?  By all means, don’t let it be like that!

“Your majesty, Long Autumn palace is the residence of princess Zhen Guo. You see, why don’t you ask her?”

“It’s not her!” Wanyan Lie shook his head, “If Qi Qi knew that her mother is still alive, she wouldn’t be so calm. Red bean, the bean of yearning, it’s used by lovers to pass one’s feeling and express their love. Qi Qi wouldn’t give Ming Yue the bean of yearning…”

Red bean was the most yearning. The person who missed Wanyan Ming Yue like this, aside from him, who would he be? When Wanyan Ming Yue was alive, she had many admirers. Could it be among them, there’s one who knows that Wanyan Ming Yue was still alive? Who is he? How did he mix into the palace? Why did he hide into Long Autumn palace?

After thinking for a long time, Wanyan Lie didn’t find the answer. For the time being, he could only insert the red bean hairpin, according to its original state back in Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair.

“Jing De, zhen[1. Zhen: I, used by the emperor] wants you to personally investigate everyone of Long Autumn palace. See, if there’s something strange!”

“Yes.” Jing De had a premonition that a storm was about to come, but he was only Wanyan Lie’s slave and couldn’t stop anything his master wanted to do. He could only do according to what Wanyan Lie said, “Then, should I also investigate princess’s people?”

“No need! Don’t touch Qi Qi’s people.” Wanyan Lie thought a bit, “If there’s nothing wrong with the palace’s people, then change another group of people to here…you must find this person! Zhen wants to see who he is!”

While saying this, Wanyan Lie’s fist was tightly clenched. For so many years, Wanyan Ming Yue had been only his baby. Now, one more person came making him unable not to be nervous. If the ultimate motive of this person was to take Wanyan Ming Yue away, then what should he do? No! He couldn’t let such a thing happen!

“Ming Yue, I won’t let anyone take you away! I will always protect you!” Wanyan Lie’s head pasted on Wanyan Ming Yue’s chest and listened to her slow heartbeat. “I won’t let you go!”

Not long after Wanyan Lie left, Murong Qi Qi returned to the palace. Su Mei and Su Yue told Murong Qi Qi that Wanyan Lie went to the underground palace, making her tense up, “What about my dad? Did the emperor discover my dad?”

“Miss, great general is very well! When the emperor came, they happened to miss each other. General didn’t encounter the emperor.”

After hearing Su Mei, Murong Qi Qi nodded and let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t worry that Wanyan Lie would do something to Feng Xie. Instead, she was worried that if Feng Xie saw Wanyan Lie, he couldn’t help himself and kill Wanyan Lie in anger.

The gu in Feng Cang’s body isn’t solved yet. Wanyan Lie couldn’t die. She didn’t know if Wanyan Lie encountered anything strange in the underground palace. if he knew that Wanyan Ming Yue had been discovered, would he do some extreme things?

Murong Qi Qi’s suspicion was soon realized. Not after even two days, Su Yue told Murong Qi Qi that a new group of people was changed into Long Autumn palace. She also found out that more high-skilled at martial arts people appeared at Long Autumn palace.

It seemed that Wanyan Lie finally found out. The thing they were worried about happened so soon…

“Qi Qi, how is it? When will your mother wake up?” Inside the underground palace, Feng Xie looked anxiously at Murong Qi Qi. This period, he had been staying at Wanyan Ming Yue’s side. He also fed Wanyan Ming Yue the herbal medicine Murong Qi Qi and Jin Mo prescribed.

Compared to be before, Wanyan Ming Yue’s heartbeat was a lot closer to the speed of normal people. Her complexion was also a lot better. Murong Qi Qi retrieved her hand and let Jin Mo check. Jin Mo checked the pulse. Then, he nodded.

“I think the princess will wake up soon. It should be one of these days! All aspect of princess’s bodily function had been restored and are now of no difference with normal people. If it continues like this, princess will certainly wake up soon.”

“Dad, don’t worry. Mother’s body is very well! My opinion is the same as senior brother. It should be around this time.”

After listening to Murong Qi Qi and Jin Mo, Feng Xie was exceptionally excited.

“So great! So great!” Feng Xie’s voice trembled slightly. He was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. When he felt the warmness from his eyes, Feng Xie turned his face quickly and wiped his tears. Then, he pretended nothing had happened.

“Dad, don’t worry. Mother will certainly wake up. You two will be well!”

After getting along for this period, Murong Qi Qi already accepted this father from her heart. To let Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie reunite was Murong Qi Qi’s biggest wish.

“Dad, the tunnel under where I live will be open to access after two days. By then, enter the underground palace from where I live. Wanyan Lie already set his eyes on here. Before mother wakes up, we should hold on, ah! I am now most worried about mother. As long as mother is safe and sound, everything could be talked about!”

Feng Xie understood the things Murong Qi Qi said, “Don’t worry, I won’t be impulsive! The gu in Cang er’s body is not solved yet. I won’t kill Wanyan Lie! As long as your mother can wake up, this is better than everything! Now, the most important person in my heart is your mother!”

Feng Xie insisted on staying with Wanyan Ming Yue; Murong Qi Qi and Jin Mo could only let him stay. When they came back to the ground floor, Jin Mo suddenly opened his mouth, “Junior sister, if princess wakes up and forgot everything, could your dad accept it?”

“Senior brother, what do you mean by this?” After hearing Jin Mo, Murong Qi Qi was a bit surprised.

“When checking princess, I discovered that the back of princess’s head had been hit hard. The blood gathered at the back of the head. Plus, the fact that princess was in a deep sleep, the blood didn’t circulate, so this blood clot hadn’t been solved.”

“I remember that master once said, clotted blood in the brain would lead to a series of sequelae. One of them is amnesia. I’m worried that even if your mother wakes up, because of the blood clot oppressing the brain, she would not remember many things, including you, including great general.”

The blood clot Jin Mo was talking about, Murong Qi Qi had also discovered it earlier. It was just, she didn’t mention it in front of Feng Xie. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to accept it for the moment.

“Senior brother, I’m also clear about what you said. That was why I put medicine to open the blood clot in the herbal soup. I hope that it’s of some help. If my mother wakes up and got temporarily memory loss because of the blood clot oppressing the brain, I want to use medicine and then do an acupuncture treatment. The blood clot should be eliminated slowly. This is only a matter of time.”

“Mm! It’s the best if you’re mentally prepared for this! I’m mainly worried about great general. This period, because of princess, great general lost a lot of weight. If princess wakes up and doesn’t remember him, I’m afraid that great general wouldn’t be able to bear it. So, if the time is right, you should personally talk with him about princess’s condition, lest to not let great general feel it was sudden, couldn’t accept it and let accidents happen.”

“After all, according to the current situation, the recovery of princess has reached the critical point. And, sooner or later, the problem between you and the emperor would be faced…I don’t wish your matter to affect wangye[2. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank]. You also know, wangye had been tortured for so many years by the gu poison. This opportunity was also very rare for wangye.”

Jin Mo went around a big circle and finally returned to the main theme. It turned out that he was more worried about Feng Cang. This let Murong qi Qi’s mood relax a lot! It was really great that Feng Cang could have a person who cares about him like this at his side!

“Senior brother, I won’t neglect wangye because of the father and mother’s matter and I will also not give up on love because of family!”

“Then, it’s good! I hope that junior sister remembers your words! Wangye is my patient. I will make every effort for my patient!”

“What are you talking about?” At this moment, Feng Cang came from the morning court and arrived at Long Autumn palace. The moment he came, he saw Murong Qi Qi and Jin Mo chatting and also heard some words like ‘wangye’. So, he curiously interrupted.

“It’s nothing!” Jin Mo and Murong Qi Qi replied unanimously.

“Tsk, tsk!” Seeing this pair of senior and junior had such a tacit understanding, Feng Cang couldn’t help but stare at Jin Mo and Murong Qi Qi for a long time. “Usually, you two didn’t get along well. Today, you spoke unanimously. It seemed, that you must have something you hid from me!”

“If wangye wants to know, then ask junior sister!”

Jin Mo anointed his feet and directly said that. Feng Cang took this opportunity to take Muong Qi Qi into his arms. His big hands scratched Murong Qi Qi’s waist, amusing Muong Qi Qi that she had to beg for mercy, “So itchy! Don’t scratch my itchy skin. So itchy, ah! Hahaha!”

Hearing Murong Qi Qi’s -crisp like silver bells- laughter and looking at her brightly smiling face, Feng Cang’s mood also got a lot better. “Are you saying or not?! If you don’t say, I’ll continue scratch!”

“No, no, I confess. I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

The people of Long Autumn palace were already accustomed to the -different from ordinary people- feelings of these siblings. Only the people who were newly inserted into Long Autumn palace felt shocked from their heart after seeing Nan Lin wang and princess Zhen Guo being playful like this. These siblings were so intimate. It seemed somewhat to be contradicting the ethical code…

After laughing, Murong Qi Qi pulled Feng Cang by the hand into the room. She told him about Wanyan Ming Yue and also those last words of Jin Mo.

Seeing Jin Mo, this brat, talk to Murong Qi Qi like this, Feng Cang’s eyebrow raised, “Jin Mo seemed more and more like an old woman! It seemed that it’s necessarily to find something for him to do lest to let him always say rubbish.”

“Cang, senior brother said it for your well-being! You know, senior brother talked to me like that, I was happy from the bottom heart! Although, senior brother has a bit of a poisonous tongue and is a bit cold, but senior brother is very loyal to you. I’m very happy that at your side, you have a friend who protects you like this! Besides, senior brother was indeed right! The opportunity is rare. It’s naturally the best if we can solve the gu poison in your body!”

Hearing the sweet voice of the little person in his arms, Feng Cang’s hand combed her hair.

“Father and mother-in-law are your family. You ought to care about them. Moreover, mother-in-law is now in such a state. Curing mother-in-law and let your family reunite is the most important thing. My gu poison needs no hurry. I want to wait till mother-in-law wakes up before taking action. After these things are dealt with, our whole family will stay away from these earthly troubles and live a free life, what do you think?”

“Good!” Nestling in Feng Cang’s arms and listening to his strong heartbeat, Murong Qi Qi felt particularly satisfied. She had long wanted to leave these disputes of power and live a free life. Feng Cang’s words were also her thoughts in her heart.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi didn’t know that at the other side of the capital, a person called Misha was crazily looking for the whereabouts of Murong Qi Qi.

Murong Qing Lian who was imprisoned in a room these past two day, was hungry and thirsty. The interrogation of Xia Xue was something she had never experienced before. She (XX) didn’t give her to eat nor to drink. Even if she was tired and wanted to close her eyes, she would suffer Xia Xue’s beating. To Murong Qing Lian, this kind of forceful interrogation was simply the most painful torture.

Misha wanted to find his little sister Yi Lian. Before, Murong Qing Lian simply didn’t know who Yi Lian was. Only after she recalled those things that happened at the seven-level pagoda, Murong Qing Lian suddenly got a thought. That was, Murong Qi Qi may be the person Misha was looking for.

Although, this thought was somewhat absurd, but Murong Qing Lian’s intuition told her so.

Every time, when they encountered a problem at the seven-level pagoda, it was Murong Qi Qi who solved the problem. Every time, when they couldn’t pass, it was Murong Qi Qi who thought of a way. Since Misha said, that this seven-level pagoda was a test. The chance of a person being Yi Lian was a lot higher if the person could pass.

Speaking of this, that they could pass the test of the seven-level pagoda was all thanks to Murong Qi Qi. And her encounter of now, was also granted by Murong Qi Qi! If it wasn’t because she rushed to the seventh floor first, perhaps she wouldn’t have been brought here by Misha and suffer such torture.

The pain that came from Murong Qing Lian’s body made her mind soberer. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her intuition was right. If the seven-level pagoda was Misha’s way to identify Yi Lian, then, Murong Qi Qi who passed all test was certainly Yi Lian!

Although, Murong Qing Lian wasn’t clear about what kind of relationship Misha and Murong Qi Qi had, but between the words and the lines and amid his brows and eyes were all his pampering towards Yi Lian. This point couldn’t lie to people.

  • Between the words and the lines: implied meaning

Why could Murong Qi Qi be so lucky? She was a rubbish for so many years, but shone very much at the tournament of the four countries. Then, she changed shape like in a single shake and became princess Zhen Guo. Why would such dog poop thing fell from heaven on Murong Qi Qi?

Before, Nan Lin wang Feng Cang was running around circled going crazy about her. Then, Longze Jing Tian wouldn’t marry if it wasn’t her. Now, such a person like Misha was in love with her. Could it be that the heaven was so biased and gave Murong Qi Qi everything good?

Seeing Misha’s attitude towards Yi Lian; If Murong Qi Qi really was Yi Lian, he would certainly hold Murong Qi Qi to the skies!

For which reason should she bear the consequences when it was Murong Qi Qi who committed the sin? For which reason was she beaten blue and black here by Xia Xue and bear the pain of the flesh, in the end, Murong Qi Qi could get Misha’s love? For which reason?!

When she thought clear about these things, Murong Qing Lian ‘reviewed’ what happened to the seven-level pagoda with Xia Xue. She deliberately made some adjustments. Most of the things Murong Qi Qi did, Murong Qing Lian placed them on Bai Yi Yue. She couldn't let Murong Qi Qi continue to live so happily!

Although, Misha’s character was somewhat sick, but every time he mentioned ‘Yi Lian’, the gentleness in his eyes was something Murong Qing Lian had never seen before. Murong Qi Qi already got too many, too many happiness! She wouldn’t let these siblings recognize each other! This…could be considered her revenge on Murong Qi Qi and also her revenge on Misha!

After a careful interrogation of one day and two nights, Xia Xue put the thick stack of paper in her hands in front of Misha.

“Young master, according to Murong Qing Lian, aside from her, there were three more female contestants in the finals, respectively, Xi Qi’s Bai Yi Yue, Bei Zhou’s Feng Qi Qi and Feng Qi Qi’s maid Su Mei. Coincidentally, these three people defeated the opponent in the finals! According to the analysis of Murong Qing Lian’s information, Bai Yi Yue is most likely the person you’re looking for!”


Misha didn’t continue to ask. Instead, he carefully examined from the scratch the words from Murong Qing Lian that Xia Xue brought to him.

‘Dong, dong...’ Misha’s hand gently tapped the handle of the wheelchair. Familiar with this action of Misha, Xia Xue knew that her young master was thinking. So, she only respectfully stood at a side and didn’t speak, afraid that she would disturb Misha’s thoughts.

“Go ask Murong Qing Lian what the weapons of these three women were at the finals.” Misha’s narrowed his eyes, “Let her paint them!”

Not long after, Xia Xue came in with three sheets of paper, “Young master, Bai Yi Yue used a sword. Feng Qi Qi’s weapon was a red muslin. Su Mei’s weapon was very weird…”

Hearing Xia Xue said weird, he took over the three sheets of paper and glanced, “Send people to investigate Bai Yi Yue and Su Mei. Su Mei’s weapon is very weird. Investigate where her weapon came from.”

“Yes! Then, what to do with Murong Qing Lian?” Xia Xue asked carefully.

“Give her a quick death!” While saying this, on Misha’s face these ten words ‘to turn one’s face against someone and show no mercy’ were clearly written. People who have no useful value didn’t have the meaning to exist. This was his consistent policy.

  • To turn one’s face against someone and show no mercy: to turn against a friend.


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