Chapter 156 Awakening (2)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 156 Awakening (2)

When Murong Qing Lian was in a deep sleep, she suddenly heard the door make a ‘squeak’ sound. Probably, because she was tortured for a long time in prison, so, no matter how tired she was, as long as she heard the sound of the prison head opening the chain, she would wake up. Now, here, even though she didn’t close her eyes for so long, after hearing the sound, she still naturally reflexed conditionally and opened her eyes.

The one who entered was Xia Xue. She still had a cold expression.

“I told you everything I know!” Murong Qing Lian’s face was swollen like a pig. Because of the swollen cheeks, the originally beautiful eyes were squeezed into a gap.

“I beg you, let me off! I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t pretend to be Yi Lian and lie to you. I really know I am wrong!”

“Too late!” Not waiting for Murong Qing Lian to finish, Xia Xue flashed and appeared behind Murong Qing Lian. In her hands appeared a rope. It tightly strangled Murong Qing Lian’s slender neck.

“Cough, cough!” Sensing the murderous aura from the other party, Murong Qing Lian struggled. Her hands tightly pulled the rope. She wanted to take it away from her neck, “Save…save me…”

“You’re innocent, but you shouldn’t have offended young master. Remember, in the next life, you should be born in a good family!” Xia Xue’s lips came to Murong Qing Lian’s ear. The cold and long voice spread to Murong Qing Lian’s ear as if in announcing her death.

“No! Save me…”

I don’t want to die! I am not willing to accept! I don’t want to die like this!

Although, Murong Qing Lian didn’t eat for a long time and also had been tortured a day and two nights by Xia Xue, but in this critical moment, her desire to survive was unprecedented strong.

I don’t want to die! I’m still young! I really don’t want to die! Murong Qing Lian gritted her teeth. Her hands tightly hooked on the rope around her neck.

“Don’t struggle anymore! Young master said that you must die!” Xia Xue suddenly let go. When Murong Qing Lian thought that she was saved, that Xia Xue let her off, her back suddenly felt pain. It turned out that Xia Xue hit with her palm on Murong Qing Lian’s back. She didn’t have time to make a sound when she fainted.

Just when Xia Xue wanted to act once again, a ball was thrown inside. Then, a smoke spread. Xia Xue quickly covered her mouth. When the smoke was gone, Murong Qing Lian who was in front of her, disappeared!

Don’t know after how long, Murong Qing Lian slowly woke up. She found herself in a carriage. She knew the person beside her. It was Jia Lan.

“Don’t talk!” Seeing that Murong Qing Lian was afraid, Jia Lan quickly reached out to hold her. “You’re wounded. You need to recuperate.”

Before, she was played like a monkey by Misha, making the way how Murong Qing Lian looked at Jia Lan also change. Could it be that Jia Lan also had a hidden agenda? That was right! Jia Lan and Misha were a group. Maybe this was Misha’s new test! Misha was playing her again!

Thinking about the things she experienced, Murong Qing Lian was very scared. She tried to get up and tried to get off the carriage.

Murong Qing Lian was like this, Jia Lan pressed her down once again.

“I’m not Misha. I won’t hurt you!” Seeing this girl being tortured to this in just a few days, Jia Lan frowned deeply. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that Misha would treat you like this! I was wrong!”

Jia Lan’s apology made Murong Qing Lian froze there. She looked guarded at Jia Lan for fear that under his apologetic face hid a greater conspiracy.

“I know that no matter what I say, you won’t believe me. however, I truly want to apologize to you! If it wasn’t because I brought you in front of Misha, you wouldn’t have encountered such a thing. I’m sorry!”

Jia Lan took a package and put it in front of Murong Qing Lian. Opened it, inside was some silver, four or five strings of coin and also two sets of women’s clothing.

“I already paid the fare of the carriage. I let the driver send you to Xi Qi. At there, there’s your family. Forget these unhappy things. Go back and live your life well!”

After seeing these, did Murong Qing Lian really believe that Jia Lan came to save her. Suddenly being saved from the edge of death made Murong Qing Lian’s mood very complicated.

When she thought that she was saved and that Misha would give her a new life, she fell from heaven to hell. When she thought she was going to die and bid farewell to this world, Jia Lan saved her. Why was life full of dramatic ups and downs?

“Thank you…,” After being silent for a long time, Murong Qing Lian finally opened her mouth. The arrogant Murong fourth miss; at this time this thanks was full of sincerity and gratitude.

“You don’t need to thank me! In fact, I caused you calamity!” Jia Lan laughed bitterly. He stuffed the package to Murong Qing Lian, “The wife of the driver is very good. I entrusted her to take care of you along the way. Don’t worry! Take care…”

Looking at Murong Qing Lian once again, Jia Lan jumped down and went off the carriage. When Murong Qing Lian sat up and stuck her head outside of the window to look at that man in blue, he already went in the direction of Yan capital, farther and farther.

At this point, to Murong Qing Lian, being alive was one of the happiest thing.

Jia Lan went back to the house. He saw Misha sitting in the room.

“You came back?” Misha turned the wheel and faced Jia Lan. “You sent the person away?”

“Eldest senior brother…”

“Jia Lan, you had always been very obedient. This time you’re very not obedient, yo! You actually let Xia Xue faint and let go of Murong Qing Lian…,” Misha’s voice was slow and long. The smile on his face was very innocent. Because, he sat at the window, Misha’s white skin was sun plated with a thin layer of gold, making this beautiful young man appear more like out of this world and full of innocence.

“Eldest senior brother, I feel that she shouldn’t die. Although, I don’t know where she had offended you, but after all it’s a human life! You can’t just kill people!”

“Hehe…,” Jia Lan’s words let Misha’s fingers gently tap the handle of the wheelchair. “Jia Lan, you still love peace so much. If this world had the Nobel prize of Peace, I will certainly award it to you!”

Jia Lan looked at the Misha in front of him. He felt more that he (M) was very unfamiliar. They grew up together. Misha wasn’t like this in the past. Why, six year ago when he hurt his leg and after he woke up, he changed into someone he (JL) doesn’t know? Why was it like that?

“Misha, you’ve changed,” Jia Lan said seriously. “I don’t know why your change is so big! I don’t like the you of now. I don’t like the you of now even a bit!”

Hearing Jia Lan’s words, Misha laughed heartily, “Jia Lan, put away your -bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind- face. If you’re sitting in a wheelchair like me and couldn’t move freely, can you still keep such a friendly and peaceful heart? Don’t forget, my legs were destroyed because of you!”

“I didn’t forget!” Misha being like this, Jia Lan also roared.

After roaring, Jia Lan became conscious that his attitude was a bit intense. His cheeks got slightly hot. He turned his head and didn’t look at Misha.

“I know that I was wrong. I didn’t know how to swim and still went fishing, causing your legs to be hurt by a whale while saving me. However, this is something between us. Can you not hurt innocents because of this?! Besides, master said that your legs can still be cured. One of the reason we came to the mainland this time is to cure your legs! You will certainly be able to stand up!”

“Stand up?” Hearing Jia Lan, Misha laughed. The curvature of his mouth rose to a big ridicule. “Jia Lan, master said that to console me! I know about my legs. With the current medical circumstances, it simply couldn’t be cured.”

“Can you not always say such words? What is called the current medical circumstances? Your words have many things I don’t understand! What Nobel prize of Peace, what about this world, what are you talking about? Misha, what happened to you?”

“I’m not Misha! Misha already died! I’m called Lian Sheng, do you know?!” Misha finally lost patience towards Jia Lan’s words.

“Why do you say this every time? Could it be that you want me to repay two legs to you?”

Jia Lan couldn’t understand Misha’s craziness. It seemed that every time they had a conflict, Misha would say worlds like, he’s not Misha. Could it be that Misha hates him so much? He felt guilty for so many years after hurting Misha’s legs. Moreover, he went along with Misha in everywhere. What more did he want?

“Jia Lan, on the emotional level, my legs were destroyed because of saving you. On the level of reason, I’m your eldest senior brother. Master gave me the power to monitor all the disciples. You, either follow my orders or roll back to Penglai island! This time, I let you off. Next time, if you stop my matter, be careful about me being impolite to you!”

Leaving these words, Misha pushed the wheelchair steadily and left Jia Lan’s room. Seeing Misha’s stubborn figure go further and further, Jia Lan felt a gas choke in his chest.

“Sir, don’t be angry! Sir Misha said those words because of anger.” Jia Lan’s servant Jin Yu appeared behind him. “You and sir Misha’s relationship is so good. You should understand his personality.”

“No…In the past, I understood him very well, but now, I can’t understand him.”

Thinking about the things Misha said about his legs, Jia Lan felt remorse. If he didn’t insist on going into the sea, Misha’s legs would be fine. Then, would their relationship not become like this?

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Was Murong Qing Lian sent away?”

“Yes. Sir, it’s just, I feel that for a woman, your and Misha’s relationship became stiff is not worth it. After all, you were brothers for so many years.” Jin Yu said his views on the matter of Murong Qing Lian.

“It’s because we’re brothers that I don’t want his hand to be contaminated with too much blood. The past Misha was so innocent, so fine. Why did he become like this now…?”

“Maybe, it’s because you’ve grown up!”

Jia Lan didn’t understand the reason for Misha’s change. He even more didn’t know that the Misha he saw of now was no longer the person of before. To Misha’s change, Jia Lan could only use ‘grown up’ to explain it. Presumably, no matter how good brothers you were, when grown up, they would have their worries!

At the other side, Xia Xue stood behind Misha, “Young master, should we chase after Murong Qing Lian?”

“Forget it,” Misha shook his head. “The person Jia Lan save, I chase after her to kill her, it somewhat couldn’t be justified. It’s better to spread out news about her to bandits along the way! I believe, they would be very interested in -soft skin and tender fleshed- miss…”

“Yes!” Hearing Misha’s words, the corners of Xia Xue’s mouth raised faintly. Murong Qing Lian escaped. It could be considered that she was lucky. The occasional good luck was not necessarily the beginning of happiness.

Inside Long Autumn palace, the tunnel under where Murong Qi Qi lived was now open to access. Every time, Feng Xie would go down to the underground palace from there. The exit is at a very deep road in the underground palace. It was very hidden. It was some distance from where Wanyan Ming Yue was. Even if it was Wanyan Lie, he wouldn’t have discovered.

After Wanyan Lie appeared in Long Autumn palace, Murong Qi Qi didn’t leave the palace anymore. She always stayed in Long Autumn palace and the empress dowager’s Jinxuan palace. She didn’t gave Wanyan Lie the opportunity to go to the underground palace.

Wanyan Lie didn’t doubt Murong Qi Qi’s attitude. This was probably the so called love the house and its crow! Murong Qi Qi felt so ‘nostalgic’ about Long Autumn palace was to the kindly feelings of Wanyan Lie. He originally prepared this Long Autumn palace for Wanyan Ming Yue. Now, Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter lives there. Moreover, she likes there; how could Wanyan Lie not be happy?!

  • Love the house and its crow: love everyone and everything related to the person you love

With Murong Qi Qi there, he couldn’t go to the underground of Long Autumn palace, but the person who went to visit in secret also had no way to show up.

Although, the people he sent didn’t discover anything strange, but Wanyan Lie believed, no matter how cunning a fox is, there will be a day he will expose his tail!

Comparing on patience, presumably he was the most patient person of this world! From when Wanyan Ming Yue went into a deep sleep till now, he waited for sixteen years. He will continue to wait. Wanyan Lie believed, sooner or later, he will catch the person who broke into the underground palace! In the game of the cat catching the mouse, he will certainly be the winner in the end!

Wanyan Lie didn’t know that because of his ‘carelessness’, he missed the most critical moment of his life.

This day, Feng Xie combed Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair as usual. The mahogany comb in his hand, gently combed Wanyan Ming Yue’s black hair. So careful, as if he was treating the most valuable thing in his life.

Like usual, while Feng Xie combed Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair, he told her about the beautiful memories of the past. Murong Qi Qi said that family and love were the things that could awaken a sleeping person the most. So, even though, he already told those things for many times, but he always repeated them again and again.

“I still remember your shy look on the wedding night! Ming Yue, do you know, the day we married I was so happy! To be able to marry you was a blessing I cultivated for eight lifetimes! I swore that I must treat you well, treat you wholeheartedly and not let you suffer the slightest. You let me become the happiest person in this world. I also want to let you become the second happiest person!”

“That day, many guests came. No matter who, as long as they came to toast I would drink it. Because I was happy! I was happy from the bottom of my heart! In the end, those underling brothers of mine grouped together to give me wine. Haha, how could their capacity for liquor be compared to mine?! When I returned to the bridal chamber and lifted your veil, they were all drunk in the living room!”

Remembering the sweet past of the wedding night, Feng Xie’s eyes were a bit wet. He held Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. He put her soft small hand on the beard stubbles on his chin. He used his beard stubbles to gently rub her palm.

“At that time, you thought my stubbles were hard. Every time, I kiss you, they would hurt you. So, every two days, you would shave for me. At the beginning you were afraid that you were unskilled and would hurt me. So, you secretly tested many times on the dog. Until the small dog we raised became a small bald dog did you became more skilled…”

“Ming Yue, since losing you, there was no one to shave for me. If you wake up now, you would certainly not recognize me. Because your big brother Xie has become old and ugly now. And also bearded. Looking at me, I look like a slovenly old man. You definitely won’t recognize me…”

“Ming Yue, you didn’t change these years. You’re still as beautiful and as young and pretty as in the past. If you wake up, will you dislike me for being old? Will you not want me?”

While saying these, Feng Xie’s tears slipped down around the corners of his phoenix eyes and hid in his beard. Bit by bit, they grouped together. In the end, they fell on Wanyan Ming Yue’s palm along the longest tip of his beard.

Seeing the tears in Wanyan Ming Yue’s palm, Feng Xie quickly wiped his tears. “I’m sorry! I was too excited! I’m a man who is able to support both the heaven and the earth, how can I cry?! Ming Yue still needs me. We still need to see Qi Qi marry and give birth. I still have to become a grandfather; how could I be defeated by such a little thing?! Ming Yue, I believe you can hear everything I said. I also believe, you will wake up one day! I’m willing to wait! No matter for how long…”

Feng Xie used a handkerchief to wipe the tears from Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. He also tidied her clothes for her. In the end, he gently put the red bean hairpin into Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair.

“I brought this red bean hairpin from Nan Feng as a gift for you. You couldn’t bear to wear it and put it away carefully. For so many years, I kept the red bean hairpin! Every time, I looked at it, I would think of you! Ming Yue, you’re really beautiful wearing this red bean hairpin!”

Feng Xie rambled a lot. He didn’t notice that Wanyan Ming Yue’s fingers trembled slightly. After beautifully dressing Wanyan Ming Yue up, Feng Xie began to clean around. He cleaned very carefully. Feng Xie didn’t want Wanyan Ming Yue to live in an unclean environment.

Just when Feng Xie put the dust in the dustpan, behind him suddenly came a long-drawn-out voice, “Big brother Xie, is it you?”

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