Chapter 157 (Part 1) Leaving the capital

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 157 (Part 1) Leaving the capital

This voice seemed as though it had come from the far horizon. It was so unreal that people couldn’t believe it. The hand Feng Xie held the broom with paused. He felt like he was hallucinating. It must be because he misses Wanyan Ming Yue too much. That's why he would hear her voice.

Thinking till here, Feng Xie laughed bitterly. He continued to sweep the floor.

“Big brother Xie…”

After Feng Xie cleaned up all the garbage, he once again heard Wanyan Ming Yue’s voice.

How could this be? Feng Xie stood up. Could it be that he really does miss Wanyan Ming Yue that much? That's why he's repeatedly hallucinating? Not waiting for Feng Xie to understand where the problem was, a pair of hands hugged him from behind.

“Why is big brother Xie ignoring me?”

A voice with hidden bitterness spread from behind Feng Xie. Feeling the fitting warmth from his back, Feng Xie finally understood that he wasn’t dreaming. He really wasn’t dreaming!

“Ming Yue!” Feng Xie held Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand and couldn’t help but nod. Correct! This hand is warm! Aside from him and Wanyan Ming Yue, there was no one else here!

After determining for certain that the person holding him was Wanyan Ming Yue, Feng Xie slowly turned around. When he saw the beautiful eyes of Wanyan Ming Yue, the heavy stone pressing in Feng Xie’s heart finally relaxed.

“Ming…Ming Yue…,” Feng Xie’s lips trembled slightly. Because of excitement, his vocal cords were tight. That's why the sound coming from his mouth was a bit hoarse, but it was difficult to hide his excitement and pleasure. “It’s really you, Ming Yue! I…I’m not dreaming, right?!”

The person he'd longed for so many years was standing very alive in front of him. Those suppressed emotions of Feng Xie instantly collapsed. Two lines of tears burst out, tumbled down along his cheeks and disappeared into his beard.

Because of excitement, Feng Xie’s beard shook slightly. The originally high quality phoenix eyes had now become a vast ocean.

“Ming Yue…Ming Yue…,” Feng Xie raised his hand. His fingertips shivered a bit. Although he used every effort to calm himself, but he still couldn’t control himself. Feng Xie’s fingertips touched Wanyan Ming Yue’s face. Correct, there’s warmth. It’s a living Wanyan Ming Yue!

“Big brother Xie!” Wanyan Ming Yue reached out and held Feng Xie’s hand. She pasted his hand on her face, “Correct! It’s me! Big brother Xie, it’s really me!”

Because of excitement, there were also tears in Wanyan Ming Yue’s face. It was just, her tears spun more in her eyes. Her white cheek gently rubbed on Feng Xie’s palm, feeling the thick calluses in Feng Xie’s palm and fingers. “It’s me! Big brother Xie, it’s me!”

“Ming Yue!” Feng Xie’s tears turned into a river.

Originally, he was not such a sentimental person, but the woman in front of him is his beloved wife. She’s the person he loves the most in this world. The originally ‘dead’ person was now standing very alive in front of him. Feng Xie felt that this was god’s mercy!

Feng Xie reached out and pulled Wanyan Ming Yue into his arms. His hand stroked Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair. All his tears fell into her hair. “So great! That you’re able to wake up is really so great!”

Aside from ‘so great’, Feng Xie didn’t know how else to describe his mood now. He closed his eyes to feel Wanyan Ming Yue’s presence. Aside from a thick gratitude, there were no other emotions in his heart.

This ‘to meet again after a long period of separation’ pair of husband and wife just stood there embracing each other for one hour. In the end, it was Wanyan Ming Yue who said “foot hurts’; only then did Feng Xie wake up.

“What’s the matter, Ming Yue? Let me take a look!” Feng Xie nervously helped Wanyan Ming Yue to the warm jade bed. He took off her shoes to check for her.

“I’m fine!” Wanyan Ming Yue pulled Feng Xie’s hands to let him sit next to her, “It’s just, I was too excited after not seeing big brother Xie for a long time!”

Looking at that face of Wanyan Ming Yue that didn’t have any traces of the years, Feng Xie laughed bitterly once, “My Ming Yue is still so young and pretty, but your big brother Xie already became old…”

Feng Xie’s voice had a trace of maturity, making people who heard it, feel sadness rising inexplicably in their hearts.

Over the years, he'd experienced pain that ordinary people couldn’t imagine. In order to find out the truth, he'd lived as a monk. The originally black hair was shaved. The top of his head was branded with nine Buddhist fragrant marks.

Ever since he'd found Wanyan Ming Yue, Feng Xie’s whole mind was on his beloved wife. He didn’t have time to take care of his hair. Now, on his original bald head grew a thin layer of black hair. The previously dyed to white eyebrows, have also now become black.

He still had a straight nose, a small like dagger face, long and narrow phoenix eyes and bloodstained lips. However, from Feng Xie’s chin to his chest, were traces of burns. Those grim scars spread on his skin, as if they were telling Wanyan Ming Yue what kind of things Feng Xie had been through.

“Big brother Xie, you didn’t get old, you only became more mature!”

Wanyan Ming Yue’s fingertips gently touched Feng Xie’s scars. Her eyes were filled with anguish, “It must’ve hurt very much, right? Who was so cruel to hurt you? Was it my big brother?”

Feng Xie didn’t answer Wanyan Ming Yue. Instead, he looked silently at her. This face, no matter how much he looked at it, he never got tired of it. Before, she was quiet and peaceful; now she was nimble and vivid. He had never thought that he would be able to talk with Wanyan Ming Yue again in this life.

Feng Xie’s silence made Wanyan Ming Yue’s heart get a burst of sadness.

In the past, she was in a deep sleep, but her mind hadn’t stop operating. So, those words Wanyan Lie said every time he came, Wanyan Ming Yue heard them clearly. The thought that her big brother had that kind of feelings towards her; and using such feelings to hurt her and the person she loves, made Wanyan Ming Yue feel very sad.

“Big brother Xie, everything is fine now. I woke up! We will not separate and there also won’t be anyone who can separate us! Even if it’s my biological big brother, he can’t!” Wanyan Ming Yue leaned on Feng Xie’s chest.

“Ming Yue…,” Feng Xie held Wanyan Ming Yue’s small soft hand. His heart was filled with emotions.

Perhaps, before this, he'd hated Wanyan Lie. However, now, Wanyan Ming Yue woke up. The shortcomings of so many years had been filled by her gentle voice. Now, Feng Xie felt that he was happy. He no longer hated Wanyan Lie. He only wanted to hold Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand like this till they become old.

Not long after, Murong Qi Qi found out that Wanyan Ming Yue woke up.

When she was about to see Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Ming Yue became a bit excited. She held Feng Xie’s hand very nervously, “Big brother Xie, our daughter really is still alive? I can’t believe it! I thought our child had died…”

“Qi Qi is very well! Don’t worry! She’s as beautiful as you!”

Seeing Wanyan Ming Yue wishing to see their daughter as a mother and seeing her so excited and nervous, Feng Xie quickly and gently comforted her, “She’s very well-behaved and sensible, like how you were before! Smart and beautiful…”

“Big brother Xie, I’m a little nervous! For so many years, I as her mother wasn’t at her side. She certainly doesn’t have any impression of me. You say, will Qi Qi accept me?”

Wanyan Ming Yue’s words made Feng Xie feel even more guilty towards Murong Qi Qi. He'd never known his daughter was still alive and didn’t take the responsibility of a father for even one day. Even after father and daughter had reconciled, he'd set his whole heart on Wanyan Ming Yue. He simply didn’t take the time to keep their daughter company. Even what she likes, he as a father didn’t know.

Seeing that Feng Xie didn’t speak, Wanyan Ming Yue became even sadder, “How did our Qi Qi grew up? Did anyone take care of her? In the winter, was there someone who put more clothes on her? In the summer, was there someone who fanned for her? I remembered that you once said at my ears, Qi Qi also suffered a lot. Tell me, is it true?”

After the first son of Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie died early, for nine consecutive years, there were no happenings in Wanyan Ming Yue’s belly. She got pregnant with Murong Qi Qi when she was twenty-five. When the imperial physician told her that she was pregnant, Wanyan Ming Yue was so happy. This was the baby she and Feng Xie had hoped for so many years!

At that time, Wanyan Ming Yue prepared many clothes for the little treasure in her belly. If it wasn’t because of the matter of Yandang mountain, Murong Qi Qi would’ve certainly grown up at their side, would be held as a treasure in Wanyan Ming Yue’s and Feng Xie’s palms and carefully cared for…

“Ming Yue, Qi Qi is very well! Really! Our daughter is stronger, more optimistic and more open-minded than we thought! Don’t forget, she’s my and your daughter!” Feng Xie comforted to let Wanyan Ming Yue relax.

Just at this moment, Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang arrived at the underground palace.

When she saw Wanyan Ming Yue in front of her, Murong Qi Qi froze. Before, Wanyan Ming Yue had been lying down, which made Murong Qi Qi believe that she looked around seventy percent similar to this mother. Now, Wanyan Ming Yue had woken up. Her whole person was standing in front of her. Only now did Murong Qi Qi realise that, aside from her eyes that looked like Feng Xie's, she looked similar to Wanyan Ming Yue in a lot of places.

“Qi Qi…,” Wanyan Ming Yue walked step by step to Murong Qi Qi. That was right, this is her and Feng Xie’s daughter! Not mentioning anything else, just looking at her facial features, she would know that this was their daughter! “Qi Qi, I’m your mother, ah!”

Wanyan Ming Yue stood in front of Murong Qi Qi. She carefully looked up and down at Murong Qi Qi. It was the same as Feng Xie said, Murong Qi Qi looked very much like her when she was a girl. It was almost exactly the same. This was her daughter! Wanyan Ming Yue was very excited.

“Mother…,” Murong Qi Qi had never experienced motherly love. Now, looking at the Wanyan Ming Yue in front of her, looking at her with a face full of tears, the frozen place deep in her heart gradually melted, “Mother!”

“Qi Qi!” Although Wanyan Ming Yue was really looking forward to hearing ‘mother’ from Murong Qi Qi, but she felt some timidity. After all, Murong Qi Qi had never interacted with her. She hadn’t taken care of her daughter for even one day.

Originally, Wanyan Ming Yue was already prepared that Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t call her so. She wanted to wait patiently and make up for Murong Qi Qi’s lost maternal love. She didn’t expect that she (MQQ) would call her ‘mother’ so directly.


“Qi Qi!” Wanyan Ming Yue’s tears rolled down. Even when she faced Feng Xie just now, Wanyan Ming Yue’s mood hadn't been as excited. Now, Murong Qi Qi opened all the emotions in her heart. All emotions poured out like a surging flood.

Inside the room, Wanyan Ming Yue embraced Murong Qi Qi and kept repeating “My baby”. The mother and daughter reconciled. The whole scene was very moving.

After a long time, Wanyan Ming Yue’s mood calmed down, “You've already grown up so big! So great!” Wanyan Ming Yue combed Murong Qi Qi’s hair to the back. The way she looked at her was full of motherly love.

In the past, when Li Qiu Shui posed as Murong Qi Qi’s mother and came to see her before she'd married; that night, no matter how well Li Qiu Shui pretended, her eyes couldn’t lie to people. Li Qiu Shui’s eyes didn’t have such affection. Such feelings and love passed down by blood could never be replaced by others.

Murong Qi Qi was a bit excited. She got a father and also gained a mother. In the past life, this was only something she could think about but couldn’t get. The mother and daughter chatted for a long time and ignored Feng Xie and Feng Cang who were standing next to them.

Only after a long time did Wanyan Ming Yue take note of Feng Cang at a side. Wanyan Ming Yue already knew about Murong Qi Qi's and Feng Cang’s matter from Feng Xie. She was very satisfied with Feng Cang as her son-in-law. “Cang er,[1. Er: term of endearment] you’ve grown up…”

“Mother!” Feng Cang came forward and paid his respects. Feng Cang was very respectful towards Wanyan Ming Yue who'd brought him up. Now that Wanyan Ming Yue was able to wake up, although on the surface, Feng Cang didn’t reveal much emotion, but the excitement and happiness in his heart were difficult to describe with words.

“Haha, I thought that Cang er should call me mother-in-law!”

After calming down, Wanyan Ming Yue began to make fun of Feng Cang. As soon as she said this, Feng Cang immediately lifted his clothes and knelt. He kowtowed three times at Wanyan Ming Yue, “Mother-in-law, accept this little son-in-law’s bow!”

“Puchi…,” Feng Cang’s behavior amused Wanyan Ming Yue, making her laugh. She was just joking, but Feng Cang took it so seriously. It seemed that he treated her daughter sincerely.

“Cang er, stand up!” Wanyan Ming Yue personally went to support Feng Cang up, “I’m assured giving Qi Qi to you! However, you need to treat my daughter well! You’re not allowed to bully her!”

“How would I dare? Usually, it’s her who bullies me!”

It was rare for Feng Cang to have humor. Murong Qi Qi’s face turned red. She beat Feng Cang with her fist lightly. Seeing that the relationship of the children was so great, Wanyan Ming Yue was very pleased. She exchanged a smile with Feng Xie.

That Wanyan Ming Yue could wake up, to Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, that was the greatest news. It was just, Wanyan Ming Yue couldn’t stay in the underground palace. It wasn’t guaranteed when Wanyan Lie would have the interest to return to the underground palace.

Before, Wanyan Ming Yue was in a deep sleep. She needed the warm jade bed to maintain the balance of her body. However, now she had woken up. She didn’t need the warm jade bed. Naturally, she didn’t need to stay in the underground palace.

The four discussed for a long time. In the end, Feng Xie decided to leave the capital with Wanyan Ming Yue for another place. They didn’t want to let the hatred of the past continue to intertwine them and didn’t want to take revenge on Wanyan Lie. They didn’t want to waste their valuable time together because of an insignificant person.

In Feng Xie’s words, “I want to make up for my lost sixteen years with Ming Yue!”

“Dad, mother, you really don’t want to take revenge? It was Wanyan Lie who let you be separated for so many years. Did you really put it down?”

Murong Qi Qi’s question made Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue become silent.

Feng Xie held his beloved wife’s hand. He looked full of love at her. Only after a long time, did he nod.

“I put it down! Although he'd hurt me, let me be separated from your mother and you, but I was able to meet your mother again thanks to him. I know how it is to live life full of hatred. It’s very bad and also a torment. For the past sixteen years, I felt like a day goes by like a year. I don’t want to spend my future days in hatred. We've already missed too many things. I don’t want to waste time anymore! Ming Yue, what do you think?!”

“Big brother Xie, I’ll follow you!” Wanyan Ming Yue leaned against Feng Xie’s chest with a look of happiness, “I’ll do as you say! No matter what happens, I want to be with you!”

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