Chapter 157 (Part 2) Leaving the capital

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 157 (Part 2) Leaving the capital

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi fully supported Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue’s choice. They’ve gone through so many things. They could finally be reunited. To this couple, there was nothing better than this!

Since it was Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue who decided to leave, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi began to arrange the things for them.

It was just, after leaving this time, they didn’t know when they would return. Wanyan Ming Yue wanted to go see her mother Dongfang Lan before she leaves. Feng Xie agreed to go with her. After all, Dongfang Lan was Wanyan Ming Yue’s mother. Since that thing happened to them, she had been sad and crying for them. They were about to leave, they couldn’t not go see the old mother.

When Murong Qi Qi went to Jinxuan palace with the disguised Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue, Qing Gu was already waiting smilingly at the enrtance.

“Aunt Qing, why are you here?” Murong Qi Qi was very surprised. Qing Gu went forward and paid her respect, “When the empress dowager woke up this morning, she heard the Eurasian magpie call on the branch. She said that today, you will certainly come and let this slave wait here for you!”

“Eurasian magpie announces good news. It was really a good sign!” Murong Qi Qi went in with Qing Gu. When they arrived at Dongfang Lan’s temple, did Qing Gu found out that the two people behind Murong Qi Qi also came in.

“Princess, they are?”

“Aunt, they’re one of our own. Aunt, troubling you to look out for us, alright? I have some important things to tell grandmother!”

“Alright!” Qing Gu nodded. She was just about to brush past Wanyan Ming Yue, but when she saw that pair of eyes of Wanyan Ming Yue, she paused, “This miss looks so familiar…”

Qing Gu’s words made Wanyan Ming Yue couldn’t held back. Her tears fell. She took down the human skin mask on her face. Wanyan Ming Yue called out, “Aunt Qing, long time no see…”

“Prin…princess?!” Hearing this familiar voice and seeing this familiar face, Qing Gu froze there.

That Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue were still alive, Dongfang Lan already told her, this confidante. So, when she saw that pair of eyes that looked like Wanyan Ming Yue’s, she felt it was very familiar. She didn’t think that this person was really princess!

“Princess, it’s really you! You’re still alive! This, this…this is so great!”

Qing Gu’s excited voice began to tremble. Immediately, Qing Gu knelt in front of Wanyan Ming Yue, “Qing Gu, greats princess! Princess is still alive. Really so great!”

“Aunt Qing, quickly stand up!” Wanyan Ming Yue helped Qing Gu stand up. Qing Gu wiped her tears and looked at the man next to Wanyan Ming Yue, “Then, you’re certainly great general!”

“It’s me!” At this time, Feng Xie also removed his human skin mask.

“So great! Princess and great general are safe and unharmed. Miss will certainly be happy! This slave, this slave will go tell miss now!”

After taking two steps, Qing Gu suddenly stopped, “Look at how urgent this slave is. It’s better for you to go see miss! I will look out! Princess, great general, please enter!”

Qing Gu closed the door. Under Murong Qi Qi’s lead, Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie went inside.

It was very quiet here. Nothing from the outside could be hears. Dongfang Lan was kneeling in front of the gold-plated Buddha statue. Her left hand turned the Buddha beads. Her right hand knocked on the wooden fish, “Tok, tok, tok…”

“Bless and protect my Ming Yue. Bless and protect my Feng Xie. Bless and protect my child’s safety!” Dongfang Lan read out aloud. Murong Qi had been here many times. She had saw this scene many times. Instead, it was Wanyan Ming Yue’s and Feng Xie’s eyes that were covered with tears when they saw the gray-haired mother still praying for them in front of Buddha.

Wanyan Ming Yue walked slowly over. She knelt beside Dongfang Lan. She looked at the sideface of Dongfang Lan’s old face. Her tears kept falling.

“Qi Qi, you’ve come…,” Hearing the sound, Dongfang Lan turned her face, “Today you came so early…”

She didn’t finish her sentence, when she froze.

“Mother…,” Wanyan Ming Yue’s face was full of tears. A ‘mother’ poured out all the emotions in her heart.

‘Kuang…’ The wooden fish rod and the Buddha beads in Dongfang Lan’s hands fell on the ground. She didn’t dare to believe her eyes, “Ming Yue, it’s really you? It’s really my Ming Yue?”

“Mother…,” Wanyan Ming Yue also didn’t hold back. She jumped into Dongfang Lan’s arms.

At this point, Wanyan Ming Yue’s voice was choked. She wasn’t able to say more words. She could only repeatedly cry out ‘mother’ as if she wanted to shout out all the grievances of more than a decade through this ‘mother’.

“Ming Yue!”

Dongfang Lan’s hands were trembling. She stroked Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair. That’s right. It’s her Ming Yue! This body is warm. Ming Yue is still alive! She finally waited until Ming Yue appeared!

Because of the reconciliation of this pair of mother and daughter, the room was filed with a layer of happy grief atmosphere. Feng Xie came to Dongfang Lan, knelt and kowtowed. He also called, “Mother!”

“Feng Xie! So great! You’re still alive! It’s really so great!” Dongfang Lan was full of tears and quickly wiped her tears, “So great!”

Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie, one at the left and one at the right, helped Dongfang Lan up, but they were stopped by Dongfang Lan. She knelt respectfully in front of the Buddha statue. With both hands on the ground, she kowtowed, “Thanks Buddha! Thanking Buddha for letting our whole family to reunite! Thanks, Buddha!”

Only after kowtowing three times, did Dongfang Lan stand up. Her left hand pulled Wanyan Ming Yue. Her right hand pulled Feng Xie. She looked at the left and looked at the right. She excitedly nodded repeatedly, “Good, good! Good!”

The reunion of mother and daughter was something Dongfang Lan wanted to have even in her dreams. Originally, she thought that it was only a luxury. She didn’t expect that the ultimate dream became a reality. How could Dongfang Lan not be excited?

The reunion of a family; the tears on Dongfang Lan face were gradually replaced by a smile. She embraced Wanyan Ming Yue and refused to let go. The mother and daughter had too many things to say. The two talked till the evening. Dongfang Lan wished to continue.

When she heard that all these years, Wanyan Ming Yue had been in a deep sleep and was at the underground of Long Autumn palace, Dongfang Lan was furious. It turned out that these years, her daughter was at her side, but she, the mother didn’t know. It resulted in that she was separated from Wanyan Ming Yue for full sixteen years. How could she not hate?!

“So, it was all done by Wanyan Lie?! He caused my flesh to be separated from me. Everything was done by him?!”

When mentioning Wanyan Lie, Dongfang Lan felt so much hate that her teeth made sounds from gritting together.

He disguised it very well. He always appeared with the image of a filial son. She didn’t expect that Wanyan Lie was the person who hid the deepest. He had long harbored evil intentions, but he still pretended that nothing had happened! So damn him!

“Mother, don’t be angry lest to make your body sick from anger. Big brother indeed went too overboard, but I and big brother Xie had already decided to not pursue the matter of the past. We already missed too much and also lost too much. Now, we can grow old together is my and big brother Xie’s greatest wish.”

Dongfang Lan could understand Wanyan Ming Yue. That they could put it down was also freeing themselves.

Knowing that Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie decided to leave, Dongfang Lan was very sad. It was just, if they stay in the capital, wouldn’t it bring trouble if something goes wrong? This couple already suffered enough! They couldn’t undergo more hardship!

Although, Dongfang Lan didn’t want to be separated from her daughter and son-in-law, but she couldn’t be selfish when it involved Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie’s safety. She couldn’t use motherly love to tie them. “Good! It’s also good if you leave this troubling place sooner! Look for a safe place first to lie low. When Wanyan Lie discover you’re gone, he would definitely do some crazy things. I support you leaving!”

Seeing that it was not early anymore, Dongfang Lan endured her missing of the daughter and urged them to quickly wear their human skin mask. Just knowing that they were alive, that they were safe, even if she couldn’t see them, it was also good!

“Remember to write letters to me and inform me of your safety! Ming Yue, eat well and nurture your body well! Feng Xie, take good care of Ming Yue. I only have this one daughter!”

Before leaving, Dongfang Lan held Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. She repeatedly reminded them and escorted them to the entrance of the palace. Until when their figures disappeared, Dongfang Lan went back to Jinxuan palace with the help of Qing Gu.

That same day, Murong Qi Qi took the disguised Wanyan Ming Yue and Feng Xie to Nan Lin wangfu[1. Wangfu: the residence of the prince of first rank]. Feng Cang prepared a carriage. Together with Murong Qi Qi, they personally escorted the two.

“Dad, mother, you can first go to Nan four states. There are my people there. They will take good care of you!”

Murong Qi Qi once again checked Wanyan Ming Yue’s pulse and prescribed numerous prescription. She also wrote down the diet and nutrition in detail and let Feng Xie keep it well. She gave Wanyan Ming Yue her keepsake to facilitate them to contact Moyu’s people.

“Good! Good!” Knowing that her daughter was so promising, Wanyan Ming Yue was very surprised. However, after the surprise, she was very pleased. Such a Murong Qi Qi let Wanyan Ming Yue’s concerns for her daughter lessen a bit. It seemed, she (MQQ) could take good care of herself.

“Cang er[2. Er: term of endearment], you told me your matter. Getting rid of the poison is a big matter, ah! The gu poison tortured you for so many years. After, I and your dad leavw, you won’t have qualms and worries anymore. The things you need to do, do it with all your might!”

“Although, we let go of Wanyan Lie, but he did you wrong. Don’t be lenient in what you need to do! It’s just…now, you’re not one person anymore. You have Qi Qi. In the future, you will have children. So, you need to plan carefully. Or you don’t act or the moment, you act, give the other party a fatal blow. You can’t leave hidden dangers. I don’t want to see my and your father’s tragedy happen on you. Cang er, do you understand mother?”

“Mother, I know!” Feng Cang nodded, “You and dad, don’t worry! I will definitely take care of Qing Qing and also cure myself!”

After sending away Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue, Murong Qi Qi leaned in Feng Cang’s arms. At this time, it was almost night. The wind was a bit cold. Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s waist and sniffed the fragrance of her hair softly.

Today, they’ve gone through too many things. In any case, Wanyan Ming Yue was safe and sound and could live happily with Feng Xie. This was something good. The last reminder of Wanyan Ming Yue was also something Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi considered recently.

Inside a house in the capital, Xia Xue put the information about Bai Yi Yue and Su Mei in front of Misha. It was only few papers, but she investigated for several days.

“Why is it only so little?” Misha frowned and expressed dissatisfaction to Xia Xue’s performance.

Seeing that Misha was angry, Xia Xue quickly knelt, “Answering young master, inside Bei Zhou, we have no influence. Moyu’s and Fo Sheng Men’s people doesn’t accept our conditions. The other forces don’t have so much ability. So, it’s troublesome to find information.”

Xia Xue’s explanation made Misha’s expression look a bit better. He no longer reprimanded Xia Xue. Misha began to study the information.

From the information Xia Xue found, Bai Yi Yue is a lady of a great family. She was born with a golden spoon. Besides, she’s elegant and classy and she treated people amiably. A good origin, excellent manners; everything was so perfect…However, Yi Lian, will you be reborn in the body of Bai Yi Yue?

Misha had been staring at the painting of Bai Yi Yue. He wanted to overlap the face on the painting with the person in his memories.

“Lian Sheng, you’re my big brother! We can’t be like this! Quickly let me go!”

“Yi Lian, we don’t have blood relation. I love you, I love you, ah! That year, when adoptive father brought you back, when adoptive mother carried out the cleaned you, you were like a little angel! At that moment, I fell in love with you!”

“Lian Sheng, what are you talking about? I always treated you as a big brother!”

“But I didn’t regard you as my little sister! Yi Lian, I love you! I want you to be my woman!”


“Yi Lian, you hit me?!”

“That’s right! I want you to wake up! The bones of adoptive father haven’t turned cold yet; you don’t go with me to find the murderer who killed adoptive father, but is talking about love with me here. Lian Sheng, what’s the matter with you? Now, our most important matter is to find out the truth and avenge adoptive father.”

“Avenge? Hahaha! Yi Lian, do you know who killed adoptive father? It’s me, ah…”

“What did you do?!”

“That old bastard knew I like you, but not only did he not help me, but he persuaded me to leave you. He also fabricated lies that you’re my biological little sister to lie to me. Tell me, doesn’t he deserve to die?”

“Lian Sheng, you’re crazy! You’re really crazy!”

“That’s right! I’m crazy! I am crazy for you and I am insane for you! My heart for you these years, could it be that you don’t know?! I did so many things for you; could it be that you didn’t see?! Yi Lian, I love you!”

“F*** off! You’re a demon! You killed adoptive father! Adoptive father brought us up and regarded us as his own children. You actually did such a thing! I want to kill you to avenge adoptive father!”

‘Ka…’ “Yi Lian, can you still move now? The gun is in my hand. Your weapon is not at your side. With what can you fight me?”

“You put drug in the water? Lian Sheng, you’ve changed. You’ve become so frightening. I can’t even recognize you anymore! If you have the guts, then kill me today! Otherwise, as long as I’m a day alive, I will kill you! I won’t let you have a day of peace! Also, don’t think about getting me!”

“Yi Lian, don’t force me!”

“Demon, go to hell!”


“Yi Lian…,” Misha vigorously opened his eyes. A dense layer of sweat was on his forehead. Yi Lian…

“Young master, what’s the matter?” Xia Xue saw Misha like that, she quickly poured water and put it in front of him. Then she took a clean handkerchief. Xia Xue was about to wipe the sweats for Misha, but she was stopped by Misha, “I will do it myself! Xia Xue, I already said, I don’t like others touching me, especially women!”

Misha said these words extremely severe. Because of his words, there were some waves on Xia Xue’s cold face.

“Yes, young master, I was wrong…” Misha didn’t notice that when he said those words, a trace of desolation flashed through Xia Xue’s eyes. Now, Misha was only thinking about Yi Lian.

Yi Lian, you must’ve also came to this world! Yi Lian, where are you? Will you forgive me? I was wrong. Really, I was wrong! Yi Lian, I beg you, give me one more chance. Let me make it up for you! Let me love you, can I?

Misha gently wiped the sweat off his face. Just now, in his mind emerged the last scene from the past life. Where was that woman who he loves, but also who died at his hand?

He already came to this world for six years! After killing Yi Lian in an impulse, he also suicided from a bullet! Originally, he thought that he died. He treated the adoptive father who raised him like that. He treated the woman he loved like that. After his death, his soul will certainly suffer in hell.

However, what he didn’t expect was that he would be reborn on Penglai island; on this beautiful boy called Misha's body.

Presumably, it was the heaven’s blessing. It pitied his infatuation. That was why it gave him the opportunity to live once more. However, god also punished him because of the evil he did. So, he let him to never be able to stand up again.

Yi Lian, I came here. You must’ve also came…

Misha was somewhat absentminded looking at Bai Yi Yue’s information. The moment he remembered that in the end, Yi Lian called him ‘demon’, his heart would twitch in pain. He wasn’t a demon. He was only loving her humbly. He only wanted to grow old with her.

Misha’s fingertips gently touched Bai Yi Yue’s painting.

Willow eyebrows and almond eyes. Bai Yi Yue was a traditional beauty. She was natural. This face was completely different from the person in his memories. If she was Yi Lian, how great would that be?!

When he finds Yi Lian and stand in front of Yi Lian, she will certainly also not recognize him!

Changing into this innocent face and becoming a young beautiful boy, in the beginning, he really wasn’t used to it. However, Misha believed that if Yi Lian was really here, she will definitely recognize him. Because, he is Lian Sheng who grew up with her! How could she not recognize him?!

“Xia Xue, look for an opportunity to bring Bai Yi Yue out…” Misha’s fingertips tapped the handle of the wheelchair. He couldn’t wait to see her.

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