Chapter 158 (Part 1) Su Yue’s wedding night

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 158 (Part 1) Su Yue’s wedding night

According to the information, after she'd participated in the tournament of the four countries, Bai Yi Yue stayed within Yan capital.

Bai family also had shops in Yan capital. Bai Yi Yue looked after the business of this side. That's why, she was still in Yan capital.

“Yes, young master.” Seeing such a Misha, Xia Xue felt a pain in her heart. Young master, in your eyes, in your heart, you only have Yi Lian. Could you turn around sometimes, to look at me who is behind you…

After sending Feng Xie and Wanyan Ming Yue away, Murong Qi Qi felt a lot more relaxed. Dad and Mom had gone to pursue their happiness. When can she and Feng Cang be free and easy?

During these past few days, Ming Yue Cheng often came to Nan Lin wangfu.[1. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank]

Don’t know if it was because he'd opened his heart, confessed his love for Murong Qi Qi and revealed that he wouldn’t intervene in the relationship of Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, but Feng Cang didn’t refuse his visits. Instead, he'd also invited him to be a guest at Tingsong building. In the course of time, he'd gotten to know a few good friends.

“Ming Yue, is a gu really so frightening? It seems that I won’t dare to pick up gold off the ground anymore. If by chance, it’s a golden thread gu; what should I do if it tangles with me?! Heavens, ah! Too frightening! Fortunately, I’m at Bei Zhou!”

Inside Tingsong Building, after hearing Ming Yue Cheng talk about the golden thread gu, Wanyan Kang began to bellow.

“Before, you invited me to Nan Feng. Forget it! I won’t go! If by chance, a gu followed me when I return, then I wouldn’t be far from death! I haven’t taken a wife yet and haven’t made a son!”

While saying this, Wanyan Kang glanced once at Su Mei. Su Mei blushed and humphed lightly. She turned her face and looked elsewhere.

Gu is in fact not so frightening. To the Qiang tribe, gu is their friend and is a part of their life. Under normal circumstances, the people of Qiang tribe wouldn’t put gu on another person.” Hearing Wanyan Kang say that, Ming Yue Cheng laughed. A shallow dimple appeared in the middle of his chin.

“Not frightening?! Didn’t you say that the women of Qiang tribe are worried that their men wouldn’t go home, so they put the gu of yearning on them?! That is their husband, ah; do they really have the heart to do it?”

Thinking about the feeling of that kind of worm crawling around in the body, Wanyan Kang touched the goosebumps on his body. He shook his head again and again, “Anyway, I won’t go to Nan Feng. Even if you beat me to death, I won’t go!”

“Haha…,” Ming Yue Cheng laughed slowly. “The women of the Qiang tribe put weight in love. In the Qiang tribe, usually the husband only has one wife. The earliest gu was also generated to maintain the monogamy. As long as the husband is good to the wife, the woman wouldn’t use the gu!”

Like his empress mother, Miao Chu Yun. She was also a woman who puts weight in love. Otherwise, with her tactics, how could she have been burned to death in the cold palace…

“Did you hear?!” Su Mei glared once at Wanyan Kang. “If the man doesn’t leave the rails, the woman wouldn’t be merciless to deal with their own husband!”

  • Leave the rails: have an extramarital affair

Su Mei was warning Wanyan Kang. If by chance he had a second heart, it was hard to ensure that she wouldn’t learn from the women of the Qiang tribe.

“How would I?! Little Mei er,[2. Er: term of endearment] do you not know what kind of person I am?!” Wanyan Kang fawned to Su Mei’s side. He stabbed her with his elbow. “Don’t worry a hundred and twenty percent!”

Compared to the liveliness of Su Mei and Wanyan Kang, Su Yue was particularly quiet. She listened to Ming Yue Cheng talk about the customs of Nan Feng. At her side was an embroidery box. She was stitching clothes.

Nalan Xin was sitting at the other side. He wasn’t far nor near from Su Yue. Every time Murong Qi Qi returned with Su Yue, they would encounter Nalan Xin.

On several occasions, Nalan Xin wanted to find a chance to speak with Su Yue, but she always had an expression that put people a thousand miles away, making Nalan Xin swallow the words that were on his lips.

Nalan Xin knew that because he'd secretly followed Su Yue, he could be considered to have offended her greatly. Usually, when looking at Su Mei and Su Yue, he felt that Su Mei was hot-tempered and not easy to mess with. He didn’t expect that Su Yue was the truly stubborn one. Just because of the matter of following her, she'd ignored him for a long time. Looking at Su Yue’s meaning, she must be intending to ignore him for life. What should he do?!

Nalan Xin’s expression fell into Wanyan Kang’s eyes. He had discussed privately with Su Mei about Su Yue and Nalan Xin. The two felt that it was not good that they continued to be in a deadlock like this. Besides, the two always felt that Su Yue and the ‘cunning old fox’ Nalan Xin was a true pair.

Wanyan Kang was calculating in his heart. After all, Su Yue was also a sister of Su Mei. If he pulled the red string for them, firstly, it could be an achievement of virtue. As for secondly, maybe it could also boost his and Su Mei’s feelings.

Now, after seeing Nalan Xin looking so dejected and the smile on his face was also very forced, Wanyan Kang gave Su Mei a glance. The two pretended to be very ‘playful’. Su Mei ‘bumped’ against Su Yue.

“Aiya!” A moment of carelessness, the needle pricked into Su Yue’s finger.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Su Yue, are you alright?!” Su Mei quickly looked at Su Yue. After seeing the blood spot become a blood droplet, Su Mei ‘screamed’ in surprise, “Aiya, so many blood, ah! Su Yue, are you alright?!”

Su Yue was about to shake her head and say that everything was fine, when a figure rushed over and pushed Su Mei away from Su Yue’s side. That person quickly grabbed Su Yue’s small hand and carefully checked, “Where? Where are you hurt? Let me look!”

Not waiting for Su Yue to understand, from her fingertip came a warmth. She looked again, Nalan Xin had his head down and was sucking her bloodstained fingertip.

‘Shua!’ A torrent of blood rushed to Su Yue’s head, making her head buzz. Her face also burned.

“The bleeding stopped. Everything is alright now…,” When Nalan Xin raised his head, Su Yue raised her hand and gave him a slap in the face. “Rogue!” Su Yue threw away the clothes in her hand and rushed out with a teary face.

This slap made Nalan Xin’s head dizzy. Only after a long while, did he understand. Men and women shouldn’t have physical contact. Su Yue was not as hot-tempered as Su Mei, naturally, she’s reserved. Now, he'd touched her hand in the presence of everyone and also sucked her fingertip in everyone’s view. This was indeed a bit of a ‘rogue’.

“Fool, are you still not going to chase?!” Wanyan Kang saw that Nalan Xin was still foolishly standing there, he went forward and pushed him, “Go!”

After being reminded by Wanyan Kang, Nalan Xin suddenly sobered up. He immediately pulled up his sleeves and chased after her.

Su Yue walked around the wangfu. She was shy and angry when she thought about what had happened. This bastard! He'd actually licked her finger in public! Wasn’t this ruining her reputation?! Usually, Nalan Xin is a gentleman. She didn’t expect his character to be so poor!

At this point, Nalan Xin’s image plummeted to the bottom in Su Yue’s heart. Before, he'd showed an appearance of liking her was because he'd wanted to follow her to investigate miss. Now, he pretended to be worried about the injury on her hand, but he did such a thing to her. Really, damn this bastard!

“Miss Su Yue! Miss Su Yue!”

Su Yue was mercilessly scolding Nalan Xin in her heart when she heard his voice come closer. When Nalan Xin stood in front of Su Yue, her expression immediately got cold. “What did you come for?”

“Miss Su Yue, I was wrong just now. I was too anxious…I, I only wanted to tell you…I don’t have other thoughts, I…was concerned about you!”

Seeing Su Yue’s cold face, Nalan Xin knew that she certainly must’ve misunderstood him. He quickly explained to Su Yue. However, the more anxious he got, the more he stuttered. The more he stuttered, the more anxious he got and then he stuttered even more. His last few words stumbled together.

“Concerned? I don’t need your concern! I can’t afford it!” Although Nalan Xin’s appearance looked really funny, but Su Yue couldn’t laugh. If it wasn’t because Nalan Xin’s identity was special, that he was Feng Cang’s confidant, she definitely would’ve killed him for disrespecting her today.

From Su Yue’s eyes, Nalan Xin saw coldness and grievance. This little woman had a stubborn expression. She was obviously restraining her emotions. If it was Su Mei, presumably, she would’ve long fought with the other person!

“That…,” Su Yue was silent; Nalan Xin also didn’t know how to coax a girl’s favor. He kept saying ‘that’ for a long time, and then Nalan Xin finally mustered the courage and spoke, “I will take responsibility over you!”

“Puchi…,” After the people who'd followed him here, heard Nalan Xin’s words, they couldn’t help but laugh. This laughter made Su Yue become even more embarrassed.

“Who wants you to take responsibility?! Who cares for your responsibility!” Su Yue’s eyes got wet. Her tears almost fell. What did Nalan Xin take her for? Did he think that she couldn’t marry and now was taking this opportunity to push herself on him? She didn’t need such insincerity!

Had to say, a girl’s heart is sensitive and fragile. The usually rational Su Yue, when facing emotional problems, her brain will be in chaos like a paste. Compared to her, Nalan Xin wasn’t much better.

When Nalan Xin saw the tears spinning in Su Yue’s eyes, but she'd forced herself not to let the tears fall down, Nalan Xin’s heart ached a lot. He took a step forward and took Su Yue in his arms.

“Don’t cry. When you cry, my heart will hurt!”

Nalan Xin didn’t know how to sweet talk, but it so happened that the words he used to express his feelings sounded like glib ‘words of love’ to coax a person in Su Yue’s ears.

“Bastard, let me go!” Su Yue struggled.

Just now, her finger had been licked by this man in public. Now, she was tightly hugged by him. What did this Nalan Xin want to do? Could it be that he wanted wangfu’s people to see this scene and want to make her unable to marry?!

“Let go!” Don’t know if it was flying into a rage out of humiliation or that she lost her rationality. Su Yue hit Nalan Xin’s chest with her two soft fists. She used force. The fists fell on Nalan Xin, making ‘bang’ sounds.

Nalan Xin knew that he made Su Yue angry, but he didn’t intend to let go. It seemed that if he let go, she would be like before; hide far away from him and no longer get close to him. Nalan Xin didn’t like that feeling. That feeling of being alienated by Su Yue was really uncomfortable.

“I won’t let go!” Nalan Xin expressed more stubbornness than Su Yue. With a swollen left cheek, Nalan Xin tightened his arms and firmly locked Su Yue in his arms, imprisoning her like a strong chain. “I won’t let go for this whole lifetime!”

Being held like this by a man for the first time, Su Yue’s face had turned red. Plus the fact that she couldn’t escape and also heard those honeyed love words of Nalan Xin, Su Yue felt sad. She couldn’t hold back any longer. Her tears fell.

“You, you bullied me!”

This sound, angry with a trace of tremble, was like the heart of a shy and pure girl, making Nalan Xin’s heart jump badly.

“I didn’t bully you!” Su Yue’s tears made Nalan Xin panic completely. He quickly let go and used his sleeve to wipe her tears. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I really didn’t bully you! I truly like you! I couldn’t like you more, how would I bully you?!”

Nalan Xin’s words made Su Yue cry even harder.

Before, he showed a look of interest to her, making her heart also gradually be moved. However, in the end, the result was that he'd followed her to investigate Murong Qi Qi. The feeling of being used made Su Yue very sad. Especially being used on the emotional level made her heart get a knot.

Now, Nalan Xin said that he loves her. This made Su Yue afraid. She felt that maybe this was another trap, making her unable to believe him.

Su Yue cried like a tearing doll. She vented out all the grievances she felt. Nalan Xin was flustered. He kept wiping away Su Yue’s tears. On his sleeves were the tears of Su Yue.

Su Yue’s cry brought all the people of the wangfu over. Usually, Su Yue treated people very well. So, her popularity in wangfu was very high. Now, after seeing Su Yue cry, everyone thought that Nalan Xin had bullied her. Many people began to point at Nalan Xin. They joined together in groups of three and five and began to whisper about it.

“Don’t cry anymore! I beg you!”

For the first time, Nalan Xin became the focus of wangfu, making him somewhat unable to adapt. Besides, there were complaints in the eyes of those people. It seemed obvious that he'd bullied the girl, making Nalan Xin somewhat unable to keep a straight face.

“I beg you! Or, hit me! If you’re angry, hit me!”

Nalan Xin lifted Su Yue’s hand and slapped his own face. He didn’t get a chance to slap a second time, when Su Yue’s face got red. She retrieved her hand.

“Don’t cry anymore, ah! If you continue to cry, everyone will peel my skin!”

Seeing that Su Yue no longer shed tears, Nalan Xin let out a sigh of relief. Just now, he was anxious. On his forehead was a dense layer of sweat. Because of nervousness, Nalan Xin’s face also became red. On his left cheek was still the slap Su Yue gave him. It was so clear; five fingerprints. How funny he could look was how funny it was.

Nalan Xin’s sorry figure made Su Yue want to laugh. However, when she thought about what had happened, her face sunk again. “Go! We will take it as if nothing had happened! In the future, if you see me, hide. Otherwise, if I see you, I’ll hit you!”

Originally, it was a happy thing that Su Yue didn’t cry anymore. However, her last words directly sent Nalan Xin to the eighteenth level of hell and gave him a coldness throughout his heart.

What did this mean? What is ‘take it as if nothing had happened’? He'd kissed her fingertip, hugged her and also expressed his heart to her, with one -nothing had happened-, she wanted to wipe all of these? How could she be like this?!

For the first time, Nalan Xin’s face sank. He stared at Su Yue’s face. He gritted his teeth, grabbed Su Yue’s hand and rushed into Tingsong building.

“Nalan Xin, what are you doing, ah?!” Su Yue wanted to throw off his hand, however, Nalan Xin’s strength was very strong. Usually, he looked like a weak scholar. She didn’t expect that he’s someone who exercised. “Let go!”

Nalan Xin didn’t listen to Su Yue. He pulled her into Tingsong building.

Inside the room, Murong Qi Qi, Feng Cang and Ming Yue Cheng were chatting. They heard a ‘bang’ sound. The door was pushed open. Then, they saw Nalan Xin pulling Su Yue and came in front of Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang in full swing.

Nalan Xin lifted his robe with one hand and knelt in front of Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi. The other hand pulled Su Yue hard, forcing her to kneel together with him.


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