Chapter 158 (Part 2) Su Yue’s wedding night

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 158 (Part 2) Su Yue’s wedding night

Seeing such a scene, Murong Qi Qi’s gaze was a bit meaningful. It seemed that there’s a good play, yo!

“Nalan, what are you doing?”

Wangfei,[1. Wangfei: main consort/wife of the prince of first rank] I like Su Yue. Please betroth her to me!”

The moment Nalan Xin opened his mouth, it made Su Yue dizzy. He, he is simply a madman! He'd actually rushed here with her to ask for marriage from Murong Qi Qi. Where was there such a person?!

In spite of this, there was a small rabbit jumping everywhere in Su Yue’s heart.

Su Yue didn’t say anything. Nalan Xin felt a bit more comfortable. He was truly afraid that she would put forward some objections. Then, it would be like he was forcing a girl!

“Alright!” Murong Qi Qi nodded on t spot. Only when she heard Murong Qi Qi’s voice did Su Yue react. What was she doing? She actually didn’t object?!

“Miss…,” Su Yue’s expression was blank.

“Aiya, today is really a good day! I was wondering why I was feeling so good! It turns out that Nalan Xin wants to marry Su Yue, ah! Cang, what day do you say is good? We will pick a good day and finish their matter! What do you say?!”

How would Murong Qi Qi allow Su Yue to refuse? During this period, she saw Nalan Xin’s haggardness and him currying favor from Su Yue. She knew that these two people held ‘grudges’, because of the matter of being followed. This matter had happened so long ago. Besides, she and Feng Cang were one family. If they continued to be at loggerheads like this, it would be a bit overboard.

Su Yue was not like Su Mei. Su Mei was someone who would take the initiative in the matters of love and has an outgoing personality. She knew what she wanted and would strive for it. Su Yue was different. She would hesitate and be indecisive. She would even retreat and act cowardly. So this time, she needed someone to give her a push from behind!

Murong Qi Qi was very at ease with someone like Nalan Xin to look after Su Yue. Nalan Xin is Feng Cang’s left and right hand. He’s a good man. She didn’t intend to let Su Yue and Su Mei stay at her side forever. She is happy. She also needs to see their happiness. So this time, Murong Qi Qi didn’t mind to ‘force a marriage’ and set Su Yue’s marriage.

Naturally, Feng Cang knew Murong Qi Qi’s thoughts. He answered, “To select an auspicious day would not make it better than today. It might as well be today.”

“That is really great!” Murong Qi Qi stood up, called Su Mei and told her to order everyone. In a few moments, the fact that Su Yue and Nalan Xin would be marrying today spread through the whole wangfu.[2. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank] Everyone began to get busy to prepare for their wedding.

“Mi…miss…,” Only when Murong Qi Qi took a rest did Su Yue understand what had happened. This time, miss had really ‘sold’ her. “Miss, I won’t leave you!”

“Silly girl! I didn’t force you to leave, what are you anxious for?! By marrying Nalan Xin, in the future, you and I will be one family!” Seeing Su Yue’s appearance, she also seemed to like Nalan Xin. If she didn’t force Su Yue to go on the sedan chair, she didn’t know till when this pair will ‘torture’ each other.

“Miss…,” Su Yue blushed. She wanted to say some more, but was directly pulled to the upstairs by Murong Qi Qi. She had to prepare a bath, a dress, and make-up for the bride.

Downstairs, Nalan Xin was laughing a bit foolishly. He didn’t expect that the marriage would be set like this by Murong Qi Qi! Originally, he thought that Su Yue wouldn’t agree and the matter would become deadlocked. He didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi would step in and finish it. It was truly incredible! He was about to become the groom!

“Tsk, tsk, did you become a fool?!” Wanyan Kang had his arms crossed and looked at Nalan Xin. His eyes were full of envy.

He hadn’t noticed before that Nalan Xin was such a powerful character! The moment he confessed, he would get the beauty! He pestered Su Mei for so long, but he didn’t see Su Mei nod. It seemed that he had done it the wrong way. He should’ve done it like Nalan Xin. He should’ve begged cousin brother and cousin-in-law from the beginning!

When Murong Qi Qi put the already prepared coronet and veil in front of Su Yue, Su Yue’s eyes got warm. She was very touched. It turned out that Murong Qi Qi had long began to prepare these things for her and Su Mei. With one look, she knew that this flamboyant wedding dress and the beautiful coronet was personally designed by Murong Qi Qi.


“Don’t cry! The bride shouldn’t cry!” Seeing that Su Yue’s tears was about to fall, Murong Qi Qi quickly prepared a handkerchief. “I’ve long prepared these! This set is yours. It was designed according to your body measurement and it was just waiting for today!”

“Miss, you’re so good to Su Yue!” Because Murong Qi Qi said that a bride shouldn’t cry, Su Yue tried hard not to cry.

“You followed me for so long and took care of me so much. These are things that I should do!” Murong Qi Qi personally put the wedding dress on Su Yue. Su Yue looked particularly beautiful. Murong Qi Qi didn’t know how to do the hair. She handed that task over to Su Mei. She (MQQ) began to put make-up on Su Yue.

The whole afternoon was very busy. When it was night, the wangfu was decorated with light. Everywhere were red lanterns. Inside the building also burned -thick as a child's arms- dragon phoenix candles. The whole atmosphere was beautiful.

Aside from the people of the wangfu, along with Wanyan Kang and Ming Yue Cheng, there were no other guests present on this day. However, just with these people, it was already very lively. Under the charge of Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi, Nalan Xin first bowed to the heavens with Su Yue. Then, Su Yue was sent to the wedding room. Nalan Xin was pulled out for a drink.

Don’t know if it was because of envy, jealousy or hate, but Wanyan Kang kept pouring wine for Nalan Xin. In his words, “This brat is too lucky!” He also wished that he could marry Su Mei sooner, but Su Mei never loosened, making Wanyan Kang somewhat worried from waiting.

It was the first time that Ming Yue Cheng had participated in such a thing. After witnessing Murong Qi Qi’s ‘taking charge of the wedding’ and also taking charge of the things that had followed, he finally understood why Murong Qi Qi had chosen Feng Cang.

This man pampered Murong Qi Qi to the heavens. He would immediately do what she wanted. He wouldn’t hesitate and also wouldn’t be suspicious. At this point, Ming Yue Cheng asked himself and felt that he couldn’t reach Feng Cang’s standard. No wonder, he (FC) would eventually win…

“Come, come, come! Drink!” Ming Yue Cheng liked to drink. He felt that drinking from a cup was not fun enough. He let people change them for big bowls. “Come, come, come, we will not go home until we’re drunk today!”

Inside the wangfu, because of Su Yue’s marriage, it was very lively. Only when the twilight had completely enveloped the earth, the sky was dark blue and the moon hanging on the branches, was Nalan Xin released by these people. He staggered to the wedding room.

Inside the room, the red candles were swaying. Su Yue, who's covered with a veil, was a bit nervous. She had never thought that she would marry one day. Today had come too soon. So sudden, that she wasn’t prepared at all.

Even until now, Su Yue felt that she was dreaming. Everything had occurred too quickly. So fast that it'd caught her by surprise. Su Yue was very nervous. Her hands twisted the handkerchief. Her heart jumped very hard. The words Nalan Xin had said during the day was now echoing in Su Yue’s ears, making her heart feel very sweet.

Miss said that Nalan Xin was someone trustworthy. Su Yue trusted in Murong Qi Qi.

After waiting for a long time, Su Yue finally heard Nalan Xin’s footsteps. Before, Su Mei was here to keep her company. She'd told her that everyone was pouring wine for Nalan Xin in the hall. Su Yue thought that Nalan Xin would definitely return smelling of alcohol. She didn’t expect that the footsteps she could hear were not messy. Instead, they were very calm.

Nalan Xin walked into the room and closed the door gently. Step by step, he walked towards Su Yue.

The light of the red candle sprinkled on Su Yue’s body. A bit of red light coated her with a hallucinatory glory, making her look more charming.

“Su Yue…,” Nalan Xin called gently. He reached out to pull Su Yue’s veil.

“Su Yue, you’re so beautiful…”

Nalan Xin’s words made the original red because of shyness face of Su Yue become even hotter. Nalan Xin raised Su Yue’s chin and looked her in the eyes, “Su Yue, you’re finally my wife!”

Su Yue didn’t know what to say. She could only let Nalan Xin take the lead. Her shy and reserved appearance made people love her even more. Nalan Xin lowered his head. When he was about to kiss Su Yue, he heard a ‘kuangdang’ from outside, followed by Wanyan Kang’s screams.

“Little Mei er,[3. Er: term of endearment] why did you hit me?”

“Are you not ashamed to eavesdrop?! Go! Don’t disrupt them!”

Afterward, they could hear Wanyan Kang’s screams, “Don’t, don’t twist my ear! I’m, after all, a prince. I need to pay attention to my image!”

“Image, my ass!”

Wanyan Kang had accidentally interrupted Nalan Xin’s good thing, making him not know whether to laugh or cry. When it became quiet around them, they finally started the world with only the two of them…

Because of Su Yue’s marriage, Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang specifically gave the young couple a month off. Feng Cang urged Nalan Xin to take a look everywhere with Su Yue, such as a honeymoon or tour of the mountain and play in the water.

However, this suggestion of Feng Cang was rejected by the two people. Everyone knew that it had now come to the critical moment. They were Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi’s power. They couldn’t just leave. The two stayed in the wangfu and acted the same as usual. This let Murong Qi Qi and Feng Cang feel some remorse. They felt a bit guilty to them.

Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi began the preparation for the solution of the gu. Bai Yi Yue, at the other side, had received Nan Lin wangfu’s invitation. The golden characters on the invitation were the three words ‘Feng Qi Qi’.

It turned out to be her! After Bai Yi Yue saw the content of the invitation, she frowned.

Ever since she knew that Murong Qi Qi was the daughter of Wanyan Ming Yue, Bai Yi Yue didn’t bother with her anymore. Even though Murong Qi Qi’s Su Yue had come by several times, she had been rejected each time by Bai Yi Yue.

Bai Yi Yue had once regarded Murong Qi Qi as a very good friend. However, she had never imagined that Murong Qi Qi’s mother was the ‘main culprit’ who had made her mother miserable her whole life…Wanyan Ming Yue.

No one could accept that her husband’s heart would always hide another woman. When meeting with such a thing, even a very big-hearted wife will have a shadow in her heart. Her mother loved her father her whole life, but her father’s heart always contained a woman he could never get.

The moment Bai Yi Yue was born, she got her father’s love. Originally, her mother thought that this was the beginning of her husband’s change of heart. She didn’t expect that the name Yi Yue (remember Yue) would betray her husband’s inner thoughts.

Although Bai Yi Yue knew that this matter had nothing to do with Murong Qi Qi and that Murong Qi Qi was innocent, but wasn’t her mother also innocent?

People said that Bai household was big and had a huge business, but Bai household’s old master only had one woman. In the era of three wives and four concubines, this was an extremely rare thing! Women of the world couldn’t be more envious! However, who knew her mother, the lady of Bai household, would put a strong smile in front of everyone and cried behind everyone's backs?!

Looking at the invitation in her hand, Bai Yi Yue hesitated a little. She wanted to tear this invitation, but she couldn’t bring her heart to do it. Murong Qi Qi was an outstanding woman. Bai Yi Yue knew that very well. Under predicament, she was neither servile nor overbearing. Under favorable circumstances, she was refined and courteous. Everything was so natural. Every gesture demonstrated her unique temperament…

There were many outstanding people in this world, but there were only a few outstanding people who are also humble. Murong Qi Qi was such a person, making people couldn’t help but get closer to her and want to become her friend. From Bai Yi Yue’s inner world, she was very willing to become friends with Murong Qi Qi. However, the ravine between them was now so deep, that she didn’t dare to cross it.

Would extending a hand of friendship towards Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter, betray her mother? All year round, Bai Yi Yue’s mother was sick from depression. In the end, she had died because of sadness. Her tearful face before death had always been engraved in Bai Yi Yue’s heart.

At one side was the precious friendship. At the other side was her mother’s tears. The Bai Yi Yue in the middle of them, struggled really hard to choose.

“Yi Yue, long time no see. I heard that the peach blossoms at Jingting mountain have already bloomed. I will wait at the Jingting mountain in the south of the capital to enjoy the flowers with you! See you there! Feng Qi Qi.”

Looking at the words on the invitation, Bai Yi Yue hesitated for a long time.

In this whole matter, Murong Qi Qi was the most innocent. From the moment she was born, she had been taken away by Li Qiu Shui. Now, although she was admitted into her family, but her parents had already passed away. Her original lover became her big brother. In fact, this Murong Qi Qi was also a pitiful person.

Speaking of it, she, as a friend, should’ve stayed at Murong Qi Qi’s side at that crucial moment. However, because of the matters of the previous generation, she had taken her anger out on Murong Qi Qi. Not only did she not care about her (MQQ) at that moment, instead she ignored her (MQQ). Thinking of it, Bai Yi Yue felt guilty.

After so long, she'd only cared about her thoughts and her feelings and ignored Murong Qi Qi, this friend. Moreover, she repeatedly rejected the people (MQQ) she had sent and closed their friendship on the outside of the door. Doing this was really too selfish.

Looking once again at the time and place on the invitation, Bai Yi Yue closed the invitation. She decided to go to the appointment in accordance to what was written in the invitation.

Mother, I really see Qi Qi as a very good friend. You’ve always been so kind and tolerant. I also believe that the you in heaven will support daughter to continue this friendship!

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