Chapter 161 Settled (1)

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

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Chapter 161 Settled (1)

In Ming Yue Cheng’s mouth, the whistle seemed to have come to life. That gu music was similar to the music of ancient times. Long and slow like melodious love words…

“Googoo…,” A moment later, everyone heard a strange voice.

The chest of Wanyan Lie, who wasn't able to move, got nauseous. A hairy and hot-tempered thing appeared in his abdomen. A kind of terror climbed up along his stomach and came to his throat.

As it got closer to his oral cavity, Wanyan Lie could clearly feel those legs of the mother gu. They touched his throat like a brush. They swept gently over his throat as if he had inhaled a dandelion. It was disgustingly itchy.

“Ou…,” Although he couldn’t move, but Wanyan Lie still found it difficult to suppress that kind of nausea. He gagged again and again, wanting to spit out that mother gu.

However, this mother gu seemed to understand human nature very well. It seemed to know Wanyan Lie’s purpose. It simply stopped at the top of Wanyan Lie’s throat. Its forepaw tightly grasped Wanyan Lie’s tonsils. It also proudly made ‘googoo’ sounds as if it seemed to say, “I just won’t come out. See what you can do?!”



Wanyan Lie heard the sound coming from his mouth. He was very frightened. Once upon a time, he was also a spectator. He'd watched at a side how the mother gu tortured others who was so much in pain that they didn’t want to live anymore.  He didn’t expect that retribution came so fast.

“Hurry up, get it out! Get it out!”

Wanyan Lie almost roared these words out to Ming Yue Cheng. Presumably, those women who died at Long Autumn palace was also scared like this in the past! Wanyan Lie finally realized what kind of terrorizing feeling this was.

He also didn’t remember if it was the third or the fourth woman who lived here and said to him when she was about to die, “Wanyan Lie, one day, retribution certainly will come at you!” At that time, Wanyan Lie dismissed these words. It was just, now, he finally believed in karma and finally believed in retribution.

However, he was unwilling to accept! He still hasn’t seen Wanyan Ming Yue. How could he give up?! He persisted for sixteen years. These past sixteen years, it was him who accompanied Wanyan Ming Yue. Why did Wanyan Ming Yue leave like it was nothing? He didn’t believe that she would be so heartless! He couldn’t die like this. He wanted to live on and wait for Wanyan Ming Yue to give him an answer!

“Ou…,” Wanyan Lie continued to vomit. Ming Yue Cheng simply stopped blowing the whistle. He crossed his arms and looked at Wanyan Lie. Did this man not know that the more he was like this now, the more the gu won’t come out? If Wanyan Lie relaxed, that mother gu would come out after hearing the song. Now, he retched like this and almost put his fingers in his throat to grab the gu out. Mother gu knew human nature so well, how would it come out?!

“Googoo!” The mother gu seemed to have made up its mind to play Wanyan Lie.

It released its paws and left the tonsils. It wriggled its fat body and moved a few steps forward and came to Wanyan Lie’s tongue. “Googoo!”

Wanyan Lie thought that the mother gu wanted to come out. He was very happy and continued to retch. He didn’t expect that the mother gu’s paws clutched his tongue and the two sharp teeth at the front bit Wanyan Lie’s tongue.

“Ah…” An unclear scream came from Wanyan Lies’ throat. He was so much in pain that he sweated. His mouth was full of blood.

Getting a taste of fresh blood, the mother gu was very happy. It opened it mouths widely, sucked blood from Wanyan Lie’s tongue and made “goodoo, goodoo’ sounds. It was like the sound of a child drinking water.

Seeing how scary of a thing the mother gu was, Wanyan Kang felt scared from the bottom of his heart. Looking at his emperor father bearing such a torture, Wanyan Kang felt his heart soften a bit.

“Let him go, alright…,” Wanyan Kang’s voice was very low. He didn’t want Wanyan Lie to be too miserable. So, he begged Ming Yue Cheng. Although, Wanyan Lie really did wrong, but looking with his own eyes how sorry the figure of his own father was, Wanyan Kang couldn’t do it.

Originally, Ming Yue Cheng also didn’t intend on torturing Wanyan Lie. It was just, he (WL) wanted to use the way of vomit to extract the mother gu. This infuriated the mother gu.  That was why the mother gu tortured Wanyan Lie like this.

With the bamboo whistle on his mouth, Ming Yue Cheng once again made a touching melody. When the mother gu heard this melody, it raised its head and looked outside. It had some hesitation.

Delicious blood was flowing out from the tongue in the mouth, but the wound of the whistle was a command it couldn’t defy. How should it choose? The mother gu was also struggling!

If it was just now, the mother gu would’ve certainly climb out of Wanyan Lie’s mouth, but now, that delicious blood was at the corner of its mouth and exuded a sweet taste. The blood let the mother gu be reluctant to part with it.

Seeing the mother gu like this, Ming Yue Cheng smiled and continued to blow on the whistle. He knew that the mother gu was reluctant to part with fresh human blood. This was his most favorite food. So now, he need to be patient to tempt it out.

Jin Mo and Su Yue had already put a piece of bamboo as wide a finger in front of Wanyan Lie. In the middle was a groove. At the other end was a small jade pot. Su Mei lit a fire and put the jade pot on the fire. The fire slowly warmed the pot.

A moment later, a peculiar fragrant emitted from the jade pot and spread throughout the room.

“Googoo!” The mother gu keenly smelled the fragrance. It twisted its chubby body, came to the corner of Wanyan Lie’s mouth and looked around.

Su Mei held a small fan. She fanned the fragrance in the direction of the mother gu. a strong fragrance floated. The mother gu immediately got excited.

“Googoo! Googoo!” After discovering a smell better than human blood, the mother gu almost ‘jumped’ out of Wanyan Lie’s mouth. Along on the ‘bridge’ Su Yue and Jin Mo built for it, it went straight to the jade pot.

When it arrived at the opening of the jade pot, the mother gu specifically leaned forward and looked inside. Not waiting for it to see clearly what was inside, the bamboo whistle in Ming Yue Cheng’s hand lifted it inside the pot. Su Mei immediately covered the jade pot and closed the mother gu inside the pot.

“Done.” Ming Yue Cheng’s words made these people felt relieved.

The look of that mother gu still played in everyone’s head…chubby body and red like blood eyes. It was creepy to look at. Fortunately, there was Ming Yue Cheng to catch the mother gu. This was a good thing!

“Don’t let the fire stop. Continue to boil! Maintain a small fire. Don’t let the temperature raise too fast! Now, I need to go call the child gu!”

Just now, he only called the mother gu out of Wanyan lie’s body. Now, getting the child gu out was the focus of the key. Everyone was with rapt attention and didn’t dare to breath. Even Wanyan Lie who was constantly screaming from pain had been hit on the acupuncture point of muteness, making him unable to make a sound.

Ming Yue Cheng blew on the whistle. When he played the melody, the people could clearly hear that this song was different. It was somewhat happy and somewhat ignorant. The child gu was similar to a human child. Naturally, you should use some happy music to awaken it.

“Googoo!”  The mother gu in the jade pot didn’t seem to be aware of the imminent danger. It coordinated with Ming Yue Cheng and made ‘googoo’ sounds as if it was calling its child to tell it that here, there’s a delicious dinner and to come quickly taste it together.

Different from the ‘googoo’ sound of the mother gu, the child gu made ‘guagua’ sounds. Its voice wasn’t as high as the mother gu’s, but you can hear it clearly.


It’s the child gu! Everyone exchanged a glance. As long as they call the child gu out, put it in the jade pot together with the mother gu and boil it together with Chinese medicine and tea, this problem would be solved.

It was just, after listening for a while, Ming Yue Cheng’s face darkened. He blew on the whistle and looked for where the ‘guagua’ sound came from. In the end, he stood in front of Murong Qi Qi.

At this time, Murong Qi Qi also heard the sound coming from her belly. Sweat was on her palms. Her face also paled.

“What happened? How come it’s like this?!” Feng Cang who stood at a side already saw the seriousness of the matter from Ming Yue Cheng’s face.

Ming Yue Cheng put down the bamboo whistle and looked ta Murong Qi Qi’s belly. He grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand and checked her pulse. In the end, it let Ming Yue Cheng’s expression become darker.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Cang had a bad feeling. However, he couldn’t say more when Ming Yue Cheng’s fist landed on Feng Cang’s handsome face, “Bastard…”

Ming Yue Cheng’s roar and that heavy blow made the people dumbfounded. They saw that purple figure rushed over and pinned Feng Cang to the ground. He directly pressured him across the ground. “You, this bastard!” Ming Yue Cheng sent another fist over, but this time, Feng Cang grabbed his fist.

Before, Feng Cang didn’t had any guard against him, so he suffered that punch. Now, his left face was already swollen. His lips had been broken by his teeth. Feng Cang didn’t know why Ming Yue Cheng was being like this. However, he got one punch. This time he wouldn’t let him (MYC) hit him again.

Feng Cang’s counterattack made Ming Yue Cheng angrier. He screamed bastard repeatedly and became a ball with Feng Cang on the ground.

This scene made the people dumbfounded. What’s happening here? Why didn’t Ming Yue Cheng say anything and directly fisted Feng Cang? What was the problem?

“Separate them!” Seeing the two grown men tumbling on the ground like children, Murong Qi Qi was the most sensible among the crowd. The moment she said that, Wanyan Kang and Jin Mo, both pulled one and spent a long time before they could separate Feng Cang and Ming Yue Cheng.

Now, gone was the handsome appearance of the two. Their whole body was covered in dust. Feng Cang’s left face was wounded. Ming Yue Cheng wasn’t much better. His right eye was very swollen. The originally clear eye was now narrowed into a seam.

“Bastard!” Although being pulled away, Ming Yue Cheng was still cursing at Feng Cang. His eyes showed anger, making the confusion enlarge in the other people’s hearts. What was the case for Ming Yue Cheng to become so out of control?

“Is it that there is a problem with the child gu?” Recalling that before Ming Yue Cheng attacked Feng Cang, he had checked Murong Qi Qi’s pulse, Jin Mo frowned. Could it be that there was a problem? Jin Mo’s hand landed on Murong Qi Qi’s wrist. A moment later, Jin Mo’s face also changed greatly.

“What’s the matter?! Quickly tell us, ah! Really making people so anxious!” Su Mei saw that Jin Mo and Ming Yue Cheng’s expression turned bad, she was very anxious and shouted.

“Princess is pregnant.”

Jin Mo said the answer. The people who were nervous just now, because of this news, their face became a lot better.

“Great! Miss is pregnant!” Su Mei screamed, but the moment she screamed this, she felt something was wrong. If this was a good thing, why would Ming Yue Cheng and Jin Mo’s expression be abnormal? Su Mei thought of it; after the happiness, the others also discovered the problem. They all looked at Ming Yue Cheng and wanted to find an answer from him.

“Princess is indeed pregnant, but the child gu is in the fetus.”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words were like a bolt from the blue making everyone surprised. No one dared to believe this fact.

“I have a child?” Murong Qi Qi touched her belly. She was careless. She actually didn’t know that she had a child and was about to become a mother! However, why would this gu be on the child?

Murong Qi Qi’s question got the answer from Ming Yue Cheng, “The child gu is different from the mother gu. It hasn’t taken form yet. It’s only as big as an ant. Usually, when someone got a gu he/she doesn’t need to abstain from intercourse. However, among the mother child gu, because the child gu is still a larva, the one who has the child gu must abstain!”

Gu are extremely intelligent creatures. They can choose their host according to the environment. The stability of an adult gu is strong. Unless, it was controlled by the bamboo whistle, otherwise it wouldn’t leave its original host. However, the child gu is a larva and didn’t undergo domestication. Their self-control isn’t strong. They will choose a better host such as babies…”

Talking till here, Ming Yue Cheng glared fiercely at Feng Cang. He wished to stab him two times with a dagger.

It was precisely because Feng Cang got Murong Qi Qi pregnant. That was why, when the two had intercourse, the child gu chose the child in Murong Qi Qi’s belly as host. In this world, there was no place better to take advantage of than a fetus!

“What?!” Feng Cang froze there. He also finally understood why Ming Yue Cheng was so agitated.

He had a child. This was originally a delightful matter, but now Ming Yue Cheng told him, the child gu went to his child’s body and lived in the body of the child. It was in Murong Qi Qi’s belly. How could Feng Cang accept such an outcome?

“You must’ve have a way, right?” Feng Cang stepped forward, grabbed Ming Yue Cheng’s hand and asked anxiously, “You certainly will get rid of the child gu, right?”

“I’m powerless.” Ming Yue Cheng smiled bitterly and shook his head. If he had a way, he wouldn’t watch the woman he loves go through such a thing!

“In this world there’s no place more suitable for gu to grow than a woman’s warm womb. Even if the temptation of the outside world is very big, the child gu wouldn’t be moved. I can’t let this child gu come out.”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words made Feng Cang went completely blank.

How…come it was like this?

In contrast, the involved party, Murong Qi Qi was the most sensible.

She got a child. So great! This is her and Feng Cang’s child, ah! When the others were concerned for her, in her heart, she felt happiness and bliss. When she thought about a little life who was like her and like Feng Cang sprouted in her belly, Murong Qi Qi would feel very happy! “Is there no other way to deal with this child gu?”

“There is only two ways. Firstly, abort the child. You’re now only one month pregnant. Abort it is the best way. Secondly, give birth to the child and find people of the Qiang tribe to get rid of the gu…”

Ming Yue Cheng explained these two methods very clearly. Murong Qi Qi would absolutely not agree on aborting this child and deprive the child of life. This is the fruit of her and Feng Cang’s love. She would not easily give up on it. The second option is feasible.


“I’ll give birth…”

Two different decisions came respectively from Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi.

“Qing Qing!” Seeing that Murong Qi Qi insisted on keeping the child, Feng Cang came to her side and held her hand. His eyes showed regret and hate towards himself, “Qing Qing, I know you like children very much, but we can’t have this child!”

Now, Feng Cang felt that it was right that Ming Yue Cheng had hit him. He really was a bastard. He'd actually implicated Murong Qi Qi and their child!

Murong Qi Qi expected Feng Cang to oppose. He was worried about her and also worried about the child. Murong Qi Qi could understand this. Feng Cang’s guilt made Murong Qi Qi feel heartache. This was not his fault! Even she, the doctor, didn’t know the characteristics of the child gu. If you’re not someone from Qiang tribe, you wouldn’t fully understand the characteristics of gu. What did this have to do with Feng Cang?!

However, Feng Cang didn’t understand a woman’s heart of being a mother. This little life was like a little seed that sprouted and grew in her body. The child had just arrived, how could they let him/her leave?! She was unwilling!

“Ming Yue, if I give birth to the child, is it really possible to get rid of the child gu on him/her?” Murong Qi Qi didn’t answer Feng Cang. Instead, she asked Ming Yue Cheng.

She wanted this child, but if getting rid of the gu would harm the child’s life or let the child be so much in pain that he/she wants to die, she wouldn't be so selfish to force this child to stay and let him/her bear that pain from the moment he/she was born.

“Children born with gu are called gu people. Because the gu grew up with the child since he/she was a fetus, so getting rid of the gu on the child’s body will be more difficult than getting rid of gu in the usual way. The time it would take will also be longer. Perhaps, one or two years. Perhaps five or six years…But don’t worry, the gu won’t hurt someone who lived with it since he/she was a child.”

Ming Yue Cheng’s words made Murong Qi Qi more determined to keep this child. The silent Jin Mo, who'd been waiting at a side, now interrupted.

“As far as I know, people from Qiang tribe would not get rid of gu for outsiders. Although your majesty has Qiang tribe’s blood, but I am afraid that the clan’s chief won’t be so easy to talk with.”

“I will think of a way…,” Ming Yue Cheng interrupted Jin Mo. How could he not be clear about these things? However, since Murong Qi Qi wanted it, he will do his utmost to help.

“Actually, the most crucial thing now is that it won’t be easy to nourish this child in the mother’s body. Maybe you will have to bear more hardship than other pregnant woman…”

Originally, Ming Yue Cheng wanted to say ‘pain’, but when the word came to his lips, he changed it to hardship. He was afraid that he would frighten Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t want her to spend her whole pregnancy frightened. So, he only used ‘hardship’ to describe what would happen in the following months.

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