Chapter 160 (Part 2) Exposing his mask

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 160 (Part 2) Exposing his mask

Inside the underground palace, there was only the sound of Wanyan Lie’s sobs. Jing De had only seen such a Wanyan Lie twice.

The first time was after Yandang mountain. Li Qiu Shui had handed Wanyan Ming Yue over to Wanyan Lie. When he saw the pale Wanyan Ming Yue who didn’t wake up, Wanyan Lie cried. The second time was now.

The emperor, who was unreachable in the eyes of the world, was now crying helplessly like a child. Jing De’s eyes got wet. He turned his face away and wiped his tears with his sleeve.

Following Wanyan Lie for so many years, Jing De had seen too many things. Even Jing De himself was bit confused. He didn’t know how to describe Wanyan Lie.

To say he’s a bad person, but he’s honest, upright and loved the citizens like his children. To say he’s a good person, but Yandang mountain’s two hundred thousand lives were destroyed by his hand. Even Jing De, who'd followed Wanyan Lie for the longest, didn’t know how to describe this emperor.

“Emperor, don’t be too sad. If princess can hear you, she will certainly not wish you to be like this.” Jing De came to Wanyan Lie’s side. He took out a clean handkerchief and handed it over. “If you’re like this, princess Ming Yue will also be sad.”

Jing De’s words let tears accumulate in Wanyan Lie’s eyes. It was like a broken river had poured down.

“Jing De, you don’t understand, ah! Yue er[1. Er: term of endearment] hates me! So, she would rather sleep than to wake up! She hates me from the bottom of her heart…,” Wanyan Lie gently patted Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. He shook his head and his lips shivered a bit.

“Yue er, if I say that I know I am wrong, will you forgive me? Can you open your eyes and look at me once? Only once…,” Wanyan Lie raised his head. When he looked at Wanyan Ming Yue’s face, he was suddenly startled.

“Your majesty, what’s the matter?” Seeing that Wanyan Lie had quieted down, Jing De also walked over. When he looked closer, he saw that the red bean hairpin on Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair had disappeared.

“He came! He certainly must’ve come before!” Wanyan Lie jumped off the warm jade bed. He came to the front bedside. He carefully inspected once.

“That’s right! Jing De, that person had come! He took the red bean hairpin. He also changed Yue er’s clothes!”

The last words were almost shouted by Wanyan Lie. Aside from combing Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair, he asked palace maids to change her clothes. Every time, the palace maid who'd changed Wanyan Ming Yue’s clothes would be killed by him. So, no one ever saw Wanyan Ming Yue.

Now, the red bean hairpin in Wanyan Ming Yue’s hair was gone. The dress on her body had also been changed. How could Wanyan Lie not be shocked? How could he not be angry?!

The person, who he had never touched and was held in the palm of his hand like a baby, had been touched by another man. Wanyan Lie was so angry that his gritted teeth made sounds. He obviously had sent people over. The whole Long Autumn palace was defended like an iron wall by his people. Why did such a thing still happen? How did that person enter the underground palace? How was he able to do such a thing?!

“Jing De, quickly go investigate! Who was it that touched princess Ming Yue?! Find that person!”

The last sentence was completely roared out by Wanyan Lie.

He had never thought that such a person will appear and disturb his dream of sixteen years. Wanyan Lie had an intuition. This person would certainly take Wanyan Ming Yue away, just like his dreams.

No! He couldn’t let such a thing happen! He absolutely won’t allow such a person to appear again! Because of Feng Xie, his hands were already stained with blood. Although he didn’t want to, but he also wouldn’t mind his hands getting stained with blood again!

“Yes! Yes!” When Jing De saw Wanyan Lie acting so out of control, he was about to leave, but after seeing something, his mouth dropped open.

“Emp…emperor…,” Jing De’s expression was extremely strange. His finger pointed behind Wanyan Lie. Wanyan Lie’s gaze followed Jing De’s finger. He discovered that Wanyan Ming Yue had sat up and looked directly at him.

“Yue er…”

Wanyan Lie cried out from surprise. His expression wasn’t much better than Jing De’s. “Yue er, is it really you?”

Not waiting for Wanyan Lie to understand, Wanyan Ming Yue smiled slightly. The smile was still there, but the person disappeared. In just a moment, she appeared in front of Wanyan Lie and hit his pressure point.

At the same time, Jing De felt pain in his back. His pressure point was also hit.

“Yue er, Yue er, what do you want to do…,” Wanyan Lie was very shocked. After that, something more shocking occurred to him.

Dongfang Lan, Wanyan Kang, Feng Cang, Ming Yue Cheng, Jin Mo…many familiar and unfamiliar people appeared in front of him. What is going on? Wanyan Lie looked in disbelief at Wanyan Ming Yue.

“I disappointed you.” Wanyan Ming Yue right hand touched her face, tore down a transparent mask and revealed Murong Qi Qi’s face.

“It’s you…,” Wanyan Lie’s surprise turned into anger from being deceived. “Where did you hide Yue er? Where is Yue er?”

“You still have the face to mention Ming Yue?!” Dongfang Lan was so angry that her lips turned blue. Just now, they had been hiding in another secret lane. So, they had heard Wanyan Lie’s every word very clearly.

The truth had come out about what had happened sixteen years ago at Yandang mountain, but no one had ever thought that the secret was like this. It was actually Wanyan Lie, this country’s emperor, who'd sold the military intelligence to the enemy’s country. From this, he'd made two hundred thousand men of Bei Zhou die on the battlefield. Him being like this, how could he be worthy of Bei Zhou’s citizens?! How could he be worthy of the dynasty?!

“Empress mother…”

“Don’t call aijia[2. Aijia: I, used by an empress dowager] empress mother!” Because of anger, the ruby in the phoenix mouth of Dongfang Lan’s phoenix crown trembled slightly. “Aijia doesn’t have a son like you! When your consort mother died and you were still a baby, it was aijia who'd brought you up. I treated you like my own, but how did you repay aijia? You ruined Ming Yue! Ruined Feng Xie! Ruined so many people! You’re not eligible to call aijia empress mother!”

Dongfang Lan was very furious. The son she'd raised was actually a thankless wretch. He'd actually did such a thing to her daughter, letting them be separated for sixteen years. All was thanks to this person in front of her.

Dongfang Lan’s words made a trace of guilt flash in Wanyan Lie’s eyes. Indeed, he had grown up under Dongfang Lan’s care. Dongfang Lan didn’t treat him as an outsider. Instead, she'd helped him when it was time to legalize a new emperor. All these good turns, he remembered them. It was just, he loved Wanyan Ming Yue. This matter of fact couldn’t be changed.

“Empress mother, where is Yue er?” At this time, Wanyan Lie was most concerned about Wanyan Ming Yue’s safety. After seeing Murong Qi Qi, Wanyan Lie understood that he had fallen into a net. Those who'd cast the net were the people in front of him.

Since they cast a net and waited to catch him, then did this mean that Wanyan Ming Yue had already woken up? Since it was like this, what he wanted most now was to see Wanyan Ming Yue!

“She left! She didn’t want to see you!”

Dongfang Lan’s words were like a bolt from the blue and made Wanyan Lie’s brain make a ‘weng’ sound.

“It couldn’t be! Yue er wouldn’t be like this!” Wanyan Lie shook his head. He didn’t dare and also didn’t want to believe Dongfang Lan’s words. The words he'd said for so many days at Wanyan Ming Yue’s ears, Wanyan Lie didn’t believe that Wanyan Ming Yue hadn’t heard them. If she understood his heart, she would certainly take pity on his difficulties and certainly wouldn’t heartlessly leave him like this.

“Empress mother, you are lying to me, isn’t it? Yue er is just angry and temporarily refused to see me, right?”

Wanyan Lie’s expression was very pitiful, making people couldn’t bear to hurt him. However, his expression turned into disgust in Dongfang Lan’s eyes. “Don’t call aijia’s Ming Yue. She will never see you again! Never will!”

Dongfang Lan’s anger got to her brain. She was emotionally agitated. Her body also shook.

“Imperial grandmother!” Wanyan Kang quickly supported Dongfang Lan. He helped her sit. “Imperial grandmother, don’t get angry.”

Wanyan Kang’s mood was very complicated. Yesterday, Murong Qi Qi had called him to Long Autumn palace and took him to the underground palace. She also told him about Wanyan Lie’s things.

When he saw this underground palace, Wanyan Kang’s eyes almost fell out. He never knew that there was such an underground palace in Long Autumn palace. However, even if there was an underground palace, Wanyan Kang didn’t believe Murong Qi Qi. He felt that she made up lies to deceive him.

Wanyan Ming Yue had already passed away sixteen years ago. How could she have been hidden in the underground palace by emperor father?! And great general Feng Xie, in the past, he (WK) went to Fengyu villa and also offered sacrifice for Feng Xie, how did Feng Xie come back to life?

Wanyan Kang didn’t believe it. Murong Qi Qi also didn’t force him. Instead, she invited him to come see such a play today. Wanyan Kang didn’t reject Murong Qi Qi’s invitation. He knew his emperor father. Wanyan Lie wouldn’t violate proper human relationships.

Although Wanyan Kang absolutely believed in Wanyan Lie, but he did hear Wanyan Lie’s words very clearly just now in the underground palace. Wanyan Lie himself admitted his abnormal love towards Wanyan Ming Yue, making Wanyan Kang unable to react for some time. How could it be like this? Why was Wanyan Lie such a person and would do such a thing?

Immediately, the image of Wanyan Lie in Wanyan Kang’s heart collapsed. That emperor father whom he'd admired for a long time, now no longer existed.

Wanyan Kang didn’t want to go look at Wanyan Lie, because it’s still emotionally difficult for him to accept the matter of just now. Why was it like this? Why did Wanyan Lie hide it so deeply?

Wanyan Kang wasn’t a fool. He knew that this thing really did happen. Murong Qi Qi hadn’t lied to him. At this point, his mood was very complicated. The real side of the idol he always worshipped was actually like this. As a son, Wanyan Kang really could not accept it!

“I found it!” At this moment, the silent Ming Yue Cheng took out a green bamboo whistle from Wanyan Lie’s clothes. “This is it!”

“Great!” Murong Qi Qi’s eyes lit up. This whistle was presumably the whistle, which Ming Yue Cheng had said, could control the mother gu. “Please, it’s up to you now!”

When Wanyan Lie saw this, he suddenly came to a realization. It seemed that they’d long suspected him. They'd just camouflaged it well on the surface. “You already knew?” Wanyan Lie didn’t go look at Ming Yue Cheng and also didn’t bother with Feng Cang. Instead, he looked at Murong Qi Qi.

“This, we should thank Ming Yue Cheng. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have known that the mother gu was in you.”

Murong Qi Qi’s answer made Wanyan Kang, who was keeping Dongfang Lan company at a side, raise his head suddenly. He understood the thing called gu. Before, Ming Yue Cheng specifically told him about the use of gu of Nan Feng’s Qiang tribe. Now, after hearing Wanyan Lie and Murong Qi Qi’s dialogue, Wanyan Kang suddenly understood that the things Ming Yue Cheng talked about before had a profound meaning.

“Who got infected with the gu?”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t answer Wanyan Kang. Instead, she looked at Feng Cang.

“Cousin brother, you got infected with the gu? Who did it?” When he asked this, Wanyan Kang already saw the answer from Feng Cang’s face.

It was Wanyan Lie again? It was his good emperor father again? Wanyan Kang shook his head. He couldn’t believe it, but the facts were placed in front of him, making him unable not to believe these.

“Ah Kang, I will explain a lot of things to you later. Now, we need to get rid of the gu poison for Feng Cang!” Ming Yue Cheng brought the whistle to his mouth. He began to play gently.

Originally, it was just an ordinary bamboo whistle, but in Ming Yue Cheng’s mouth, it was able to produce a crisp melody.

That tune had an exotic flavour. With careful thought, one could guess that this must be Qiang’s tribe unique set of music for the gu. It was specifically to tame the gu that this song was compiled.

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