Chapter 160 (Part 1) Exposing his mask

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 160 (Part 1) Exposing his mask

Xia Xue’s words let Misha’s expression become a lot better. His decadent mood also cheered up again.

According to Murong Qing Lian, Bai Yi Yue played the most important role when clearing the seventh level of the pagoda. However, after seeing Bai Yi Yue, Misha’s intuition told him that Bai Yi Yue wasn’t Yi Lian.

This woman was ‘irresolute and slow in her reactions’. It was evident from her performance after encountering those ten hoodlums that she wasn’t the person who played the most important role on the seventh level of the pagoda. Murong Qing Lian certainly…lied to him!

“Xia Xue, bring Murong Qi Lian back to here!” At this time, Misha hated Murong Qing Lian very much. She certainly knew something. That was why she could hide it and compiled such a story to lie to him. This woman had a big gut!

When Xia Xue found Murong Qing Lian, she had completely gone crazy. Murong Qing Lian’s eyes were blank and showed foolishness. Her mouth shouted “wangye[1. Wangye/wang: the prince of first rank]”. Her underbody was bright red.

After killing all those men, Xia Xue came to Murong Qing Lian and squatted. She looked infatuated at Xia Xue. She drooled. “Wangye, wangye….hehe, wangye…”

Seeing Murong Qing Lian like this, Xia Xue sighed. In this state, even if she brought her back, they wouldn’t be able to ask anything. At that moment, Xia Xue pulled her sword and gave Murong Qing Lian a straightforward satisfaction. After she returned, Xia Xue told Misha Murong Qing Lian’s situation. Misha humped once, “She got off too lightly!”

“Young master, what do we do now?”

“Follow Su Mei! See if we can discover anything…,” Misha was very at lost and didn’t know how to start. Su Mei was his only hope now. If Su Mei isn’t Yi Lian, then he can only start over again!

However, no matter what outcome, he should persist until he finds Yi Lian. Yi Lian must be waiting for him at some corner in this world. It must be like this!

After having reconciled with Murong Qi Qi, Bai Yi Yue often came to Nan Lin wangfu[2. Wangfu: residence of the prince of first rank]. Occasionally, she would go into the palace to see Murong Qi Qi. After the two buried the hatched, their relationship was better than before. There was one more friend in Murong Qi Qi’s circle.

Recently, Wanyan Lie’s heart was distracted and his thoughts in turmoil. He didn’t know why after he saw the red bean hairpin last time, his eyelids had been jumping badly. The jumping of the left eye meant wealth. The jumping of the right eye meant calamity. However, for several days, both eyes jumped. He really didn’t know what sign it meant. He felt restless as if something was about to happen.

  • Heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil: distraught with anxiety.

The person he sent to keep an eye on Long Autumn palace also didn’t find anything special. The person who appeared in the underground palace of Long Autumn palace also didn’t show up again. It was as if this person had never appeared.

If this person showed up, Wanyan Lie would be a lot relaxer. At least, he could follow the vine to get to the melon, catch the person and find the root of the cause. But after such a long time, that person completely ‘disappeared’, making Wanyan Lie more uneasy.

  • Follow the vine and catch the melon: following clues

If was as if he was in the open and the other party was in the dark. That person was growing a dark web, waiting for him to fall in it.

After he came back from the underground palace, ever night, Wanyan Lie would awaken from nightmares. Often, when he woke up, his whole body was in cold sweat. Those dreams were always the same. He always saw someone from who he couldn’t see the face, pull Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand and left. He chased behind, but no matter what, he couldn’t catch up. He could only look at these two people form a pair and go farther and farther away. At his ears was only Wanyan Ming Yue’s silver bell like laughter.

“Ah…,” This night, Wanyan Lie once again woke up from the nightmare. Jing De quickly came forward to serve. “Your majesty, you had a nightmare again!”

Wanyan Lie sat on the dragon bed and gasped for air. On his forehead was full of sweat. In his eyes were fear, “Jing De, I dreamed about him again?”

“Your majesty, who are you talking about?” Jing De cautiously poured water to let Wanyan Lie rinse his mouth. Then, he took a handkerchief and wiped his (WL) sweat.

Zhen [3. Zhen: I, used by the emperor]doesn’t know. Zhen couldn’t see his face, but he took away Yue er[4. Er: tetm if endearment]! He took away Yue er!” Wanyan Lie felt very stuffy. He tried hard to recall the face of the man in the dream, but he couldn’t remember.

This dream had appeared many times. Could it be that this dream was a sign? Could it be that there really was such a person who wanted to take away Wanyan Ming Yue from him? Wanyan Lie’s heart jumped ‘boom, boom’ very fast. He didn’t dare to think about how the him without Wanyan Ming Yue will continue to live.

‘Shua…’ Wanyan Lie suddenly lifted the quilt. He got out of bed and put on his shoes.

“Your majesty, where are you going?” Seeing that Wanyan Lie wanted to go out only wearing unlined garment, Jing De quickly took out clothes and chased. He put on the clothes for Wanyan Lie.

Zhen wants to go to Long Autumn palace. Zhen wants to go see Yue er!”

Wanyan Lie’s impulsiveness made Jing De anxious. It was already zishi (11pm-1am). Murong Qi Qi certainly had fallen asleep. Wanyan Lie may alarm Murong Qi Qi by going like this. By then, what should he say? “Your majesty, now it’s already late at night. princess Zhen Guo is already asleep. If you go now, would you not wake princess Zhen Guo up?”

“No, zhen needs to go see Yue er. Otherwise, zhen will feel uneasy!”

Wanyan Lie’s face showed anxiousness. The anxiety in his heart kept growing. He had to go see if Wanyan Ming Yue was still in the underground palace!

The emperor insisted on this. Jing De could only take a light and trotted beside Wanyan Lie.

Late at night, everywhere in the palace was very quiet. The sky was dark. Occasionally, one or two birds will shout. Jing De carriage an orange colored lamp and lighted the road in front of Wanyan Lie. This pair of master and servant, one in the front, one behind, went around half the palace and finally arrived outside Long Autumn palace.

The red palace door was already closed. It appeared that Murong Qi Qi already have slept.

“Your majesty, you see…should we let people open the door?” Jing De looked like he was in a difficult position at Wanyan Lie. Letting people open the palace door would be a big move. It was difficult for Murong Qi Qi not to know. Then, won’t the matter be exposed?

After blowing in the cold wind all the way, Wanyan Lie’s hot-blooded brain also gradually woken up. What was he doing? Could it be to smash the palace door and wake up the entire Long Autumn palace?

Wanyan Lie put his strong hands on the door. After being silent for a long while, he sighed. He turned and walked in big steps back to the road where he came from.

“Your majesty, are you not going anymore?” Although Jing De was saying that, but he let out a sigh of relief. If by chance, the emperor broke into Long Autumn palace at night and in the end, the matter of him hiding Wanyan Ming Yue was known, then what would the officials think? Wouldn’t Wanyan Lie’s image of a wise emperor be destroyed?!

“I won’t go anymore!” Wanyan Lie shook his head. What was the matter with him? If he went now, wouldn’t it let people be suspicious?! He should go back, have a good sleep and not think too much.

The next morning, when Murong Qi Qi woke up, Su Mei told her about Wanyan Lie.

“Oh? Last night, the emperor came to the palace but didn’t enter?” Murong Qi Qi frowned. Feng Cang was behind her doing her hair.

Presumably, it was practice make the skills. Now, Feng Cang was able to do a lot of hairstyles. This pair of -holding sword- hands was also very talented at doing hair. Those serpent knots and -flying to the sky- knots were a piece of cake for him.

“Cang, what do you think the emperor came for in the middle of the night?”

“It’s probably for mother-in-law.”

Feng Cang’s words made the hand which Murong Qi Qi held a hairpin pause.

“Cang, it’s time we cast the net. These past few days, there were a lot newer faces in my palace. It seemed that the last time, the emperor certainly found something strange when he came here. So, he changed new people to here. Those people knew martial arts. They obviously came to monitor us.”

Feng Cang agreed with Murong Qi Qi. These days, he secretly mobilized the most elites of the Eagle troop and let them station outside of the capital. Originally, the defense of the entire capital was in his hands. Now, he changed into the vigilance stand. It’s time to take action.

At the morning court, the officials discovered that the emperor wasn’t in the right state. To be more exact, since the day something happened to Wanyan Yi, Wanyan Lie looked a lot older. It was especially obvious in recent days.

“If something is the matter, then submit the report. If there’s no important matter, then retreat the morning court!” Jing De’s voice spread to throughout the hall. The officials had their head lowered slightly and stayed silent. The emperor was a bit irritable these days and his mood was not good. Before, he ordered the execution of an official who wanted to have an audience with the emperor, making the others tremble in fear. Under circumstances where nothing was the matter, they didn’t dare to say a word more.

After waiting for a while and no one had something important to report, Jing De shouted, “Retreat the morning court!” He left with Wanyan Lie.

“Jing De, what is princess Zhen Guo busy with recently?”

“Answering emperor, occasionally, princess will go out the palace to Nan Lin wangfu. Usually, she stays in Long Autumn palace or goes to Jinxuan palace to accompany the empress dowager.”

There was nothing unusual with Murong Qi Qi’s behavior, but she always occupied Long Autumn palace, making Wanyan Lie unable to see Wanyan Ming Yue. This was a big problem. The warning of that dream had been circling in Wanyan Lie’s heart. Now, he could only hope that the dream was wrong.

“Jing De, when princess Zhen Guo goes to Nan Lin wangfu next time, let people inform zhen. Zhen wants to go see princess Ming Yue.”

“Yes!” Looking at Wanyan Lie’s haggard face, Jing De sighed.

Everything was great about this master. Only in the matter of love, he was too different from ordinary people. If this obsession was on another woman, there would’ve been a happy ending. But, Wanyan Ming Yue is his biological sister, ah! From the beginning this crush was destined to end with tragedy.

Wanyan Lie’s chance came two days later. This day, Murong Qi Qi left the palace early in the morning with Su Mei and Su Yue and went to Nan Lin wangfu. After getting to know that Murong Qi Qi left, Wanyan Lie put down the document in his hand and went to Long Autumn palace.

After entering Long Autumn palace, Wanyan Lie’s heart got a lot more peaceful. His pace was slightly slower than a moment ago. Now, he wanted to determine if his dream did or didn’t happen.

Going down to the underground palace, following the familiar road, Wanyan Lie arrived at Wanyan Ming Yue’s warm jade bed. After seeing that in the warm jade bed lay Wanyan Ming Yue, Wanyan Lie sighed from relief.

“Yue er, it’s great that you’re here! It’s great that you’re here!” Wanyan Lie went forward and grabbed Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. The heavy stone pressing his heart was finally put down. Wanyan Ming Yue was still here. His dream was really fake. Those worries and those depression disappeared after he saw the in deep sleep Wanyan Ming Yue.

Jing De stood at a side. After seeing such a Wanyan Lie, he shook his head. If there was something in this world that Wanyan Lie still cared about, then it would only be Wanyan Ming Yue. His (WL) whole life, the sovereign before his (JD) eyes would only fall on ‘love’.

“Yue er, recently I had a nightmare. I dreamed about someone taking you away. I screamed and rushed behind, but no matter what, I couldn’t catch up. Later, I woke up from being frightened…” Wanyan Lie sat on the warm jade bed and looked at the peacefully asleep Wanyan Ming Yue. He told her all his worries.

“Don’t leave me, alright?” Wanyan Lie gently kissed the back of Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. His voice was a bit hoarse, “The matter of that year at Yandang mountain was my fault! I was jealous of Feng Xie. I hated him for taking you away. So, I became muddleheaded from jealousy and handed the military intelligence to Li Qiu Shui who was in love with Feng Xie. Finally, it resulted in the tragedy of Yandang mountain.”

“You know, in fact, the moment I handed the intelligence over to Li Qiu Shui, I regretted it. Feng Xie was my brother. You are my little sister. No matter how jealous I was of Feng Xie, I couldn’t ignore the two hundred thousand soldiers.”

“But, but, I really couldn’t control myself! Seeing you smile like a flower in Feng Xie’s arms, Yue er, do you know, my heart was bleeding. I was so jealous, I nearly went crazy! Why do I have to be your big brother? Why am I your big brother?!”

Mentioning his pain, Wanyan Lie clenched his fists and severely hit the warm jade bed.

“If I wasn’t your big brother, I would’ve definitely been a pair like immortals with you. However, fate played with me like this. It let me meet you and also let me get along with you as brother. Could it be that I was just a chess piece of heaven? Letting me fall in love with you and also letting me unable to get you. Such a feeling is really bad, really bad!”

Wanyan Lie beat the clothes on his chest. His eyes were moist. His hand held Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand. A tear fell on Wanyan Ming Yue’s hand.

“I admit, I’m selfish. I was only selfishly loving you…Yue er, to me, the whole world couldn’t compare to the charm of your smile. You’re the only sun in my heart…So, no matter if the dream was real or fake, I beg you, don’t leave me! Don’t leave me alone! I beg you…”

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