Chapter 163 (part 1)Young empress dowager

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei

Chapter 163 (part 1)Young empress dowager

Wanyan Kang’s ‘I’m sorry’, made Su Mei alarmed. That pair of eyes full of sadness was filled with tears now, “You’re apologizing to me, could it be that you want to leave me alone?”

Wanyan Kang didn’t have an answer for Su Mei. He didn’t want to and also won’t separate from Su Mei. However, if he continues to stay here, thinking about Wanyan Lie’s actions, he felt very painful.

He wanted to take her along and wander the horizon together. He didn’t know if Su Mei was willing or not. Su Mei was Feng Qi Qi’s left and right hand. The feelings between the master and servant was deep. Now, Feng Qi Qi was pregnant. If he took Su Mei away at this time, no matter what, it wouldn’t be reasonable. It was just, although he knew that it was like this, Wanyan Kang still asked his question. He wanted Su Mei to choose.

“Little Mei er[1. Er: term of endearment], are you willing to go with me?”

This question startled Su Mei. It turned out that he didn’t want to leave alone, but he wanted to take her with him! At this time, the hurt on Su Mei’s face went a bit away. It was just, if she goes with Wanyan Kang, then what about miss? Miss was now pregnant. Moreover, little master had a gu on him. If she leaves, who will serve miss?

Su Mei’s silence made Wanyan Kang laugh bitterly once. Sure enough, in her heart, the one she thought more about was still Feng Qi Qi…

Thinking till here, Wanyan Kang put away the sadness in his heart and smiled naughtily at Su Mei.

“Little Mei er, don’t worry. I will just go out for a stroll. It would also take a year or so. It won’t be long! When cousin in law gives birth to the baby, I will come back to see my little nephew. Conveniently, I will marry you! Lest, that you can’t get married and hang on cousin brother and cousin in law! Benwang[2. Benwang: this king, I, used by the prince of first rank] tackled the difficult job of marrying you. It could also be considered a help of reducing cousin in law’s burden!”

“What are you saying, ah?!” Words coming from Wanyan Kang’s mouth always made people so angry. Could it be that he had to use such an image to face her? Could it be that he couldn’t open his heart in front of her?

Su Mei wanted to scold, but when she saw the smile on Wanyan Kang’s face, she closed her mouth. Her nose humphed once. She turned her face and looked elsewhere with a look of ‘I don’t care about you’.

“This miss is loved by all. Flowers will bloom when they see me. When a carriage saw me, it will carry me. How would I not be able to marry? The moment your forefoot left, the next moment, I will find ten handsome men to accompany me!”

The offensive words Su Mei said changed taste when they reached Wanyan Kang’s ears, “Just now, I was thinking if I should remind you to keep yourself pure for me and shouldn't be the red apricot tree that leas over the garden wall. Now, you said your true feelings! So sad…the man had the mind, but the woman doesn't have the intention. Then, I should better go find a small jade flower! By then, I will embrace on the left and hug on the right. Very contended, ah!”

  • The red apricot tree that leans over the garden wall: a wife having an illicit lover

“Alright, ah! Go find, ah!” Su Mei’s eyes got red. Her nose got sour. Her foot kicked Wanyan Kang. Don’t know if she did it on purpose or what, she kicked his crotch. Wanyan Kang didn’t pay attention and was attacked by Su Mei. He immediately hugged his lower body and screamed.

“Little Mei er, you kill the husband! I want to divorce you!”

“We haven’t married yet! No need to trouble you!”

At this time, the two were still like hedgehogs. You plunge me, I plunge you, making Feng Qi Qi who saw it rant and rave. Finally, when she saw that the two was about to ‘attack’ each other, Feng Qi Qi roared, “Both of you, shut up!”

This roar made Wanyan Kang and Su Mei shut up. Feng Qi Qi looked at Su Mei and in the end, looked at Wanyan Kang. Her voice also became icy.

“What, Xiaoyao wang[4. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank] wants to pat your ass and leave after finishing eating? Is bengong’s[5. Bengong: this palace, I, used by the females of the imperial family] godsister so easy to bully? Or is it that Xiaoyao wang didn’t put bengong, this grand princess in your eyes and also didn’t put the regent in your eyes? So, that was why you dared to bully bengong’s sister like this?”

Feng Qi Qi’s ability to reverse the black and the white made Wanyan Kang dumbfounded. In just a moment, Su Mei became this grand princess’s godsister. Moreover, she kept reprimanding him that he ate Su Mei and didn’t own up to it. In this world, there was no one who would be better at framing than Feng Qi Qi.

“Miss…,” In the end, Su Mei followed Feng Qi Qi the longest. She knew that miss was helping her, but she didn’t want Wanyan Kang to marry her under Feng Qi Qi’s ‘threat’.  She didn’t want that!

“Shut up!”

Su Mei didn’t expect that her words would result in Feng Qi Qi’s ‘scolding’ her.

“You followed bengong for so long, why didn’t you learn to have bengong’s discerning eyes? What do you want with a man who will escape and evade when met with a problem? Why do you have to put your heart on him? Could it be that all men had died?! He doesn’t have any sense of responsibility. Facing pressure, he will want to leave. He’s innocent, but in this world, there are people more innocent than him! Didn’t everyone withstand it?!”

Usually, it was rare to enjoy Feng Qi Qi’s sharp words. Now, Long Ao Tian simply crossed his arms and watched at a side.

Long Ao Tian understood Wanyan Kang’s mind, but what Feng Qi Qi said was also correct! Wanyan Lie was between them. He was a presence that couldn’t be ignored. However, Wanyan Kang would need to cross this pit. Escape wasn’t a solution. Not to mention that he had Su Mei now!

Long Ao Tian watched the ‘play’. Feng Qi Qi continued to ‘scold’ Su Mei.

“Listen to bengong! From now on, you’re Bei Zhou’s grand princess Zheng Guo Feng Qi Qi’s godsister. In Bei Zhou, aside from bengong, you’re the second woman with the most noble identity.”

“There are many people now who want to form a relationship with bengong! There are countless of young masters from those great officials, nobles, general and princes. After two days, bengong will make a feast to enjoy the flower to specifically invite the young masters over to let you choose. No need to be afraid of not finding a good one! Just wait with a peaceful mind till the marriage and to be the bride! A certain someone doesn’t like you. Bengong must seek a good marriage for you to let someone see!”

Feng Qi Qi’s demeanor was serious as never before, making Su Mei panic, “Miss, I, I don’t want to marry anyone else. I don’t want to!”

“Su Mei, if you want, you still have to do it. If you don’t want, you still have to do it. It’s like what Xiaoyao wang said, a man should get married on coming age, and so should a girl. You followed bengong for so long. Even Su Yue had married. If you continue to delay like this, wouldn’t it be wasting your youth?! Just now, didn’t you have great ambition and magnificent aspiration to go find ten handsome men?! Although, bengong can’t fulfil this wish, but bengong still can find you an ideal husband.”

“Miss, I was just joking. I just want to make him angry!”

“Since you want to angry him, why the need to joke? Isn’t it better to be direct?! This matter is set! Ao Tian, what do you say about my opinion?”

“I support Qing Qing’s decision with both hands. Why don’t Xiaoyao wang  stay to drink Su Mei’s wedding wine before leaving?! After all, you were old friends…”

The cold ‘old friends’ from Long Ao Tian thoroughly ripped Wanyan Kang and Su Mei’s relationship apart and divided it cleanly.

A pain he never had before appeared in Wanyan Kang’s heart. Thinking that Su Mei would become someone else’s bride, his heart ached like there was ten million of needles piercing it. No, he didn’t want to see her enter another’s sedan chair!”

“I changed my mind!” Wanyan Kang went forward and held Su Mei in his arms, “I want to marry her! Right away! Immediately!”

Wanyan Kang let Su Mei’s tears froze. She didn’t dare to believe her ears. Wanyan Kang wanted to marry her? Was this true?

“Good!” Although she said ‘good’, but Feng Qi Qi reached out and pulled Su Mei over.

“Since Xiaoyao wang wants to marry Su Mei, you can’t have less than three matchmakers and the sending of the six kinds of bridal gifts! Not anyone can marry bengong’s sister! If Xiaoyao wang doesn’t show sincerity, bengong wouldn’t agree!”

Wanyan Kang finally understood that the words he just said to Su Mei completely offended Feng Qi Qi. Now, she was obviously making things difficult for him!

It served him right. Why did he have such a bad mouth?! How come he had forgotten that Feng Qi Qi was someone who protected her people the most?! Even if Feng Qi Qi didn’t want to let Su Mei be sad and would support them, but she wouldn’t let him get the beauty so easily.

“Good!” Wanyan Kang nodded, “I will agree on everything cousin in law wants!”

“Deal! Then, wait till I know how to hold this wedding. I will tell you then! However, from now on, you and Su Mei should not meet anymore. If you see the bride before marriage, it would be unlucky. For your happiness, asking Xiaoyao wang to please endure! Su Yue, send the guest…”

After an order, Wanyan Kang had been sent out of Tingsong building like that.

What see the bride before marriage was unlucky? Nalan Xin and Su Yue confessed during the day and married at night! This was obviously Feng Qi Qi’s excuse!

“Cousin brother, cousin brother, help me, ah! Cousin brother!” Now, Wanyan Kang could only ask Long Ao Tian for help. It was just, Feng Qi Qi opened her mouth. This cousin of brother of him was a recognized ‘henpecked male’. Naturally, he would stand at Feng Qi Qi’s side now. Otherwise, he (LAT) would also suffer liability because of Wanyan Kang.

“You’re on your own! Wife is very angry. The consequences are very serious!”

It wasn’t that Long Ao Tian didn’t want to help Wanyan Kang. In fact, Su Mei was also hot tempered and provoked Wanyan Kang.

However, Feng Qi Qi was anxious to marry Su Mei lest to let Wanyan Kang ran away. This marriage fell through. After all, a girl couldn’t afford to have her time spent. Su Mei was already seventeen or eighteen. So, this time Long Ao Tian stood at Feng Qi Qi’s side. The wife’s idea, of course, he must understand plus support it!

Inside the room, Su Mei somewhat didn’t have the heart to. She knew that Feng Qi Qi did it for her own good, but seeing Feng Qi Qi make things difficult for Wanyan Kang, she would still feel heartache.

Seeing Su Mei’s expression, Feng Qi Qi sighed, “Indeed, it’s hard to keep a woman of age at home, ah! Your feelings are all on your face!”

“Miss…in fact, wangye is also very pitiful.”

How could Feng Qi Qi not know what Su Mei meant. Wanyan Kang was the weirdo of the imperial family. Being born in the imperial family, but he kept a clean heart. This was very rare. Precisely because Wanyan Kang was like this that he was able to become Long Ao Tian and Feng Qi Qi’s friend.

The blow Wanyan Lie brought Wanyan Kang was very great this time. He wanted to leave to drive away cares. Usually, Feng Qi Qi would support it very much, but she wished that Wanyan Kang would leave with Su Mei.

Su Mei followed Feng Qi Qi for so long. Of course, Feng Qi Qi knew what she (SM) was thinking in her heart.

On one hand, Su Mei loved Wanyan Kang deeply and was willing to stay with him and face any difficulties. However, on the other hand, Su Mei also knew that she was Feng Qi Qi’s personal maid. She knew her responsibilities very well. Besides, Feng Qi Qi was pregnant now. She (FQQ) was now in more need of having people to care for her. This was also the reason why Su Mei couldn’t leave at this time.

On one hand was the person she loved deeply. On the other hand, was the affection for Feng Qi Qi. Caught in the middle, Su Mei didn’t know how to choose and was in a very difficult position. Although, she wanted to be with Wanyan Kang, but in the end, she would still choose the stay with Feng Qi Qi. Not for anything else, but the reminder of sir Mozun on his death made was enough to let her unable to put Feng Qi Qi down.

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